The Duels of Tree Hill were a series of fights that were fought between the defenders of Tree HIll against the attacking hordes of Orcs that had attacked them.

Following the imprisonment of Lucas Scott it was Thomin Sifflet that took over the duels and he would fight in three duels before he was killed leaving Flavonius Rusticus to fight the remaining duels until the duels ended with the Second Battle of Tree Hill.



The Duels

17 orcs fell to my blade in 3 years worth of duels. They came in pairs and each time they fell behind what I could feel on me was the support of a god. I hadn't believed in Glaurung until that moment.
Lucas Scott

With the food situation fixed due to what the people believed was miracles brought on by Glaurung himself the people believed the Orcs realized the starvation wasn't working and begin to probe the walls with attacks which were easily repulsed due to the small amount of troops that were sent. The Orcs though were only using these as probes and discovered that there were far less defenders then they feared, and it was the Orcs that prepared to launch a massive assault on the walls and end Tree Hill conventionally. With the next stage of the siege about to begin it was Morrigan that intervened when she went to Jurden Hardaxe and was able to convince the paranoid Orc that one of his generals in the form of Drundac was planning a massive coup and the paranoia caused Jurden to command that drundac who was in fact not planning anything to instigate a duel with swordsmen in the city. Realizing that it would be Lucas that would take on the fight Morrigan would enchant his sword and armor and the day following this it was drundac who would approach the walls carrying the bodies of unnamed murdered soldiers of Tree Hill, and stood at the gates, while the Orcs begin playing their drums. The drums of the Orcs pulling Lucas from working the garden with Haley and moving towards the main gatehouse he sees a very large Orcs standing on other edge of the bridge and as the Orcs bashes his shield and screams several smaller goblins step forward announcing a challenge to fight them and in return they will give the defenders a two week reprieve from noise and attacks. With this in mind Lucas volunteers to fight the Orc and despite the attempts by Haley and Brooke to dissuade him he dons his armor, the bridge is lowered and he goes to fight the Orc. Meeting Drundac he would fight and despite the Orcs massive size he was supported by Morrigan who silently watched from the walls giving him speed and strength and this alongside his natural skills he was able to kill Drundac. Nathan, and Thomin Sifflet brought men outside the walls and collected the dead bodies they could as the Orcish horde looked on shocked that Lucas had killed was amounted to one of the top commanders of the Orcish Horde.


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