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If you would take a man's life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you can not do that, then perhaps the men does not deserve to die. A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is.
Eddard Starke
Eddard Starke
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  • Arch Lord of Stormwind
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Eddard Starke is the son of Rickard, and Trysell Starke making him the Patriarch of House Starke, and the Arch Lord of Stormwind. Eddard has three siblings of which he is the oldest in Benjen, Lyania, and Brandon Starke of whome his brother Brandon is one of his closest commanders and a man he trusts intiricitly, while Benjen has been a Ranger of the forest for much of his life as he was always more at home in the forest then not, and Lyanna Starke is a mysterious young girl more the age of Eddard`s children and thus has joined her family in their battles. Eddard Starke would marry Catelyn Tully during his youth and they have been in love ever since they were married, and she is a truly capable Arch Herr. Eddard Starke has many children with Catelyn in the form of Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon of which Robb is the heir apparent of the house and is a brilliant fighter as well as a growingly powerful commander of House Starke, his daughter Sansa is being prepared for a political marriage that the house can arrange for her, his son Rickon is a young boy around the end of the Rise of Lucerne but is close with his brother Bran and is seen to have Magi abilities, his bastard son Jon Snow is a trusted and skilled member of the House Starke forces, and Brann is especially powerful in Magi and is capable of transferring his mind into his direwolf.

Eddard Starke was born the first son of House Starke, and this meant that he was going to be the heir to the power that House Starke held. He got along well during his youth with his two brothers, and his youngest sister who was signifcantly younger then the rest of them. A man who values honor and loyalty above all things had his values challenged during the reign of Bill Lovie of whom came to be a dark and sinister man that destroyed the city of Tree Hill. After nearly being killed because of his involvement in the schemes to overthrow Bill and place William in his place he was forced to remain less invovled with realm affairs as he didn't want to risk his families death in order to save a realm that he begin to feel had lost its way. His depression decreased substancially after he met with William Lovie III. while the young prince was on The Journey and this led him to a new found spirit and loyalty to the house he had sworn his loyalty too. Eddard is a trusted, close friend and counselor of King William Lovie III., and supported William's play for the throne by acting as a general in several major battles. This relationship has caused even more conflict with the members of his rivals in House Lannister. Following his involvement in the Invasion of Westbridge it was House Starke under the leadership of Eddard Starke that was forced to deal with the growing conflict with the Tevinter Empire that Lord Voldermorte was growing. Eddard, his brothers and his oldest son Rob would remain in the north even after they sent most of the forces of House Starke south, and they would be forced to lead a smaller and more elite force while they worked alongside the other allies of the area.

Eddard Starke became a POV character during the Rise of Lucerne, and during this time he explained much of what we know about certain background conflicts while travelling north on the road to the Invasion of Westbridge. Eddard Starke during his time as POV would show his honor, and loyalty to his King and it is clear that he is an extreme loyalist.


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Early History

"My father taught me the ways of being a Lord, and I spent the entirety of my youth believing in his vision of the city, and the Kingdom."
-Eddard Starke

Eddard Starke was born in Stormwind during the rise of the city as an important city in Lucerne, and his birth was heralded by his father and mother of whome saw him as the perfect heir to their house. At his birth there were only two tiers of the city with the third still being built, so he really grew up during a growth period for the city. His father was at this point the Patriarch of House Starke and the Lord of Stormwind, and the two would spend much of their time together with Eddard being very much in love with his father. His father pushed him down a pathway that led him to the eventual life he has now where he values honor, and family above greed, and coruption to the point that he has become known as one of the greatest members of the Patriarchs of the Kingdom of Lucerne. This was as well a period of peace between House Starke and House Lannister which is hard to believe when you look at their current state, and this had a lot to do with the fact that unlike the other former Lords, and their children Eddard got along well with Tywin Lannister.

Raid on Northerbourne

The Birth of Jon Snow
I was fifteen years old Jon. I won't even now say that I made a mistake because your mother was kind, and sweet. She was not a mistake. What I did to Cat though was a mistake, and that it why my dear wife will never forgive either of us.

Gresha Moseret enamored Eddard Starke and they slept together causing Jon Snow, but Eddard remained loyal to his marriage to Catleyn afterwards and the two never saw eachother again.

I was fifteen years old Jon. I won't even now say that I made a mistake because your mother was kind, and sweet. She was not a mistake. What I did to Cat though was a mistake, and that it why my dear wife will never forgive either of us.
Eddard Starke

Jon Snow was born the bastard child of Eddard Starke, and Gresha Moseret of which the two had never met before Eddard Starke reacted to a call for aid from the northern village with a heavy force from Winterfell. Eddard at this point was the heir to House Starke, and was recently engaged to Catelyn Tully of whom he had only briefly met up to this point, and with his father, and brother in Riverrun visiting with her family of whom they were contining to grow relations with even after Catelyn Tully had already arrived in Winterfell, it was Eddard Starke that was bound to lead a force to Northerbourne and help the village. Leaving Winterfell with his younger friends of which included many noble heirs from the Starke's vassals they would lead a force of some four hundred men from Winterfell leaving his younger brother Benjen the Lord of Winterfell before they left. Arriving at the town they found it under attack by a force of bandits and they fought their way through the bandits killing them until Eddard came upon the home of House Moseret one of the two noble houses of Northerbourne. Entering the house alongside Robert Baratheon, Howland Reed, and Randyll Tarly they would kill the several bandits within saving the Lord of House Moseret and a young girl the same age as the boys. Eddard having saved the family would prepare to leave but was clung to by the young girl and after attempts to dislodge her failed he sent the men alongside Lord Moseret into the village where they would finish the bandits. The girl clung to him for nearly an hour before she seemed to awake from the panic attack she had been having and apologized to him, but he had had grown attracted to her during this time, and silenced her apologies with a kiss. The two kissed briefly before Aemon Estermont would interrupt them and told him more bandits were incoming on the village. Eddard revealed to her the upcoming marriage he had with Catelyn, and the fact that nothing could come of them together before leaving, and he hoped that would end the temptation that she had sprung on him. Discovering the true plan of the bandits from one of the surviving bandits they learned that the true end game was to capture Ned Starke and as many of the noble heirs as they could, and then they would ransom them back to Winterfell.

I don't know if what she and I had was love Jon. I do know that I cared for her in a way that I have only ever felt with Catelyn. Don't ever think you were a mistake.
Eddard Starke

The Starke forces spent the day preparing the defenses, as the bandits planned on ambushing them during the night as they didn't believe their plot would be known. During the night as the attack was moments from happening Gresha Moseret would seek out Eddard Starke and the two slept together, before they were separated by the arrival of the bandits. Defeating the bandits in a one sided fight he would seek out Gresha after the battle, and the two slept together one last time before awaking in the morning together he was told by Howland Reed that his father and brother had returned to Winterfell where they would be briefly honored for the victory before Ned was to marry Catelyn. Devastated that there time was over she would be strong, and tell him goodbye, and the two departed each other where he would go to Winterfell and marry Catelyn days after his arrival, and in terms of knowledge of his time with her no one outside of his closest friends ever knew about it, and none revealed it. It would be several months down the line that she would realize that she was pregnant and knowing her power hungry older brother she didn't tell anyone about her time with Eddard outside of her sister of whom she told in order to make sure he would be cared for in the case something happened to her.

The Raid

Theon Greyjoy captured.jpg
We lost a member of this family father. Do you even remember Theon? Do you even care that he is in the hands of those who know nothing of our ways? Do you not care that your son is gone?
Asha Greyjoy

The Iron Fleet had become brazen in its actions during Theon Greyjoy's youth, and on one such raid of the area west of the Rhine, and very near to Stormwind Theon was brought with the raiding crew in order to see it in action. The captain of the ship had been ordered to raid the area south of Westbridge, and had taken those commands very liberally when he went all the way south to the rich countryside east of Stormwind. Attacking this area was forbidden because the leadership of the Iron Islands wanted to take Lorderon and when they did they would need Lucerne as an ally against the very hostile forces of Gondor, and Arnor. The captain disregarded this and they made landing in the area where the Port of Stormwind stands now, but at the time it was the neutral village of Mul. As the raiders landed Theon waited on the boat for them to return but two days went by and still noone returned. Eventually a group of men at arms from Stormwind arrived led by Eddard Starke at the location and took young Theon into captivity, but Theon was able to hide his friend and cousin Dagon Greyjoy II. and thus Dagon was not captured and hid himself in the wilds. House Starke who had destroyed the raiding party, and then captured young Theon sent a letter to the Iron Islands suggesting that they not return to raiding this area of Lucerne if they wanted one of their princes back, and by this point Dagon Greyjoy II. found his way to the nearest major port of the area in Castamere where he would smuggle himself back to the Iron Islands. The letter was sent back with a response from Balon Greyjoy who didn't want to make an enemy of Lucerne since he down the road saw a great possibility in trade with them once he took control of Lorderon. In order to keep the peace he offered Theon as a gift to House Starke, and an olive branch to let them know he wanted nothing of harm to come to Lucerne. The leadership of House accepted the gift and Theon Greyjoy became a member of the House Starke Honor Gaurd under the care of Eddard Starke, and was paired very closely with Eddard's eldest son in the form of Robb Starke as well as Eddard's nephew Brandon Starke II.


Starke's execution.jpg
"It was a moment of clarity for the group of us. It would be the last moment for a long time that all the Starke boys were together and in this way I always remember it fondly even if I also remember what I was forced to do."
-Eddard Starke

Bran is among a group of twenty men who witness Eddard dispense the king's justice to a deserter of the Starke Honor Guard, the first time Bran is allowed to accompany such a group. Lord Eddard questions the man briefly, and then Theon gives Eddard his Valyrian steel sword Ice. Jon Bran's bastard brother tells him to watch and not look away, and Bran watches as his father strikes off the man's head. The head lands by Theon, who laughs and kicks it away. Jon calls Theon an ass and compliments Bran on his poise during the execution. On the way back to Stormwind, Robb and Jon argue about whether the deserter died bravely. They race their horses, and Eddard comes up to speak to Bran. He asks if Bran knows why he executed the man himself. He explains that the First Men, of whom the Starks are descendents, believe that the man who pronounces the verdict should do the execution himself, lest he become too comfortable in ordering deaths. The Starks still hold to that principle.

"The Direwolves changed our lives. Despite the fact that we didn't know it then everything after that would share a little of the moment that we decided to take them with us."
-Bran Starke

Jon calls from up ahead, for them to come see what he and Robb have found. They find a corpse of a direwolf, as large as Bran's pony, Theon comments that direwolves have not been seen south of the Wall for two hundred years. Given that the direwolf is the sigil of the family and there are as many pups as the Stark children (even an albino runt for Jon), they take the pups with them. Bran and each of the other Stark siblings receives one of the young animals as a pet, but over time these will prove to be far more then just pets. Robb names his Grey Wind and Bran names his Summer, whilst Eddard's daughters Sansa and Arya name theirs Lady and Nymeria respectively. Eddard's youngest, three-year-old Rickon, names his Shaggydog. Unexpectedly, Jon finds a sixth pup lying separately nearby: an albino runt with white fur and red eyes. Jon claims this one, Ghost, for himself.

Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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James Lovie's Suicide Attempt
I can't live like this anymore Esme. I need you to end this.

James Lovie's Suicide Attempt

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Esme Portmane Cover Amazing.jpg

I'm sorry James. There can be no doubting this. I watched you kill her with my own eyes.
Kieth Schwartz

Maergary would become a source of increased resistance to the corruption being suffered by her son James and in this resistance begin recalling people to the capital that had been friends of James during his better times. First bringing to the capital Charles Swan, and Eddard Starke the two former best friends of James found themselves shocked at what had happened to James. Both had seen the changes when he had returned from France, but the changes since they had left were beyond dramatic, and led both to vow to try and help there former best friend. As the attempts continued it was James that was after several months unable to stop Vhloraz from taking complete control for several minutes and during this time Vhloraz would murder Maergary in front of many onlookers before James was able to regain control. Following the realization that he had killed his mother in a blind rage he would come to the conclusion that he could no longer control whatever was happening within him, and with Lisa now nearly comatose he commanded that word be sent for Esme to be brought back to Lucerne. Esme responded almost immediatly to the call to the return, and begin heading to Lucerne from Lorderon traveling with her daughter Diane but leaving behind Natalie, and Jamie with her family. As they waited for Esme to come to Lucerne the group was forced to put James into an almost constant state of use of opioids which kept Vhloraz at bay. When Esme arrived she was shocked to see the state of addiction he was in, but doing his best James asked them to listen as he told them the truth for the first time about what was happening to him.

The First Attempt

Witold was a brave young man back then. He's been dead for years though. The thing that walks around now is not Witold.
Kieth Schwartz

With James still able to control himself during this time to a much larger degree then would eventually become the case he revealed to those near him that he felt a voice within him who called himself Vhloraz. He revealed this information to Kieth Schwartz, Khadgar, Esme Portmane, Charles Swan, Eddard Starke, and Witold Jestife and learning this they would in their first attempt to save James attempt to discover the purpose of Vhloraz. Kieth, Khadgar, and Witold would both enter the Fade attempting to discover who this creature was but as they did this it was Vhloraz that was prepared for this attempt and as they got close to him he unleashed dozens of Titans aligned to him and while Kieth, and Khadgar were able to escape back to reality it was Witold that found himself stuck within the Fade. Captured by the Titans it was Witold that was subjected to possession by the Titan Gernimach who tortured him within the Fade while back in reality it was Kieth, and others that worked feverishly to attempt to get Witold back. After several days they were able to return Witold to reality but by this point it was Gernimach that came alongside him, and realizing what had happened it was the group that attempted to kill him but found themselves stopped by the arrival of Vhloraz. Vhloraz had taken complete control for a moment and fought alongside Gernimach killing several guards before forcing the rest to retreat leaving Vhloraz and Gernimach victorious in the moment.

It started off with good intentions.
Aelfwynn Turnidlon

Following this event it was Kieth that decided to begin shielding James from events like this through the assistence of both Lothar Guntbold, and the increasingly prominent Aelfwynn Turnidlon. Aelfwynn was commanded to create illusions for James which made him believe that those who were being killed, or the bad decisions being made were either deserved or out of his control. Lothar would assign his enchanter Wuldrik Toyne to assist Aelfwynn in this goal by creating memory loss spells that assisted in the stories and menipulations being done by Aelfwynn.

Vhloraz Betrayed

Gernimach and Vhloraz would at first work together but as Vhloraz gained more influence over James it was Gernimach that betrayed Vhloraz and worked with Kieth Schwartz to form a pact for James to make with Vhloraz which would give James safeguards to stop Vhloraz from ever taking full control. After betraying Vhloraz and leaving him unable to fully gain control of James it was Gernimach that feigned continued loyalty to Vhloraz who was far more powerful then he was but in actuality he begin forming the Order of the Cerulean Eye in order to eventually take control of the Valley of Lucerne and kill his now rival Vhloraz.

The Journey

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Reign of William Lovie III.

At present Eddard Starke is rejuvenated in spirit and is finding his advise is constantly listened to by the young King William Lovie. Eddard is finding that with his growth in influence he is running into more and more conflict with Tywin Lannister, and the overall House Lannister.

The Lucerne-Druid War

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The Lucerne-Druid War
I did all this so that you would be stopped. You're misery needed to end. We have done to much to escape this.

Dacey Mormont Large.png

Our new king has given us a great responsibility in moving against the Druids. We must not fail him.
Eddard Starke

The Druids of the Hearth had become increasingly aggressive following their corruption by the Hearth Druids but this aggression had been managed by James Lovie II. by allowing the Druids to raid into Lucernian areas in return for the druids giving the crown some slaves and avoiding sparking a larger conflict. The aggressive nature had also been managed by the work of the Druid of the Blessed Antler in the form of Idrena of whom as a part of her plan to kill her father she had taken control of much of the inner workings of the Druids and in this control she had nutured much of the violence that Wudis had tried to drive them towards. The peace would be shattered though when William Lovie III. took control of the Kingdom of Lucerne following the events of the Journey and one of the first major things he did was put an end what had become widespread slavery in the Valley of Lucerne and this also included the end of allowable raiding from the Druids of the Hearth. Following the end of the allowed raiding it was William Lovie III. and the Druids who made arrangements to meet and discuss future relations and this would be planned for when he was coming to the area to celebrate the founding of the town of Eastfall or the Port of Stormwind, and this planned meeting was put under the control of Idrena who was prepared to make sure that William saw through the secrets and lies of Wudis and would declare war against the Druids.

Fall of Antlerfalls

Arriving at Munchenringen a village in the lands of the Antler they find the population has fled anticapting their arrival and with this they decide to camp for the night, and with the arming setting up the village as a makeshift camp Jon and his command group meet to discuss moving from Munchenringen against Antlerfalls the capital of the Druids of the Antler. Arriving at the outskirts of Antlerfalls they are shocked at the sheer size of the fortress with the waterfall quite large, and a giant tree rising from the top of the waterfall. Reaching the walls of Antlerfalls they are met by a group of horsemen who carry a white flag, and meeting with the group they are introduced to Grunduc Mervosi, and Fowe Sanros of whom are revealed to be two members of the ten strong Antler Council all serving the Lady of the Blessed Antler. Grunduc tells Jon Snow that if he enters alone and speaks with the Lady of the Blessed Antler that she will discuss ending the conflict before things start, but if he refuses then battle will be met, and they will not stop until one side is dead. Realizing how much death will result from a fight between the two and wanting to gain victory the way championed by William Lovie III. its Jon who agrees to go with Fowe Sanros to the great Antler where he will meet with the Lady of the Blessed Antler. Walking through Antlerfalls he sees how mobilized the town is for this fight and then is taken to the Antler where he walks up stairs which lead him to where a women sits in a throne and finds that she has no guards and he doesn't need to give up his weapons because they view her as being without threat.

True Power

Idrena shows her power when after agreeing to meet with Eddard Starke she asks him to take her hand and then when he agrees she pulls him into a sort of dream like version of the world. Taking Jon through this world she is able to move at speeds that make Jon believe he is dreaming, but after minutes she has taken them too outside the town of Neuswil where the army of Eddard Starke has camped, and then with nothing but a short series of words she pulls them out of the dream world and back to reality. Jon is panicked once he realizes he has basically teleported across the land he is helped by Idrena of whom explains to him what happened detailing the fade to him in a detail that non-Titans simply don't have. Calming down the two share a kiss, which gets heated but stops when Idrena tells him that a group is coming on them, and before Jon can realize how much he liked kissing Idrena he sees his fathers Minister of Magi Robin Honigsman and a large group of Starke men coming up the hill on them.

Invasion of the Fallen Spruce

Etia would retreat to Knittelheim where as the town was surrounded by the Lucernian/Druid forces she realized that she had lost and challenged her sister Idrena to a duel and it was during this fight that she would be killed by her sister and finally released from the madness that had taken a hold of her.

Battle of Wolfkreis

Main Article : Battle of Wolfkreis Pen Ecrowi would lead the main force of the Druids to intercept the incoming Lucernian forces and as they marched the more chaos aligned parts of the Druids preached a coming death for the army and how there death would help Wudis achieve the ultimate goals of the Druids and this would cause a schism in the army as they neared the Lucernians. Following the speech by Idrena it was Brus Ecrowi the son of Pen would take control of much of the Hearth Druid army on the eve of the battle and turned them to the side of Idrena leading to much of the remaining druid army to surrender while the rest led by Pen launched a suicidal charge on the vastly superior armies.

Game of Rivers

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Invasion of Westbridge

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With the capturing of Westbridge House Starke was placed in a position of command in the city while the loyalty of House Labeof could be better determined. While this occured Eddard remained in Westbridge but the forces of House Starke headed back to Stormwind under the command of Jon Snow, and Brandon Starke.

Council of Heathfall

Family Members

Rickard Starke - Father

Tyrsella Starke - Mother

Brandon Starke - Brother

Benjen Starke - Brother

Lyania Starke - Sister

Catelyn Starke - Wife

Robb Starke - Son

Jon Snow - Son

Brandan Starke - Son

Rickon Starke - Son

Sansa Starke - Daughter

Arya Starke - Daughter



Catelyn Starke

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Robert Baratheon

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Howland Reed

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William Lovie III.

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