Emma Bell
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Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Born 5104
Title Official Titles
  • Princess of House Lovie
  • Lady of House Bell
Nickname None
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Marriage Loyalties

Racial Statistics
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Father Chris Bell
Mother Catherine Bell
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Freddie Highmore
Children True Born
  • Elessa Highmore

Emma Bell is the son of Catherine and Chris Bell, and a member of the Lovie Family. Emma Bell has two siblings in the form of Hanah, and Chris Bell of whome Hanah is a reclusive girl who has remained this way because she feels overwhelmed by the large shadow that Emma casts over everything that she does, while her brother Chris is a young boy who is being groomed to join the House Lovie Honor Gaurd. Emma Bell would be finally married off to Freddie Highmore following the Invasion of Westbridge, and the two are a loving pair despite the constant danger that surrounded them due to House Faraday. Emma Bell has one child with Freddie Highmore in the form of Elessa Highmore of whom was born following the death of her cousin Marcel and was named after Marcel's mother's maiden name.

Emma Bell is the youngest child of Catherine, and Chris Bell, making her a member of through her mother Catherine Lovie. As she grew up she became close with her cousins William, and Alice Lovie, along with her other cousin Marcel Lovie of whome were the next generation of House Lovie and thus all shared a similar experiance in the stresses. Obviously her relationship with William was the closest and in this relationship she was seen much in the same way that William saw Alice but not quite as strong. Emma Bell and William shared a great similarty in their love for econimics, and unlike other people William didn't bock at a women becoming interested in such topics and they became often involved in these economics conversations. At first all this time together meant that she was also close to her cousin Alice Lovie but as she became more and more aware of how much William loved Alice she became jelous of the hold that Alice had over William, and this led to a bitterness towards Alice. She is very close to her cousin William Lovie, and is the second closest person by most accounts to the King. This close relationship, has made her an invaluable member of the regime, and because of this has brought the Lovie Family fully involved into the conflict with House Faraday. This fact troubles Emma Bell greatly as she wants nothing more then to keep her favorite cousin and one of her best friends safe from harm. Emma Bell would travel to Lorderon during the events of the Lorderon Civil War but she would leave for Westbridge well before the violence happened and would thus remain away during the true events of the Civil War.


Emma Bell due to her extreme popularity and beauty has become widley known as the oldest and most known of the three children. She is a princess within the Kingdom of Lucerne, and she is below only Marcel Lovie on the ring of succession if the leadership were to fall.


Early History

"My early life consisted of exactly what I was made to understand I needed to be. I was to be the studious young women that always acted appropriatly and never stepped out of line. My cousin came to show me that more existed to our lives then just walking a straight path. He showed me that the world was full of twists and turns and you had to enjoy the ride, or risk missing it."
-Emma Bell

Emma Bell is the youngest child of Catherine, and Chris Bell, making her a member of the Lovie through her mother Catherine Lovie. As she grew up she became close with her cousins William, and Alice Lovie, along with her other cousin Marcel Lovie of whome were the next generation of House Lovie and thus all shared a similar experiance in the stresses. Obviously her relationship with William was the closest and in this relationship she was seen much in the same way that William saw Alice but not quite as strong. Emma Bell and William shared a great similarty in their love for econimics, and unlike other people William didn't bock at a women becoming interested in such topics and they became often involved in these economics conversations. At first all this time together meant that she was also close to her cousin Alice Lovie but as she became more and more aware of how much William loved Alice she became jelous of the hold that Alice had over William, and this led to a bitterness towards Alice. As time went on she stood beside her beloved cousin as he underwent his severe rises and falls of which first was the sexuality that he gained following the loss of his moral compass in Edward Cullen. It was during this time that a sort of rivalry and conflict came to exist between Alice and Emma.

"I just loved my cousin so much that it pained me to see how much influence she had over him. She wanted him to be the person she saw him as, but I saw him the way he was. A young man with flaws but at the same time nearly perfect. Who were we to question his perfection."
-Emma Bell

Alice first approached Emma Bell with the idea of going together to try and convinse William that what he was doing was wrong, and Emma in person agreed with her, but when the time came to actually go through with it she backed out. Emma didn't do this as a slight to her cousin Alice but just wanted to try and drive a wedge between the two and saw this as the perfect oppurtunity. So Emma went to William after Alice had approached him and basically counterdicted everything that Alice had said, and told William that he wasn't doing anything wrong. So as Alice pestered him about his behavior and its consequences Emma stood by and was his soundboard for all his complaints agains the critisism. When Alice was removed from Lucerne all the animosity that the two had was gone, as she no longer remembered her, but she was forced to watch as her family collapsed around her following Alice leaving and the subsequent coma it caused in William.

A Steinmare in Lucerne
From the moment they understand what it means to be a noble, its the dream of every noble boy to get the chance I got. From the moment I arrived in the capital I was determined not to waste it. I wouldn't come here and not leave with what I wanted. I would do what was necessary. I would make my dreams come true.

A Steinmare in Lucerne

Laera Steinmare Large21.png
Every noble boy dreams of the chances I was given, and I was determined not to waste it. I wouldn't come here and not leave with what I wanted. I would do what was necessary.
Dylan Steinmare

During his youth Dylan Steinmare would be sent to Lucerne alongside his half sister and fake twin sister Erica Steinmare where she would join the Lucernian Academy while he would not technically join the Academy but became the squire of Draco Highmore of whom was constantly at the Academy due to being the main gaurd of William Lovie III. Dylan and his sister Erica had grown far closer then they had with their other brother Martin, and in truth the relationship between Erica and Martin was not simply not strong but it was in fact filled with a lot of anger towards Erica from Martin, and thus it was easy for them to determine that Erica should go with Dylan to Lucerne. Dylan and Erica arrived in Lucerne and were met by Draco, and his son Freddie Highmore of whom would escort them to their temporary homes with the Highmore's, and arriving there they expected due to the modesty of the Highmore's that the home would be rough but instead they found a luxurious home filled with the true wealth of the Highmore's. Dylan Steinmare during his time in Lucerne as the squire to Draco Highmore would become a well respected young man of whom befriended Jasper Hale, and through this friendship would become involved in some major things and also meet Laera Griffin. While escorting Jasper Hale, and William Lovie III. they were present when Hostella Hale was killed in the drowning accident, and as Jasper's friend Dylan took this very negatively towards Edward Cullen and would never forgive him for what had happened, but as the fight broke up he would remain behind with Freddie Highmore, and while they were guarding the scene with many other men at arms they were approached by Emma Bell of whom brought several of her friends of which one was Laera Griffin.

She was beauty beyond anything I had seen before. I loved her from that moment, and I will continue to love her for all the rest of the moments of my life.
Dylan Steinmare

Emma Bell, and her friends were able to convinse Freddie to tell them what had happened, and after this Freddie said they would escort the girls back to their homes, and Dylan followed him, but veered off to take Laera home personally as she was staying with the Scarlet's and their home that she was staying in was in Lucerne Proper. Walking and talkign they got to be good friends, and she made sure to let him know that whenever she saw him she expected he would speak to her. This relationship would grow quickly over the next weeks from simple friendship to a sexual relationship of which obviously because of their non-marital status never was fully consumated, but they were both openly talking about a marriage between the two, and they both planned to tell their parents while their parents visited them at the Nortburg Tournament. As they waited for this Dylan would be forced to deal with a situation where his supposed twin sister Erica Steinmare was being harassed by a young noble named Dolan Tarbeck, and just as he was about to fight him over it he watched as Liam Greymane II. would step in and knock out Dolan Tarbeck with a single punch, before taking Erica away from the scene and leaving behind a crowd of hollaring young nobles.

Dylan Steinmare and Laera Steinmare Gif.gif
I truly wanted that victory, and I prayed to the Dragon for the first time in my life. I have forever after prayed to the Dragon, as he gave me what I needed on that day.
Dylan Steinmare

It was at the Nortburg Tournament of 5122 that Dylan Steinmare, and Laera Griffin would finally get their chance at sealign their marriage prospects as while Dylan's mother visited quite often and knew of what Dylan planned this would be the first time that Laera had seen her mother and father since she had left for Lucerne. Dylan would escort his father, and uncle who had also made the trip alongside his mother to Nortburg, and when he arrived there he told his father that he had met the girl he wanted to marry, and that he would prove his value when he won the tournament, and declared her the Queen of Love and Beauty for the tournament. His father remained impassive, but nodded at Dylan before Dylan left to go and find Freddie Highmore and get prepared for his first joust. Laera would have much more success seemingly with her parents of whom jumped at the oppurtunity to marry a growing in influence young squire of whom by all acounts was friends with the crown prince.

I knew somewhere inside of me that I was deeply in love with him before he won at Nortburg, but seeing his grace, and honor would seal everything for me.
Laera Steinmare

The Jousts would go in his favor as he defeated Ian Trant, then his friend Emmett McCarty, and then his enemy Edward Cullen of whom he would embaress following the victory by taunting him after he had knocked Edward off his horse. In the final rounds he would defeat the very talented Franklin Brent, and then Logan Lerman and winning the tournament he would name Laera Griffin his Queen of Beauty and Love, and then in front of the entire crowd would choose knighthood over the dowry being offered to him by Catherine Bell. Choosing who would knight him he chose Draco Highmore, and he was knighted in front of everyone and Laera held his hand as he was knighted. Following this Laera, and Dylan's parents would meet with them, and both reavealed that the bethrothal would happen, and the victory in the tournament was never going to determine whether it happened.

Marriage and a New Life
Laera Steinmare3.jpg
I didn't see any reason to hold off the wedding as there wasn't a single sliver of doubt within me that she wasn't the girl of my dreams. I loved everything about her, and I really couldn't imagine another moment where she wasn't mine.
Dylan Steinmare

Following his victory at the tournament, and the admission by their parents that there betrothal was accepted by them it was openly made clear by Dylan that the two didn't wish to wait any longer to be married. Laera's father Lucas Griffin was resistant to this as he knew that Dylan had befriended many powerful people and he wanted to host a truly amazing wedding that everyone in the Kingdom of Lucerne would be amazed at, but Dylan would speak to Lucas and in no uncertain words reveal that unless the wedding happened soon then he couldn't promise there wouldn't be a bastard birth in their future. Afraid again of what Dylan might do Lucas attempted to have Laera return with them to Griffin's Castle but when Laera this was the plan she snuck out of the home her parents were staying in and found her way to Dylan. Seeing that they couldn't hide their daughter until the wedding they set a date of three months from them, and Dylan was able to dissuade some of their fears when he revealed that with the wedding being held in Lucerne it would be attended by William Lovie III. and his Shadow Council.

Laera Steinmare Gif Medium.gif
I promise to love you until the last breathe leaves my body. I promise to always treat you like the princess you are, and never forget that it is only with the greatest of luck that I have you. My love for you will never diminish. The years may move forward but my love for you will always remain. I love you Laera. I will always love you Laera.
Dylan Steinmare's wedding speach

The wedding would be held at the Aerene Temple of Lucerne, and was attended as promiced by Dylan's friends in the Shadow Council outside of Edward Cullen of whom he refused to accept at his wedding. Laera also had many friends and they would come alongside much of their families making their wedding one of the most influencially attended weddings of the year, and for several years afterwards. Following their marriage they abstained from the bedding ritual, and stayed the night in their own house which had been prepared on the Steinmare estate, and for the first time they would be together physically.

Nortburg Tournament of 5120

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The Nortburg Tournament of 5120
This tournament is for all of you. Its time you started building your own family now William.

Arrival of Ar-Brentey

Britney Hemsworth5.jpg

Brentey Hemsworth came to the land of Lucerne with a purpose. At first I thought it was marriage, and it was for this reason that I dismissed her so quickly. It was only later that I realized she actually cared for me on a deep level.
William Lovie III.

James Lovie had a loyal messenger in Arnor at the time who sent him the news that the young Ar-Brentey Hemsworth was now free following the death of her proposed husband in battle. James sent letters to King Jonas Hemsworth asking him if her hand was open for his young son William Lovie III., and after a series of back and forth letters Jonas would take this option to his council, and their would little debate among them. It was decided that clearly this was a much better option then most of the other options so Jonas agreed, and Brentey was planned to be sent to Lucerne to get to know William so they could make sure it would work. Brentey was told about the plan, and having spent the better part of two decades in isolation at the Anchorite of Fornost she was overjoyed at the chance to leave the Anchorite. During the time before she left she was left a list of things that William liked that had been sent by James Lovie but unfortunately James did not know his son half as well as he thought so the vast majority of these things were inaccurate.

Noone told me the distance between the two places, and for that reason it was shocking not only the distance but the complete changes that you go through in travelling from Arnor to Lucerne. The ice tipped mountains of Arnor pass through the lush Riverlands, and the hardy lands east of Stormwind, and then finally you reach the prestine valley of Lucerne.
Brentey Hemsworth

As she was leaving she was forced to for the first time accept life without her family of whom had been her rock for most of her life, but she was sent with her handmaiden Ilana La-Phellion of House Phellion. So it would be nothing more then Ar-Brentey her handmaiden Ilana, and a small party of men at arms to protect them when they went for a trip to a completely foreign land. Also along with her learning she begin taking the name Britt the rough translation of what her Numenorian name became in common germanic. The Journey for Brentey was extremely long, but over the time she and her best friend Ilana La-Phellion would be reading up on the history of Lucerne through several books that they had been given by James Lovie during his time in Arnor. Through this they learned the history of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but more importantly they learned all there was to know about House Lovie in book learning. During this reading she came to greatly admire her betrothed's name sake in the form of William Lovie of whom she read all about, and the relationship that he had with the dragons. She tried her very best for the situation that awaited her, and for her part was desperate to have this work not wanting to return to the anchorite but also desperately wanting a partner.

Britney Hemsworth Hot4.jpg

I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intesive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth

When Brentey arrived in Lucerne James made sure to use all of his skill to manipulate the young girl into keeping her purpose their a secret. With the element of surprise still with him, he set Brentey out on a mission to seduce William, which based on his adoration at the time of Rosalie Hale made this difficult but James told her that she was not going to have a problem with Rosalie who he planned on removing from the equation.

The Tournament Starts

Royal Betrothals

The Journey

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Emma Bell4.jpg

"The Journey was what he needed to get away from the world that had caused him so much pain. I only wished I was strong enough that I could have gone with him."
-Emma Bell

Emma was one of the most ardent supporters of William getting out of Lucerne and seeing the surrounding lands. She was upset that she wouldn't get to go with him, but she was happy for him. In his absence she spent most of her time with her boyfriend Freddie Highmore , who was a Dragon Knight in the Lovie Family honor gaurd. She and Freddie Highmore grew close mainly due to the fact that unlike what she was with William she was a shy girl who was overcompensating for this by being over the top sociable, but with Freddie she didn't have to pretend to be anybody she wasn't. Draco himself was shy and thus the two made a perfect pair, even if on the outside people wondered what she saw in someone as low down the nobility chain as a member of House Highmore.

Emma Bell Medium.png
"His letter was so cryptic that I worried he had lost his mind while visiting the savages that most likely lived in the valley. For all my fears about his writing I was just so happy that I had heard from him that I ignored the fear in my stomach and just moved to him."
-Emma Bell

After discovering to his horor that it appeared his father was a complete failure, William sent for Emma. Emma would be accompanied by Freddie, and would meet William in Stormwind. This was the first time that Emma had ever left Lucerne as she like the rest of House Lovie basically were locked inside Lucerne by the madness of Bill Lovie. As she crossed the land she begin to understand how massive the Kingdom was in a way that the maps could never have shown her.

Love in Secret

Emma Bell Large.jpg

His silence told me that he loved me. In his hopelessness he found me among the darkness. His life from the looks of it had little left but to wait for his death. It always made me love him more that I managed to save him.
Emma Bell

When she returned from her time in Stormwind she and Freddie found themselves right back where they had left themselves. As time went on Emma discovered how truly sad Freddie was with his life, and nothing had mattered until he had met her. It was during this time of happiness that Emma would first meet Joey Faraday of whom would affect everyone's life in extreme ways. The first time she had met him was during a party hosted by House Faraday which she had joined Alice, and William at, and during this party she hadn't known it but she had been watched by Joey nearly the entire time she was there. After this Joey wanted to approach Emma but his father had found out about this through his brother and had forced Joey to not approach her.

Everything felt perfect until the moment that it didn't.
Emma Bell

Civil War

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Order of the Black Dragon

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Wedding of Hanna Arryn

Demons on the Loose

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Return of Riley Scott

Leven Martell Small21.jpg

Taking on mistresses. Sons coming home. The love of my life returning. What a confusing time.
William Lovie III.

William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, but this ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

Death of Bella Swan

Family Members


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