House Bardwyn

Elliot Bardwyn is the son of Horas, and Loran Bardwyn making him a member of House Bardwyn.

Elliot Bardwyn would join the Bardwyn forces which were marshaled to join the forces of William Lovie III. when he launched the Journey and during the conflicts of the Journey he would take part in the fighting at Minus Ithil and following the battle he remained behind in Gondor where he was tasked with assisting Nicoli Machiavelli in getting an embassy set up in the Gondorian capital. Elliot Bardwyn would be sent by the Order of the Green Dragon to the Island of Radin where he would take part in the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Radin, and then following the treaty he remained behind in Radin where he would be commanded to set up an embassy in the Kingdom of Arran.




Early History

The Journey

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Embassy in Gondor

Nicoli Machiavelli would be sent alongside the army of William Lovie III. during the events of the Journey by James Lovie II. of whom wanted Nicoli to make sure that his son was not tricked by anyone and as Nicoli's involvement was a contingency of William being allowed to leave Nicoli was given a long leash during the events of the Journey including following the events at Minus Ithil he was tasked by William to organize the construction of an embassy in the Gondorian capital and then to meet him at Tree Hill.

The Invasion of Radin

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Family Members


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