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The Elves are a very old humanoid Race that once controlled a large Empire across the world. They have suffered incredible casualties throughout the centures through a nearly constant stream of invasions, civil wars, and disention. Of the segments of the Elvish population only the Sindar Elven population has increased by any notieceable amount since the time of the War of Vengeance which was centures ago.

The Original Elves were formed, and in order to lead them the Titan Slanaash and his Titan children would form the Elven Pantheon made up of fourteen Elves who would lead the Elven society.

The Titan Slanaash was one of the first Titans created, and amongst his earliest works was the creation of the Elves of whom would come to dominate the continent of Ulthuan which he birthed from the ocean with the help of his fellow Titans. His creation would become very important to him, and he would split their worship between him and his beloved Artemis, but this would end when during the Titan Civil War he was corupted. So strong was his love for the Elves at the time that unlike most of the other Chaos gods he did not use the Elves as his army and instead used demons thus making him significantly weaker but keeping the Elves strong. Slanaash is known well for his couption and subsequent causing of the splitting of the High Elven Kingdom, and the multitude of deaths caused by this war. The Druchii Empire is now one of Slanaash's most ardent followers.

At one point the High Elves controlled the entirety of the Elven population but since the War of Vengeance and Civil War the Elves are devided into numerous sub sections and Kingdoms. Combined the Elves are not even in the top ten for populations but the land and military that they possess mean they are one of the most powerful races in the entire world.


Elves belong to the same genus as humans but not to the same specie, unlike Neanderthals (brut men) who are the same species, and so are Hin (halflings). Genetically elves are 99.8% similar to humans in this passage were going to discuss the remaining 0.2 percent.


While the Elves vary greatly and their are whole sub groups within the overall race it can be determined the overall points that make the elves as a whole unique. For starters the Elves tend to be taller than humans. This is true in most cases though often you can find elves reaching 1.8 meters in height (males and females) and even higher. Reduced height poses an advantage in the dense forest realms the elves come from therefore adult elves tend to be ranging from 1.4 to 1.7 meters (males and females are the same size). Elves who do not live in forested areas for long periods of time tend to grow higher than woodland elves. Elven bodies are more slender than humans and they weigh lower than the human norm for their height. However their muscles are still strong and they are not fragile as they seem. Elves do not have bodily hair. Nowhere. Elves have narrow faces with pointed ears (this is much more refined than some illustrations show. the ears are less pointed than Mr. Spoks) and hazel shaped eyes, whose colour range from grey and silver through blue and green to violet. Brown eyes can be found but they are more rare. Hair changes according to subrace and tribe. While blond and golden tend to be more common in most cases some tribes are completely black haired. Old elves (and that’s mighty old!) have white hair. Blue hair or greenish are legends that probably refer to some fairy race or to dryads.


Elven ears have a different hearing range from humans. While human adults here noises from 400 to 20,000 hertz , elves here from 1000 to 30,000 hertz a slightly higher range. This is probably why elves speak in higher pitches than humans. Elves have an excellent sense of sight especially in close ranges. They separate colours better, and therefore make better archers and hunters in forested areas when shades of green are the difference between a leaf and a meal of frog legs. I have a serious problem with infravision. In order to decipher infra red light the eyes of an elf should be very different. Snakes that do have infravision have special organs for that range of light instead of their regular eyes. Because of this, IMC ,elves (end dwarfs and orcs and everyone) don’t have infravision but rather have the natural ability to open their pupils larger (like cats) in order to gather more light. They can see in what seem to humans to be darkness but cant see in total absolute darkness. This comes as a disadvantage in places of extreme sunlight such as deserts and snow fields , as the pain to the eyes is terrible. Smell and taste are usually the same as humans, though what elves and humans like to taste and smell is not always the same.

Life Cycle

Elven life cycle versus human life cycle:

Human Years Elven Years
Babies 0-2 0-3
Children 3-12 4-15
Puberty 13-17 16-25
young adulthood (fertility) 18-28 29-75
Adulthood 29-55 76-250
Venerable 56-75 251-450
Death 76-100 450+


Elf females have a monthly period like human women but only release eggs every two or three months. Elf males release less sperm than humans and therefor fertilisation is rare. When fertilisation does occur the female enters a pregnancy of two years (like elephants!) at which time of course she is not fertile. After this long pregnancy an elven baby is born and stays helpless for three years (elven babies learn to walk when they are two).


The Creation of the Elves

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The Elder Houses.jpg
He loved the Elves when we were young. To have seen him with the people he had birthed, was to witness love in it's most pure form. He spent years on making sure every inch of Ulthuan was perfect for his people...and to see this. His fall was all the more painful because I know now he cares for nothing anymore. The love he knew is gone...Its just gone.

Slanaash was one of the first Titans created, and among his earliest works was the creation of the Elves of whom would come to dominate the continent of Ulthuan which he birthed from the ocean with the help of his fellow Titans. In order to bring these Elves to Ulthuan he fashioned seventeen pairs of males and females forming the seventeen Elder Houses of whom would begin to populate the island of Ulthuan. Wanting to expand them quicker Slanaash would create hundreds of more pairs of whom came to Ulthuan and became known as the Great Houses of Ulthuan, and thus allowed the population to expand even quicker. During this time Slanaash walked Ulthuan constantly as he was obsessively in love with the Elves alongside his beloved Artemis of whom became the almost mother of the Elves, and during this early time Slanaash and Artemis would form the early foundations of the Elven Pantheon based around Slanaash's persona as Asuryan.


The Elves were one of the most ancient races but the original lands of the world became dominated by the Murloc, Woses, and Trolloc. During the centuries of dominance by these empires the Elves came to dominate the island of Ulthuan where they found their efforts were basically left alone unlike on the big continents where the big three controlled everything.

First War with Chaos

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First War with Chaos
One moment we were recovering from the Eternity War, and the next we were fighting the Gods themselves. Our gods had gone mad, and there was seemingly no end in sight.
We fought for not only the survival of our homes, but also for the survival of the world. Everything sat on the edge, and our success was the only thing that could have left the world in any condition for survival.
Aenarion Aestarion

In the beginning of High Elf recorded history, the Elves were one race and dwelt in many separate kingdoms on Ulthuan. When the warp gates at the planet's poles failed and the stuff of chaos spilled into the world, daemons and other creatures began preying upon the early Elves. A great hero Aenarion, later called The Defender arose and forged an alliance between the rival Elven states. United, the Elves drove back the creatures of Chaos and Aenarion was crowned the first Pheonix King, taking Astarielle as his Everqueen. After a time, the minions of Chaos invaded again, this time with corrupted human followers. A host of daemons invaded Avelorn and slew the Everqueen and, it was believed, Aenarion's two children. Aenarion fell deeply in love with Morathi and from their union she later bore Malekith, of whom would cause great destruction and death later on in life. However, maddened by his losses and the attacks on his people, Aenarion drew the Sword of Khaine and led the Elven host to war. Aenarion won a titanic battle and managed to plunge the sword back into the Altar of Khaine before he died. His sacrifice bought time for Caledor Dragontamer to enact his plan to drain the Chaos energy away from the world.

Last Chances

The Mages would create their spell but the lands of Ulthuan would be the battlefield that had to be held in order to give the Magi the chance to actually cast the spell. All across the land I movilized everything we had left and constructed a defence I knew could not hold for ever but I hoped it would hold long enough to save the world
Aenarion Aestarion

Seeing that the ongoing battles against the forces of Chaos could only end in defeat, Caledor Dragontamer called the greatest of the High Elf mages together. They devised a plan to create a vortex that would drain the magic flooding in through the shattered polar gate from the world. Choosing the Isle of the Dead as the site for the centre of the vortex, the mages assembled there and started their incantations. Sensing the scale of what was being attempted, the forces of Chaos started to converge on the island to halt the proceedings, and Aenarion was forced to assemble his armies to protect the mages. Aenarion fought three massive Battles and as he received word that the spell was nearing completion the largest Demonic force yet seen attacked his forces at Ty Rania and it was here that Aenarion would fight a desperate last stand. Aenarion engaged the greatest of the Greater Daemons of Chaos during the battle, and although he was victorious both he and his dragon, Indraugnir, were mortally wounded. Ever faithful, Indraugnir flew the dying Aenarion north to the Blighted Isle so that he could drive the curséd sword back into the altar whence it came. Aenarion then passed into legend.

First War with Chaos
Chaos was gone, but the cost was heavy. All across the world the forces of Chaos had risen. While we had destroyed the Demonic force that was going to kill us, we left the world with the now permement threat of the followers of Chaos.
Caledor Elwe

Unfortunately, the energy required was so great (despite the Slann in Lustria lending their powers to the effort) that it caused the entrapment inside the Vortex of all the High mages (Including Caledor) of Ulthuan, while Aenarion gave his life buying time (battling a great Chaos war host) for the plan to succeed. The plan eventually created the "Vortex" on the Isle of The Dead at the centre of Ulthuan which drains magical energy from the world. However the plan was only partially successful, while the Chaos energy is drained away, it continues to spill from the Realm of Chaos and it particularly high in concentration in the Chaos Wastes. And as if some horrible joke of the gods, for their success Caledor and the rest of the mages were trapped inside the vortex, not dying but suffering a fate worse then death, eternal imprisonment.

The Elven Civil War

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The Elven Civil War
We had survived the destruction of our home from demons. Gods had tried to destroy us. It was only ourselves who could truly end us.

Emperor of Druchii

He accepted his rejection of the Throne with more grace then any of us thought possible. I suppose he was just biding time.
Tinbwe Finarfin

According to birthright, Malekith, son of the first Phoenix King Aenarion a member of the House of Aestarion, and an Elven enchantress called Morathi born of the House of Beren, was the rightful successor to the throne of Ulthuan. But when Aenarion Aestarion died, the ruling Council of Princes decided that Malekith was too impetuous and warlike, as Aenarion had led the Elves through a great war and the population was extremely weary of conflict. Declaring that Malekith was not fit to rule, they selected another to sit on the throne - Bel Shanaar Elwe the prince of Tiranoc, a member of the House of Elwe, and a hero of the war. Malekith was instead given the rank of High General and supreme commander of the armies. This suited him well, as he was an outstanding warrior and peerless general, just as his father was. During his time in the army he wandered the globe, and with his mother's guidance, started experimenting with Dark Magic. After some time, Malekith became discontent. In his mind the Elves must be a warlike people to face the ever-growing menace from the forces of Chaos. He became increasingly critical of the Princes, who grew soft and complacent under the protection of his armies. Worse yet, the Cult of Pleasure, a society of poets and artists, founded by Morathi herself, turned out to be a Cult of Slanaash. Their practices were taking root in Elf society, being particularly strong in Nagarythe. Upon hearing of this, Malekith took personal command of the investigation and used this power to eliminate his political enemies, accusing them falsely of being cultists and executing them without trial.

The Coup

Burned by the flame

I still remember the sounds of people screaming as Malekith broke into that room. It was the first time blood had been spilled in the Throne of our people. I hope on Elu that it is the last.
Tinbwe Finarfin

It was then that Malekith saw his chance to seize his birthright. He claimed Bel-Shanaar was a worshipper of Slaanesh. Soon after the accusation, Bel-Shanaar died of poisoning. Those loyal to the Council accused Malekith of assassination. Those loyal to Malekith claimed Bel-Shanaar committed suicide out of shame. The argument between Malekith and the Council of Princes turned violent, and Malekith and his followers killed most of the Princes, claiming to save Ulthuan. Now the Council was destroyed, Malekith had only to pass through the Sacred Fire of Asuryan, king of the Elven Gods. He stepped forwards, confident he would pass the ordeal just as his father did. Yet the Sacred Flame burned him, scarring him horrifically. His followers claimed treachery - that the fires must have been corrupted by magic to reject even the rightful heir. They fled back to the province of Nagarythe, and in confusion over the death of their king and council, the High Elves (comprised of the other Kingdoms of Ulthuan, and a small body of resistance in Nagarythe which would later become the Shadow Warriors) did not pursue. Near death, Malekith was taken to one of his mother's temples. His body had healed sufficiently, but his mind was destroyed beyond repair and he had gone insane. He knew of the need to lead his followers into battle against the High Elves, but also knew his withered body would not survive the battle. Morathi called upon Hotek, a renegade priest of Vaul, to forge the Armour of Midnight, a suit of armour that would give life and strength to Malekith's flame-ravaged body. The armour fused directly to his skin, forming a sorcerous shell granting him immense supernatural powers. From that day forth, Malekith was known as the "Witch King", for he truly had become a figure of dread. Once healed, Malekith was consumed with a bitter hatred for those who has resisted him . He summoned those Elves who were loyal to him to aid him in taking the throne by force. This included a large part of the standing military, most of his home province of Nagarythe and many other Elves throughout Ulthuan who believed in Malekith's cause.

The Rise of the Numenorians

The First of the Numenorians
I remember when the first of your people started showing up. The Cult of Pleasure used your ancestors as sex slaves with Elven males. You were created in some ways by the tricks and menipulation of Chaos.
High elf crest recolored by bannanahamma-d31pxyo.jpg
I remember when the first of your people started showing up. The Cult of Pleasure used your ancestors as sex slaves with Elven males. You were created in some ways by the tricks and manipulation of Chaos.
Fingon Feanor

The first Numenorians would begin to rise within the region of France during the decades that followed the arrival of the first Elven colonists led by Malekith Aestarion. During this time colonizing and building in western France these earlu Elven warriors and builders were isolated from Ulthuan while they built and fought leading to much interminging between the male Elves and native Franks creating the foundation of the Numenorians. Due to the growing influence of the Cult of Pleasure on Ulthuan the High Elves were engaging in an increasingly dangerous amount of questionable moral decisions and the slave trade was just one of them. The Elves under the leadership of Morathi would begin bringing a large number of Frankish women to the mineral rich island of Atlantis where they became slaves for the Elven male garrison of miners there creating more Numenorians. As the women created this underclass of half Elves this increasingly numerous next generations would be used to mine the very valuable Numeron mineral that was abundant on the island. This mineral would be so intertwined in these early slaves that they began to be called the Numenorians which in Elvish meant those of the Night Stone. As the years went by though the intermingling of the Elves and these slaves begin to create a large subsect of the population that became ever longer in life. These children were at first murdered or taken to Ulthuan to live as Elves, but soon as their numbers increased too much they found it impossible to stop, and it wasn't long after this began to happen that the violence and rebelling began. The Elves in France would attempt to uplift these half Elves now known as Numenorians into the dominent human client state in France in order to support their expansion in France but found the Numenorians unable to hold the line, and under the order of the current Phoenix King Caledor Elwe II. they were withdrawn from France and sent in their entirety to the island of Atlantis to join the second group of Numenorians.

Open Rebellion

Elros Amedil.jpg
We are no longer your slaves. We are one step from taking this island, and once we do you will understand our true worth.
Elros Amendil

It wasn't until the rise of Elros Amendil that the Numenorians began to get the idea of taking the island over completely. Elros Amendil the son of Nilaeth Windrunner of whom was a prominent member of the Windrunner Family used his mothers influence to finance the arming of his forces and using this power he rose quickly in the ranks of the Atlantians of whom were already becoming too much for the overstretched Elves to handle. After many years of fighting it was Elros and his forces that gained control of the capital city of the Kingdom of Atlantis and it was this act that finally forced the Atmer Empire to direct their attention to the Numenorian issue with Pheonix King Tethlis Finarfin rallying a large army and sailing to Atlantis. At the Battle of Ninandamos the forces of Elros Amendil would be secretly joined by the noble titans Woglinde and Ares of whom gathered to them hundreds of their personal forces and tipped the battle leading to the death of Tethlis Finarfin and after Tethlis's son was taken prisoner during the battle he would be forced to sign a peace treaty with the Numenorians of whom were also given their independence. Having been given their freedom through blood Elros would officially break from the Atmer Empire when he founded the Empire of Numeron and proclaimed that they would take over the mantle of power left behind by the Atmer Empire.

Rise of the Pantheon

This is our chance to make a real difference Ares. We can change the world.

It would be Poseidan that would join with Ares and Woglinde in assisting the early Numenorians in their rise, and during this time Poseidan came to befriend Elros Amendil the first Emperor of Numeron and this led to him becoming instrumental in the creation of the Atlantian Pantheon which he believed would save the Numenorian people and make them the true power of the Earth. It would be Indus would join the forces of Ares following the death of Mindus and imprisonment of Erbag and would use his abilities to fashion the shield that would protect the Numenorian Pantheon from the affects of coruption and other illnesses making them all but immortal.

War of the Beards

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Present Day

Species of Elves


The Elves are devided into three main branches of their race :

Sindar Elves : The Sindar Elves are the oldest of the Elven people and before the coruption wrought upon the Elven people this was the only branch of the Elven Race, but they have become diminished over time with the High Elves taking over the mantle of the largest branch.
High Elves : The second are the High Elves who live on Ulthuan and are the evolving members of the original forest dwelling Elves as well as the currently most powerful branch.
Dark Elves : And the third are the Dark Elves who live near Hudson Bay in Nord America.

Beneath these three main branches of the Elves lies three other smaller elements of the Elven Race

Snow Elves : The Snow Elves are a branch formed following a large group of Elves being driven off course during the First War with Chaos and isolated on Iceland they would become changed by their proximity to Tek the Old One and became the Snow Elves.
Satyr : The Satyr are a branch of the Elven race formed by the Sindar Elf Illidan following his capture of the High Elven port of Tail Vena and their coruption was so great during there time led by Illidan that they now barely resemble their High Elven ancestory.
Numenorians : The Numenorians are a branch of the Elven population formed by the mingling of the Frankish slaves of the High Elven island of Atlantis of whom became so dominent they would come to form one of the most powerful Empires in the history of the Earth before they were laid low and are now much diminished but still strong in Europe.
Sea Elves : The Sea Elves are the smallest of the Elven branches but are unique in that they are led by one of the Elven Pantheon in the form of Mathlann of whom has led them into becoming a very moralistic but also isolated branch of the Elven Race.
Name Location Leader Political Faction Population
High Elves Ulthan, Small Colonies throughout the World
  • Atmer Empire
Sindar Elves Europe, Small Parts of Ulthuan
  • High Forest
  • Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
Dark Elves Nord America, Parts of Europe
Snow Elves Iceland
Satyr Asia
Numenorian Europe
Sea Elves Colonies throughout the Earth



Elder Houses 

The Elder Houses are the first seventeen pairs of Elves that were put onto Ulthuan by Slanaash and these are the most ancient and powerful of the noble families of the Elven Race.

Name Elven Branch Status
House of Feanor High Elven Alive
Stormrage Family Sindar Elven Alive
Sunstrider Family Sindar Elven Alive
House of Aestarion High Elven Alive
House of Elwe High Elven Alive
House of Beren Dark Elven Alive
House of Haleth High Elves Alive
House of Melian High Elves Alive
House of Finarfin High Elves Alive
House of Lanethen Sindar Elven Alive
House of Edeltred Sindar Elven Alive

Great Houses

The Great Houses are the series of Elves put onto Ulthuan by Slanaash and were numbered in their hundreds making them the second string of power but also very influencial in the power structure of the Elven Race.

Name Elven Branch
House of Dagorth Dark Elf
House of Finwe High Elf

Elven Pantheon

The Original Elves were formed, and in order to lead them the Titan Slanaash and his Titan children would form the Elven Pantheon made up of fourteen Elves who would lead the Elven society. During the Titan Civil War the Elven Pantheon would become mixed in their loyalties as they defended the lands of Ulthuan, with many entering the Fade and becoming corupted by Slanaash but the majority remained behind on Ulthuan during the First War with Chaos where they fought during the conflict.

Name  Role Loyalty Current Status
Asuryan King of the Pantheon Noble Titans Dead
Isha Goddess of the Harvest Noble Titans Alive
Khaine God of War Chaos Dead
Lileath Goddess of Dreams Chaos Alive
Mathlann God of Storms Noble Titans Alive
Morai-Heg Goddess of Souls Chaos Dead
Vaul God of Smithing Noble Titans Dead
Hoeth God of Wisdom and Knowledge Noble Titans Dead
Torothal God of Rain and Rivers Noble Titans Dead
Kurnous God of the Hunt, Lord of Beasts Noble Titans Alive
Loec Goddess of the Shadows and Night Noble Titans Alive
Liadriel Goddess of the Harvest Noble Titans Alive
Adamnan-na-Brionha God of the Dance Chaos Alive
Drazsar God of Trickary Chaos Alive



Main Article : Eltharin

Eltharin is the ancient language of the Elves. Eltharin was developed many millennia ago in a time when humans where still uttering primitive grunts and were yet to develop written language. In a similar manner to Khazalid the language of the Dwarfs, it has remained almost unchanged for thousands of years, however unlike Khazalid, several variations of Eltharin are spoken by the different Elven kindreds. Eltharin is a divided language and several dialects are spoken by the various Elven kindreds. Though all these originated in Eltharin, some are so drastically different (being greatly changed by their isolation from Eltharin) that they could almost be called separate languages in their own right.

Lesser-known amongst the Elven languages is Anoqeyån, an ancient tongue used solely to shape the Winds of Magic into powerful spells, and is believed to be the closest surviving mortal language to the words spoken by the Old Ones. Eltharin in its many forms, is believed to have evolved from this powerful language, made simpler, more fluid and lyrical, and given mortal uses. Similarly, Eltharin forms the base for the primary human 'arcane language', the Lingua Praestantia, which was developed by Loremaster Teclis when he founded the Colleges of Magic.