Previous Conflict Emblam Fifth Waaagh
Fall of Hispania
Location Hispania
Start of Conflict 5104
End of Conflict 5105
Result Empire of Emblam Victory
  • Collapse of Roman Hispania
  • Construction of Gibraltar Bridge
Invading Forces


Initial Assault


Empire of Emblam

Order of the Raven

Morag Tong

Roman Empire

Kingdom of Bretonia

Order of the Purple Cloth

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The Fall of Hispania or The Sixth Emblam Waaagh was a brief but costly war fought between the Orcs of Africanas on one side, and the Roman Empire and towards the end the Kingdom of Bretonia . The conflict shocked the human kingdoms of Europe, who while they knew of Orcs through the experiances of Gondor they had no idea they were as numerous as they discovered them to be. This conflict would not encite the true involvement of the humans of Europe, and it was basically left to Bretonia, and the few deployed armies of Rome to deal with the millions of Orcs that sprang across the Strait.

The Fall of Hispania is detailed in the events of The Fall of France story, as well as the Sun of Hispania background story with The Fall of France springboarding more of the story, but the Sun of Hispania detailing a heavily Roman element of the Fall of Hispania. The Agents of Ezio Ederiz would also detail the events of Fall of Hispania from the perspective of Ezio Ederiz of whom joined the Order of the Ravens in their destruction of the castle and while he did not realize what was happening the scope of what they did would become clear years later.

The actual Fall of Hispania was begun years before the actual Battles took place, and as scary as it is to believe that the Orcs are so strategic they planned the campaign for many years. While the Romans were being obliterated in Africanas, the Orcs were constructing a massive bridge across the Straits of Gibralter and with its construction the Orcs sprange across the bridge and built up huge numbers in the southern part known as Gibralter. As the advanced more skilled Orcs infiltrated the Roman villages and wiped them out without alerting anyone to their presence the Orcs had massed some where around three million Orcs on the southern shore and when they finnally attacked the Roman Armies would be left flat footed and thousands died in their fortresses with little to no returns. The Romans would send in six Legions as reinforcements in an attempt to stall the Orcs advance while they built up the defenses of Valencia, Tourone, and Castile but each of these Legions would either be pushed back or destroyed by the overwhelming Orc advance. With the Fall of the resistance the Orcs made a straight line for Castile, and this scared the Bretonians so much that they flooded into Hispania and made full speed towards Castile. The Bretonians were slowed down by the constant battles and because of this they arrived days to late, and watched as Castile fell and with it the hope of a human Hispania. With Castile gone the Orcs rampaged towards Valencia, and Andorra where they would come to fight massive battles which for the first time went against them as they discovered the Bretonians were able fighters with competent commanders unlike the Romans.


The Orcs inability to swim, or craft any sort of boat meant that the Romans had left this region dangerously undermanned believing that this water barrier would provide all the protection they needed. In fact there were more solders garrisoning the small Italian town of briensia, of which shared no border with any hostile nation, then there were in the castle of Gibraltar. As well as this undermanned garrison the original site of the castle was far enough back from the beach and the crossing that the soilders couldn't see the crossing, and for this they relied on a small village with a large lighthouse along the coast. For years the Orcs of Emblam prepared for this crossing by massing a huge amount of troops in the lands of the former Roman provinces of Mauritania while the Kingdom of Senegal one of the human client states of Emblam begin preperations for the moving of the Orc armies across the Straits of Gibraltar. This bridge would be used by the Orcs to open up a new front in Europe, as they were being stalled in Africanas by the Nubian Empire, and the Kingdom of Lahmia.

Order of the Raven Invasion

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Hispania - Fall of Hispania - Fall of Gibralter

Ezio Ederiz arrives at the small castle of Gibraltar where he joins several other members of the Order of the Raven where they enter the castle and Ezio is introduced to a Roman Luitenent named Postumius Iavolenus of whom hands him a letter with the seal of the Raven Order of which Ezio reads. The letter dictates that Ezio take the advise of Postumius in regards to which of the defenders of the castle he should kill as well as travelling southward where he is to also lead the Raven in massacring the small port which acts as the guardian of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Purple Cloth Counter Assault

Benjamin Bradfoot acompanied Ezio Ederiz into Hispania during the Raven Orders mission there but realizing that they were going to be doing evil things when they arrived he would warn the Order of the Purple Cloth in Malta of whom then sent agents to Hispania where they attempted but failed to stop the Ravens from their sabotage in southern Hispania.

The Land Bridge

The Invasion of Southern Hispania

Fall of Almeria

The Invasion of Hispania would begin with an event known as the Fall of Almeria where they forces of Emblam alongside their allies having already taken much of south-eastern Hispania would surround the port of Almeria where the bulk of the Roman Fleet in Hispania had made its port. By this time there were rumblings around the Roman Empire that things were happening in Hispania but for the part of Appius Procyon the Legate Prefict in charge of the scouting for the 13th Legion he had no signs of attack and his scouts were not relaying anything of importance to him due to the work of the Morag Tong targeting them. At the onset of the Fall of Hispania Appius was in a small fortress just north of Almeria where he was dealing with negotiations with a small tribe of Spaniards and it was in this position that he was forced to fight for his life when Orcs attacked his fort during the larger Fall of Almeria. Having survived and rallied his forces during the events of the Fall of Almeria it was Appius who joined the Legate of the 13th linking up with the larger surviving forces of the 13th as they begin retreating northward towards Alicante.

Battle of Grenada

Hispania - Fall of Hispania - Sack of Almeria

When the Orc landbridge was completed the Orcs began forming armies on the Hispania side. The Orc armies spilled into Grenada in what is called the First Battle of Grenada , although what happened is hard to call a battle. As the advanced more skilled Orcs infililtrated the Roman villages and wiped them out without alerting anyone to their presence the Orcs had massed some where around three million Orcs on the southern shore and when they finnally attacked the Roman Armies would be left flat footed and thousands died in their fortresses with little to no returns. The first to fall in a massive ambush was Grenade who fell in the First Battle of Grenada. The Orcs surrounded the now defenceless town, and from all sides overwhelmed the entire city of some sixty thousand. With Grenada gone the rest of Hispania was slowly alerted as some of the people of Grenada had managed to get Ravens with messages out of the city. With the rest alerted and the three Legions that were in Hispania moved towards Grenada in the hopes of quickly ending the Orcish threat.

The Push to Central Hispania

Battle for Lisbon

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New Leadership

Following the defeat of the Roman Fleet at the First Battle of Lisbon it was Ranoldo Bragenza who took control of House Bragenza and the Dutchy of Lisbon as his father Fabricio had died during the battle and as the new duke he quickly decided that the Roman cause was a lost one and arranged a meeting with the Gambian diplomat who was staying in Lisbon and at a secret meeting between the two he swore oaths to the Republic of Gambia and by extension the Empire of Emblam.

Lisbon Counter assault

It would be Alain Rousset that would following the command of his father take the Aquitaine Fleet and move southward to link up with the Roman Fleet at Lisbon for what he planned to be an eventual assault on the Straights of Gibraltar. Arriving at Lisbon Alain discovered that the Roman Fleet at Lisbon had been defeated by a naval force from the Emblam allied nation of the Kingdom of Songhei and learning the Roman Fleet had fled westward trying to escape it was Alain who led the Aquitaine Fleet westward in support and would come upon the Roman Fleet and the Songhei engaged in a fleet battle and with his arrival they shattered the Songhei Fleet and captured or killed the entire Songhei Fleet.

Prisoners of War

Demeku Fasika would be taken prisoner during the Lisbon Counter Attack led by Alain Rousset and as the naval commander of the Songhei Fleet he was taken into the custody of Alain Rousset but his own personal guilt over his part in the Emblam Invasion led to him giving information to Alain that proved valuable to the Roman/Bretonian war effort.

Betrayal of Lisbon

Ranoldo would following his switching sides to the forces of Emblam force the forces of Lisbon to stop providing aid to the Roman forces and then went one step further when he ambushed the Roman Fleet which was repairing itself in the Lisbon Port and took control of the fleet for himself leaving the Romans without any naval assets in Western hispania.

Battle for Tourone

Main Article : Battle for Tourone

Alexander Rousset would lead the forces of the Dutchy of Aquitaine into the area of Tourone where they planned on assisting the pushing out of the Orc forces from Hispania, but upon arriving in Tourone they discovered that the 5th Legion was no longer attempting to fight an offensive conflict and instead was in a fighting retreat back to Tourone in preparation for holding the area to allow people to escape, and with this in mind Alexander would send his son and the fleet south while he joined the effort to hold Tourone.

The Tourone Gap

Main Article : Battle of Tourone Gap

As a large force of refugees flowed into the Tourone area the usually Bretonian nationalist Alexander Rousset made the decision to hold the gap open at the risk of his own forces and this led to the Battle of the Tourone Gap where Alexander kept the gap open then led an ordered retreat out of the gap back to Tourone but was mortally wounded during the battle dying shortly before they arrived at Tourone.


Hispania - Fall of Hispania - The South Falls

The Orcs had such numbers and such a large element of suprise that the Fall of Grenada was nearly complete a week after the fall of Grenada, and thus when a week later the 5th Legion arrived at Grenada they found themselves slowly surrounded by the massive Orc forces, and when finally the commanders ordered a retreat they found their paths blocked. Facing continues attacks from all sides they built defences in a large ravine and fought off the Orcs for some two weeks while the other two Legions sped towards the area. The 10th Legion was days away when it was harried by a large force of Orcs nearly twice its size. As the 10th attempted to get by them they discovered that the Orcs were blocking them from reaching the 5th Legion, and thus they realized for the first time the strategic mind of the Orcs. These two armies moved back and forth for days before the Orcs realized the situation was gone for the 5th so they moved south towards the port of Halencia, and sacked it while the 10th moved towards the 5th Legion. While the 10th had been delayed the 6th Legion had faced no difficulties in its arrival and moved to the northwest of the 5ths fortified position. The 6th attacked heavily this side and opened it for nearly five days while they allowed the 5th to retreat out of their death trap. With themselves about to be surrounded the 6th left the remainder of the 5th to defeat and retreated out of the region towards Castile. With their hope gone the remainder of the 5th Legion was massacred by the overwhelming Orc Force, and thus the south of Hispania was gone.The Legions arrived in Valencia and begin moving towards their respective spots but in an unfortuante turn of events the 13th Legion under Lucius Vorenus, and the 4th Legion under Titus Pulo would be stuck in Ravenna at port and didn't arrive until it was too late for them to reach Castile, and thus two Legions meant to defend Valencia moved towards Castile. These seven Legions fighting at Castile (of which included the basically destroyed 5th Legion in reserve attempted delaying tactics for nearly a month, but each battle left them more and more drained and they were less and less effective. With the overall front gone the ravens were sent from the high command to begin pulling back towards Castile or if that was unavailable then Toulose, or Valencia. With this in mind the different Legions all attempted to retreat with very different results.

The Retreat

The 2nd Legion managed to escape west towards Portugal, and it sucked off a portion of the Orcs that followed them as they retreated at full speed towards Tourone. The 9th Legion would be massacred by the Orcs as they had been the last to receive the ravens and thus they were nearly completely surrounded by the time they received the word that they were too retreat. The 10th Legion would escape very well and would be the only full strength Legion able to make it inside the Legion and inside the city they joined the 5th Legion in defense of the massive city. The 17th Legion would nearly suffer the same fate as the 9th but parts of it survived and fled northeast at a skeleton size of a Legion towards Valencia. The 6th Legion managed to retreat effectively and made its way to Castile at first but it watched as the massive Orc armies surrounded the city, and thus they decided to retreat north and hide out in the mountains in the hope of revealing the city once the siege properly began. The final legion in the 1st Legion would flee eastward effectively and would meet up with the newly arrived 13th, and 4th Legions in Valencia.

Battle for Castille

Main Article : Battle of Castille

Hispania - Fall of Hispania - The Noose Tightens
If Castille falls then just pull everyone out of Hispania. If that were to happen. It would be the end of humanity in Hispania itself.
Lucius Vorenus

With the Fall of the resistence the Orcs made a straight line for Castile, and the massive millions strong Orcs Army surrounded the city and put it under siege. In defence of the city and the area around the city stood the 10th, 1st, and 17th Legions of which both the 10th and 17th legions are badly diminished with both havng fought since the start of the conflict while the 1st is at full strength having arrived only recently from the east. The 2nd, and 14th Legions were also present attempting to hold the gaps so that the Orcs could not cut off the city from assistence, of which the Roman defenders believed was coming from Italy. These early days of the Orc attack were massive with hundreds of thousands of Orcs rampaging at the outskirt suburbs of the city, and overruning the smaller villages, and towns that made up the outskirts of the largest city in Hispania but the defenders made them pay a terrible price for every street the Orcs moved. These early days were hard fought battles but when the dust settled the Orcs had lost massive numbers and the defenders still survived although they too were greatly diminished. When no word reached them of people coming for them they sent Ravens out and hoped that someone would come for them because they had no hope of maintaining this for a protracted period of time. While the others wanted to come to their assistence they were being hammered as well by Orcs attempting to break into the Valencia region and thus couldn't break out.

Calling for Aid

With no resistence coming Lucius Vorenus sent a raven to Bretonia where he said in the letter that Castile was going to fall if the Bretonians did not advance and assist them. Upon reading the letter the Bretonian King is said to have wept tears at the precarious situation that Europe had found itself in, and with all the news shifting in to his throne room he was sure that the letter was authentic. The War had been so short in duration that the Bretonians never thought things could have gotten so bad so quick, and as they poured over maps showing the location of Castille and how dangerously close it and Valencia were to the Bretonian border their were many in the court that believed that they needed to intervene before the monsters were on their doorstep. On top of this the construction projects that were underway in Andorra were not even close to ready and the Bretonians would need more time to upgrade their defences in the end if they hoped to defend themselves. With all of this in mind the Bretonians were scared so much that they flooded into Hispania and made full speed towards Castile.

Bretonians Invade

The Bretonians entered the north east of Hispania to the scene of a constant stream of humans fleeing east and north away from the Monsters, and this alone scared them but when the massive Bretonian force first ran into an Orc force they truly knew fear. What became clear after this first conflict was that the mounted theme of the Bretonians was a definite problem for the Orcs as they had no mobile elements to their armies that would be at all fearful to the Bretonians and as such their infantry was often simply chasing after them as they were cut down by the mounted archer fire. As the Bretonians were slowed by constant Battles the 10th and 5th Legion continued to hold in Castille but each day their was another attack, and finally three weeks into the siege the Orcs broke through the eastern gate and spilled into the city. As the Orcs spilled inside the Bretonians were less then two days away but it didn't matter as over the course of the night and the next day the 10th and 5th Legion were massacred in a series of last stands throughout the city. When the Bretonians reached the point were they could see the city they watched sadly as the city burned, and they knew they were too late. The Bretonians with this knowledge turned tail and begin to return to Andorra where everyone knew the fate of the War would be dealt with.

Mordor Orc Commander

Orc Advance halted at Andorra

With Castile gone the Orcs rampaged towards Valencia, and Andorra where they would come to fight massive battles which for the first time went against them as they discovered the Bretonians were able fighters with competent commanders unlike the Romans. On top of this the Orcs had no anwser for the nearly completely mounted armies of the Bretonians and they were increasingly being absolutely destroyed by the Bretonians with minimal to no losses against the Bretonians. The three sides fought constant battles and with Lucius Vorenus now having complete control the Romans were fighting more effectively and thus Valencia was a no go for the Orcs. The Orcs attemtped to overwhelm the Bretonians but once again were taking horrible casualties and being forced to stop and go too much. Despire all of this the massive Orc army continued its movement north, and this led to them attacking the large Bretonian city of Antoine. Antione was built in Numeron style and was the last major fort before the orcs were able to attack into France. The Bretonians knew that the number of Orcs meant they could not hold the city for long, so instead they decided to ambush the orcs by concealing the entire bretonian advance army in the mountains to the west. This ambush would lead to the First Battle of Antoine. This ambush would destroy the main Orc force, and the death of most of the top Orc leaders as well.


Following this defeat, the Orcs stopped there attacks, and began to rebuild there losses. The Romans, and Bretonians had in this moment a brief chance to take the offensive and perhaps drive back the Orcs, but instead they argued over whether to attack the Castile Region, or simply rush Grenada . in the end by the time they decided on there course of action the Orcs were rebuilt and were already overruning Andorra. This would lead to the incredibly damaging War in France .

Military Units during Conflict


The Romans would send in six Legions as reinforcements in an attempt to stall the Orcs advance while they built up the defences of Valencia, Tourone, and Castile. At the beggining of the conflict their had been the three legions that were in HIspania and with the six incoming Legions their was little thought amongst the top tier of leadership that loss was even a possibility but when one looks at the situation closer it become more dangerous.

Legions in HIspania

10th Legion - The 10th Legion had made full speed towards Grenada but by the time it arrived the situation was gone there so it moved back towards Castile. Basically at full strength

5th Legion - The Fifth Legion had made full speed towards Grenada and when it arrived it had allowed itself to be surrounded and was nearly wiped out. Nearly broken as a legion with strength at less then 15%.

6th Legion - The 6th Legion had attempted to rescue the 5th Legion from its trapped position and while it was the reason for its survival it took heavy casualities in the effort. Legion stands at 75% strength

Legions Incoming

1st Legion - The First Legion was once the pride and joy of the Roman Army but its legacy was tarnished during the Fall of Africanas and thus its leadership was primed to do great things in the Hispania theater. The strength of the legion was some where around 200,000 of which very few were experianced due to the near complete loss they had suffered during the Fall of Africanas.

13th Legion - The 13th had risen from being irrelevent to importance under the leadership of Lucius Vorenus, and it had been training effectively from the days following their retreat from Africanas till they were ordered to move to Hispania. The strength of the Legion sat around 130,000 and it was the most battle hardened of the Legions.

4th Legion - The 4th Legion had suffered horrible losses during the Fall of Africanas and had difficulty rebuilding following that conflict meaning it was well led by Titus Pulo but it was at a weakened strength, though the remaining troops were all very elite, and well trained. Strength of the Legion stood at 82,000.

2nd Legion - The Second Legion had been on garrison duty at Ravenna before being sent to Ravenna and it left nearly half of its force behind in Ravenna when they couldn't raise their full army. Full Strength was somewhere around 130,000 but only 65,000 made it to Hispania.

9th Legion - The 9th Legion was renowned for its victory during the taking of Siciliy but it had done little recently and its command structure was filled with beauracrats with little knowledge of war. Its strength was around 150,000

17th Legion - The 17th Legion was the smallest Legion in the Roman Army and was before being sent to Hispania responsible for the defence of Cordoba. Its strength was some where around 70,000.

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