House of Haleth

Fimben Haleth is the son of Ladon, and Sidhien Haleth making him a member of the House of Haleth.

Fimben Haleth would be captured during the final battle of the High Elven assault on Druchii, and taken prisoner by the Dark Elves he would be sent back to the capital as a prize of Reliana Dagorth of whom prized his last name greatly.


Early History

Third Elven Civil War

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Second Atmer Invasion of Nord America

Following the assassination of Aethis Finarfin, and the subsequent defeat of the Second Cult of Pleasure rebellion on Ulthuan by the new Pheonix King Morvael Haleth the forces of the Atmer Empire would launch a massive invasion of the Druchii in Nord America targeting Clar Karond for destruction.

Invasion of Ulthuan

Following the Atmer defeat the forces of the Druchii led by Malekith launch a massive invasion of Ulthuan which leads to the fall of much of northern Ulthuan, until the appointment of Menethus Aestarion led to the several disastrous defeats for the Druchii. So costly was this war that before the final Battle of Anlec the emotionally devastated Phoenix King Morvael Haleth committed suicide believing the High Elves would lose the battle, but despite this they won victory driving the Druchii from Ulthuan.

Family Members


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