House Este

Evangelina Este is the daughter of Thrasius, and Persis Manikus making her a member of House Manikus. Evangelina and Stefanos Este would be married at the age of sixteen and the two would grow close and loving following the birth of their first child and Evangelina would become the most loyal of all people to her husband carrying on his work even following his death.

Evangelina would conspire with her husband Stefanos to marry Beatrice off to a greek lord and did this to keep her away from the threat that they saw being posed by the Cretan lord Isaac Conmenus, and it would be while working at this plot that she became involved in a true conflict with Isaac.


Early History

Beatrice sent away

I was a child back then Beatrice. I should have killed your father the moment he threatened to take you away from me.
Issac Conmenus

At seventeen his affair with the two Este daughters ended when their father married Beatrice to a Greek noble in secret. Issac learned of this only after the Greek members came to the city and his guards learned why they were there. Enraged that Beatrice might be taken from him he would storm into the mance of her father and threatened him death if Beatrice left but he was laughed at by Denmus as he believed he was beyond death due to his power, and Issac wasn't willing to kill him so the bethrothal continued. It was only weeks after this that she was shipped away to Greece leaving their child behind with him where he would send it to his family in the capital of Nicosia. It was during this time that he sought out Isabella and finding her in the small Temple of R'hllor in the city he would for the first time be introduced to the religion, and also realized how he had neglected Isabella when he learned he didn't evan know that she was a believer in R'hllor.

Family Members


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