Previous Conflict End of the Frankish Pantheon
Fall of Koblenz
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Location Allemeni Empire
Start of Conflict Placeholder
End of Conflict Placeholder
Result Empire of Lethan Victory
  • Retreat of Kargoth
Empire of Lethan Dutchy of Koblenz
Empire of Lethan Dutchy of Koblenz
Empire of Lethan Dutchy of Koblenz
Empire of Lethan Dutchy of Koblenz
The Fall of Koblenz was a major conflict fought between the Lethan Empire expedition led by Vel Urlen against the Chaos aligned Dutchy of Koblenz.



Tricks of Urlyr

Centuries of fighting between the Covenant of Olithy against the Dutchy of Koblenz eventually ended with the arrival of a Twi'Lek force sent by Ares into the region of whom Urlyr led into the area of Koblenz and then sparked a fight between which led to the sacking of the fortress and the final exile of Kargoth from the Allemeni Region.

The War


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