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Dwalin is the son of Fundin and thus a member of Clan Durin. Dwalin has one sibling in the form of Balin of whom is one of the most powerful members of the Dwarves of Karak Izor and has become embroiled in the conflict for Moria.

The peaceful excistence in the Dwarven realms of Karak Izor, and Karak Matron would end the moment Fundin the clan leader of Clan Durin was killed by a goblin archer. The eastern parts of the Lucernian Mountains had become known for being dangerous for Dwarven travellers but the minerals of the area still attracted the more daring of the Dwarven leadership, and miners. Fundin was one of these more adventerous Dwarves and he wanted the Gromil that was present in the east, and to get it he took a large force from his Thaig of Moria and moved against the eastern mines of which the Dwarves were ignoring had not been heard of for some time. While travelling in the eastern mines Fundin was ambushed alongside much of his company by a massive force of Goblins and the few that survived spoke of the Goblins being in their thousands. Before the death of Balin it was believed by most of the Dwarves that their holds were imepenatrabe, and thus their was a great deal of arrogance within their ranks. When the leadership of Karak Izor contemplated the death of Balin they preapred to move against the encroachement of the Goblins but they didn't understand that the Goblins had already become more then they could handle. Dwalin would join the army of Karak Izor as it would join the Kingdom of Lucerne in the final Battle of the Driving Tide and during this he would witness the Goblin King being killed by William Lovie and this would be one of the greatest memories of Dwalin.


Early History

Coming of the Goblins

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The Driving Tide

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Family Members



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Balin and Dwalin

Balin and Dwalin have been close for many years in a friendship that was born following the hard times of the Goblin invasion during the Driving Tide.

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