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Fionna Brent
is the daughter of Frank, and Marjia Brent of which makes her a member of House Brent. Fionna Brent has two siblings in the form of Thomas, and Franklin Brent of whome Franklin Brent has taken control of the mounted element of the forces of House Brent and through this has transformed it to his vision of a cavalry force, while her brother Thomas is ruling over the castle of Castle Stragnarax and has become very powerful in this role following his victory during the Battle of Castle Stragnarax.

Fionna from an early age was struck by the hopelessness of her position in the house, and instead of complaining about it or wanted to remove her rivals, she would go a different route. During her youth she was very close to her brother Franklin Brent and he somewhat raised her as her mother Marjia had become more interested in the court life of Marburg then being a mother. At the age of twelve she would begin to grow her influence in the house after she begin to speak publically at the Dragon Temple at the Castle Stragnarax, and worked closely alongside her significantly older brother Thomas Brent. In this way she caught everyone's attention and many wished to know how much it would cost to marry their heirs to this beautiful young women. She was inside Castle Stragnarax when the Orcs were sighted west of the castle, and while most of the ladies and children of the city fled she remained behind with her brother and would preach the good of Glaurung and her work is signaled as a great moral booster during that battle. Fionna would be devestated when her beloved brother Franklin was sent away to the Westerlands in order to somewhat slow the possibility of a crisis in succesion between Thomas, and Franklin and Fionna and Franklin would have a very sad goodbye before he left Marburg.


Early History

The Death of Marjia Brent
You killed our mother. Why the fuck couldn't you just have died when you hit the bottom of that hole.

Death of Marjia Brent

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My mother was everything to me. She was the most important person in my life, and then she was just gone.
Franklin Brent IV.

Thomas Brent would be playing at lake with his brother and sister when he fell into a crevasse and stuck inside it was Marjia Brent who lowered herself inside and was able to get him out but she suffered a cut during this rescue of Thomas. Forced to travel by foot back to Marburg the group would be forced to stay in the woods for a night and during the night Marjia's wound became infected and despite being found in the morning by a search party from Marburg and brought back the infection had spread too far and Marjia died.


Following the death of Marjia it was a bitter Franklin Brent who sent Thomas to the mines so that he didn't have to see the person who he blamed for Marjia's death. Forced to spend at the mine learning the ins and outs of its running, he longed for the moments when he was able to practice his sword fighting with his friends. Fionna following the death of Marjia was struck by a feeling of the hopelessness of life and death and watching as her brothers were either banished in the case of Thomas or becoming emotionally unhinged as was the case with Franklin she decided to go a different route.

First Battle of Castle Stragnarax

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