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Elsa Reichen
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  • Lord of Numeterix
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Elsa Reichen is the daughter of Theodred, and Avina Reichen making her a member of House Reichen.

Elsa would become very bitter following her part in the search for her brother but pushed past this joining the Order of the Blue Dragon and becoming the Head of the Disillusionment Studies in response to her use of invisibility during the search.




Early History

Search for Anselm Reichen

Main Article : Search for Anselm Reichen

The Search for Anselm Reichen
My brother has evidence that King James has authorized the return of slavery to our lands. Alongside what we believe we know about Tree Hill. This evidence ends his reign and allows William to rise to power.

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How can I accept this reality? How can I be a part of this?
Anselm Reichen

The trouble would begin when Anselm Reichen who had been sent by their father to the large Rostegharion Mine to work with their uncle was not fully understood as a person. While there it was Anselm that discovered the mine was using a slaves to mine, and then from the other guards there he learned it was far more widespread then that and eventually discovered the Rosenghard Slave Market which was located west of the city and contained thousands of slaves. While his family believed that he was a person of low moral character he had in fact become quite devout in Dragonoph and through this had a very strong opinion on slavery leading to his reaction being widely against what his family thought it would be. Disgusted with what he had found it was Anselm that was once again moved but this time sent westward to another area of slavery when he was sent to Castle Raddatz. Arriving there he was placed in charge of a mining operation east of the castle and it was here that he met Ester a young girl who was captured as a slave from what he realizes was the lands of House Eisenmenger. Spending time with Ester the two become very close with Anselm taking her on as a personal servant of sorts, treating her to the best he can but also using his power to ease the suffering of the slaves at his mine. As time goes by though and as he falls deeper in his affections for Ester he realizes that no amount of improvement on the lives of slaves can change there position unless they are released and thus he makes the decision to confront the leadership of the area. From his men he discovered that the man he would want to talk to in the area of the slave trade was Hunigild Raddatz and he would plan on confronting the slave trader.

At some point you have to forgive her. She is your wife.
Darion Scarlet

Arriving at the estate of Hunigild he planned on confronting him but was scared into withholding his anger and instead listened to Hunigild as he discussed how profitable it all was and this made him more angry but his anger became curiosity when Hunigild implied he had the protection of the king himself. Pushing on this he learned that Hunigild had a letter giving him the protection of James and the drunk Hunigild would even make the mistake of showing Anselm the letter. In a moment of pure anger Anselm would knock out Hunigild and then silently left the estate with the stolen letter in his possession. Leaving by horse he rode back to his camp where he released Ester and promiced to take her home. Traveling eastward attempting to return to her family at Castle Eisenmenger the two would bond on the road becoming more romantically attached as the days went by. One night while camped on a hilltop they saw fires and horses traveling the same path they had come through and realized that they were being followed forcing them back to the road. Eventually as they reached the Tower of Vhelministron it was Anselm that would give the horse to Ester telling her to leave without him, and she did this reluctantly with the two kissing goodbye. Accepting his fate it was Anselm that would hide the letter in a hole near the tower and then walked to the road where he waited until his peruors reached him and took him prisoner. Brought back to Castle Raddatz he was placed in a cell and due to Hunigild being aware that Anselm had the letter he would not allow his release, but a slave delivering him food knew of what he had done for Ester and took a letter he wrote to his sister Elsa and had it sent to Esla at Castle Reichen.

Work of a Sister

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You must release my brother. If I leave here without him the cost to you will be very high.
Elsa Reichen

Elsa would take this information and without telling her father who she knew to be a loyalist to this new way of excistence she traveled to Castle Raddatz with just her husband and several men at arms to accompany them.

Turning to the Rebellion

Having given up on breaking her brother out of Castle Raddatz she would travel to Hardhill where she told Edric what her brother had learned and this led to Edric traveling to Forks with her to meet with Charles Swan who then sent the group to meet with Catherine.

Meeting at Clonvan

Septimia Scarlet Cover Amazing.png

At some point you have to forgive her. She is your wife.
Darion Scarlet

Saiden Scarlet is standing on the wall of what is revealed to be the keep of the town of Clonvan, and is looking out over the town with Hanna. While they are spending time together at Lake Clonvan they are interrupted by the arrival of Hubert of Scarlet who tells Saiden that Lady Catherine Lovie is at Clonvan speaking with his family and he has been asked to attend this meeting. Arriving at the meeting he is shocked to be met at the door into the room by Septimia, and his brother Darion. Seeing Septimia brings Saiden back to the events of the Pantose Coup which he thinks about in pure anger as she attempts to apologize, and Darion attempts to calm him down. After several minutes of this Saiden has calmed down enough to speak to Septimia but as he berates her they are stopped by the arrival of Renault who brings them into the meeting hall. Meeting there it is not just Catherine Lovie inside but also several prominent nobles from Forks in the form of Volker Yernese, Dennis Yernese, Arthur Fordale, Edric Fordale, William Black II., and Jacob Black. As everyone sits down its Catherine that introduces a girl named Elsa Reichen. Elsa tells them the story of Anselm Reichen and everything that happened to her on the way to finding Catherine and this leads to Catherine revealing the reason for Saiden being brought to them. With the story told its Catherine that the reason for Saiden being brought to them is that his marriage to Septimia will allow for him and a small force to be able to travel south without being questioned by what is an almost lock-down Rosenghard area. With Saiden unwilling to disappoint Catherine he accepts this offer but refuses to say anything to Septimia after the end of the meeting simply leaving and returning to see Hanna and Lianna.

The Search Begins

Lianna Scarlet-En.jpg

I need you to go south and find me that proof. I understand your issues with your wife, but duty to your prince is what must be considered.
Catherine Lovie

Preparing to leave for the south its Lianna that knocks on the door and greets her father with a hug which Saiden believes is a goodbye gesture but is proven wrong when she demands to come with him on the road south. After arguing with Lianna for a time about not coming she makes it clear she and her husband are coming with him whether its official or not so it would be in their best interest to just accept that.

The Journey

Main Article : The Journey

Order of the Blue Dragon

Elsa would become very bitter following her part in the search for her brother but pushed past this joining the Order of the Blue Dragon and becoming the Head of the Disillusionment Studies in response to her use of invisibility during the search.

Family Members