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Previous Conflict Dragon Quest of William Lovie I.
War of the Driving Tide
Driving Tide.jpg
Location Lucerne Mountains
Start of Conflict 4952
End of Conflict 4979
Result Human-Dwarven Victory
  • Formation of Kingdom of Lucerne
  • Goblin Control of Eastern Mountains
  • Fall of Karak Mulgar
Human Alliance Forces of Disorder Dwarves
Human Leadership Goblin Forces
  • Jarsnik
  • Krask
  • Grenksark

Under Empire

  • Thrueel Darkscar
  • Crut Silverrunner

Unsoligiath Empire

  • Xek'rod
Kingdom of Izor

Kingdom of Mulgar

  • Rurgag Blackbeard
  • Dagmerd Blackbeard
  • Thratrathoagg Shatteraxe
Human Forces
  • 50,000 + Humans
  • 3 Dovah
  • 25,000 + Draknoids
Goblin Forces
  • 320,000 +
  • 2000 Ogres
  • 25,000 + Skaven
  • 80,000 + Spiders
Dwarven Karaks
  • 200,000 + Dwarves
Light Heavy Heavy

The Driving Tide or The Second Lucernian-Goblin War was the campaign in 5 A.D. to rid the Lucerne Mountains of the goblin invasion that was destroying Karak Mulger, and beggining to attack Karak Izor. The Driving Tide was the single most important conflict to happen to the Valley and because of this conflict most of the houses that are in power were the ones that followed House Lovie into the conflict while many houses that were dominant were left in the dark if they had not followed House Lovie.

The Driving Tide was a long time in the making in that for centuries the Dwarves had allowed their cockiness to let them ignore the fact that the eastern section of the mountains of Lucerne were crawling with Nigh Goblins of whom silently built their strength in the darkness and made no effort to attack the Dwarves. When finally the NIght Goblins did attack they were no longer in the frame of a simple victory as they numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and after some disasterous losses by the Dwarves the numbers swung agains the Dwarves and favored the Night Goblins. For years they would battle with the Goblins pushing them back more and more each day, until finally the Dwarves went to the humans of Forks for assistence and discovered that the Humans were willing. After the involvment of the humans and in particular William Lovie of whom had a dragon the tide turned against the Goblins in a disasterous massacre they would suffer at the First Battle of the Gate. The Fall of Karak Mulger would be catastrophic for the Dwarves but would cause arrogance in the Goblin King of whom attempted to defeat the Humans before they could enter the mountains and asisst the Dwaves. At this final battle the Goblins were massacred and lost nearly a hundred thousand and in return killed very few humans, but serious number of Dwarves.

Even though they were late into the conflict the true victors of the conflict were House Lovie, and the created Kingdom of Lucerne. Before involvement in this conflict the humans of Forks were devided and only barely held together by the dominance of House Tyrell. Following this though, the leadership of House Lovie and the creation of Lucerne as a reward to House Lovie for saving them meant that the humans had created a foundation of which would catapult them into the position of being the most dominant Kingdom in the Valley of Lucerne's history.

The Driving tide would end with the pyrannic victory of the Dwarves while because of their assistence the Humans of Forks would have a city built for them called Lucerne, which would eventually become the center of the Kingdom of Lucerne. This would for a time increase the strength of the Dwarves as they now were trading with the humans of Lucerne, but this too went away eventually as the Goblins choked off the trade routes.

The Night Goblins would go from having no presence in the region to controlling a kingdom deep within the safety of the mountains of Lucerne. The Night Goblins would remain in complete control of Karak Mulger for the days that followed the end of the war, and are growing in strength each day which is a scary prospect for the Dwarves of Karak Izor.


Lucerne Dwarves.png

Dwarves of the Lucerne Mountains

Main Article : Karak Izor, Karak Mulger The Mountains of Lucerne had always been a contested mountain, and in the centuries before the Dwarves came the mountains were fought over between spiders and trogs. The spiders eventually won, and it was this victory that allowed the Dwarves to take them down, as the spiders were severely weakened in the conflict.

With their control over the mountains, they spent centuries clearing it out completely, and during this time Karak Izor, and Karak Mulger grew fabulously rich and expansive. This wealth and power had the reverse effect on one area of the Dwarves and that was in their preperation. The Dwarves slowly lost their vigilance over the mountains and in thise time the Night Goblins swept in and were able to achieve massive numbers.

Following the Migration of the Night Goblins, the Dwarves of Lucerne found the mountains were now teeming with night goblins. The Dwarves only mobilized to the threat after the Nigh Goblins overran the mine of Dun Mulger.

Goblins Come.jpg

Nigh Goblins

The Night Goblins first arrived on the scene of Lucerne when the Skaven begin instigating massive migrations of Goblins from their ancestoral homes in eastern Croatia, and the mountains of Central Europe. Before this the Night Goblins had a fear of the Dwarves and what they beleived them capable of. This fear went away as the Skaven fed them stories of the weakeness of the Dwarves and before long the Nigh Goblins of the nearbye Westros Mountains moved westward towards the Lucerne Mountains.

The Dwarves had become arrogant in their position in the mountains and so barely had defences in place for subteranean invaders. In this way the Night Goblins were able to sneak massive numbers into the mountains before the Dwarves were even aware of what was happening. The Nigh Goblins congregated around the fortress of Karak Mulger, and the first sign of trouble was when they took over the nearbye mine of Dun Mulger.



Main Article : Forks

The Humans of Forks were unlike much of the other regions north, west, and east of Lucerne in that there was no real effective leader, and thus the population ruled themselves with many houses ruling over small regions. This lack of a sutiable leadership for many generations meant that the Dwarves of Lucerne ignored the region, and the Humans did not care enough about the mountains to attempt to find out what was in the, so in this way the humans of Forks grew independatly from all other nations and were nearly completely isolated.


Fading Hope

Following the First and Second Battle of Karak Mulger, the two dwarf holds came to the realization that they were in serious trouble. Messengers were sent out to the High Dwarves, in the World Edge Mountains for help. These messengers returned back with the news that the High Dwarves were also being invaded by Orcs and Goblins, and would not be able to assist.

Without any help coming from their High Dwarf cousins, the Dwarves were gradually pushed back inch by inch. Realizing that Karak Mulger was on the verge of falling, the Dwarves sent messengers to the surrounding Human Kingdoms. They were sent rejections by everyone that they sent it to and so in their desperation they went to the nearbye Human city of Forks which wasn't led by one force and thus wasn't exactly the most promising force. When they arrived at Forks they set in motion a dramatic conflict betweent he ruling houses.

Debate in Forks

See Also : House Tyrell

House Tyrell the leader of Forks during the Driving Tide

"Houses that had the slightest of differences turned on eachother as they all vied to be closest to House Tyrell.  That all ended the moment William returned on the back of that Dragon. Seeing that changed everything and whether or not the Tyrells wanted to accept it their time was done."
-Aryes Targaryan

The Driving Tide burst onto the scene when William Lovie returned to Forks on the back of a dragon, and following this a group of Dwarves entered Forks begging for assistence against the goblins. As the Dwarves left the council of Forks met, and their was fierce debate about what should be done with William Lovie leading the charge alongside House Tyrell, House Targaryan, and House Swan in assisting the Dwarves in exchange for the Dwarves assisting them. There support was countered by the opposition of House Cash, House Arryn, and House Clegane who believed it wasn't their problem so it should be ignored. With the Forks council at a complete stalemate, the auxillary house Hale who was one of the richest houses in Forks became interested in gaining more influence and with William Lovie now having a dragon they decided that his wagon was the one they wanted to hitch themselves to. To show their support of William Lovie and his House Lovie they went to William and offered to suplly him with all the armor, and weapons that his house as well as House Swan, and Targaryan. With this advantage to them it became clear that the Lovie alliance was going to choose the way Forks would go in the Driving Tide.

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"Never had someone so small changed so much. It was the slightest of choices that decided an entire land."
-Unknown Scribe

With House Lovie, House Targaryan, and House Swan now militarily very strong it would be William that would come to the home of Mace Tyrell of whom was still for all intensive purposes still William's king, and would basically apologize to him for having to make him so much smaller then he had been. The two would eventually come to an understanding and in this understanding Mace Tyrell would join him on the battlefield where before he had planned to sit aside while House Lovie's alliance he now decided to move the entire strength of House Tyrell with him. In this way House Hale The decision of House Hale to assist the effort of William Lovie, and House Lovie meant that House Tyrell had no choice but to ignore the wishes of the House Arryn alliance and force their involvement in the Driving Tide. With noone left to resist the forces of Forks and the nearbye regions begin massing north of the city for the campaign that would from this point on be called the Driving Tide.


First Battle of the Gate

House Lovie

"To the very last minute it was the Arryn's trying to stop us. I don't know how bitter their hatred ran that they could completely ignore the obvious situation."
-William Lovie

The First Battle of the Gate was the battle fought as the Goblins attempted to defeat the Humans before they could gain enough strength to effectively assist the Dwarves. As the forces of Forks moved forward William Lovie on Stragnarax rode far ahead and scouted out the mountains. When William arrived at the mountains they could see the massive number of Goblins that were hiding amongst the stones of the mountain, and thus it was clear they were going to attempt to ambush the Forks army. He was told by Stranganarx that the Goblins of the mountains had been building their strength for many years and what he saw there was nothing more then a small fraction of their total force. Realizing that even a victory on that field wouldn't completely mean victory in the war he knew he would need to eventually meet with the forces of the Dwarves so that their combined armies could completely defeat the Goblins. Stragnarax would take him back to Forks and during the trip he asked Stragnarax whether any dragons could come to their aid, and while Stragnarax wanted to help the Lucernians and his friend in William Lovie he still did not trust the humans enough to intervene on that scale. Upon his return to Forks he called all the Nobles that were there to a meeting where he would make everyone understand how dire the situation was, and the consequences if they did not deal with the Goblins now. When he returned to the army William took the lead in planning and devised a strategy where they would set up camp in front of the mountain making it appear that they were going to sleep but when the Goblins charged forward they would be ready for them and would massacre them in the open.

Herd Mountain Valley Wallpaper mp1zf.jpg
"I had second thoughts on my decision the moment I saw him standing at the table and everyone just listened to him. I wasn't ready for that kind of loss just yet."
-Mace Tyrell

House Tyrell for the first time saw their power truly slipping away and attempted to argue against the plan but at this point even House Tyrell's allies were not supporting them and this led to William's plan being followed. In a huge coup the members of House Lovie gained the upper hand in the city of Forks in a way that had never occured before. Mace Tyrell would try and storm out of the meeting but he was stopped by his bannermen of whom warned him that the momentum had shifted and that he might be killed if they didn't side with the alliance of House Lovie. So everyone including House Arryn would join the massive army that was preparing to march to the valley beneath the mountains to ambush the goblin army.



The Night Goblins had sent scouts to follow all of the dwarf messengers, and were aware that the Forks army was on its way to assist. The moment they became aware, the Night Goblin leader sent his luitenant Greshak to ambush them at the gate. This ambush would have been completely disasterous for the entire war had it not been for the stupidity of the goblin liutenant Greshak. The Goblin commander decided that since the Lucernians camped at the outside of the gateway in then he would be able to attack them while they slept. This would mean even fewer casualties and a complete destruction of Lucernes army. The reason that he had been told to ambush the humans was that the Lucernians were waiting for the Dwarves to arrive, and had been warned that they should not sit idle while sitting out front the gate. For this reason the Lucernians had barricaded their camp completely, and were 100% ready for any attack.

To further complicate matters for the goblins the Humans now had the service of Stragnarax, and he was flying in the sky. While flying he noticed the goblins hiding in the hills of the entrance. With this knowledge he telepathically contacted William Lovie, and further warned him. With this warning the forces of Lucerne prepared for nightfall and the eventual attack that was coming.

First Battle of the Gate.jpg

The Battle

When darkness descended on the hills the Goblin army charged out of their hiding spots, and encircled the Human camp. The human defenders had been prepared for this so when the first goblin got near, the human archers begin unloading arrows on them. In their current position the goblins were completely exposed, and took huge casualties before they even reached the human camp. When they did reach the camp they found the entrances to the camp heavily barricaded, and the few entrances were extremely well gaurded. The Goblins found themselves completely under fire and unable to break through into the camp.

It was at this low point in the battle that a massacre was about to take place. Stragnarax and William Lovie rode to the center of the Goblin army, and engaged the goblin commander. The two fought very briefly before William killed him, and Stragnarax rained fire on the goblins. The center of the goblins was gone, and now they broke completely. When the goblins broke and ran, the humans chased behind, and fewer then 5% of the massive goblin army survived to make it back to the gate.

Third Battle of Karak Mulger

While the loss of the army at the Gate wasn't good for the Goblins they had nearly unlimated forces at this point and thus they wanted to keep up the pressure so they hastily re-launched their attack on Karak Mulger which was still attempting to repair the damage to their defences. The Battle was a tough fight but again the Goblins were pushed back by the determined Dwarves who were at this point beggining to recieve reinforcements from Karak Izor as the situation out front the gate had somewhat stabalized the hole warzone.

First Battle of Karak Izor 

Karak Izor Thaig3.png

"In our centuries long silence we had abandoned many mines as more prosperous ones were found. It was in this abandonement that our enemies flowed through behind our lines."
-Dwarven Scribe

After the disasterous First battle of the Gate, and the following defeat they suffered during the Karak Mulger, the Night Goblins became even more aggressive in their attacks. The Goblins moved many of their forces to the far back of the conflict where they launched a series of raids against the unprepared Karak Izor who didn't think they could be hit. In this lack of preperation the Goblins had found a series of mines that were abandoned and through them they were able to sneak there way inside the Hold itself where once inside a series of desperate battles were fought which together are called the First Battle of Karak Izor. The Dwarves were able to keep the goblins out of the main hold itself but as they defeated the advances they found the goblins had hunkered down into the shadows and were now launching constant geurilla raids against Karak Izor. While these attacks were of little actual consequence they forced a large amount of their forces to move into the tunnels attempting to rid them of goblins instead of moving towards Karak Izor.

Night Goblins.jpg

Fall of Karak Mulger

As the Night Goblins attacked the Dwarf Hold of Karak Izor their main thrust came out when their huge forces attacked the recovering fortress of Karak Mulger. The Dwarves had still been working on the repairs to the Hold, and because of the swiftness of the attack the Goblins were able to mass themselves at all entrances to the Hold, and had it completely surrounded. As the Dwarves prepared to accept the charge of the endless Goblins they were all shocked as the Goblins burst through tunnels in the deepest core of Karak Mulger. With these breaches the Dwarves were forced to pull forces from their strong points, and this was exactly what the Goblins had wanted them to do. The moment the Dwarves moved from the fortress the Goblins begin overruning the defences at every entrance. The moment of the fall of the Hold was at hand, and everyone involved knew what was happening as the entrances, and the Dwarves were pushed back completely. The Dwarves that had went to react to the burrowing Goblins now discovered their fellow Dwarves retreating into the core of the Hold, and with this the thousands of Dwarves left prepared for their last stand. The Nigh Goblins massed their thousands and then charged the beligured Dwarves before the forces of Karak Izor could once again intervene and possibly save what little remained of the hold. The Dwarves held the gateways into the core for more then two hours before the last Gate Gaurd was pulled apart, and with this the Goblins were inside the walls, and they proceeded to massacre the remaining Dwarves inside the Hold

Final Battle of the Gate.jpg

Final Battle of the Gate

With Karak Mulger overrun the goblins believed themselves to have the upper hand. In this high for the Night Goblins their scouts reported that the human army had regrouped and was now on its way to the gate with the obvious intentions of retaking Karak Mulgar. The Night Goblin leader knew he didn't have the hold neccessary to be able to maintain control of Karak Mulgar, and if the humans did enter the mountains and team up with the Dwarves, the Night Goblins could possbily lose the war.

With this in mind the Goblin commander pulled his forces from the siege of Karak Izor, and left a large force their to hold the Dwarves in place. He then took the entire Night Goblin army and headed to the gates of Lucerne. When William Lovie, and the Lucernian army arrived at the gate they saw the massive Goblin Army arrayed in front of them. In this moment the two armies just stared eachother down. Each side wanting to be the ones with initative this caused the two armies to charge eachother.

Second Battle of Karak Izor

While the Goblin army was leaving to attack the humans at the gate, the Dwarven King of Karak Izor, and Karak Mulger gathered their entire army and launched a shock attack at the goblin army that had remained to hold them in place. So much hate was on the side of the Dwarves, and so sudden was the attack, the goblin army barely even got out of their beds before the Dwarves had completely wiped them out. With this victory the Dwarves moved themselves behind the army of the Nigh Goblins.

The Battle


Middle gate of Lucerne

With the pyrannic victory of the Dwarves, they knew they owed the Lucernian army a huge debt. The Kings of the Dwarves asked what they could give them, and William Lovie asked them to build them a city in the hole in the mountain. A city so grand it would center a Kingdom that stretched forever.