Elana Grogen
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House Grogen
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Vital statistics
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Title Official Titles
  • Lord of the Block
Nickname None
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Race Brann
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father Tytos Blackwood
Mother Mylessa Blackwood
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Elana Grogen
Children True Born

Elana Grogen is the daughter of Robert, and Frialla Grogen making her a member of House Grogen. Elana Grogen has three siblings in the form of Thomas, Roger, and Emile Grogen of which her brother Thomas is the lord of House Grogen and a staunch member of the Dragonoph element of the area which he has tirelessly attempted to expand himself, while Roger (Placeholder), and Emile would (Placeholder). Elana Grogen is married to Edmund Blackwood of whom she has great affection for, but of whom he also feels is the greatest slight to him because of her house's low ranking status. With Edmund Blackwood she has two children in the form of Edmund Blackwood II, and Mylessa Blackwood II. of which her son Edmund is his right hand man and is working alongside his father in all of his exploits, while his daughter Mylessa was named after his mother and in this way has become very close to Mylessa Blackwood while still remaining ultimately loyal to her father.

In the Black he would be married to Elana Gogen of House Gogen a lower level household, and even though he would become happy with her he felt this was yet another slight on him for something he had never done wrong.


Early History

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