The Fall of Carthage was a series of battles fought during the Emblam Fifth Waaagh which ended with the eventual defeat of the Roman defenders and the destruction of the city of Carthage.


First Battle

Lucius, and Titus Pullo take part in the Battle of Carthage where the remaining Romans are forced to fight for survival against a massive army of Orcs, and only through the death of nearly half the Roman army are they able to push back the Orcs forces during the first assault.

Second Battle

Following this attack the Orcs are able to quickly regroup and surround the city in its entirety but by this point ships in great numbers arrive at the port depositing reinforcements in the form of the Legio II. Sardinia led by Daus Pigliaru III. which augment the defenders days before the second assault. Daus Pigliaru III. works well alongside Lucius and Daus's son Octavian leading the effective fortification of the central gatehouse into the city of Carthage, and all of this preperation makes the defenders feel like they have a legitamte chance at defending the city especially since Daus Pigliaru III. reveals that the Legio I Sicilia under Secundus Auspex are also no far behind in arriving in Carthage to assist in the defense and with their arrival the Romans discuss going on the offense.

Final Battle

Following the second assault by the Orcs the Romans are spent as a defence as several gatehouses are in ruins and most of the western wall has collapsed leading to the Generals to order the army to take to this ships. With not enough space for the population of Carthage the remaining population is forced to man the remaining defences alongside Lucius, Titus, and Gnaes, and Sextus of whom remain behind to assist in the defences. Holding out for another week they allow most of the remaining population to retreat by sea and with the last of the boats leaving Titus, Lucius, Gnaes, and Sextus prepare for their own death, but are saved by the return of Pompei of whom had dropped his soldiers off on a nearbye island in the hopes of coming back quicker.

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