House Aldrech

Ferdinand Aldrech is the son of Mathias, and Alena Aldrech making him a member of and the long time lord and patriarch of House Aldrech until his death during the Coup of Solland.

After years of attempted bribery, and large number of Eternal Flame preachers entering Solland it was Ferdinand Aldrech that would launch the Solland Crusade against the Eternal Flame where the forces of Ferdinand Aldrech rejected and then turned against the encroachment of the Austrian religion of the Church of the Eternal Flame. Ferdinand Aldrech would lead the Solland Crusade against the Eternal Flame into southern Solland where during the peak of the crusade they had destroyed every Eternal Flame church that had been constructed in Solland outside of the town of Sonnefurt where House Villumsen was left to do this on their own which proved a mistake when they did not act against the Eternal Flame. Ferdinand would be targeted during the Solland Coup and was killed during the start of the coup ambushed within the palace grounds, and his death would cause chaos until his son Ulrich took command and briefly stabilized things until he too was killed leaving only Konrad to lead the Aldrech loyalists to eventual victory.




Early History

Solland Civil War

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