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Previous Conflict First Lucernian-Goblin War
Dragon Quest of William Lovie I.
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Location Near Nortburg
Start of Conflict 5121
End of Conflict 5122
Result Rebel Victory
Companions of William Lovie I. Trolloc of Nortburg
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† = Killed in action
(†) = Missing
 Surrendered = Captured
 Fled = Fled the Field
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The Dragon Quest of William Lovie I. was a Dragon Quest undertook by William Lovie I. and a group of his friends in response to a Trolloc raid against one of the villages controlled by House Lovie.



The Quest

Disappointed that he and his companions had been unable to find where the Trolloc were that had killed all the villagers it would be William that would ride for awhile as the rest of the companions made camp. When darkness struck he found himself lost, and having become lost he rode his horse into the darkness and this led him north into the forest. He had found himself in the forest of a powerful Trolloc force, and as he entered the forest he immediatly saw the signs that this forest was Trolloc infested and made the decision that he would not run and instead moved deeper into the forest where as he moved deeper he came upon a small Trolloc camp. Stragnarax happened to be flying through this area of the forest, and saw that the human was being attacked by the Trolloc, and for some reason he felt an attachment to the human. As he lowered himself to get close and help the young human he slowed himself as he saw that the young human was managing to kill all the Trolloc attacking him. Stragnarax watched amazed as William beat back dozens of Trolloc. Stragnarax only lowered himself when he sensed that a larger and more powerful group of Trolloc were incoming. Realizing that he didn't have much time to explain, Stragnarax told William to get on his back and he would explain to him later. To Stragnarax's shock William told him that he could not leave until he had killed the leader of the Trolloc's as a way of stopping the Trolloc from attacking more villages. Stragnarax told him that this would be certain death, but William told him his honor was at stake. Completely astounded by this young human's honor he told William that he would assist him in defeating the Trolloc leader. The two were swiftly set upon by nearly a hundred Trolloc, and only the amazing power of the two were able to overcome the numbers. The two then made their way throught the forest with William calling out for the Trolloc leader to confront him. Eventually after a few hours of constant Trolloc attacks, the leader of the Trolloc's came out of hiding and he was discovered to be a Myrdil. The Myrdril put Stragnarax into a trance and then charged William. The two engaged in a titanic fight, but in the end the skill of William beat out the Magi, and evil of the Myrdrill. William then stayed.