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Edric Nighting is the son of James, and Ariana Nighting making him a member of and the current Lord and Patriarch of House Nighting.

Edric Nighting would be squring alongside his best friend Hanzal Grightling with House Trachtenburg when the city of Tree Hill came under assault and thus they were spared being within the city of Tree Hill as it was overrun. Following the events of the Liberation of Tree Hill Edric would return to his family in Tree Hill at first grateful to return hom, but this happiness would be short living as he discovered the moral failings of his family as they continued to take part in slavery and other now illigal actions under the rule of William Lovie III. Edric Nighting would come to learn of his families plan to turn against the regime in Lucerne during the events of the Lucernian Civil War and seeing their plans was unwilling to take part and would sneak away to Forks where he told King William Lovie III. all about the plan and then went alongside Leven Martell in fighting against his families actions.


Early History


Edric Nighting would be squring with House Trachtenburg when the city of Tree Hill came under assault and thus he was spared being within the city of Tree Hill as it was overrun.

The Journey

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Second Battle of Tree Hill
Today my brothers we right a terrible wrong in the history of this kingdom. We all know what happened here, and there isn't a thing that we could do to take it back. We may not be able to change what happened, but right here and right now united together we can make sure the people of Tree Hill are finally given the rescue they have long deserved. Today don't fight for vengeance. Don't fight for revenge. Fight to save the lives of the innocent. Fight so that a betrayed city may finally awaken.

Second Battle of Tree Hill

Main Article : Second Battle of Tree Hill

The armies of the alliance would land around all sides of Tree Hill intent on retaking the lost city.

For a warrior waiting years for something to happen, he didn't seem to care much that the army he was waiting to arrive got destroyed.
Saiden Scarlet

As the Lucernian/Gondorian/High Forest alliance destroyed the Orcs that had held the Gondor siege of Minas Ithil for many years immediate plan became the movement of portions of this army towards the besieged city of Tree Hill. Jurden over the decade of the siege had become obsessed with maintaining his own power, and had basically become uninterested in actually ending the siege through conventional means. Alongside this he also had a growing belief that the humans were completely useless and for all of these reasons Jurden Hardaxe made no effort to double his scouts or anything that might have assisted him in stopping the coming ambush. And if all of this added up wasn't enough he was also still being whispered to by Morrigan who was telling him that the crisis was the other Orcs in the area. Following the gathering of the forces of the alliance in the area they would organize themselves into seven main armies. The 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 7th armies would travel towards the port of Klausburg. Landing at Klausburg they would meet with the local leadership there and made their decisions on the direction of there forces. The 1st, 3rd and Fourth would move up the Oakheart River and land near Castle Prennig where they would move from there towards Tree Hill. The 7th army would be sent up the Bresklo River where it would land at the ruins of Glendt Hold. The seventh army would be joined in this campaign by forces mobilized from House Brentfurd as well as House Winklebock. The 2nd army would land at Vinterbold Hold north of Tree Hill and joined by forces from the area they would prepare to move to Castle Interbold and then to the north side of Tree Hill. The 5th army led by the Westerlands Arch Lord would land at Castle Hackenholt where they would move against Tree Hill from the west. The final army in the 6th army would be formed from the southern vassals of the Stormlands and led by House Crane they would move themselves to the city of Leiblinshire where they would attack towards Tree Hill form the south.

Army Name Leaders of Army Prominent Noble Families Size of Forces
First Army
  • 49,000 Light Infantry
  • 15,000 Heavy Infantry
  • 4,000 Light Infantry
  • 1,000 Heavy Cavalry
Second Army
  • 49,000 Light Infantry
  • 15,000 Heavy Infantry
  • 4,000 Light Infantry
  • 1,000 Heavy Cavalry
Third Army
  • 28,600 Light Infantry
  • 7,000 Heavy Infantry
  • 6,000 Light Cavalry
  • 4,000 Heavy Cavalry
Fourth Army
  • 8,600 Men at arms
  • 1200 Knights
Fifth Army
  • 43,000 Light Infantry
  • 8,000 Heavy Infantry
  • 12,000 Light Cavalry
  • 4,000 Heavy Cavalry
Sixth Army
  • 17,000 Light Infantry
  • 500 Knights
Seventh Army
  • 27,000 Light Infantry
  • 3,000 Heavy Cavalry

The arrival of the vast armies of William Lovie III. would have major effects on those forces already around the Stormlands. The first major effect was following the news of victory at Minus Ithil. House Guntbold who had been named the Arch Lord of the Stormlands following the collapse of Tree Hill realized that with the goals of William becoming clear they were going to have to pick a side in the coming conflict. It was Lothar Guntbold that would push his nephew Edric Guntbold who was at the time the Arch Lord of the Stormlands to see the error of the side they had picked and to call a council of House Guntbold. Following this call it was Lothar that left Guntbold Hold to return to Lucerne and be at the side of his friend James Lovie II. The council would be attended by all members of House Guntbold except for Winfred Guntbold, and his wife Ophellia who remained at Klausburg but sent their son Winfred Guntbold II. to act in his stead. At this meeting it was decided that House Guntbold would change sides to William Lovie III. and would send both Winfred Guntbold II. and Athilda Guntbold to William Lovie III. to open this dialogue. The pair would take a ship from Guntbold Hold and travel along the rivers of the Valley of Lucerne where they would eventually stop at Vindale Hold which they knew would be the eventual crossing point of the armies of William in their move back west. When the fleet of William arrived Vindale Hold it was Athilda and Winfred that would meet with the leadership of the army revealing details of the area.

For a warrior waiting years for something to happen, he didn't seem to care much that the army he was waiting to arrive got destroyed.
Saiden Scarlet

The night was spent with Athilda meeting with William, and members of the Shadow Council and it was during this meeting that Edward Cullen discovered her Magi abilities and confronted her on why she did not reveal this before meeting with the prince. Telling them her fear of reprisals she was forgiven by the group and continued to tell them about the situation in the Stormlands. Athilda would let the group know that the Guntbolds were willing to assist William despite what was a top-down command from King James Lovie II. to not assist his army in the movement against Tree Hill, but she wanted assurances that the Guntbolds would not be punished following the campaign. Needing more forces, and not wanting resistance from human forces as they moved against Tree Hill it was William that made the decision to agree to this arrangement. With this agreement in place, it was Winfred Guntbold II. that would travel back to Guntbold Hold with the Guntbold ship to tell the Guntbold leadership about the agreement. Athilda would remain behind in part as a hostage of sorts but her good impression on the Shadow Council had led to her joining them as an advisor of sorts.

Clearing the South
Three kingdoms working together for the common good. It was inspiring to finally have a king I could believe in. For my entire life I have followed a king who while he may have been good once, I don't think I even remember that. From this moment forward son I will die to protect William Lovie III.
Eddard Starke
Clearing the West
Clearing the North
Clearing the East
Retaking the Capital

Leven Martell arrived on the field only a day before the battle would happen with a large force of House Martell and her father's writing of support.

The closer we got to night the more I came to understand that the world would be much different after I liberated Tree Hill. Without a single doubt in my mind I now understood that my father had done this. My father was responsible for all of the wrongs in Lucerne, and once this happened there would be no more quests to keep me from the simple fact that he had to die. My father had to die for what had happened here.
William Lovie III.

Waiting for the night to come William would be able to watch for the first and last time the Orcs setting off their massive drums and horns in order to force the defenders to be unable to sleep during the night and thus exhausted during the day. Hearing this many among the attacking army grew even more angry at the fact that the defenders had been forced to endure this for all this time without anyone helping them. William would spend the night with Leven, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward as the Shadow Council as they were not openly to each other calling themselves spent a few last hours with each other before they all knew everything was going to change. Finding themselves greeted throughout the night by every lord who not wanted to speak to William they couldn't help but see how different things had become for the naive group. During one of these meetings he would talk with Charles Swan who by this point he was beginning to view as a father of sorts, and discussing with him his relationship with Isabella he would bring up the idea of a betrothal. Charles was happy about this and agreed on the spot, and following this agreement it was Charles and William that would meet together with many of the remaining nobles and this betrothal was brought up during many of these meetings thus spreading word of its agreement. The Orcs by this point had no contact with their scouts, and yet they still remained completely unaware. Morrigan would at this point make her final step towards sealing the fate of Jurden Hardaxe when she would convince Jurden to host a large party for his Orcs which made them all drunk and even less prepared.

The Massacre
William Lovie111.jpg
I hope they felt in their final moments all the pain of those who they had so cowardly killed years before, and tormented for years since. I hope they face an eternity of pain an anguish for what they have done.
Charlie Swan

As the night neared the Orcs would begin their party and the loud noise would alert the alliance that this was underway, and also awake most of the defenders of Tree Hill of whom were prepared for what many believed was the final attack. The party continued, and the alliance moved itself completely into position against the now scout less Orcish force, and pushed in many places all the way against the wall with the entire Orcish force within the city itself or dead outside. The night came and the army would move on their predetermined signal of which moved everything forward. The infiltration of House Scarlet into the under tunnels of the city begin as Saiden Scarlet led a large force of hundreds into the tunnels in the goal of reaching the estate of House James and once the attack was underway they would spring upon the already ambushed Orcs. From the west the forces of House Greymane, and House Ordos would move themselves through the broken shattered western gate and encountered hundreds of Orcs in differing stages of drunkenness and the fighting wouldn't spark any concerns from the Orcs as it was all believed still to be a part of the party. Seeing the ambush was underway it was at this moment that Morrigan finally ended the charade and came upon Jurden while he was standing in his residence.

Sometimes Brooke you play the long game. You see if you lie to someone for so long he eventually believes that it is truth. For how could anyone keep up a lie for as long as you do. Once they no longer believe you lie, they believe everything that you say. You can whisper the most dangerous of things to them, and they will drink everything you give. Then finally when the moment is complete you may spring. Spring the final trap on the fool who allowed himself to die.
Download (7).jpg
Its one thing Leven to win this battle. Once we win this battle, because I believe we will. Once that happens the time to return home is upon us. You know what we will find in Lucerne. You know what victory here means. It means the death of my father.
William Lovie III.

The battle would end with the complete destruction of the Orc army and the liberation of Tree Hill. When the armies of Lucerne and Gondor entered the remains of Tree Hill, they found the sad remnants of a once truly mighty city. Food, aid and supplies were rushed to the city, but before the true rebuild could begin Andrew Lovie would take the reigns of the King of Lucerne following a duel with his father.

Returning Home

Following the events of the Liberation of Tree Hill Edric would return to his family in Tree Hill at first grateful to return hom, but this happiness would be short living as he discovered the moral failings of his family as they continued to take part in slavery and other now illigal actions under the rule of William Lovie III.

The Rise of the Second Queen of Lucerne
Grief is like the ocean; it’s deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet. Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and faith and love. I didn't know Lord Scott, but I’m jealous of him, because I see how his absence has affected the people who did know him. So I know he mattered to them. And I know he was loved. People say that Earl Scott was a great Lord: honorable, just, fair, kind. They say he made this city what it was. Today we celebrate his life. Today we celebrate a great man, I wish I knew.

Funeral of Earl Scott

Brooke Scott(6.jpg
As the fires stopped burning my mind returned to the grand-father that I had loved so much back then and could't help but think how much he had been forgotten. He died so that all of us could live, and yet my father cared nothing about it. The funural was about remembering his life and the way he died. It was about showing him somehow how sorry I was.
Brooke Scott
When the fires had stopped burning and William had returned to Lucerne to deal with his father, Brooke was left with the fact that now she was safe but at the same time she had lost so much. Her friends were dead, her family was in tatters, and the one person other then Haley and Peyton that had loved in her in the form of her grand-father was dead. She asked her mother if they had found any sign of her grandfather but she said that by this time there was nothing to find. When she asked if there would be a funeral Karen said that Dan didn't think it was appropriate and was making efforts to make sure that Earl Scott's name was forgotten from the memory of Tree Hill so that he alone would be celebrated. At this news she left her mothers side near tears and made her way to her grandfather's room where she discovered servants tearing into the room. For a moment she just watched them as
Brooke Scott Funeral.gif
they tore her grandfather's room to pieces, and she just really didn't understand the world in that moment. When she went to ask them what was going on, her father came up behind her and told her that Earl's room was being turned into a resting room for Karen. When Brooke told him that she didn't want him to get rid of her father's things, he looked at her for a moment before grabbing her roughly by the arm and pulling her into a side room nearby. Inside the room he proceeded to verbally attack her before pushing her roughly into the wall. At the sound of Brooke being pushed into the wall her brother Nathan and several servants approached the room and saw her on the floor with Dan clearly the reason for her being on the ground. Brooke at this point with tears in her face looked to her brother Nathan for some kind of help, but instead Nathan just turned around and walked back the way he came, and after this the servants quickly followed suit. At this point Dan would verbally assault the nearly broken Brooke and the two would finally have what was in a lot of ways a long awaited confrontation. Dan would reject anything that Brooke was requesting in regards to Earl as Dan was extremely hateful towards Earl Scott of whom despite being his father he had always believed had favored Kieth and for this reason had been complicit in the ambush that had killed his own father.
End of Darkness.jpg
Look at the world father. You were born into this land. You grew up here. These people swore their lives to you. How could you have done all of this? Look at everything you have done. You destroyed a city. Killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. Don't end it all here. Don't do this. For me father. For everything I supposedly mean to you. Don't do this.
Brooke Scott: Please father I never ask you for a thing...why can't you just do this one thing for me...please father.
Dan Scott : Just sit on the ground and remember your place in all this little girl.
Brooke Scott : And what is my place father?
Dan Scott : The bottom of the food chain.

After saying that he would walk out of the room leaving a broken Brooke lying on the ground for sometime before her brother Nathan returned into the room looking severely disappointed in himself, and perhaps worried about Brooke more then she thought he ever would. Brooke didn't know what to say to her brother so she ran out of their and ran away past the cries of Haley who noticed her running away, and finally made her way to the glades west of Tree Hill where she and her grandfather had spent a lot of time. While she spent the time alone she knew that her grandfather needed to be remembered and if her father wouldn't help her then the only person left to go to was her mother.

I had never been particularly close to my mother, and while that made me sad sometimes I understood her. I knew that she loved me in her way, but she had lost herself somewhere along the road. I can't blame her for loving someone, and then following that love even when it didn't make sence.
Brooke Scott

When Brooke left the glade she went to the home of Margeary Tonsvale of whome was the matriarch of House Tonsvale, and the women that her mother spent most of her days with filling out the boredom. She barged into the estate being allowed past the guards because they knew who she was, and when she reached her mother she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her outside. Outside she tried to make her mother help her, but she quickly discovered that her mother was exactly as far gone as she appeared when her mother not only refused to do this, but also moved to side with her husband against her daughter. This was too much for Brooke and knowing the debate between House Scott was over she knew the only person that could help her was William Lovie III. Returning home from this she begin her plotting about what she should do next, but a major event was going to happen that would both accelerate and change her planning.

Brooke Scott Large.png
Riley was the most beautiful thing I`d ever seen in my entire life. He looked just like his father, and from the moment he was born till the dat I die I will never waver in my devotion for him.
Brooke Scott

It wasn't more then two months after William had left the city, and the beginning of their affair that Brooke begin having trouble keeping food down early in the day, and soon after she realized that she hadn't had her bleeding's during that time either. Thinking she knew what it was but wanting to be sure before she sprung this potentially horrible news on William she went to see Haley, and when the two met she created the first lie between the two when she told Haley she had become involved romantically with a Gondorian soldier. After going through the list of things that had happened to her and seeing that the situations were the same Haley indeed validated her pregnancy, and with the knowledge that William was coming to Tree Hill in less then a month she became increasingly worried about what his reaction would be. William and her were still writing each other nearly every other week and although these letters were heavily vague in their wording the two seemed to understand each other already and there growing love for each other only grew stronger through this communication. During this time waiting for Maergary Tyrell to return from Highgarden she spent her days and nights with Haley of whom by this point no longer had any real relationship with her brother Nathan and was increasingly obvious about her affections to Lucas Scott. With her best friend Margeary Tyrell the only person who truly knew about William she became hysterical when she saw Margeary a week later upon her return from Highgarden.

You keep a secret for long enough and the only thing that keeps you from madness is the knowledge that eventually you'll be able to tell someone. You tell more lies except this time you tell them to yourself. You tell yourself that all these secrets, and all these lies are only temporary. I knew they weren't but I did it anyway. Don't you see what I do for you my Dragon. Your everything for me, and I would lie to Glaurung himself if it would protect you.
Brooke Scott to William Lovie III.

Brooke told Margeary of her pregnancy, and her friend attempted to talk her down as in her heart she knew that William could very likely simply end the relationship and turn Brooke into a single mother with very little prospects for the rest of her life. Despite these constant and powerful pleading by Margeary it was Brooke that was completely unwilling to accept a world where she didn't have his baby and thus she begged Margeary to assist her in finding a proper excuse as to how she could be pregnant. Despite the extreme misgivings that Margeary had about the decision she was still her best friend so together they came up with reinforcing the earlier lie about a Gondorian soldier and her had become romantically involved following the liberation and she had become pregnant during these intimate moments. She and Margaery decided she needed to tell her family and she did this a few days later when she asked them all to meet for a dinner. When she told her family she was accompanied by Maergary Tyrell of whom held her hand the entire time and while Dan Scott was furious and Nathan disgusted they all appeared to believe her except for Lucas who had come to understand what had happened between Brooke and William, and in that moment when he figured it out he went to his sister.

Brooke Scott(5.jpg
He walked into the room after I told everyone and had planned to hide out in my room for the duration of the pregnancy. He didn`t say a word just walked up to my bed and sat down on the side and rested his hand on my back. As he looked at me in the eyes I knew he knew and I nearly immediately begin crying. To his credit he sat there with me and rubbed my back while I cried.
Brooke Scott

As Brooke finished telling her parents she retreated to her room as she was basically pulled along by Margeary. When they arrived back in her room she was shocked when no one followed her, but she could hear yelling from the living room so she knew that they were still arguing over what was happening. It would be hours before the yelling finally stopped and she heard the shouts of her father before watching Dan, and Nathan storm out of the Keep and into the city proper. When after everything had seemingly calmed down Margeary left and when she did she was followed behind by her brother Lucas who had known about the tryst that she had with William Lovie after he had admitted it to him because of their bond. He did not say anything but she had always suspected that he knew, and the look he gave her just made it all the more real for her. After she cried for what felt like hours she and Lucas discussed what she was going to do, and she made it very clear that she was not going to give up the baby under any circumstances. Neither of them knew but there entire conversation would be overheard by Dan Scott of whom had come back inside the Keep after getting into a fight with Nathan and planned on getting his anger out by coming in and making sure that Brooke knew how much of a disappointment she was. This all changed when he heard her whispering to Lucas in the room about the true father of the child growing inside her. Knowing the importance of this later on, and realizing neither of his two children would ever tell him the truth or help him willingly he hid himself in an adjacent room and listened to everything they said about the situation. As Dan realized that Brooke was involved with not just a secret man but actually the King of Lucerne he became unstoppable in his desire to make this union the most important moment in House Scott since the fall of House Targaryan.

When I realized that most forgotten child was secretly carrying around such a secret I was beyond shocked. She had always been the runt of the family but I guess this would be her shot at proving herself.
Dan Scott

The moment that Dan heard that Brooke and William Lovie were together he had finally come to terms with her usefulness. In Dan's mind he would be able to use Brooke to gain the power base that he required. He stayed silent with his knowledge for a time as he continued to built up the plans he knew he would need in order to blackmail the king of Lucerne. When finally he had gained the foothold into the whole thing he came to believe that he could force Brooke into making William leave Bella Swan and thus make Brooke the new Queen of Lucerne. If this failed then Dan would unleash the fact that Riley Scott was actually the first born son of William Lovie thus creating a serious competitor to the throne of House Lovie. All of Dan's plans would come to a head when William arrived in Tree Hill for what was described as a mission to oversee the reconstruction that was underway in Tree Hill, but was actually William just needing to see Brooke. As William arrived in the city he was silently watched by Dan Scott's men who Dan wanted to find proof that William and Brooke were actually together. As William entered the city he found himself unable to even contemplate being official and instead of first visiting Dan Scott he made his way to the carefully prepared Order of the Red Dragon compound run by Marcel Lovie within the ruins of Typhon Castle where Brooke was awaiting him. The two would basically lock themselves in the compound for many hours as he could barley imagine his life without her in that moment.

Brooke Scott Sexy1.gif
For a time despite the fact that I knew my place was tenious I felt fine. I was okay because I had him to myself in my heart. I didn't matter to me that she got to be the one who claimed him in the eyes of the people, because I knew in my heart that she could never have him the way that I did. He loved me in a way that she just couldn't compete with.
Brooke Scott

As William hid himself within the Order of the Red Dragon members of Dan Scott's forces attempted to infiltrate the compound but were captured by Ezio Ederiz of whom had traveled alongside his king. With the men captured Dan realized that he might be found out before he had even had a chance to tell Brooke about what he was doing, and thus he moved to assassinate the men he had sent to the compound. As the prisoners were taken north their convoy was ambushed by forces of House Scott of whom targeted the prisoners and then fled the scene. Back at Tree Hill it was William that finally moved on from Brooke for a moment and went to visit with the Order of the Grey Dragon that were constructing the cities most important elements, and while he did this Brooke returned to the House Scott estate as her father had summoned her and with William away she could not exactly refuse the command of her father. Her father having seen the protection around William and Brooke took this as the proof of the reality of the situation and thus would create a plan where he would lead Brooke to go to William for help with both the pregnancy but also the funeral of Earl Scott which he would continue to resist in order to get Brooke to go to William. When Brooke arrived her days of happiness were taken away almost immediately when her father berated her with insults and when the conversation got the funeral of Earl Scott it was Dan that once again pushed back resisting any attempt, and then also confined Brooke to her room as he wanted separation between William and Brooke so that when Brooke went to William next she would be visibly pregnant.

Begging a King
Brooke Scott)9.jpg
The city was massive. Gleaming white as you entered its walls but when I did get past the walls the whole city was alive with the sounds of cheering, and laughter. After living so many years just begging to live this was a new thing for me, and knowing that he was responsible for all this happiness didn't surprise me one bit.

With her attempts to escape her confinement meeting with failure Brooke watched from the castle walls of Scott Keep as William attempted several times to come to the keep and see Brooke but each time he left, and watching this broke Brooke's heart but also increasingly motivated her to rise above being controlled by her father. When finally William left Tree Hill to return to Lucerne it was Brooke that begin plotting her next move to get herself into a position where she was no ones servant. Unable to get her family to do what she wanted she risked a lot by deciding that she needed to see William. Following his departure from Tree Hill it was William Lovie III. that had left his cousin in command of the city and as William had nearly publicly embarrassed Dan Scott it was little question that Marcel was not someone who would work with Dan Scott and Dan had been making it clear that anyone who turned on him would be greatly punished once he had regained power. Making her choice that she would turn on her father completely she made her way to Castle Typhon where Marcel Lovie II. has made his garrison centered out of and asking to speak with Marcel she reveals her pregnancy to Marcel and trusting in the words of William that Marcel is a trustworthy man she tells him that William is the father. The two would discuss things and Marcel Marcel would be the man that William had said he was and assigned a troop of soldiers to her protection and then sent her north in a carriage to Lucerne to see William. Arriving at Lucerne the carriage driver explained that William Lovie had taken control of the Kingdom and was now the King after he had thrown Bill, and Sean Lovie out of Lucerne. Accompanied by the guards she made her way to the Keep where she hoped to find Jasper, Edward or Emmett because William had told her that of anyone alive those were the people he trusted next to his sister. She would have gone to Alice but she worried that Alice would be on Bella's side and wouldn't help her. If she had thought that she was given ample proof of that when she arrived at the Keep and wasn't greeted by one of his best friends but instead by Alice Lovie of whom stood in the Gateway staring at her through the garb as if she had somehow known all along that she was coming.

End of Darkness.jpg
Look at the world father. You were born into this land. You grew up here. These people swore their lives to you. How could you have done all of this? Look at everything you have done. You destroyed a city. Killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. Don't end it all here. Don't do this. For me father. For everything I supposedly mean to you. Don't do this.

I could hear her voice from within the tent. I had spent only a few days with Brooke and her voice was like a siren to me and with the siren now within range I left my conversation with Alice without a word and left the tent going towards her. I saw her immeidatly as I left the tent, and she looked to be in an argument with Leven, and Jasper of which Jasper was holding her by the arm in what looked to me as an attempt to stop her from falling over.

"Lady Scott." I had reached her and she saw me letting out a smile when our eyes met. She curtsied and I took her by the hand.

"My King if it is possible I need a word." There was a desperation in her voice and despite the looks from everyone around me I ignored them.

"Of course milady." I turned towards the tent to see an enraged Alice who was glaring at me. "Sister we shall finish our conversation later."

"As you say." Alice walked right by me hitting me in the shoulder as she left, and while usually Emmett would have laughed at such a childish display there was no laughter to be found. Without another thought of the stupidity of being so brazen in my behavior I led Brooke into the tent closing the flap behind us.

"You couldn't stay away." Turning around from closing the tent I regretted the words as Brooke had tears flowing down her face and rushed into my arms. "Tell me whats happened?"

"What is it Will?"

"I was talking with Hanna Arryn."

"I fear I have been out of the loop for too long. I don't know the name."

"She was a friend of mine during school. She came here as a sort of measure of what I would lose if I don't stop moving against Berne. She was a threat of sorts."

"Your brother has not realized the end is at hand?"

"He still clings to the idea that he can somehow win this."

"This threat doesn't change what you have to do."

"Its more then just Hanna. She came and told me of Amber Heard." I didn't wait for any recognition from Brooke as how could she possibly know of Amber.

"Your former betrothed?"

"How did you?"

"I've been doing my research on you my king."

"She is in Berne too."

"Do you still care for her."

"We were children when we were betrothed. We played the married couple, but we were children."

"You fear for her?"

"Hanna told me that our childish playing has resulted in a child. Amber Heard is locked within the walls of Berne with my firstborn."

"She had your child?"

"Apparently. And now this poor child lives under constant threat of being discovered. It is not enough that my childish behavior with his mother has led to him now living a life as a base born child. No now I have put his life in danger by not stopping my brother a long time ago."

The Funeral
Grief is like the ocean; it’s deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet. Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and faith and love. I didn't know Lord Scott, but I’m jealous of him, because I see how his absence has affected the people who did know him. So I know he mattered to them. And I know he was loved. People say that Earl Scott was a great Lord: honorable, just, fair, kind. They say he made this city what it was. Today we celebrate his life. Today we celebrate a great man, I wish I knew.
Brooke Scott

Lucernian Civil War

Main Article : Lucerne Civil War

Birth of Riley Scott
Your going to do exactly what I saw Brooke. Your going to convince the King that you are the Queen he wants. Your going to become the Queen of Lucerne by any means necessary. I mean that. You listen to me.

Birth of Riley Scott

Our son will be a true hero of the valley Brooke.
William Lovie III.

Following the funeral of Earl Scott it was a very pregnant Brooke Scott who returned to Tree Hill but now lived her days within the walls of Typhon Keep alongside Marcel Lovie of whom kept her protected under the orders of William.

End of Darkness.jpg
Look at the world father. You were born into this land. You grew up here. These people swore their lives to you. How could you have done all of this? Look at everything you have done. You destroyed a city. Killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. Don't end it all here. Don't do this. For me father. For everything I supposedly mean to you. Don't do this.

The world always had seem so simple when I was young. I would grow up and marry, and that perfect knight that I found would gather me up in his arms and protect me from the world. It was a childish dream to believe that life would be as simple as all that, but that's the fun of being a child. When your young you get the chance to believe in things, and hope for dreams that when your older you can't even contemplate. I walked into the estate and old lady Helga gave me a strange look that I wanted to find out more about, but I didn't dare take a second longer then necessary before I saw my prince again.

As I entered Riley's room I found Dan sitting in the chair beside the crib holding Riley in his arms. He was holding him close to himself singing some song I had never heard and rocking him back and forth. This was the first time that I had seen Dan even go near Riley, and for a reason that wouldn't have been normal for a daughter to feel about her father holding their baby I felt deep within myself that I needed to protect Riley from whatever cruetly my father had in mind for him. As I approached him he begin to laugh before standing up still holding onto Riley. "Father what are you doing here?" I tried to move closer to him, but he held out a hand to keep me at a distance. It was as I moved closer and he put out his hand that I noticed the two men standing in the corner of the room. One one was hooded and what little I could see past the tattoo of a scorpian on his arm I didn't know, but the other man was very clearly Dustin Crain the lord of his family.

"Dear daughter do you not trust me to hold onto your child?" Dan gave me a mocking look before continueing. "For what reason could I have to want to harm this child? there something that you want to tell me Brooke?" He moved closer to me still holding onto Riley and then shut the door behind me. I stood motionless infront of him, and as if sencing my fear he moved forward and slapped me in the face knocking me to the ground. The pain was all over my face, and I raised my hand to try and offer some comfort to the wound, but found he grabbed my hand and ripped me from the ground to make me lean against the wall. "I asked you a simple thing you moron. Is your brain so small that not even the tiniest of things can slip out." Walking into the corner I could hear rustling in the corner of the room and looked up to see Dan putting Riley into his baby bed before sitting back on the chair he had been sitting in. I let go of the wall and as I went to move closer to him, I felt hands push me from behind and saw Lord Dustin laughing down at me.

"I don't know what you want me to tell you Dan." I crawled a bit towards him before using a table to get back to my feet." Just tell me what you want to know and I'll tell you...this doesn't have to escalate any further Dan."

"You think I'm worried about this escalating? What could you possibly do to hurt me you slut. You have been an embaressment to this family since the first day I saw you parading around in your dresses. Tell me you pathetic girl what could you possibly do to hurt me." There was an almost unhuman look in his eyes, and whatever piece of him he lost during the siege was clearly the part of him that knew right from wrong.

"I'll tell Lucas about this. I'll tell him..."He moved with more speed towards me then I expected and it scared me to the point I jumped backwards slamming into Dustin who pushed me to the ground again. Trying to get up Dan grabbed me and pulled me towards him.

"You really are quite pathetic you know that. I know everything Brooke, I overheard you talking to your brother about your little affair with the king. The child is of House Lovie." I went to respond but before I could he threw me to the ground which crumpled me once again. I shielded myself from the incoming blows I thought were coming but instead he just kept talking. "You will not lie to me here...not in this place you will not dare to lie to me." The other man came behind me and grabbed me pulling me upwards to look at Dan. "The question of whos the father of that child has already been anwsered, but the question I need you to anwser is how far are you willing to go to protect him." That was the kind of question only a man who didn't know what love was could ask. A parent would do anything to protect their child. I would do anything for Riley, and here I stood in front of my own father who was clearly losing his mind.

"I would do anything." I reached my hand to my face and felt the cascading tear drops dotting my face, and looked around for someone to help me. The hooded man held me tight to him making sure I couldn't move, and looking at Lord Dustin told me that he had thrown his lot in with Dan and couldn't back down. When I looked at Dan if he noticed he didn't seem to care or show any response. Walking in circles I did see the happiness in his eyes as clearly he had recieved the anwser he wanted from me

"Good. Then if your are being truthful your going to do exactly what I say. Because if you don't your lover boy is going to be hurt in ways even he can't repair." That was the moment I knew. I still meant nothing. This had nothing to do with what he wanted me to do, and had everything to do with what he clearly wanted me to make William do. So there I was stuck being held by one man, while my father blackmailed me into betraying one thing in this world that I could not betray.

"What would you have me do." Whatever he said didn't matter. I wouldn't hurt William. I couldn't hurt William. Whatever he said I would find a way to tell Lucas and he would protect me from Dan's wrath. Maybe I would simply flee eastward to Patria and stay with my uncle there. He always loved us. It didn't matter to Keith that we weren't his. It didn't matter that we must have been constant reminders of the brother he loathed so much. None of that matter to him as much as loving us. It was times like this that I missed him more then ever.

"I don't want you to betray your beloved. I don't want you to blackmail him. I just want you to make sure that when the day comes that Bella Swan is no longer alive you will be ready." To say that I hadn't thought of what life would be like without Bella alive would be a complete lie. Everytime he returned to the city he shared with her, the bed that she warmed for him. I grew sick. What right did she have to what was mine. We both had sons for him. I'm sure that Bella loved him as any servent loves their master I mean how could she not, but she was nothing. An insect scrambling around the world trying to destroy my relationship with William.

"Ready for what?" Dan gave a wave to the man behind me and he released me. Turning back to him I looked in his face and saw more of a monster then a man. He had a crooked nose that made the rest of his face look even uglier then it would have otherwise. A massive burn covered the left side of his face and puss oozed from it as if it was an open wound still. As if it had happened yesterday. His left eye under the burns was gone, but his right eye had a peircing glare to them that made clearly understand how bad a man this was. Who was this man. 

My staring at the ugly man was interupted by Dan's voice behind me anwsering my question."For you to be Queen of Lucerne you moron."

-Exerpt from the End of Darkness

After this Dan would tell her that in order for Dan to for a time protect the dark secret she would have to promise that in the future if Dan demanded something of the relationship then Brooke would do it without question or resistance. Brooke agreed to this, before quickly getting Riley from his crib and then retreating from her room. Moving away from her room she made her way through the estate before making her way back to the compound of William Lovie III. and the Order of the Red Dragon. As she entered the compound she was noticed by William from 

Brooke was torn between her absolute devotion for William , and her fear of what her father would do with the information that he had gathered.

afar as he had been patiently waiting for her since his plans had fallen through. Seeing her holding his son he was overcome with love for her, and he walked towards her before bringing her into the large tent. Inside he held her and his son close for many minutes and so overcome with love was he that he didn't notice the bruise on her eye, or the tears streaming down her face. For Brooke's part this was the first time since she saw her father that she felt safe, and she held onto him with everything she had. After a few minutes he pulled back and noticed the tears that dotted her face, and the very noticeable bruise below her eye. William tried to make her explain what had happened, but Brooke spent the next long time convincing William that he had nothing to worry about. When William wouldn't take this as a good enough excuse she would tell him that she was being threatened and that if she told him by who then he would be harmed. She said she had it under control, and that was all she could tell him right now. William made it very clear that he wasn't going to forget this, and that whoever had harmed her would be dead without any question. With the protectiveness and love that he showed her she broke down and fell into his arms before he carried her to bed and they lay together for the rest of the night.
House Nighting Rebellion
Did you think you could change the world and there would be no push back?

House Nighting Rebellion

Rachel Lee4.jpg
This was a world they had lived in for generations. Everyone knew. Everyone took a share. You destroyed it in an instant without a thought for the consequences.
Rachel Nighting

With William Lovie III. now the king of Lucerne the leadership of House Nighting begin to fear for the fate of their businesses which relied heavily on the use of workers in near slave like conditions, but even more dangerous for them was the fact that they sold Lucernians at the slave markets of Paris. House Nighting watched as the regime took control of businesses all around Lucerne and turned them into Kingdom businesses, and when William came to Tree Hill no one in House Nighting had any doubts what was going to happen, and they were not proven wrong. When William arrived one of the first businesses that was told to him was the racket that was run by House Nighting, and thus he met with the leaders of House Nighting and asked them to explain themselves, but House Nighting didn't believe they did anything wrong and as such William became very aggravated with them, and was harsher on their business then most he had dealt with. The members of House Nighting were beyond shocked at what had happened to them, and in this moment they attempted to meet with all the members of their customer base, but they discovered that House Scott had been working behind the scenes and had infiltrated this network, and was now dismantling the criminal enterprise from within. House Nighting would offer William Lovie III. huge segments of their profit base, and they hoped this would assuage him, but instead he sent in the Order of the Red Dragon led by Sawyer Shephard, of whom started a large investigation that finished basically the entire criminal organization.

He didn't understand that what we did was a necessary part of a Kingdom. He didn't understand that without us someone else would simply just rise up to do the exact same thing that we were doing. I see us as a necessary part of the Kingdom of Lucerne, not the monsters he portrayed us as.
James Nighting

With their businesses in shambles and the slave trade over, House Nighting became poor very quickly, and all the friends that they once had disappeared overnight it seemed. This caused a lot of resentment and as such there resentment became public knowledge and as such they were met by members of House Jestife who were members of the True Sons of Lucerne. After this communication House Nighting turned to service in the True Sons in order to hopefully regain their authority over the slave trade. During this time of shifting alliegences it would be Rachel Nighting that begin to stray from her family somewhat as she begin to have an emotional affair with Raginald Frightling of whom was the young heir to House Frightling and while married he showed her something that she had never found with Cooper. At first they were silent in their support of the True Sons of Lucerne, as they didn't want further attention, but it would be a single piece of mail sent by a raven that would send the members of House Nighting into a fierce debate of which would decide the future of House NIghting.

Discovery of Betrayal
Leven Martell Amazing White Cover.jpg
I saw you once Your Grace. It was at the Battle of Minus Ithil. You were slashing and stabbing at the monsters and for a moment I stopped. Just stopped and watched you. All the fighting surrounding me and there I was watching you move like a god. I knew then that you were my king.
Edric Nighting

It was at this point that Edric Nighting would arrive in Forks where he had made the decision to turn against his family and reveal the plans of his family. Edric Nighting had several weeks before this begin hearing talk from his father and older brother that they planned to rise against House Scott and murder the Scotts in the city before taking control of Tree Hill itself. He would watch his brother in secret as his brother James Nighting II. followed Brooke Scott watching her movements, and watching her himself he discovered that she was the mistress of William Lovie III. through listening in on a conversation between Brooke and Haley James. Learning of this relationship between William and Brooke the loyal Edric Nighting would depart Tree Hill by horse with his friend Hanzal Grightling heading towards Forks where they had heard William Lovie III. was meeting with his wife and the leadership of Forks. Arriving at Forks the two would quickly gain an audience with the king of whom was surrounded at the time by Charlie Swan, Leven Martell, and Bella Swan, and seeing how influential the group was Edric would immediately tell the king what he knew which horrified the group of whom had already rallied their forces and was planning to move out the next day to Berne. Realizing the main forces still needed to go to Berne he would command Jasper Hale to lead a secondary force to Tree Hill in order to defend the Scott's once the Nighting's moved against them, and after discussing it was decided that Jasper would move south through the province of Rosten where he would summon a force from that province's lord in House Elric alongside Northern Tree Hill's lordn in House Guntbold and then lead them southward to Tree Hill.

Tell me Jasper how it is fair that your love for him is more valuable then my own. He doesn't love you any more then he loves me. So tell me the truth why you must always stand by his side?
Leven Martell

Following the breaking up of the meeting Jasper, Leven, and Bella would follow William back to his tent where Jasper would convinse William to take him with him to Berne and instead send Leven to Tree Hill. Making up excuses about why she needed to go instead of him Leven was left shocked by what Jasper did and thus limply accepted this change of plans, and with a kiss to her forward she and William would say goodnight and following this Jasper and Leven left the tent. Leaving the tent Leven would follow Jasper trying to get him to explain himself, but he refused until she became quite agitated leading to an argument between the long time friends. Fighting loudly forced Jasper to take the argument into his tent where he would reveal that he did not trust her abilities to protect William considering how in love with him she was, and following this she would punch him in the face before returning to her own tent. The next day William, Jasper and the larger force from Forks would leave the city leaving Leven and a few hundred men at arms and knights to move south towards Castle Elric where she would go to defend the mistress of her beloved.

The Battle

Family Members