Eleonore Scarlet's Council Meeting was a council meeting held in the Kingdom of Lucerne where William Lovie III. attempted to introduce Eleonore Scarlet as a prospective wife but was met by a charade formed by his father James Lovie II.


Following his meeting with his father he travels to see his aunt Catherine whom he will ask for permission to take Eleonore Scarlet to the council meeting, and does this travelling to the homes off the side of the Sky Towers where he finds his aunt eating lunch with her husband Christopher, and her two daughters (his cousins) Emily, and Hanna along with there son Christopher and Catherine asks him to take a seat which he does eating lunch with them. After eating with them he goes to the garden with Catherine and Emma and the three discuss that he wants to bring Eleonore Scarlet to the council meeting and he got permission for this from his father.


The Meeting

Travelling with Emily he goes to the House Scarlet estate where after the guards let him inside he is greeted by Lord Alexandros Scarlet II. and his son Kren Scarlet of whom he went to the academy with, and after talking about what he wants Alexandros sends Kren inside to get Eleonore while William, Emma and Alexandros stay inside and talk about the politics of Lucerne with Alexandros showing a hint of disloyalty to his father but declaring himself completely to William.

The After Meeting


Following her joining William at the council meeting it was James Lovie II. that would command Kieth Schwartz to kidnap Eleonore and take her out of the city where he was to kill her and bury her body so that no one ever found her, and in this it was Kieth that kidnapped Eleonore but while taking meeting with Johan Snow outside of Lucerne they discovered she was pregnant from her time with William and she was taken to Orleans instead of being killed.

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