The clean white cities of Dol Amroth conceal the fact that that area is just as greedy and morally bankrupt as Umbar.
Unknown Man from Umbar
Kingdom of Dol Amroth
House Imrahil.png
Flag of House Imrahil used in most variations of Dol Amroth
True DoL aMROTH.png
Varian Imrahil.jpg
Type of Goverment Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Varian Imrahil
Secondary Leaders Galador Reina II.
Location Located east of Umbar in the western section of Croatia.
Capital Belfalas
Languages Atlantian
Demonym Amrothy
Religion Atlantian Pantheon
Races, and Ethnicity Atlantians dominate most of the population but large number of Serbians live in the south.
Population Placeholder

The Kingdom of Dol Amroth is an independant Kingdom that is situated in Croatia along the coast of the Black Gulf. Dol Amroth was one of the two main ports of the Empire of Numeron and was also the main port for the Navy of first the Royal Numenorian Fleet and then the Gondor Royal Navy as the port of Umbar was seen as more dubious in loyalty.

Dol Amroth is a Kingdom that is dominated by the Atlantians in the more populated and centralized western regions while in the eastern half of Dol Amroth there are large populations of Serbians in the regions that were once a part of the Serbian Kingdom before its fall to Dol Amroth. The Atlantians are ancient and most can claim their ancestory all the way back to the original human slaves of France. Alongside this there are several powerful Numenorian Houses inside the Kingdom of Dol Amroth alongside the Atlantians and it is in these Numenorians that the power of the Kingdom is held.

Dol Amroth controls two dependant kingdoms in the form of the Kingdom of Serbia, and the Dutchy of Montenegro, of which both were taken during the Dol Amroth Estalian conflict and have been held ever since. The Kingdom of Serbia by far the more powerful of the two, and controls a large population and military that is controlled by the large Dol Amroth navy that sits in its main port and capital, and the fact that Dol Amroth carefully molds the leadership of Serbia through the university in Belfalas. Montenegro is more of a mountany fortress then a populated land, but is noteable for being the home of the Montenegrins of whom are another Slavic grouping.

Dol Amroth was once a center of the Gondor Kingdom and before that it was a major area for the trading of goods, and had a healthy competition with Umbar for main trading port in Europe. The ports of Dol Amroth were preffered by most traders as the lands of Dol Amroth became seen as a more beautiful, and safe place then the lands of Umbar where the society was unique. This rivalry led to Dol Amroth becoming a major loyalist of Gondor.

The Kingdom of Dol Amroth was for ninety percent of its history nothing more then a province of first the Empire of Numeron and then Gondor. The region of Dol Amroth was founded by Numenorians nearly two hundred years after the first series of Numenorian expansions into Europe and for this early period the capital of Dol Amroth in Belfalas was a dramatic secondary to the mighty Umbar. The expansion of Dol Amroth and Belfalas would become increasing and dramatic as the Numenorian Empire expanded eastward and alongside the physical superior nature of Dol Amroth versus Umbar there became a move in the Empire of Numeron towards Dol Amroth and away from Umbar of which worked and the port of Belfalas grew to be richer, and more powerful then Umbar in terms of Fleet strength and wealth. As this continued it remained at full strength following the Downfall of Numeron but unlike several regions they never abandoned Gondor and remained a member of the new Kingdom as it grew to control basically all of the former Empire of Numeron's southeren border. Following generations of declining importance the port of Umbar attacks the Dol Amroth capital of Belfalas instigating a massive naval battle which ends in a stalemate, and after years of stalemate in the war the government in Gondor forces an embarrassing truce between the two forces which punishes Umbar far more then Dol Amroth and gives away precious non-swamp land from the port of Umbar. For centuries the ports of Dol Amroth continued and they formed the backbone of the southern region of the Kingdom of Gondor. Dol Amroth would be infiltrated by agents of Mordor of whom would turn the Dol Amroth royal family towards the rebellious side of things during the Gondor Civil War and there betrayal would lead to Umbar being able to move without any resistence and broke Dol Amroth as a province and begin its independance.


Provinces of Dol Amroth.png

The Land

Although the soil of Belfalas is rich, arable land is scarce (with the important exception of the Ringló valley). The mountainous zone lends itself to shepherding, though in Belfalas the sheep are raised to feed the nobility, not for the harvesting of their wool. The secluded mountain valleys sustain some of the mightiest trees in southern Gondor. The Ered Torthonion are primarily a home to pine forests, and the great pines are coveted ship-building material. Animal life is abundant, though there are few deadly predators, save for the wolves, which generally keep to themselves. Deer and boar are plentiful in the mountain valleys. One species of bird unique to Belfalas is the fabled kirinki, which the Faithful brought with them when the remnants of the Guild of Venturers settled on the northern coasts of the Bay. There are several other tell-tale signs of early Númenórean colonization: tomato fruit and sweet galenas (westmansweed) are found here more abundantly than anywhere else in Middle-Earth.



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Near the Numenor's first landing area of Umbar the port area of Dol Amroth was founded as a region that would create and maintain the fleet of the Numerons. Where Umbar would be soley for trade the port of Dol Amroth and more specifically the city of Belfalas would be a military port.


As Numenor declined in morals, so did their desire for war increase. With this war desire came the need for more and more ships. Eventually so many ships were needed that the Dol Amroth region had to construct the port of Bel Fal in order to allow for more construction, and more space. This time although terrible for most regions of the Empire was the golden age of Dol Amroth.


Coruption of House Imrahil

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The-chronicles-of-narnia-prince-caspian-20080422050936966 640w.jpg

"My father was a good man hooked in by an even better liar."
-Balian Imrahil

It was during his fourteenth birthday that Sauron launched his campaign to turn the leadership of Dol Amroth towards his sphere of influence. Sauron had already silently pushed Umbar over to his sphere of influence and all he needed was for the vast armies of Dol Amroth to sit idle, as well as the huge trading missions were stopped going into Gondor. He promised the royalty of Dol Amroth unending wealth if they would simply declare independance and then not assist Gondor during the coming conflict. The vast majority of the population was extremely loyal to Gondor so this idea wasn't very popular and to keep control the members of Dol Amroth begin spreading lies amongst the nobles about Gondor's betrayal of them. They did not attempt to turn the opinion of the public, as the public was so against independance that it was a hopeless fight. As the nobles turned against Gondor they moved against Gondor's influence in the region and begin targetting Gondor loyalist houses, and this begin to turn the sway away frrom Gondor in the region. As this continued though the Gondorian loyalists became unified under House Elena of whom attempted to get word to Gondor about what was happening but it was at this time that the betrayal of Sauruman would be revealed.


Betrayal of Sauraman

Sauruman was a member of the Istari and thus he would travel from the lands of Gondor south to Dol Amroth and it was during one of these travels that he would be sent by Sauron in order to end the resistence of Dol Amroth. While the forces of Castamir held the borders therebye not allowing any messengers to reach Gondor about Dol Amroth the Istari Sauruman was greeted as a savior. He infiltrated the leadership of House Elena and became extremely close to its leader in Aradur Elena of whom took control of the Anroth city of Linhir and begin to gather support for his counter revolution. As Aradur led this the forces of House Imrahil moved their forces to besiege Linhir, but even as they did this they begin to lose control of the lands because the population was so against working with Sauron. It would be Aradur's son Oropher who would tell him that they were going to win the land and they didn't need Saramaun and his trickery to win this. His speach has become now legendary amongst the halls of House Elena.

"Father ninety percent of this land believe in you. The only men who do not wish to follow you into whatever abyss awaits us if Sauron wins, are those who like you are listenting to this wizard with nothing but lies steaming from his toung. We must turn away from him, and do this on our own or we shall wake up one day to find his dagger in all of our backs."
-Oropher Elena

Aradur though was ensnared by the Grey Istari and would mass a large force and prepare to battle the forces of House Imrahil. The two forces would meet outside Linhir which was still under siege, but it was here where just as Oropher had advised the trickery of Saramaun would come full circle and he would assasinate Aradur, and three of his sons along with much of the leadership of the rebellion. With the leadership in tatters the rebels surrendered, and while scattered resistence continued, the destruction of much of House Elena was the basic end of the resistence of Dol Amroth. With the end of the resistence the forces of House Imrahil suffered a huge loss when Balian Imrahil the at the time heir to the throne gathered his siblings and fled the capital of Belfalas. His departure caused a massive manhunt for him and his siblings but they were protected by the people of Dol Amroth who were violently opposed to his father and his desires.


Escape of Balian, and Oropher

Oropher was left in charge of the defences of Linhir in the case they lost the battle so he was defending the city when he saw the surrender of his father's force. Realizing quickly that the situation had changed he gathered as many of his family, and loyalists that he could and silently made his way to the southern port of Rinlis where he planned to take a boat and silently sail to the port of Venetia and then north in Lucerne where he would take the safter back way into Gondor. As he left the city news broke to Balian that Oropher had escaped and he made the hopeful guess that Oropher would travel the southern road and not go west. While travelling on the road south he and his force would be stopped by Balian Imrahil of whom would beg him to take his family with him or elce he would be forced to take part in this henious act.

"There was always the distinct chance that I was wrong and that Oropher was going west. Had he of made that decision me and my siblings would be hidden away in Belfalas. Locked in our rooms forced to remain prisoners of a land long berift of Lordship."

-Balian Imrahil

Oropher would take Balian and his siblings and they would arrive safely in Rinlis where the population snuck them inside and they boarded boats. Weeks later they would arrive in Stormwind where they would rest before they made the final treck to Minas Tirith and it was while staying there that they heard that Gondor had been betrayed from within and was fighting for its life. The group would then leave nearly immediatly and make the three day treck on horseback to Minus Tirith of which they found the city nearly drained as the majority of the town had gone east to defend from the onslaught.


After the Kin-strife, merchant shipping in Pelargir was in a sorry state. Many ships had been lost, crews were scattered and even nautical knowledge was in short supply after the major exodus to Umbar following the defeat of Castamir. Recovery was fairly rapid, however. Commerce was the city's lifeblood, and every measure was taken to restore favorable business conditions, though it was at first restricted to domestic trade. While coastal traffic soon reached a volume comparable to pre-war days, capacity for and expertise in ocean sailing never recovered completely.

In addition, merchant ships now tended to carry larger complement of armed men to discourage at least the casual pirate. This, and the losses caused by the Corsairs, cut into the merchants' margin of profit, limiting formerly large, spectacular trade ventures and fostering a cautious approach. Even so, from the sixteenth century to the twentieth, the number of ships that passed through Pelargir's haven in a year was impressive.


Ethnic Map of DoL aMROTH.png

Ethnic Groups

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Dol Amroth is a Kingdom that is dominated by the Atlantians in the more populated and centralized western regions while in the eastern half of Dol Amroth there are large populations of Serbians in the regions that were once a part of the Serbian Kingdom before its fall to Dol Amroth. The Atlantians are ancient and most can claim their ancestory all the way back to the original human slaves of France. Alongside this there are several powerful Numenorian Houses inside the Kingdom of Dol Amroth alongside the Atlantians and it is in these Numenorians that the power of the Kingdom is held.

The Serbians are not given any kind of unique powers, and the empowered houses in their regions are Atlantians thus making the Serbians a rather disenfranchized group. Of course the alternative for them would be the Dutchy of Estalia which has a distinct problem with the Serbians.


Points of Interest



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Belfalas or "Ebou Dar" is the capital of the former Gondorian province of Dol Amroth and the now capital of the Kingdom of Dol Amroth . The city was once nothing more than a tributary for the massive Umbar shipyards, but as time went by and the preference became for the Dol Amroth region, the once endless shipyards became contested by Belfalas.

Bel Falas has become one of the massive centers of the Atlantian People and following the devestation wrought throughout Europe against the Atlantians it is in Belfalas that one of the largest consentrations of the Atlantian people has found itself.

Belfalas was originally founded when the port city of Umbar became so overcrowded that it was unable to completely handle all the business and trade that flowed through it. The city would grow into becoming the preffered route of many who wished to trade throughout the Empire of Numeron due to the fact that the Dol Amroth region was far more visually and culturally similar to the Numenorians at large while the people and land of Umbar had developed their own unique culture. During the Civil War in Gondor the city of Belfalas would become the capital of the newly founded Kingdom of Dol Amroth and this would center it for importance even more. For those wishing to trade in Europe the ideal destination very quickly became Belfalas to the weakening of the Empire of Umbar and its massive port of Umbar.

Bel Fal

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Bel Fal.jpg

Bel Fal is a large town in Dol Amroth that exists within the second largest forest of the region, and thus is completely surrounded by the Bel Foreston all sides. The massive road network that starts in Belfalas makes its way to Bel Fal where it basically ends off, before making a small route to the northern border of Dol Amroth. Bel Fal is the only major town of the Kingdom of Dol Amroth that doesn't draw its founding from the Empire of Numeron, and instead it was founded by the ancient Woses, who came to carve a mighty swathe of forest where they would found a town. It was in this clearing that the earliest Atlantians would come to inhabit Bel Fal following the coming of the Atlantians into the forest. As time went on the town of Bel Fal became the center of a huge amount of the resources being produced by the Kingdom of Dol Amroth as the forests were teeming with mines, and huge lumber operations. All of this turned the region into an extremely wealthy region, but also one with a huge amount of criminals, and monsters that inhabited the might Bel Forest.


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Linhir ("Fair stream") is the second largest urban settlement in the Kingdom of Dol Amroth and is situated at the confluence of the rivers Serni and Gilrain, about twelve miles from the point there their estuary empties into the Bay of Belfalas, and also the name of the river. It is the principal gateway between Bel Fal and Belfalas. No town between Belfalas and Lond Ernil is larger or more important as a center of Dol Amroth commerce and politics, for virtually all landward trade entering or leaving eastern Belfalas passes through its gates.

Linhir is one of the original cities founded in Dol Amroth and for this reason it is ancient on a level that only can be approached by Belfalas, and Anfalas. Linhir became the center of House Elena during the early days of Dol Amroth, and this continued for centuries. This domination came to an end when House Elena broke away from House Imrahil during the Gondor Civil War and was either killed or fled Gondor in the process. Against what House Imrahil wanted the vassal of House Elena, in House Reina became the new dominant house in the city, and they hold many of the same ideals as House Elena.


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Lossanarch is a massive fortress that controls the crossing between the Empire of Umbar, and the Kingdom of Dol Amroth. Situated on the main opening of the mountain range that devides the two regions the fortress of Lossanarch stands at the main road heading into Dol Amroth and the only way to bypass Lossanarch and enter Dol Amroth would be to travel through goat trails where large forces would be unable to move at any real speed, and would be harrassed the entire route.

Lossanarch was founded during the age of the Empire of Numeron, and during this time it was created as a trading post, and thus its earliest foundation created a large amount of wealth in the surrounding area which continues to this day. As the Umbar region became opposed to the Kingdom of Gondor, it was quickly turned into a major fortress where the possible encroachment of the Umbar army could be delayed or even stopped completely. The strategy would lead to a basic no go in terms of any kind of conflict between the two forces as the forces of Umbar were not ever willing to commit the amount of forces neccessary to take control of Lossanarch.

Unique spots


White Tree of Gondor

Province of Gondor

Dol Amroth was once a province inGondor , and during this time a heriditary family called House Imrahil was placed in charge of the province. This House worked in much the way as a Lord of a Lucernian city in that the House picked a powerful member of its family to be its leader, and then this Duke as they were known would then place all the officials into their positions.

Kingdom of Dol Amroth

With their independance gained the region of Dol Amroth renamed itself the Kingdom of Dol Amroth and then set about placing House Imrahil as the leaders of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is led by its King who shares the vast majority of power in the Kingdom. Beneath the King are the numerous officials that control the various offices, and villages throughout the Kingdom. The importance of these officials rises and falls depending on how important the area they are controlling is.

The King of Dol Amroth

The King is the highest office in the Kingdom of Dol Amroth, and he controls the placement of officials and the writing of all laws, and edicts throughout the Kingdom. The King is basically the same role as Gondor and has taken all the same liberties as that office. The King thus in the same manner as Gondor performs three main roles. The king traditionally fulfilled three roles in Númenórean society. The first and foremost of these was the priestly function: to act as the Valar's chosen mediator between Eru Ilúvatar and the people by presiding over the annual ceremonies upon the hallowed summit of Meneltarma in Númenor. One important facet of this role on such occasions was for the monarch to ensure societal harmony and a good harvest through his prayers. The Covenant of Uinen included a similar prayer, but its scope was limited to Uinen's own sphere of influence.

House Imrahil.png

The king's second traditional role was as Númenor's chief jurist. He served as the upholder, arbitrator, and executor of the Laws of Númenor. While this function extended well beyond the performance of ritual stipulations, it was nevertheless inbued with religious authority; for the monarch possessed the power to bind oaths by the names of Eru Ilúvatar and the Valar, and so to bless those who fulfilled their word and to curse oathbreakers. Finally, in his juridical role, the monarch had the power to enact new laws as need arose.

The third duty of the monarch was the governance of the realm in times of peace, and the leadership of its hosts in times of war. This function was much less rigidly defined than the other two roles, in part because its specifics depended a great deal upon the contingencies of a particular situation, and in part due to the strength of the traditional aristocracy in relation to the monarch, both in Númenor and Middle-earth. Remember that Manwë did not institute the monarcy for its own sake, but rather to guide the Dúnedain in accordance with the will of the Valar. Since in was not the part of the Valar to determine how Men ought to govern their own affairs, few precepts restricted Elros Tar-Minyatur and his descendants. As a result, the specifically political role of the monarch was subject to greater change over time than its religious and juridical counterparts.

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Dol Amroth
Varian Imrahil.jpg
House Imrahil.png
Vital statistics
Title King of Dol Amroth
Alias Turncoat Prince
Race Numenorian
Status Alive
Allegiance House Imrahil

Varian Imrahil is the son of Darian, and Melisia Imrahil making him the current Lord of House Imrahil, and the King of the Kingdom of Dol Amroth. Varian Imrahil has two siblings in the form of Lucas, and Halestia of which his brother Lucas was once his best friend but when he became influencial in the Kingdom the two have grown into enemies, and his sister Halestia was married to Herundil Caranthan making her a member and the matriarch of House Caranthan and securing that house's loyalty. Varian Imrahil was married early in life to Brooke Elena of the powerful House Elena and this made the next largest house in Dol Amroth loyal to House Imrahil through blood. In this marriage he would have four children in the form of Balian, Susan, Peter, and Lucy Imrahil of which Lucy was the youngest of the four Imrahil children and was the most faithful of the four and never stopped believing in Dol Amroth even though she can barely remember it, his son Peter is the third of the Imrahil siblings and is known as mischievous and rather rude young man but has changed dramatically due to his experience with the White Witch, his daughter Susan is the second-born of the Imrahil children (after Balian) and the eldest sister and she was logical (to the point of being stubborn), motherly, and more serious than her sister, Lucy, and his final son in Balian of whom was his heir to the throne before he left Dol Amroth and went to Gondor where he is now the Prince of Dol Amroth as commanded by Aragorn Elessar. Following the departure of his children and the fact that he was forced to name Franco Imrahil the new heir he has divorced Brook Imrahil and banished her to Anfalas so that he could marry Laela Henthanir of House Henthanir of whom is pregnant with a child during the events of the rise of Lucerne.

Varian Imrahil was born to the noble, and honorable Darian Imrahil of whom ruled over the province of Dol Amroth for a short time following the even shorter reign of his father Lulomir Imrahil who was killed during the fighting in the Downfall of Numeron. His father would teach him about honor, and loyalty and together they formed a larger bond then Darian did with his two other children. In order to grow his son's influence along with controlling House Elena he married his beloved heir to Brooke Elena of whom quickly mothered four children for Varian, and on the birth of the last child Lucy his father was killed in fighting in the east against the Serbian Kingdom. Varian would lead the counter assault and would bring down the northern part of the Serbian Kingdom and then make peace with the Roman Empire instead of fighting against them. Varian would then rule effectively for some time before he begin to be visited by Sauruman the Istari of whom begin to control him into wanting to leave Gondor. The apex of this was the Downfall of House Imrahil and the rise of the Kingdom of Dol Amroth of which he became the King of. The loss of his children was a massive blow to him which only increased when his brother menipulated the situation to place Franco Imrahil as the new heir of House Imrahil. Following the departure of his children and the fact that he was forced to name Franco Imrahil the new heir he has divorced Brook Imrahil and banished her to Anfalas so that he could marry Laela Henthanir of House Henthanir of whom is pregnant with a child during the events of the rise of Lucerne.

Princes of Dol Amroth

Name Seat Loyalty Heir
Tar-Galador Reina II. Linhir Gondor Faithful Teri-Vinrin Reina
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