Laera Steinmare

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I was standing as straight as I possibly could the first time I had saw her. I wanted to be respected, and I had always followed Draco's lead in that regard. Seeing her though I think from that moment forward pushed me onto my own path. Seeing her made me realize that respect wasn't enough, as I now needed her love.
Dylan Steinmare

Alice Lovie

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I started to remember during our time in the garden Dylan. I could feel the memories coming back to me even then, but I was afraid. Something in me told me that me and Jasper were supposed to end up together. I was wrong Dylan. I was wrong and I hope you can forgive me for that.
Alice Lovie

Anna Orlais II.

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Close Friends

Jasper Hale

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Erica Steinmare

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Dolan Tarbeck

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Fenrick Steinmare

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It was so funny that me and my brother spent our entire lives battling for the love of a man who in the end only cared about himself.
Dylan Steinmare


Edward Cullen

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One day Edward someone is gonna give you what you deserve. You are not deserving of the place you have here, and I hope to Glaurung himself that I am around when you see what you deserve.
Dylan Steinmare

Edward Cullen and Dylan Steinmare would first meet during their shared entry into the Lucernian Academy and William remarked later that even on that first day so long ago the two nearly came to blows showing how much they just did not get along. As schooling moved along and Edward and Dylan both became friends with William they begin to cross paths but still were not close and in fact in the days before Edward left for Hogwarts the two came to blows briefly after Dylan made a sexual comment about Edward's sister Blake. Following the return of Edward Cullen from his time in Hogwarts it would be Dylan Steinmare that would happily join the expansive group of young nobles not happy to have the young man back of whom many blamed for seeking fame and greed as Bill Lovie had spread around was the reason for his departure.

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