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Edmund Poinler is the son of Draman, and Meralith Poinler making him a member of and the current lord and Patriarch of House Poinler. Edmund Poinler would come to marry Janyce Ghelen of which was a match created by his father and the two have never really gotten along but have been civil despite Edmund's constant mistresses and subsequent bastards.

Due to his time at the Lucenrian Academy Jared Poinler would convinse his father Edmund to take the forces of House Poinler into the Journey alongside House Tyrell their masterly house, and this experience together would shake Jared as he saw the horrors of both battles of the Journey and the destruction that was Tree Hill. Edmund Poinler would lead House Poinler into the Invasion of Westbridge alongside his son Jared, and during the invasion they would take part in the main assault and during this assault they would be responsible for holding the castle allowing everyone to move onto the islands.


Early History

The Journey

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members