Empire of Dragonstone
Empire of Dragonstone
Europe Political
Aryes Targaryan III.2
Type of Goverment Hereditary Monarchy
Head of State Aryes Targaryan III.
Secondary Leaders Rhaegar Targaryan

Red Wind

Location Eastern Westros
Capital Dragonstone
Languages High Germanic (ostrogothic)
Demonym Dragonians
Religion Dragonoph
Races, and Ethnicity Mainly a population of Ostrogoths
Population Placeholder

The Empire of Dragonstone is a empire located in the far eastern section of the central european region of Westros. Centered out of its capital of Dragonstone, the Empire of Dragonstone is a relatiely small Empire but its power is dispraportionate considering the dramatic turn of events that have come about due to the discovery of their Dragons.

The Empire of Dragonstone is ruled through a monarcheristic style of Goverment where the leader is the Emperor, and all of the main decisions of the state go through him. The position of Emperor is thus the main position of dominence within the Empire of Dragonstone, but beneath him the system lends itself to a sort of feudilism where in which certain areas are ruled over by different Lords who act as the Emperor's hand while they are in their position.

The Empire of Dragonstone was founded by the original settlers following the exiled House Targaryan, and thus the oringal members of the city are nearly entirely Ostrogoths. This Ostrogothic population would become extremely supllemented as the members of House Targaryan would come to dominate the city of Dragonstone, and they found the hundreds upon hundreds of slaves that had been kept beneath the surface by the Dark Elves, and as these slaves were nearly all Ostrogothic the homogeneous behavior of the city was continued. The only non Ostrogothic elements of the city are the small number of Atlantian traders that have made a home their along with a smaller amount of Goths for the same reason, but these populations are all forces to live on the outskirts of the city to keep it pure from non-Ostrogoths.

The Empire of Dragonstone was founded by House Targaryan following their departure from their old home in Lucerne. As the time went by they expanded the fortifications of the capital city of Dragonstone until it has now reached the point where it is extremely fortified, and growing increasingly numerous in population. The Empire itself is becoming quite powerful due to the fact that the leadership of House Targaryan - and through House Targaryan the Empire itself - are breeding dragons that are loyal to the member of House Targaryan that they are trained with. At the time of the begining of the conflict in Westros the Empire of Dragonstone has bred four dragons from their pride dragon Flenix.




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House Targaryan2

When Aryes Targaryan III. saw the mountain of Dragonstone he immediatly knew that this was the spot that House Targaryan would stop. Aryes led the caravan up what they discovered was a mountain trail. As they moved up farther they discovered a series of small temples and shines to gods they had never seen before.

After hours of marching up the trail the caravan was grreted with the site of a massive stone wall blocking their route. As they moved towards it they were greeted by three elves of clear dark elven appearance. As Aryes looked around and saw the ruins of other caravans, skeletons he immediately realized they were in some serious trouble. The elves bid they come inside their camp, and Aryes knew he had to think quick about how they were going t survive this, so he agreed to enter but he also spread word amongst his house that they were to prepare for battle, and when he gave the command they would attack the elves before the elves attacked them.


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With the defeat of the Dark Eles the members of House Targaryan alongside their loyalists were in complete command of the fortress of Dragonstone. As they eplored the fortress they were shocked to discoer how truly ast the fortress was. The few Dark Eles that they had captured still refused to talk so they had to assume that the ast size of the fortress was due to the fact that they had captured the fortress from someone elce, and then maintained it through the use of the hundreds of slaes that they discoered as they traversed the fortress. It appeared that the Dark Eles had also been using these slaves to build a giant enclave within the largest of the mountains peaks which stretched miles into the sky, and was the tallest thing that Aryes Targaryan III. had eer seen in his life.

"When I looked at the giant entrance to this fortress I was more then shocked at the scope of it. Judging by the slaves bodies that lay strewn about the ground it may have been a scary amount of time that they had been constructing their vision of a home. It got more amazing as we traelled up the giant stair cases and discoered that at different leels they had constructed these giant floors that in some cases stretched to be the size of individual castles."
-Aryes Targaryan III.

With the discoery that they had uncovered a place more Vast then anything they could have ever imagined they begin to clear out the fortress of the thousands of dead bodies that lay throughout it, as well as feeding the hundreds of surviving members of the slaves that had toiled for the Dark Elves over the course of the years they had lived there. As they got to uncover more information from the Dark Elves they discovered that the Dark Elves had been massivly constructing things throughout Dragonstone, and that underground their were also vast caverns which houses the slaves during the days they were not being worked to near death. This couldn't have gone any better for the members of House Targaryan as they had basically inherited a nearly completely constructed capital city. As the fortress was fixed up they begin to set about the way in which it would look in the future.

Coming of the Dragon

Deneyres Goes West

War of Five Armies


The Empire of Dragonstone is ruled through a monarcheristic style of Goverment where the leader is the Emperor, and all of the main decisions of the state go through him. The position of Emperor is thus the main position of dominence within the Empire of Dragonstone, but beneath him the system lends itself to a sort of feudilism where in which certain areas are ruled over by different Lords who act as the Emperor's hand while they are in their position.

The Emperor

The Emperor is by far the most important figure in the Empire of Dragonstone, and he is the first and last stop in terms of power in the Empire. The king sits on the Iron Throne, claims ownership of the land, has the final political authority and holds the ultimate power in all matters. Although in practice the king is constrained by political realities, and while no individual command is likely to be countermanded, he could still lose his position to intrigue if he were to offend the wrong people. Of course, as kings do not retire, this loss of position would involve his death.

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Aryes Targaryan III.2

Aryes Targaryan III. is the son of Aryes Targaryan II., and his wife Lalia Nighting making him a member of House Targaryan through his father, and a member of House Nighting through his mother. Aryes has three siblings in the form of Jaeharies, Jurnei, and Matilda Targaryan of which his brother Jaeharies suried the iolent destruction of House Targaryan inside of the eents of thier father and then accompanied his brother as they fought their way to Dragonstone, he would die of old age a few years after the discoery of Flenix the Dragon, while his sister Jurnei would be his lover in life and through this love he would have all of his children, and his young sister Matilda died during the eecutions by House Tyrell. Aryes Targaryan fell in loe with his sister Jurnei Targaryan and together they were married for well oer fifty years but she died of old age around the same time as his brother died, but with her he had his three children in the form of Denaryes, Rhaegar, and Viserys Targaryan of which Rhaegar is the crown prince of Dragonstone, his daughter Denaryes is famous for being the Targaryan with the most control oer the Dragons of Dragonstone, while his son Viserys lost himself for a few years before finding purpose in his holding of the fortress of Redkeep.

Aryes Targaryan III. was born during the reign of his father Aryes Targaryan II. who would become the worst member of House Targaryan in its long history. Under his father the members of House Targaryan were forced to retreat from their home in Tree Hill after losing dozens of their family to eecutions and other deaths. Aryes and his brother Jaeharies would lead the forces of House Targaryan and their allies all the way east to Koenisburg where they would take part in the War of the Harp in which they used superior tactical sence to outmeneuer their enemies and gain control of the Harp. After this fight they were barely functioning but they spied a large mountain which for some reason Aryes belieed they needed to go to, and when they arried they were forced to fight a large group of Dark Eles who had taken control. After defeating them Aryes founded the Empire of Dragonstone, and has reigned as its Emperor eer since although near the end of the Rise of Lucerne his son Rhaegar describes him as sickly and nearing death.

The Emperor's Council

The Emperor's council is small group of advisers, which advise the Emperor of Dragonstone on matters of policy and their areas of expertise. The Council is headed by the Emperor and he is the only one who can make the council's decisions into law. In his absence the role falls to the Hand of the Emperor or the Regent if the king is too young. The Council members are appointed and dismissed by the Emperor as he wills, a right freely used during times of war and strife. However, it seems that traditionally the council consists of seven permanent members, after the Ostrogothic traditions and the Dragonoph religion, with reserved positions for:

  • The Hand of the Emperor
  • Lord Commander of the Emperor's Gaurd
  • Master of Coin - Head of the Treasury and finances of the Empire.
  • Master of Laws - Oversees the Laws & Justice system for the Empire.
  • Master of Whisperers - The spymaster, and the head of intelligence.
  • Master of Ships - Oversees the navy.
  • Grand Maester - head adviser on matters of lore and wisdom.

Hand of the Emperor

Dragon Lord

The Dragon Lord or the Hand of the Emperor is the Emperor's chief advisor and executor of his command in the Empire of Dragonstone. Duties of the Hand include commanding the Emperor's armies, drafting laws, dispensing justice, and generally managing the day-to-day running of the kingdom. The Hand may act on the king's behalf when he is indisposed, and sit on the Iron Throne while doing so. The Hand also sits on the small council and will run the council if the king is not present. The office typically makes the Hand the second most powerful man in the Empire next to the Emperor, though some Hands had the reputation of ruling their kings. It is considered by some to be a difficult and unglamorous job of great responsibility. A popular saying goes, "What the Emperor dreams, the Hand builds," but the lowborn say, "The king eats, and the Hand takes the shit." Many able men have failed in the office throughout history. The Hand resides in a tower of Dragonstone called the Tower of the Hand. His badge of office always includes a hand, though each Hand can design his own. A necklace of hands linked into a chain is one possible badge. Servants of the Hand wear the emblem of a hand.

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Red Wind
Red Wind
is the son of Brent, and Carla Wind making him the Lord of House Wind, and one of the most powerful men in the Empire of Dragonstone. Red Wind had three siblings but two of them were killed as children during the violence that spread across Tree Hill, while his oldest brother in cared for his sickly mother who was pregant with Red Wind, and after taking his mother all the way to Dragonstone died during the fighting with the Dark Elves. Red Wind as he came of age realized silently that he and his mother were the only ones left of House Wind and thus he went about finding women to have children with of which the first was Natalie, and then Ophelia, and finally Wellia of which he has numerous children with each of them with many of them coming to very important roles in House Wind.

Red Wind for his loyalty to the Empire of Dragonstone was placed on the Emperor's council in the most powerful position beneath the emperor in the form of the Hand of the Emperor.

Red Wind grew up with nothing left of his once powerful house as he was born shortly after the death of his brother leaving just him and his mother alive. As he grew up he became close with Rhaegar Targaryan of whome the two bonded over their shared love of literature. Red Wind was basically the only person who was capable of pulling Rhaegar out of his books, and the two would often take walks out of Dragonstone where they would find a tree and they would sit under the leaves and read books or practise sword fighting. As they came of age they went in different directions but they remained close. Red Wind as he came of age realized silently that he and his mother were the only ones left of House Wind and thus he went about finding women to have children with of which the first was Natalie of whom was a girl he met while he and Rhaegar were invading the village that she lived in. His next wife came in the form of Ophelia who along with her cousin Wellia were captured by the forces of House Wind as they made a trip north in their attempts to capture Ostrogoths slaves that were being transported towards Pontus.

Grand Maestor

The Grand Maester is considered the senior member of the Order and serves as its representative to the Emperor. He can only be made or unmade by the Conclave. He sits on the Small council and acts as the King's adviser. The Grand Maester wears many interwoven maester chains to indicate his high office, but these do not reflect his true studies. Gems are woven into the chains.

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Maetrin Lailen

Maetrin Lailen is the son of Hearzen, and Joan Lailen making him a member of House Lailen. Maetrin has one sibling in the form of Virilian Lailen of whome is the Lord of House Lailin, and a trusted member of the command structure of the Empire of Dragonstone. Maetri Lailen is married to Vriella Binestone of House Binestone, and this marriage has produced one daughter in the form of Vriella Lailen II., of whome is sickly and walks with a limp all her days but this limp conceils the fact that she is heaily intelligent.

Maetrin Lailen was born the heir to House Lailen but as he grew up he came to be the punching bag for all the problems that his father had in life, and because of this at the age of twenty as his father became sick he named his brother Virilian Lailen as the heir to House Lailen and thus robbed Maetrin of his rightful place. His brother was kind about the action but it changed nothing for Maetrin who became disalousined in life, and this continued until the arrial of Rhaegar Targaryan in Brightsgrove when he was nearly forty, By this point he had no children, no wife, and by most was percieved as a dangerously pathetic man with nothing redeaming about him. With Rhaegar's arrival something inside him woke up and he swore himself to his service and the serivce of House Targaryan. He returned to Dragonstone with him and begin constructing on Dragon Island all by himself a temple which he planned to be the center of the Dragon in Dragonstone. After months of working alone people begin to flock to the project which many deemed to be the work of the Dragon, and after only two years of work a massive temple was completed at the spot. By this point his brother had created an estate within Dragonstone and he was offered command of this but instead he asked Aryes Targaryan to make him the leader of the Dragon Temple. Aryes was convinsed by his devotion and thus made him the Dragon Maestor of Dragonstone which he has turned into a powerful position in its own right.

Master of Whisperers

The Master of Whisperers is the Emperor's spymaster. He is also known as Emperor's Spider. He is charged with getting intelligence from the Red Keep, King's Landing, around the Empire of Dragonstone, across the Narrow Sea and other places. He receives reports from royal officials. He is generally lowborn, but is given the title Lord, without being given any land. He sits on the small council.

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Varys Rugar

Varys Rugen was born across the Narrow Sea in the Free Cities of Perth which are located northeast of the Iron Islands and North of Pontus. He is a member of the Emperor's small council, where he serves as Master of Whisperers, the Emperor's foremost spymaster and intelligence agent. He holds no inherited title or land in Westeros, but is called 'Lord' as a courtesy due to his position on the council, which traditionally is made up of great lords.

Though nothing that Varys says can be completely trusted, he claims to have been born a slave in Lys that was sold and apprenticed to a traveling folly, a troupe of mummers who worked the Free Cities, Oldtown, and occasionally Pontus, by means of a fat little cog owned by the troupe's master. During their stay in Myr, a man offered a large sum of money for Varys, an offer his master found too tempting to refuse. The man gave Varys a potion that made him powerless to move or speak, but did nothing to dull his senses as his manhood was cut off at the stem, then burnt in a brazier in a Blood Magic ritual. Varys claims to have held a hatred for all things magical ever since. He then spent years in Pontus where after working his way from being a slave he became one of the most feared men in the city, and this fear he brought out in people eventually led to his constant near death. During this time he heard of the defeat suffered by those of Westros during the War of the Harp and he became interested in this House Targaryan and thus he created an alias in Pontus and then fled the city to find these Targaryans. He would find them years later as they were growing in Dragonstone, and although mistrusted by many he gained the trust of Aryes and became the Master of Whisperers and a considerable force within the Empire of Dragonstone.

Lord Commander of the Emperor's Gaurd

Lord Commander of the emperorsguard is the title held by the most senior officer of the Emperorsguard. The Lord Commander is appointed by the Emperor, generally from the existing pool of Emperorsguard. He is a member of the Small Council.

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Master of Laws

The Master of Laws is the Emperor's advisor relating to the administration of justice. Duties of the Master of Laws include managing the dungeons at the Red Keep and supervising the chief gaoler, chief undergaoler, undergaolers, and the Emperor's Justice (executioner). The City Watch of Dragonstone presumably falls under the bailiwick of the Master of Laws. The Master of Laws also sits on the small council.

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Master of Coins

The Master of Coin is the Emperor's chief financial adviser. Duties of the Master of Coin include keeping account of the receipts and expenditures from the royal treasury, receiving reports from royal officials, supervising the collection of taxes and custom duties, borrowing money, managing the royal treasury and supervising the three royal mints. The Master of Coin also sits on the small council. The Master of Coin oversees a large number of offices including the four Keepers of the Keys, the Emperor's Counter, the Emperor's Scales, the officers in charge of mints, harbormasters, tax farmers, customs sergeants, wool factors, toll collectors, pursers and wine factors.

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Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish is the son of Betyr and Lucie Baelish making him a member of House Baelish, and following the death of his father and mother he has become the lone remaining member of House Baelish. Petyr would be born and have no siblings, and this meant that he became very much used to having to do things on his own, and thus was an unusally silent and withdrawn child. Petyr would love Catelyn Tully from the moment he met her, and despite fathering a child with Lysa Tully he would never care for another person other then Catelyn Tully.

Petyr was born to a small and insignificant house, spending most of his adult life trying to rise above his lowly birthright and become something greater, craving for power and status. He possesses considerable skill in commerce and coin, and is a master of court intrigue, his brilliance matched only by his ambition and his gift for political improvisation. He is often underestimated by many high lords due to his low birth (a mistake that often comes back to haunt those who make this assessment).

Petyr Baelish’s great-grandfather was a Braavosi sellsword in the service of Lord Corbray; when his son became a hedge knight he took the stone head of the Titan of Braavos as his sigil. Lord Baelish’s father was the smallest of small lords of a few rocky acres on the smallest of the Fingers. His father befriended Hoster Tully during their service in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, which led to Petyr being sent to be fostered at Riverrun with Lord Tully’s children. At Riverrun Petyr was fostered as a ward and raised alongside his social betters, the Tully children, Catelyn, Lysa and Edmure, who first gave him the nickname "Littlefinger" as a reference to his family holdings. As they grew older, Petyr fell in love with Catelyn, who in turn loved him as a brother, but no more. When the betrothal between Catelyn and Eddard Stark was announced, Petyr challenged the much older Eddard to a duel for her hand. Eddard won handily, leaving Baelish with a significant scar, but spared his life in compliance with Catelyn's request. Catelyn did not speak to him afterwards and burned the single letter Petyr sent after she and Eddard were married.

Dutchy of Orell

The Dutchy of Orell would be formed by Deneyres Targaryan following her capture of the Kingdom of Orell and when the Kingdom was disolved she would form the Dutchy of Orell as the Empire of Dragonstone's controlling influence over the region.

The Dutchy of Orell would be organanized as a vassal of House Targaryan, with the Kingdom split into three provinces each controlled by a count, and beneath the counts stood the barons, and Priests of whom were the layer beneath the Duke, and Count. 

Title Seat Lordly House Control
Duke Dorbirn House Sordin Liege Lord of the entire Dutchy
Count Dorbirn House Blackfyre Province of Dorbirn
Count Breebank House Orell of Breebank Province of Breebank
Count Castle Treebank House Gregunt Province of Treebank


The Empire of Dragonstone was founded by the original settlers following the exiled House Targaryan, and thus the oringal members of the city are nearly entirely Ostrogoths. This Ostrogothic population would become extremely supllemented as the members of House Targaryan would come to dominate the city of Dragonstone, and they found the hundreds upon hundreds of slaves that had been kept beneath the surface by the Dark Elves, and as these slaves were nearly all Ostrogothic the homogeneous behavior of the city was continued. The only non Ostrogothic elements of the city are the small number of Atlantian traders that have made a home their along with a smaller amount of Goths for the same reason, but these populations are all forces to live on the outskirts of the city to keep it pure from non-Ostrogoths.


Gothic Language

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Gothic Language

For the most part, Gothic is known to be significantly closer to Proto-Germanic than any other Germanic language, except for that of the (scantily attested) early Norse runic inscriptions. This has made it invaluable in the reconstruction of Proto-Germanic. In fact, Gothic tends to serve as the primary foundation for reconstructing Proto-Germanic. The reconstructed Proto-Germanic conflicts with Gothic only when there is clearly identifiable evidence from other branches that the Gothic form is a secondary development.


In general, Gothic consonants are devoiced at the ends of words. Gothic is rich in fricative consonants (although many of them may have been approximants, it is hard to separate the two) derived by the processes described in Grimm's law and Verner's law and characteristic of Germanic languages. Gothic is unusual among Germanic languages in having a /z/ phoneme which has not become /r/ through rhotacization. Furthermore, the doubling of written consonants between vowels suggests that Gothic made distinctions between long and short, or geminated consonants: atta [atːa] "dad", kunnan [kunːan] "to know" (Dutch kennen, German kennen "to know", Icelandic kunna).

  • Gothic fails to display a number of innovations shared by all later-attested Germanic languages:
  • Lack of Germanic umlaut
  • Lack of rhotacism
  • The language has also preserved many features that have mostly been lost in other early Germanic languages:
  • Dual inflections on verbs
  • A morphological passive voice for verbs
  • Reduplication in the past tense of Class VII strong verbs
  • Clitic conjunctions that appear in second position of a sentence in accordance with Wackernagel's Law, splitting verbs from preverbs

Points of Interest


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Dragonstone is a large mountain city located in the eastern half of Westros in central Europe. Dragonstone lies as the capital of the Empire of Dragonstone, and is the seat of the powerful House Targaryan, and nearly the entirety of their loyal houses. Dragonstone is built into the mountains and is nearly an hours march up the mountain that is only approachable through a rather narrow pathway that has sheer drops all along its route.

House Targaryan is the ruling House of Dragonstone, and they have made their home within the Red Keep. House Targaryan has ownership over all the houses of the city, and this has led to their exceptionally powerful position in the city.

Dragonstone is also the home of the Targaryans dragons who are houses inside a giant cave within the peak of the mountain called Dragons Peak. This spot has become one of the greatest nests for Dragons in Europe, and though it pales in comparison to some of the largest nests in Europe its nearly ten Dragons are something to behold as they fly in the skies above Dragonstone.

Dragonstone was founded after the members of House Targaryan discovered the mountain and decided to lay claim to it in order to stop their constant fleeing from trouble. The members of House Targaryan would be ambushed by Dark Elves upon entering the city but were able to defeat them, and after defeating the Dark Elven residents that had used the site as a fortress for their evil for centuries they begin fortifying the city itself, in the hopes of turning it into a major city. This worked and the city has grown into a proper city, and is heavily protected by its extreme altitude and only having one reasonable way to reach it from the land. This has allowed the Empire of Dragonstone to grow much faster and powerful then it would have if they had to worry about threats around them.


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Dragonpeak is a large town located on the southern slope of the Nordend Mountain range, and is a prominent city within the Empire of Dragonstone. Dragonpeak was founded by Rhaegar Targaryan, and it has become the haven of a large population of Ostrogoths that have been coming in from the lands south of Westros. Dragonpeak is ruled over by House Manning of whom came to live in Dragonpeak as House Targaryan searched for Ostrogoths south of the town.

Dragonpeak was founded after Rhaegar Targaryan travelled to the southern peak of Nordend and walked to the top of the mountain alongside his cousin Aegon Targaryan II. and the pair when they reached the peak would plant the flag of House Targaryan, a flag that continues to stand at the peak of the mountain to this day. With its location discovered the area became a haven for incoming Ostrogoths as it lay against the water, and thus was the port that allowed for southern trade as the northern trade was already controlled by the northern port. As the town expanded it became the source of the first communications between the Empire of Dragonstone and Gondor of which wanted anyone on its side that might one day be able to intervene against the power of Ostrogoth. This communication would lead to Gondor founding a small enclave at the bottom of the port where they would be able to easily communicate between the two kingdoms, and not long after this was done some of the first real communication between the Kindom of Lucerne, and the Empire of Dragonstone was had when a member of the Order of the Green Dragon would accompany a Gondor trading group into the port.


House Targaryan

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Empire of Dragonstone
Empire of Dragonstone
Flag of House Targaryan
Aryes Targaryan III.2
Aryes Targaryan III. the current Emperor of Dragonstone
Power Level Royal House
Kingdom of Loyalty Empire of Dragonstone
House Banner
Coat of Arms Black, a red three headed dragon
Words "Fire and Blood"
Vital statistics
Founder Aryes Targaryan I.
Current Leader Aryes Targaryan III.
Current Heir {{{Current Heir}}}
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Dragonstone
Level of Control
Level of Control As the royal house of the Empire of Dragonstone they have complete control over the Empire of Dragonstone.
Loyal Houses Vassal Houses

Cadet House

Race Human
Ethnicity Ostrogoth Germanic

House Targaryan is an extremely large Ostrogoth House that controls the Empire of Dragonstone capital of Dragonstone. For many years House Targaryan was a Lucernian House that for many generations held control over the Lordship of Tree Hill inside the Kingdom of Lucerne. Since their departure from Lucerne they rule a small Kingdom in Croatia called the Empire of Dragonstone, and have become even more powerful after they were able to summon a dragon to them, and from this dragon Flenix they have born seventeen Dragons of which have become a fightening force for the new Empire. House Targaryan upon their arrival in Dragonstone has a splitoff house formed by one of the remaining daughters of Aryes Targaryan II. in the form of House Blackfyre, and they retain a very tight, and loyal relationship with House Blackfyre.

House Targaryan was born as a House following their loyalty to William Lovie III. and it isn't crazy to say that before this the only succesful Ostrogoth House was House Lannister, of whom cared little about their own people. For House Targaryan the uplifting of the Ostrogoths became a major part of their goals and this would make them beloved amongst the Ostrogoths, and was one of the main reasons that their subjects of whom were Ostrogoths did not resist them during the madness of Aryes Targaryan and it took the involvement of non-Ostrogoths to actually remove them. Many Ostrogoths in Lucerne still long for the return of a house like House Targaryan as House Lannister continued to care only about itself. In the Empire of Dragonstone the leadership of House Targaryan have once again turned their goals towards the upliftment of their Ostrogoth brothers who have become the slave of choice in Westros, and Croatia.

House Targaryan, and the Empire of Dragonstone are the centerpiece of the Rise of the Dragon short story, and the house is majorly flushed out during this short story which brought them more into the limelight. The Rise of Dragon is the shortest of the short stories, and is only five chapters long, and during these five chapters the main characters are Deneyres Targaryan, Heath Targaryan, Ulian Wind, and Rhaegar Targaryan.

House Targaryan was originally made up of Ostrogoths who made their way into the Valley of Lucerne during the waning days of the Great Migration. The house was especially strong in wealth during their arrival in Lucerne, though it is not known the reason for their vast wealth the house was one of the most powerful houses in Forks very soon after their arrival in the town. Even through their wealth the house truly became known during the events of the Driving Tide where they were very close to House Lovie, who would eventually become the King of the Kingdom of Lucerne. House Targaryan was extremely powerful during the time of the Driving Tide in the valley of Lucerne, and they were the original founders of Tree Hill following their surrender to William Lovie. For generations the members of House Targaryan ruled over Tree Hill with an iron fist and had many vassal houses including the present Lord of Tree Hill in House Scott. The rule of House Targaryan came to an end in Tree HIll when Aryes Targaryan II lost his mind and turned public opinion against the house. Following the death of many in the House, the remainder fled east past Gondor , and settled in what is now south eastern Westros. In Westros the members of House Targaryan founded a small Kingdom called Dragonstone where they rule a steap mountaintop city. During their discovery of this fortress they were first forced to battle against the Dark Elves that had been using the fortress as their home, and thus the place was filled with slaves most of which were dead, or near death. The members of House Targaryan have come to become a greater power following their capture of a Green Dragon of whome they have the skill to ride, and the ability to breed. This alongside the massive growth in Dragonstone due to the influx of Ostrogoths has meant that they are swiftly becoming a major player in eastern Westros, and are also being looked at by Gondor for potential allies against Orthanac.

House Redwyne

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House Redwyne

House Redwyne is a large Ostrogoth family that were the only supporters of House Targaryan that chose to not abandon their masters. This loyalty caused the death of much of their number during the Fall of House Targaryan but they followed House Targaryan to Dragonstone where they have now rebuilt themselves in the Kingdom of Dragonstone.

House Redwyne shares a sigil with their blazen and thus their blazon is a burgundy grape cluster on blue, symbolizing the famed wines of the Arbor. The words of House Redwyne are something that are still unknown to the story, thus making them one of the few houses without words to define them.

House Redwyne would enter the valley of Lucerne alongside their rivals in House Targaryan. House Redwyne was shockingly enough once one of the greatest enemies of House Targaryan but during the Driving Tide the actions of House Targaryan impressed the leadership of House Redwyne that they decided to end their loyalty to House Tyrell and became a sworn house of House Targaryan. During the time of House Targaryan the wealth and power of House Redwyne grew as they were the most loyal and trusted house of House Targaryan. This all came to an end during the failure of a reign of Aryes Targaryan II. where they stood beside their lord house and because of this loyalty they were badly damaged and emigrated to the Kingdom of Dragonstone with House Targaryan. Now in Dragonstone House Redwyne is again finding the rewards of their loyalty as they are now the second most powerful house in the Kingdom.

House Wind

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House Wind
House Wind
 is a small but powerful Ostrogoth house that exists within the Empire of Dragonstone capital of Dragonstone. House Wind has been the loyal vassal house of House Targaryan since the ancient days preceding the Driving Tide and thus it wasn't questioned when Brent Wind took what remained of the house and followed House Targaryan east to Dragonstone.

House Wind journeyed westward with House Targaryan when they fled during the Great Migration and together they were always together, and House Wind was always a loyalist house that House Targaryan could put their faith on. When Aryes Targaryan lost himself and caused the violence in Tree Hill House Wind was badly damaged during the fighting after groups of looters broke into their estate and killed many members of the house before House Sared was able to assist them. They then followed House Targaryan into the eastern section of Westros where they were part of the founding of Dragonstone, and later they made their houses capital within the town of Dragonstone, and from here have been extremely loyal to House Targaryan.

House Lailen

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House Nierin

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Dragon Rider Age Status
Flenix Deneyres Targaryan Placeholder Alive
Beleyrian Rhaegar Targaryan Placeholder Alive
Bevarion Rhaenyra Targaryen II. Placeholder Alive
Meraxes Kursten North Placeholder Alive
Vhaegar Junet Targaryan Placeholder Alive
Senarion Liala Redwyne Placeholder Alive
Silverwind Naery Targaryan Placeholder Alive