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Downfall of Numenor
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Location Europe
Start of Conflict -8
End of Conflict 0
Result Empire of Numeron Defeat
  • Destruction of the Empire of Numeron, and the creation of a multitude of successor states.
  • Huge population losses suffered by the Atlantians remove them as the most powerful group in Europe, and allow the forces of Mordor to grow in the east.
  • The end of the Downfall of Numeron resets the year starting the upward movement of the years.
Numenorian Loyalists Black Numenorians
Empire of Numeron
  • Johan Highven †
  • Eonwe Maiur
  • Abrain Jornex †
  • Fingon
  • Tevion Gronich †
Black Numenorians
  • Braizen Highven
  • Garmen Flanigate †


  • Gothmog
† = Killed in action
(†) = Missing
 Surrendered = Captured
 Fled = Fled the Field
The Rebellion drew its support from the vast majority of the Atlantian population, and their military forces were far more numerous, but tactically in the weaker positions and surrounded on all sides by other enemies. The Black Numenorians were far less numerous but there forces extremely loyal, and determined to win otherwise they knew they would be destroyed. The forces of the Black Numenorians were also assisted from the outside by the forces of Mordor, and unintentionally by the forces of the Teutons in the future Empire.
  • Nearly the entire leadership of the Empire of Numeron loyalists were killed during the fighting, including the entire Highven ruling family outside of the Witch King who became a Nazgul.
  • The entire Atlantian portion of the Black Numenorians was destroyed during the fighting, and the only surivors were those that retreated to Umbar, Harad, or Mordor.
  • Nearly the entire Black Numenorians leadership died during the fighting or the destruction of Tail Jana, and the only surivors were those that either retreated into Umbar, Harad, or Mordor.
  • Extreme casualties suffered by the forces of Numeron throughout the conflict. Millions lost during the rampage of the Spawn of Sauron, and then millions more during the destruction of Tail Jana.

The Downfall of the Numenor was an event that led to the splitting of theEmpire of Numeron, as well as massive destruction across Central Europe. The Downfall of Numeron marks the end of the Empire of Numeron of whom was once the most powerful Empire in the entire world, and had been created with the purpose of restoring order to the world. The conflict would be yet another occasion where the forces of Chaos led mainly by Malekor would freely enter the planet and act without resistence from the main force of the Titans, and the Titans failure in this conflict to even get involved was something that has diminished the once air tight loyalty of the Titan Council.

From the outside the situation appeared to be quite long in the making, but for the vast majority in the empire they believed it was just business as usual. It was this disconect betweent he situation in the courts of the Empire and the average citizen that led to the massive casualties early on since the people didn't know that the Emperor was a mad man who wanted their destruction and so were not as quick to turn their backs on him. When the situation finally got out of control the forces of the Empire of Numeron rallied themselves and begin to turn the tide against the forces of the Black Numenorians, and pushed them back for a long time. Finally their counter attack was halted when the Spawn of Sauron was spawned and begin to destroy entire towns, and armies. Eventually the Istari turned against the Black Numenorians and with their assistence the Spawn of Sauron was destroyed allowing the continueing growth of the rebellion. The Rebellion took entire provinces until eventually the Black Numenorians held a few major towns and of course the capital of the Empire in Tail Jana. In Tail Jana the final battle of the conflict was fought and the forces of the Empire of Numeron battled the Black Numenorians battled for survival as the Black Numernoians summoned a massive spell to destroy every loyalist Numerian in one second, while they summoned thousands of demons sent to them by the forces of Chaos.

The conflict is also known for being the coming out part for the Germans in Europe, and it was during the Downfall of Numenor that the Teutons of the future Empire would eplode on to the scene when they rebelled from the mad emperor, and then begin attacking Numeron during the course of the later part of the Empire's history. It was also during this conflict that the Germans gained the negative reputation with specifically the Atlantians of Europe due to their complete disregard for the calls of aid from their former brothers in Arnor, and Gondor. This conflict is somewhat of a side conflict and was massive enough that it could be deemed a seperate war between the Empire of Numeron and the Teutons. As the Black Numenorians begin massacring Teutons in Atlantis the Tuetons gathered together and begin massacring Atlantians under the support of both Harad, and the Black Numenorians who hoped to spark a war between the two that drained the power of Arnor. This worked perfectly as the two sides would eachother for basically the entire breathe of the conflict and by the end the Atlantians in Arnor were nearly broken as a fighting force while the Teutons were supremely powerful.

The effects of this Civil War are still being felt in many Kingdoms throughout Europe , and the power vacume left by the destruction of the Numenor has never been completely filled by any one power. On top of this power vacume was the tremendous loss of life with the Atlantians of Europe losing almost 60% of their population over the course of the conflict, and because of it have to this day never been able to match the Germans in population.

The Empire of Numeron had been going on for centuries, and like most declines in an Empire there wasn't a single moment that could be placed and said that's when they became morally bankrupt.


The Empire of Numeron had been going on for centuries, and like most declines in an Empire there wasn't a single moment that could be placed and said that's when they became morally bankrupt.


Emperor Alleria Highven II.

Numeron at its peak

He came with such promise. He wanted to destroy the evil influence that was growing within our courts. He used to go on tirades about how we should be better then the savages that surrounded us, and everytime he made a speach I just believed in him more and more. How could he have fallen so far.
Abrain Jornex

The decline did begin though the moment Emperor Alleria Highven II. became Emperor. Because the Numenor lived such extremely long lives, a good emperor could have a huge effect, while in the same token a bad emperor could seriously cause some harm. Alleria Highven II. began his reign as a compitent leader, and he attempted atleast to remove the coruption that was growing amongst the ranks of the Numenorian nobility. These efforts would eventually lead to severe problems though in the regions of Hispania of whom were dominated by a distinctly Black Numenorian element. Leading the army himself into Hispania he would fight against the rebels re-taking lands that had for generations been a part of the Empire no longer, and following this he returned to Tail Jana at the head of a great victory celebration over the victory in Hispania where they conquered the entire Hispania instead of only pieces as they had previously. Although this was a great victory they had won and although they had caused immense casualties to the rebels it had drained the Numenorian population of Hispania which would mean that by the time of Braizen Highven IV. the region of Hispania would fall quickly to the rebellion that had a long time to grow itself and now they had no Numenorian defenses attacking them, as they had retreated eastward.

Tail Heagen Rebellion

Alleria Highven.jpg
The funniest part of the Tail Heagen rebellion was that we had nothing to do with it. The disaster of that conflict was not that they had been manipulated to fighting and destroying each other. The disaster of the conflict was that they hadn't been.

All was going well for the Empire, and the reasons to fear the end were beggining to look like far away problems. This positive mood changed quickly following the Tail Heagen Rebelion. This rebelion begin in whispers amongst the nobles, in that they began insulting Alleria, and wished him ill will. This snapped something in Alleria and he couldn't handle the fear he was being undermined. He travelled with a small army to Tail Heagen and believed his precense alone would intimidate the massive city into apologizing. When he arrived the leader of the town panicked and took the Emperor hostage in a panic filled moment. For over six months he was held by the mayor while a relief army was raised and the mayor devolved and in another fit of rage smashed the Emperor over the head with a staff causing a serious head injury of which would haunt him for the rest of his days. When the relief army arrived and were handed over Emperor Alleria they found that the wise man they had last seen was gone. Alleria was now overcome with paranoia. He stopped allowing people near him, and for almost six years he hid in his fortress at Tal Reagen which ironically was the sister city of Tail Heagen.

The End of Alleria

Alleria was very thin, and gaunt with a long, straggly beard and fingernails which grown to several feet in length. He refused to let blades or razors in his presence, even to shave or trim his fingernails. He wore the big, elaborate dragon-emblazoned crown of Manaele Harteni IV.
Steward of Alleria Highven II.

For six years he stared out the window at Tail Heagen and just brooded, but also on top of this he suffered constant seizures, and had constant headaches caused by the head injury the mayor had given him. When he was finally forced to leave his room due to nearly dying from a seizure his steward recalled his appearance. Alleria would after coming out of hiding lead the army of Numeron against Tail Heagen where he won a great victory over the mayor of whom by this point had lost his mind completely, but instead of his usual mercy he massacred the entire family of the mayor and had anyone he had seen during his imprisonment killed for not helping him during the time. Following this moment of horror he returned to Tail Reagen where he would remain for several months before he finally died of a seizure bleeding out alone in his room surrounded by books he had been trying to read but could not longer read from.

Fall of Harad

Sauron corupts the Easterlings

The Fall of Harad was a silently horrifying moment for the Empire of Numeron. This was the first time that a province had simply rebelled and won. Before Harad it is said that the Empire of Numeron knew nothing but victory, and that after the fall of Harad they knew nothing but disaster and loss.
Unknown Numenoriani

Following the death of Alleria Highven, the Empire of Numeron would have two more Emperor's first in Alleria's son in the form of Alleria Highven III., of whom became known as the Emperor that lost control of Harad. Harad had long been a restive area of the Empire of Numeron and it had always held a large garrison but under the brief rule of Alleria Highven III. he withdrew the forces of the Empire of Numeron following a series of disasterous conflicts against a growing rebellion in the province. In the end the province had rebelled because silently Sauron had entered the province and used his ring to corupt the King of the Easterlings of whom was relied upon to keep the peace in the region. Without the King's support the region had went nearly completely to the rebellion and had become far too strong for anything but a full force of Numenorian arms and despite the cry for this to happen Alleria showed his emotional weakeness when he got scared and refused to order the attack. Following this Alleria's younger brother would come to rise within the court of Alleria but before he could lead the army of Numeron into Harad he was killed of sickness leaving Alleria once more scared and unwilling to attack Harad leading to fighting between himself and his cousin. Alleria Highven's reign would end swiftly only a year after the fall of Harad, and it is said that at the end no one wanted it to end more then he did himself.

He changed the capital. Changed his name to become more germanic. I heard rumors he even toyed at ideas of changing the name of the Empire. When all that ended with his mortal wife dying he then did the unthinkable and killed himself. All of that over a german.
Unknown Numenorian

He was assassinated by his cousin who tried to take the throne but was killed shortly after by the Emperor's gaurds who then placed Benzhali Highven on the throne. The early part of his reign was defined by his marriage to a Teutonic noble lady of who he loved so deeply he would change the

The Last Emperor

Braizen Highven III..jpg
"Braizen Highven was the last Emperor I was ever able to truly say I loved. Johan had the chance to be a great Emperor but his cowardly brother ended him, and the final chance of the Empire of Numeron to recover."

Alleria Highven's reign would end swiftly only a year after the fall of Harad. He was assassinated by his cousin who tried to take the throne but was killed shortly after by the Emperor's gaurds who then placed Braizen Highven III. on the throne of the Empire of Numeron, and Braizen Highven III. would rule as the last truly great Emperor of Numeron, and many point to him as the final Emperor of the land as his son would die quickly and be replaced by the Witch King. Braizen Highven III. attempted to stop the rampant coruption that was permenating throughout all of Numenor society, and unlike Alleria he had a moderate amount of success, and the success reached such levels that the Black Numenorians in Umbar, and Harad conspired to cause more problems for him in France, and Hispania. Braizen Highven III. would then bring massive force into France where he proceeded to free much of the land from the control of the Trolloc for a time, and he would found a number of towns. Following his success there he planned to move against the rebellious Harad but as he brought massive numbers to the border he became sick and could not lead the army. He entered a coma for sometime, and during this time his son Johan Highven took somewhat control, and showed himself to be a potentially succesful replacement once his father died. With Braizen entering in an out of consiousness the council deemed that his succesor would be his heir Johan Highven of whom was the closest relative outside of Braizen Highven IV.

Downfall of Braizen Highven IV

Main Article : The Witch King

Witch King 3.jpg

"I remember him as the young prince that constantly wanted to hear stories about our history. He had an insasiable desire to learn about history, and through all of our interactions I didn't hear him say anything but kind words to anyone he met. It was a shock to see him in Tail Jana."
-Tangin Highven

Before the death of Braizen Highven III. it is important to understand the inner working of Braizen Highven IV. who will come to represent everything flawed in Numeron. The Witch King was born in the massive Nemerian city of Tal Reagen which now is known as Lorderon. Braizen Highven IV. was the grandson of the much maligned Emperor Aleria Highven II. who many point to as the harbringer of the decline in Numeron. The line had survived but it was only Braizen's father Braizen Highven III. that had truly begun to restore some of the sanity to the Numenors. As a child Braizen was someone that many thought was going to be a good future ruler, and he loved history to the point that it was said he could name and describe the life of every Emperor in the long history of the Empire of Numeron. This boy would cease to exist after during his search for knowledge he and his gaurds were lured into a trap set by Sauron. Sauron would send a small party of his human servents to the area that Braizen was searching and in their possestion would be a Palantir that he had personally crafter just for Braizen's use. Sauron's servents would instigate a fight and during this fight the gaurds would kill the entire force of Sauron. As they searched the bodies for evidence of who these men could be, Braizen discovered the Palantir, and despite the warnings of his gaurd he took it into his possestion as they returned to his personal keep.

The Palantir

Witch King1.jpg

"I could have brought my massive armies to bear against the Empire of Numeron and died. I could have done that but I took the option of corupting the heir to the Empire and then having them simply kill themselves. That seemed to me to be the easier option of the two."


When he returned to his keep he spent years devling into the mysteries of the Palantir, and he came to find that the Palantir would silently speak to him and tell him secrets. At first these secrets were nothing more then where to find rare books, or artifacts but eventually these whispers came to tell him darker things. The control the Palantir came to have over him was incredible as it changed his personality quite noticeably, and led him down a path that would lead to many troubles for Europe. During his early life there he started to though became known for his personal excesses and this troubled the current Emperor who had wanted to give him the throne when he passed. Noone could undertand what had changed in the once noble young man but something dramatic had happened to him and despite the many attempts to get through to him he continued to go down a dark path. Eventually the current Emperor decided that Braizen was too arrogant and selfish to be the Emperor upon his death, so he made his nephew Johan Highven the heir apparent upon his death. To say this didn't sit well with Braizen was an understatement. During this time his rants and excesses became especially bad to the point that the Emperor warned him that he would be removed from the Empire if he didn't calm himself. Braizen at this point would return once more to the devise that had given hims so many anwsers the last time he had found it in the Palantir.

The Ring

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This time when he spoke to the Palantir he told it how everyone now hated him, and he begged the Palantir for an anwser to why this was happening to him. The Palantir whispered to him the location that would give him the anwsers to everything in his life, and that if he went there the person he met there was the man that would change everything in his life for the better. Braizen immediatly went to the location without any of his gaurds, and when he arrived their he saw a man in black armor illuminated by a gleaming white light. The man introduced himself as Sauron, and told Braizen that the only way to fix what had happened was to take a ring from him and to wear it with complete trust. Braizen trusted this Sauron because the voice was the same as the Palantir and so he took the ring and put it on, and that was the moment that he was now completely in the hold of Sauron who now was able to talk to him as a true solder of his army.

Murder of the Heir

The Executions.jpg
"In those final days everything was going so fast that I just assumed I could trust the son of the Emperor to not kill his brother, his mother and take his two sisters as hostages."
-Tulian Brellin

First Braizen nearly immediatly had one of his most loyal men in the form of the Dark Marshall brought to him. When the Dark Marshall arrived he was ordered by Braizen to murder his cousin so that his father would have no choice but to give him the throne. As Laurentine mobilized his forces to ambush Braizen's cousins the health of his father continued to worsen, and the Empire prepared for the coming of Johan Highven as the new Emperor. Braizen Highven would then come to the capital and would pretend to wait with his brother for the death of their father. During this time the two brothers appeared to all outside observers to be consoling eachother and Johan of whom was a kind person he believed that Braizen cared but in fact Braizen was just menipulating his brother to distract him. Word would reach the capital that bandits had murdered Triven Highven while he was on the road to the capital, and with this news Braizen knew that the only thing between him and being Emperor was the fact that his father and brother still lived.

Death of Johan Highven

Death of Johan Highven.jpg
Demons flowed from the gate just as we prepared to make our escape. I was so close to leaving the city, and how much different would this world have been if I had made it out of the city.
Johan Highven moments before his death

When Braizen Highven III. finally died the entire Empire would have a day of silence where everyone was expected to remain in their homes by the tradition of the ancient Numenorians of Atlantis. While everyone was in mourning Braizen Highven had a large force of his Black Numenorians shuttled into the capital using the fact that everyone of honor and loyalty to the coming emperor would be hidden away, and he hid them all over the capital but in the Palace grounds they were in extreme numbers. With this in place the next stage of the plan moved forward when Johan and the councilors came to the palace to crown him the Emperor he alongside the entire council that wasn't Black Numenorian and all the guards were attacked as they went through the Palace grounds. Braizen had thought this massacre would be simple but the guards of Johan had been somewhat prepared for his betrayal and refused to let an easy kill happen leading to the Councillors being killed but Johan surviving the initial attack. Johan would flee alongside his guards trying to get out of the city and they were slowly aided by other forces throughout the city leading to the First Battle of Tail Jana within the capital. As it became clear that a betrayal was afoot the people of Tail Jana marshaled alongside the significant number of loyalists still within the capital and together they fought against the Black Numenorians all over the capital leading to Braizen being unable to stop Johan from nearing the main gatehouse. As the loyalists were close to victory though Sauron would throw in his trump card when a large force of demons and Orcs came out of hiding and smashed into the retreating forces of Johan. The forces of Johan attempted to flee the large force of demons but were overwhelmed by the numbers and finally caught by Morgoth, and Gothmog of whom were sent by Sauron and then killed by the large force of demons. With his coup complete the remaining councilors that were loyal to him crowned him the Emperor of Numeron, and the Black Numerorans prepared for the massacre of the remaining loyalists in the city. The arrival of the Orcs and demons into the conflict would become something that did spread throughout the continent as this was nearly impossible for the Black Numenorians to hide and within weeks of this news getting out several provinces of Numeron declared open rebellion including significant areas in Germania and the lands of the Burgundians as well.

His excesses ruined what was a simple victory into an actual conflict. All he had to do was sit back and let our numbers grow but instead he galvanized an entire continent in rebellion against him.

With his cousin, and younger brother dead by his sword, the throne went to Braizen, and in some of his first actions he had the loyalists of his brother and father executed. Braizen had his loyalists find and target anyone who was believed to harbor any ill will towards him, and some times even those who were loyal to Braizen but they believed might turn away once it was realized he was in league with Sauron. This execution spree ran throughout the Empire, and at its conclusion left thousands dead. These murders had a dramatic effect on the Germania region of the Empire, and over the course of the first two years of his reign their were sizable independance movements growing among the Austrian region of Germania. He didn't stop there in his madness. In his blind rage, he began burning down villages and towns that harbored any sort of relation to his family name. This rampage continued for nearly eight years, and by the time the Arnor, and Gondor sections of Numeron began to oppose him, the damage was quite extensive in the central areas of Numeron. With the situation spiralling out of control Mordor under the control of Sauron would launch invasions of the Empire of Numeron provinces of Gondor, Osgiliath, and Conarch leading to the beginning of the true ground war.

The start of a Rebellion


As the executions continue unabated the non-corrupted people of Numeron began gathering in many cities throughout Numeron, and begin striking against those who were known to be loyal to Braizen Highven. This rebellion was dealt with harshly by the forces of Braizen but he quickly found that public support had turned against him, and the people were not allowing his forces to enter rebel areas. Braizen was in this early stage still of sound enough mind to understand that he needed to gather more strength before he would be able to defeat all of the people of Numeron, and for this reason he begin a process of pulling his forces into the center of towns, and attempting to hold control of huge areas with relatively few troops. As this retreat to the core of the cities continued the Empire of Numeron gave rise to two different and opposing separatist movements and the full blown Numenorian resistance Movement. The Teutons in Austria were the first to begin to attempt to gain control over themselves, and they did this through the removal of many of their Numenorian masters in massacres in many cases. In the France province the Franks threw away the control held by the Numenorians in many places but they were resisted more heavily by the Numenorians and met with less success. The actual resistance movement among the Numenorians became more heavily formed when Eonwe Maiur came to the forefront in Arnor and rallied many cities to his side. Despite the growth in resistance the Black Numenorians continued their strategy of withdrawing of which proved successful in stemming their losses. This strategy was true for many areas, but in the area now known as Westros the Black Numenorians brought their full force to bear, and the capital city of Tail Jana while still not even being close to a majority of Black Numenorians did have a sizable amount of population and near complete military control. As this stage continued the Orcs of Mordor would suffer several significant defeats against Conarch where two major armies were massacred on the field leading to Conarch pushing into Mordor itself before losses by the forces of Conarch forced the Conarch forces to pull back to their fortresses and no longer push into Mordor.

The Spawn of Sauron

See Also : Sauron

I found it quite amusing when he was forced to come to me yet again for help. For a Dark Lord he sure needed a lot of help.

Following the massive spree of executions, and the growth of a rebellion with Numeron the forces of Braizen begin marshalling all of their power to begin creating a creature of such power that they could destroy any force the rebels could possibly muster against them. In order to do this Sauron leant his Magi power to the construction of a creature that would come to be called the Spawn of Sauron. The creature wasn't completing quickly enough as they needed more Magi, and this annoyed Sauron to no end, as he realized he would need help in order to complete the project. In order to actually complete the project Sauron was forced to enlist the assistence of his old lover Flemeth of which brought him great shame but he accepted out of neccesity. The idea behind the Spawn of Sauron was to make a massive spider like creature that was unasailable by any convential force. Its creation would herald a victory due to the fact that no conventional force would have any hope of defeating that kind of creature.

The Civil War

The Spawn of Sauron

Spawn of Sauron.jpg

"I have never seen such wanten destruction. Where ever it moved it destroyed everything in its path. What hope was there for men when a creature as big as the mountains themselves turns against us."

The Spawn of Sauron changed the entire direction that the conflict had been going. With the spawn on the side of the Black Numenorians there was no possible way to confront them onto the field of battle. If you attempted to raise an army the spawn was simply impossible to defeat in a conventional manner. This meant that the war entered a phase in which would define the beggining of the war, in which the Spawn of Sauron simply roamed about Numenor and destroyed towns, cities, and armies seemingly at will. During this period the population of the Empire was dramatically reduced as entire cities were wiped out by the spawn, and no end was in sight.

The Battle of Tail Heagen

Main Article : The Battle of Tail Heagen

The Battle of Tail Heagen was the final culimination of the actions of the horrible spawn of Sauron. The spawn of Sauron had attacked unabated throughout Numeron destroying towns that rebelled at will, and no army could possibly match its power. It was during this period of great stregnth for Braizen that he would fall into the trap that became known as the Battle of Tail Heagen. He stopped focusing on taking out the leadership, and places of rebellion and instead attempted to simply wipe out the Atlantian people, and in this moment the rebellion leadership devised themselves a plan built on the betrayal of one of the Dark Numenorians most important orders in the Istari, which was the Numenor Empire's Magi order, and the only Atlantians who were able to use Magi in the entire Empire.

The Istari

Main Article : Istari

Tevion Gronich.jpg
"Tevion Gronich died for everything in this continent, and the sad part is how many have even heard his name. He died saving the world, and yet the only name to survive is Sauron."

Tevion Gronich was the leader of the Istari during this period of the Downfall, and he was the sixth different leader as Braizen had been continuesly killing and replacing the leaders whenever the mood struck him. Tevion was loyal to his king despite the kings madness but he reached his end when the Spawn of Sauron begin simply killing people for no strategic reason beside genocide. As this genocide continued Tevion Gronich broke from the loyalists side of the war and took over half the Istari with him towards the massive rebel city of Tail Heagen. The Istari were opposed as they attempted to leave their massive temple, but by their betrayal had been so shocking and sudden that the Black Numenorians forces allowed most out of the city before the orders had made it down the chain of command that they should be stopped. These Istari would take casualities as they attempted to reach Tail Heagen and upon their arrival they would become shifted in their movements through the rise in Saruaman. Sarauman had a different way of thinking then Tevion and as they travelled their came to become a power struggle of sorts and many were shocked as Sarauman made remarks that suggested he wanted to violently take control of the loyalist movement if Tevion would not listen. In an act that would forever break their relationship Gandalf would side with Tevion and this caused the end of the internal struggle as Gandalf was held in great regard and noone dared to go against him.

Destroying the Spawn

"The World turned on its axis trying to either assist, or destroy the spell of man."

Now in Tail Heagen the Istari begin fashioning a massive spell which upon its completion would destory the spawn of Sauron. So much power was needed for the spell that every single Istari on the rebel side was involved in casting it, which brought on the notice of all the Istari on the dark side as well. With the eyes of the entire Empire now transfixed on Tail Heagen Braizen massed most of his army and marched on the massive city alongside the Spawn of Sauron. As the army marched for Tail Heagen basically the entire world. Every single Magi user. The Titans, and the Chaos Gods. Everyone became involved in either the casting of the spell or the attempt to stop the spell. It is said that so powerful was the Magi being conjured during the spell's incantation that the world itself shook for the entire time. Only one day away from Tail Heagen the spell was on the verge of casting but it just didn't have enough power to get it over the top. In this moment the Dark Numenorian Istari are said to have had many of their number slow their power and allow the spell to cast which caused the massive bolt of power to shoot from the moon all the way to Earth and completely eradicate the Spawn of Sauron along with much of the army of the Dark Numenorians. It is believed by most that their were significant elements within the Dark Numenorians who by this point understood that the Spawn of Sauron was only the beggining and that eventually Sauron would destroy everything.

Goblin Invasion of Dol Amroth

Battle of Belfalas

One of the Goblin Kings (Find which One) would meet his end during the Downfall of Numeron where under the command of Malekor he led his Goblins in a massive invasion of the region of Dol Amroth where they would have initial success but he would be killed during the final battle of the conflict and the Goblin hold in southern Mordor was put to an end with his death.

The Loyalists counter attack

The Battle of Fornost

Main Article : Flanigate's assault on Fornost

Battle of Fornost.jpg

With the Loyalists in disarray following the massive losses they had just taken to the spell cast by the Istari the rebels massively grouped their forces together and prepared to relieve the massive city of Fornost from the siege that it had been under for the better part of the conflict. Fornost and in victory there they would have almost complete control of northern Numeron, along with also being able to cut off nearly half of the army of the Dark Numenorians giving them a bloody nose they wouldn't be able to recover from. Braizen knew this was of great importance so he gave vast resources to the attack, and if that wasn't enough he also sent his top commander in Garmen Flanigate to lead the attack. As the massive forces of all sides convened on the area of Fornost another force form the Germanic region of Germany (modern day The Empire) also massed themselves to attack the city.

Rebels Victorious

Despite the massive investment of troops by Braizen Highven the rebels were supplemented by massive number of regular citizens who were part of the vast population of Numeron who had now completely turned against Braizen Highven.

The Tide turns

With the death of Flanigate who was the top commander that Braizen Highven IV. had the forces of the Black Numenorians finally understood that the tide had turned on them, and with this understanding came the complete massacre of the forces of Braizen Highven in basically every area except for his palace city of Tail Jana.

The End of the War

The Second Battle of Tail Jana

Battle Field.jpg

At the peak of the Downfall of the Numeron the forces of the dark Numenor were coming to the conclusion that they were going to lose. In these moments the more evil, and chaotic members of the Dark side began casting spells of destruction against the forces of the loyalists. In a single moment the power of the Dark Numenor destroyed the mighty city of Jarn Hannis, which was a city of hundreds of thousands and one of the more important cities of the loyalists. With its destruction the Dark Numenor hoped the loyalists would turn tail and give up, but instead the loyalists massed most of their army and marched on the capital of Tail Jana. When the loyalists arrived at the once mighty capital of Numeron they saw a twisted version of the once noble city. As the loyalists arrived at the city they would not know that in a final attempt to tip the scales of the conflict the Chaos God Malekor would send his primary champion Morgoth to the city with a large force of Balrog and demons in order to save the Black Numenorians. When Malekor intervened the Titan Hermes would come as well and would watch from the sidelines as the Battle came underway. Where once stood gleaming white towers, the darkness of the denizens within had seemingly turned the city into a dark city. Although deeply saddened by this the loyalists pushed on, and besieged their former capital. The battle was long and tough but eventually the loyalists had victory, and broke through the walls into the city. Fighting demons at every street corner the loyalists made their way towards the palace in the center of the city.

Fall of Morgoth

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It was during this advancement that the forces of the Numenorians led by Fingon would come across Morgoth of whome was defending the massive entrence highway into the central city. Morgoth stood side by side with dozens of Balrog and his personal champion Gothmog and together this force pushed aside all attempts to break through it. With hope fading a charge of noble Istari was made against the host of Morgoth and it was during this fighting that Gandalf would find himself fighting against Gothmog, and the high Numenorian Fingon would come face to face with Morgoth. Morgoth was a truly immense creature, and his size made it seem impossible to believe that at one point he was a human being but he was. As Morgoth laughed at the patheticness of Fingon Gandalf struck down Gothmog and with his death the other Balrog knew fear for the first time in their dark lives. Gandalf and his Istari felled Balrog after Balrog as the other forces of Fingon now moved in with renewed vigor and attempted to assist. With his host falling apart Fingon would push against Morgoth and the two would engage in a duel of titanic proportions. Fingon was no match for the near god but he fought with the soul of his people, and with the death of the last Balrog the Istari pushed all of their might into Fingon as the whole city swayed beneath the weight of this conflict. Even this though was not enough to allow the Numenorian to defeat a near god but it would come to pass after Hermes of whome had been watching from the sidelines would shoot an arrow silently into Morgoth's leg and arm and cause him to fall over and drop his sword of which gave Fingon the time he needed to break the fight his way. With Morgoth and the Balrogs struck down and Fingon's Army alongside the Istari pushed themselves into the center of the city. Morgoth though was not dead and had simply lost his physical form as the only way to truly defeat him would be to defeat Sauron himself.

The Fall of Tail Jana

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"He fought like a coward and then retreated and the sad part is that foolish coward lived while a great commander died."

At the same time the loyalists were moving forward the forces of the dark Magi Harnian Highven massed together to cast another spell to destory all the loyalists cities in one fell swoop. In this moment the Titans realized that they had to intervene or the human race risked anilation due to their mistakes. The palace though became the sight of a massive duel between Abrain Jornex the commander of the loyalist Numenorians and Harnian Highven the son of Braizen Highven. The two commanders would battle each other but eventually Abrain would kill Harnian, leading the entire army of the Numenorians to cheer in happiness that they had won victory. As they cheered though Harnian would be resurrected by his father Braizen Highven who landed on the ground on the back of his Fell Beast. The new Harnian would resemble more Sauron then anything elce and was well over twenty five feet tall, and he was quickly handed a massive shield and mace to fight with. Harnian's magi continued to summon the spell as Harnian and Abrain fought each other for victory, but as they continued to fight Braizen realized the spell was about to go off, and he ordered his son to pull back from the fight and make his escape which he did through the portal within the keep defending the spell. So as the Magi's of Harnian cast their spell the noble titans battled the forces of the Chaos gods for supremacy. When Harnian finally cast the spell the Titans knew they hadnt completely won so the spell might go through, and they all paused to watch the outcome.

Spell of Tail Jana

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The largest city in the entire world was destroyed in that moment, never to return again and left behind as a giant lake in the middle of a land ruined by war.

Luckily for the loyalists outside of the city the spell failed to do its required task in destroying Arnor, and Gondor and shattering the loyalists as instead of destroying the loyalists cities the spell turned inward and created a giant vortex in the palace of Tail Jana killing all in the palace immediately. The Vortex threatened to spread throughout the world but the Titans would throw themselves one more time into the resistance and use all of their combined powers to defeat the Chaos counter attack and force the Vortex to only expand out a little bit from the city. During this final moment the forces of Chaos would lose this battle as several of the Chaos Gods stopped lending assistence for brief moments as none seemed willing to allow Malekor to gain victory for Chaos, and thus this lack of power on the side of Chaos would twist the conflict. Seeing the Vortex the forces of the loyalists retreated as quickly as they could but the Vortex expanded and the vast majority including the great general Abrain Jornex were killed in the vortex while the spreading power of the Vortex while stopped from destroying the entire planet did still spread out causing immense damage.

Sites of Destruction
Site Outcome
Tail Jana Entire City destroyed, and the ruins of the city have eventually become the city of Pyke. The explosion created the massive Westros Lake and the Iron Islands, alongside a large series of other islands.
Pontos The city sunk into the ground and the extent of the explosion caused a massive crater and jettisoned massive amounts of water into the forming Lake of Westros which furthered the destruction there.
Tentaril The mighty Temple created a vortex which would greatly expand the Rhine River, and create the origins of the Islands of Frey and the islands west of it.
Tail Meshzel The mighty city of Tail Meshzel would destroy itself during the vortex leading to the northern expansion of the Rhine River. The spot of the remaining islands of Tail Meshzel would eventually become the city of Westbridge and the great apex of the river.
Chrezhlorn The Numenorian Temple of Chrezhlorn would become one of the epicenters of the shockwaves creating the massive Lake of Caro and the islands that would eventually form the Realm of Carolingion.
Hebnon The Numenorian fortress tower of Herpf in Weerhousen would become an epicenter devestating the region around it and creating the Weerhousen Lake, as well as the island that would eventually become known as the Island of Herpf.
Tal Valia The Numenorian city now known as Lorderon would be a major site of conflict as the loyalist forces fought to retake the city they failed but the Black Numenorian leader of the city would be convinsed by a dying Er-Renthor Teronus into not destroying the city, and thus the destruction sped away from Tail Valia into the Riverlands and down the Rhine.

As the Titans, and Chaos forces battled to control the spell the reverberations spread outwards towards the other Temples that had been summoning the spell, and in these places massive Vortexes were also created destroying vast lands, and leaving hundreds of thousands dead. Working itself in almost a circle the spell tore apart central Numeron, and left the sites of the Temples massive craters in some sports, and created massive changes in the geography of central Europe.



The Final Picture in the History of the Numeron Empire paintings

It can be said that this was the most monumentous moment in European History. While before the beggining of the civil war, the Numerons were in preperation to invade Hispania, and Italy. Had these invasions gone through, then it is entirely possible that The Roman Empire , would not exist in the same manner it does, and knowing how the Numerons prided on having ports, it is entirely possible that the straits of Girbralter would have been covered where in it would not have been possible for the Orcs to cross.

The Civil war wrecked the population of Arnor, and cities that had once housed hundreds of thousands now were small villages. The epicenter had been in Arnor so it is also noteable that the Numeron bloodline was also drastically reduced. The Numeron loyalists fighting in Arnor had lost to the German tribes that had become part of Numeron.

From the ashes of the Numeron Empire, rose two loyalist Kingdoms in Arnor , and Gondor , but both of these Kingdoms combined were just a shadow of the former power of Numeron.