Fires of Harrenhall
Fires of Harrenhall
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The Fall of the Dolish

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The Fires of Harrenhall are the sixth short story of the New World series. The Fires of Harrenhall chronicle both the history of Harrenhall, and the Iron Islands alongside the invasion of Harrenhall. The Fires of Harrenhall also begin the story of a relatively unimport Dalish girl of whom is of a powerful if not broken Dalish family, and this is a backstory for the eventual arrival of Britney Hemsworth in Dole during Westros.

The Firest of Harrenhall has several offshoot stories of which the first is The Reavers of which is a short story from the point of view of several characters of whom tell the story of the rise of the Iron Islands and the Ironborn people within the Great Westros Lake. Another story offshoot from the Fires of Harrenhall is the story The Fall of the Dolish which told from the prespective of Katniss Everdeen, and Renley Strong discusses the events of the Harrenhall, Dolish war which eventually ended with the destruction of the Dolish Kingdom leaving them scattered and weak.

The Fires of Harrenhall would chronologically begin following the Invasion of Westbridge, as it is following this event that people begin discussing Harrenhall and its fall or near fall to the Iron Islands. The two stories shall intertwine during Westros as the forces of the Order of the Violet Dragon are sent to Harrenhall as punishment for the involvement of the Iron Islands, and thus Lucerne sides with Harrenhall.

POV Characters

The Fires of Harrenhall are split into three parts with part one being the background of the Iron Islands told by Balon Greyjoy to his son Theon years before when Theon was still on the Iron Islands. The second part is the background of Harrenhall as told by a Dolish young women named Katniss Everdeen of whom is eventually a rising figure in the lands of Dole. The third part is the story of Harrenhall told by Renley Stong to the reader as he reads books and discusses things with his families Maester.

Following the stories of the first three chapters the story turns to the actual invasion of Harrenhall, and the effects aftarwards as told by various members of Harrenhall, and the Iron Islands. Following this there is also the indrotudction of Harlan Wynch of whom details Seagard and the invasion of the Ironborn eventually.

POV Character Chapters
Katniss Everdeen 2, 5, 11, 19, 21, 30, 36, 42
Renley Strong 3, 7, 12, 16, 23, 28, 35, 41
Maron Greyjoy 1, 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 43, 46
Mathew Clegane 25, 31, 37, 45
Asha Greyjoy 6, 9, 14, 18, 24, 27, 33, 39, 44, 47
Harlan Wynch 10, 15, 20, 26, 32, 38, 48
Arwood Lancer 29, 34, 40

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Balon Greyjoy tells the story of the Iron Islands to Theon, and Asha Greyjoy, while Maron Greyjoy watches from the doorway. During this chapter the ancient roots of the Ironborn are discussed, as well as the current political scene. This mainly leads into the Reavers Background story, and following this discussion Maron is awakened by Turgon Sparr II. and is now years older and goes on the first of his reavings with his uncle Victarian who is leading the Iron Fleet against the White Knife region and during this early conversation it is clear that Victarion is the person that is influencing who he is. During the time moving towards the boats for the eventual reaving he has a confrontation with his uncle Euron of whom has returned to the Iron Islands despite being banished and under the command of his uncle Victarion despite wanting to tell his father he does not reveal that Euron returned briefly. While talking with his uncle Euron alone following Victarion having enough of seeing him and unwilling to become a kinslayer it would be Maron and Euron who would speak alone leading Maron to discover how twisted Euron was of whom barely even attempts to hide his true self to Maron threatening Maron that he won't ever matter enough to stop him anyway. Punching his uncle in the face following his uncle threatening his father it would be Euron of whom would depart with no more words, and Maron watched him return to his ship where he would also watch as Euron's ship sailed away heading to the south-east. As they about to leave Pyke their ship is joined by a latecomer in the form of Kristanna Greyjoy a young girl who is joining as a shieldmaiden. Maron and Kristanna spend the entire journey from Pyke to White Knife talking and she shows a great interest in him, and when they arrive at the White Knife Maron is joined by Kristanna as they attack the White Knife village of Whivelia. Maron Greyjoy is shocked when Victarion gives him command of the thirty men who were to attack Whivelia and accepting this he disembarks the ship and takes Kristanna with him leading to them rowing ashore on a smaller boat as Victarion leaves with the main longship moving westward towards the fortress of Whitegate where a large part of the Ironborn are going to attack. The chapter ends with Maron entering the small Temple of Whivelia following Kristanna inside, and entering he finds she has stripped naked, and closing the door behind him the two begin kissing surrounded by the bodies of several crying villagers of Whivelia who had fled into the temple, and Maron quickly yells them out of the room before beggining to strip himself.

Chapter 2

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during the early part of the chapter she is shown to be quite close with her mother, and father of whom treat her with great respect, but also during the early part she overhears her mother and father argueing over the fact that several of their vassals of whom she hears to be the lords Luca Grundmun, and Dominec Fellgeebal of whom have refused to send their tithe requirements. Katniss's eavesdropping is interrupted by the arrival of several prominent members of the Dolish Senate in the form of Aldera Amberwing, Basil Earthberry, and Newt Oceansand of whom have arrived at her fathers invitation to discuss the ramifications from the disastrous losses that the royalist party suffered during the recent republic elections. Katniss climbs up through a rafter alongside her sister Primrose and from a grate in the wall they watch the conversation between her parents and the senators. Katniss is in the room when her father, and mother tell her that they will be traveling to the home of Luca Grundmun with her younger brother, and her fathers sister where they will marry her aunt to the lord of House Gurundmun's son and thereby hopefully rebuild the relationship with their most powerful vassal. Only a few days after the departure of her father and family the Everdeen estate would be approached by many armed men carrying the sigil of House Grundmun and following this most of the servents and all but three of the Everdeen guards fled the Everdeen estates. Trying to figure out what had happened Katniss would go to the nearest of her families vassals in the form of House Melark and try to find out more information but she was quickly sent away by its lord Colwort Melark, and planning to return home she was met in the gardens within her estate by Peeta Melark the heir to the powerful House Melark and he told her that the leadership of House Grundmun had begun a plot to remove the power of House Everdeen. Peeta would be forced to leave following the arrival of Syca of whom thought he was going to harm her as he knew there were things afoot, but before Peeta left he passed her a dagger and got her to promice him she would stay safe. Near the end of the chapter Katniss is greeted by the return of her family of whom tell her that upon arriving there they were utterly embarrassed in the courtyard outside House Grundmun's home by being rejected from entering or being worthy of marrying into their family and then following this they were pelted by rocks which badly injured Katniss's aunt and three of their four guards were kidnapped by the forces of House Grundmun. The chapter ends with Katniss holding her mother of whom is beginning to cough up blood.

  • During this chapter Katniss Everdeen is told the story of Dole, and the lands that she lives in by her families advisor in the form of Orna of Everdeen. Orna Everdeen her advisor goes into the story of her family, and the fact that they are powerful in Dole but mistakes by her family have led to their weakening, and also during this time she is shown to be close to another older guardsmen named Syca of Everdeen. This early part of the story leads into the short background story of the Fall of Dole which Katniss takes over as the POV Character of several chapters in that background story.

Chapter 3

Renley Strong is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Renley remains away from Harrenhall in the House Strong controlled castle of Boll Hold where he continues to learn about the land. During this time he is squiring under Adan Kenward the Lord of House Kenward and Boll Hold, and during this time he has grown extremely close to Adan's two twin children in Darrius, and Kassidy Kenward of which he is engaging in a romance with Kassidy to the happiness of Adan Kenward of whom wants the two to marry. During this time he is also shown to be close to Alice Seaworth of whom lives in the Harrenhall Magi community north of Boll Hold in the form of the Tower of Harra, but for several reasons but mainly to see her friend in Renley she has come to Boll Hold quite regurly, and the two do kiss while she is there, and from her behavior it is clear she harbors feelings for him and he thinks on the fact that sleeping with her while having stronger feelings for Kassidy was a mistake and one he promices himself he will not make again. Renley would accompany Adan and Darrius northward to the small town of Resington of which has come under assault from small groups of Dolish infiltrating from the northern border. Arriving at Resington they join with Samuel Modrall, and Travis Henbest two lords of the town of whom they begin searching the forests north of the town for a small Dolish village they had allowed to grow as a means of growing relations. Arriving at the village they discover that Kassidy had followed them and too far to send her back alone they reluctently take her with them and arriving at the small village they discover the village abandoned, but while checking the remnents of the village they are set upon by Doles of whom they defeat but lose several men. Two Doles survive the fight and Kassidy provides great assistence through her understanding of the Dolish language and through this Urnst of Resington tortures one of the men to death causing the other Dole to reveal that the main Dolish force is heading towards Resington knowing that the Harrenhall forces would have moved in force against this village.

Chapter 4

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is several years older as becomes clear when he kisses his son Enterion goodbye before giving him over to his mother before he and Kristanna get onto their now personal longboat moving towards the north where they are going to reave the southern coastline of the Kingdom of Lollard. Arriving at the small village of As his Ironborn men ransack the town he sleeps with his wife Kristanna and the two as they recover from their love making surrounded by the dead bodies of the priests in the church they had found shelter within they discuss how similar this is to the day they first reaved together. Kristanna begs him to tell her the story as it her favorite thing to hear him talk about how they met, and thus he tells her the story with the ending not being reached after Hetrek arrived to say that relief forces were surrounding the towns northern entrance and they needed to leave. Fleeing before relief could take them they take their hundreds of slaves, and massive loot and load it onto the ships escaping back to the Iron Islands. The chapter ends with Maron talking with his sister of whom comes to him telling Maron that she has found news of Theon and she wants to lead a force to capture him back, but Maron rejects this saying that she cannot take Theon back no matter how many men she has.

Chapter 5

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she deals with the death of much of her family of whom all outside of herself and her sister Primrose had grown sick following their time away from home, and despite spending what little remained of her familis money on physicians she is unable to save her family finally holding her younger brother as he would be the last to die, bleeding out from his pores. Named the Lady of House Everdeen as the oldest remaining member she would be greeted at her home by Lord Luca Grundmun of whom leads the coronation of her as the new leader of House Everdeen alongside his wife Dalia Grundmun, and throughout the two are extremely nice to her also introducing her to their youngest son in the form of Colic Grundmun of whom is shown to be somewhat kind but he acts awkwardly as well to her which causes her to begin to question what is going on. As this is going on she notices the absence of Orna and inquires as to where she went but no one can tell her, but all work very hard to keep Katniss occupied which is something that she begins to notice as she gets closer to her coronation. Following the coronation she goes to bed feeling happy but she awoken to screams as she finds herself alone in the home when her sister, and servants are all commanded to leave by Luca with her sister being dragged from the home screaming causing her to wake up. Running downstairs at this she finds Luca who is laughing at her stupidity and he goes out of his way to reveal how his coronation of her was simply so that he could marry his third son to her and thus steal House Everdeen's bloodline and turn it into nothing but a cadet house of his own. Rejecting this marriage offer Luca would beat her quite badly before being stopped by his eldest son Harl Grundmun of whom said to not kill as she was going to be his brothers. Telling her she that he was returning to Greenmore to get his son and when he returned she would marry his son or he would kill her and make the same offer to Primrose and if she rejected it as well then the line of House Everdeen would end all the same. Slipping into unconsciousness due to the beating she awoke the next morning with her sister sleeping beside her and a clearly badly beaten Syca standing guard at the entrance to her room. Revealing the plot by Luca she managed to get up and travelling with Primrose, and Syca she would go to the home of the old Everdeen vassals in the city once more trying to find some way to save her family. Finding her families vassals laughing at her she is constantly rejected in terms of help, and nearly at the end of her rope she goes to her families oldest and most powerful vassal in House Melark and is once again laughed at and told to leave. As she prepares to leave she is stopped when the heir of House Melark in the form of Peeta Melark saves her from this fate and joins his families strength to the Everdeen's threatening that if they don't support House Everdeen he will become a hedge Knight in order to support her.

Chapter 6

Asha Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is standing at the front of her ship the Black Wind heading eastward from her time in the Riverlands where she had been reaving north of the Tevinter Empire, but also searching for news on her brother Theon, and with Tristifer Botley of whom is shown through there conversation to be quite in love with Asha but her thoughts indicate that she has no interest in marrying but enjoys being physical with him. As they stand in silence sailing towards Pyke Tristifer brings up the happenings in Lucerne and this makes her think back to her lost brother Theon Greyjoy of whom she thinks on their time together before he was captured during a failed reaving in the west and eventually became a servent or slave to the Starke's a fact that brings her great pain leading to her taking Tristifer to her cabin where they have sex. Following laying in bed with Tristifer she leaves when he requests her hand in marriage again indicating that she will not marry him and also will not being having a baby when he speaks about a baby they might have. Leaving the cabin she returns to the deck where she seeks out Qarl Greymoot of whom her thoughts indicate she is in a sort of love triangle with two noble Ironborn in the form of Qarl Greymoot, and Tristifer Botley of which both love her but she is too deep in the Ironborn ways to realize this. Following talking with Qarl she commands the ship turn towards the north where she plans to reave along the east coast of the lands of House Manderly and the White Knife despite having been commanded by her father to return home immediatly. 

Chapter 7

Renley Strong is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he returns to Boll Hold following his victory at the Battle of Resington and spends the night with Kassidy of whom he discusses marriage with and this leads to him deciding to return to Harrenhall to get permission for this as well as to finally gain his families respect. He returns to Harrenhall and while being greeted with open arms by his siblings and most of the family he is spoken to with outright hostility by Heer Strong of whom has since his departure moved into his bloodline role within the family. After several arguments the situation deteriotes when Heer challenges Renley to a duel and Robert laughs about it accepting on behalf of Renley of whom was trying to find ways to decline knowing the end result of the duel. Renley prepares to duel Heer Strong, and despite it not being to the death during the fight Heer continues to attack despite losing, and Renley is forced to kill him to the horror of Heer's sister of whom during the chaos of the death of Heer threatens to kill Renley some how. Following this duel he is now greatly respected by his powerful brother Robert Strong and his brother takes him around Harrenhall for real and Renley is introduced to several of the vassals of House Strong. As the chapter ends he travels to the wall with his brother Stannis and the two look out the Iron Islands and discuss its possible threat. As they are finishing their discussion the Lady Velisandre arrives and makes her opinion on the matter known, as well as also showign she has quite the influence over  Stannis of whom appears bewitched by the Magi of Velisandre.

Chapter 8

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he returns to the Irons Islands from his reaving, and finds much of the Iron Fleet is docked in and around Pyke for what he can only assume is a massive attack. At the docks he meets Donner Salcliffe, and Urrigon Sunderly his vassal of whom tell him about their success in scouting southern Harrenhall's coastline and pushing them on why they were scouting they tell him to talk to his father if he doesn't already know and then the two head towards the Main Hall of Pyke alongside Maron of whom speaks no more to either of them. After meeting with his father he learns the Ironborn have made arrangements with House Seaworth in Harrenhall and are going to attack Harrenhall alongside the betrayers within. Maron is given one of the larger commands of the attack, and in this large command he approaches Harren Volmark as his second after he heard of his success at leading the largest previous Ironborn assault against the Coal Islands. Following this he gathers his wife and men but as he and his wife are to leave Balon arrives on the docks and commands that Kristanna not go on the main attack and instead commands her to stay on Pyke. The chapter ends with the arrival of his sister Asha Greyjoy of whom he has great affection for but also fears for her safety as he knows the path she goes down and though he wants to advise her to just marry Tristifer and be done with it he can't bring himself to take away her dreams. 

Chapter 9

Asha Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she arrives in Pyke where she goes ashore with Tristifer Botley while leaving command of the ship to Qarl something which no one even questions, and landing at Pyke she is met by her brother Maron, alongside his wife, and her uncle Aeron Greyjoy as well as several members of her mothers family in House Harlaw in the form of Harras, and his father Rodrik Harlaw. Having arrived late due to her raid in the White Knife her brother reveals the plans to her, and realizing what she missed she storms away from her brother and towards the home of her father where she plans to demand command of a larger attack then what she has been given. Her uncle Rodrik Harlaw and his son Harras stay with her as she flees the embarrassment of what her brother said and she is shown to have great respect for her uncle of whom she thinks that he is more of a father to her then her own father Balon has ever been, but despite his words to remain calm she still storms into her fathers room to confront him. Leaving Pyke she leads her part of the Ironfleet into the seas south of Harrenhall, and they drop anchor for the day waiting for the signal to arrive from a Seaworth ship telling them the time is to attack. She is joined on her ship by Erik Ironmaker and his brother Thormor Ironmaker and wanting to seem free from the pressure of Tristifer's love she kisses Erik Ironmaker and makes jokes about sleeping with him after the battle if he is brave during the fighting. Following the departure of Erik Ironmaker and during their wait she is confronted by Tristifer Botley after he had seen Asha kissing Erik Ironmaker, and she stands there as Tristifer begs her to marry him or at least Qarl for the two love her deeply, but she again doesn't want to seem weak so laughs him off embarrassing him in front of the men on the ship causing him to leave her ship and rejoin his own ship. At the end of the chapter she watches alongside Qarl Greymoot as Tristifer's ship leaves her fleet and moves toward the fleet of Maron who she knows he is close friends with.

Chapter 10

Harlan Wynch is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is squiring for Ser Polliver Ofren of whom is training him when he is taken from this by his cousin Taellin of whom told him that his sister was getting worse, and had slipped into a coma. Returning to his sister's side  by horse alongside his cousin Taellin he and his cousin discuss the death of his younger brother Donald while they are riding, and after riding for several hours they arrive at Ironholt where they are met at the gates by their uncle Daemon of whom Harlan thinks to himself how kind a man Daemon is but also hints at his uncles homosexuality. Entering the room leaving his cousin and uncle outside he enters to find his sister lies alone and wonders where his mother is but cant find , and it is at this time that his father and uncle enter the room and Harlan decides he will travel to Pontus where the great market cities must have someone with knowledge of how to help his sister. He is joined by his uncle Daemon, and cousin Taellin in this journey to Pontus, and during the end of the chapter they arrive at the docks of Pentos.

Chapter 11

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she wakes up in bed once more this time with no Primrose at her side but hears her sister laughing downstairs and follows the sounds downstairs to find Peeta Melark making her something to eat while around the room she sees several Melark soldiers, and several servents she does not recegnize but by their colors believes them to be of House Melark. Seeing Katniss enter Peeta dismisses with kindness the servants and tells the guards to prepare outside while he sets a spot at the table for Katniss and helps her sit. Katniss leaves the estate with Peeta and the forces of House Melark where she talks with Peeta and Morel Commonworth of whom is one of the few Dolish lords to remain in Kingsgrave with most of the others having fled the city under threat from House Everdeen.

Chapter 12

Renley Strong is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he travels to the small Harrenhall castle of Toll Hold held by their vassal House Bolling, where he met with their leadership and learned that Herbert Bolling who was the lord of House Bolling and the close friend of Robert Strong had been offered by Davos Seaworth a chance at joining him in what he took to mean a coup against House Strong. Renley would immediately leave Toll Hold alongside Dedrek Bolling the second son of Herbert Boling and accompanying them were some eighty men of House Bolling.

Chapter 13

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is talking with Tristifer Boltey of whom he is friends with about the behavior of his sister of which Maron apologizes for suggesting that there father is to blame but Tristifer is unwilling to accept this believing that everyone makes choices. Following this discussion he attempts to take Tristifer's mind off things and all shows his true Ironborn roots when during the continued wait for the Seaworth's he meets with Ser Gunthor of the Sunset Islands and the two discuss making true use of their time. Alongside the Sunset Island forces he attacks the small Harrenhall town Aerit of which he leads his part of the fleet against. Maron and Gunthor's forces crushes the defences and not long after this attack he leaves behind Gunthor in command of the town while he returns to the main fleet with his forces where they find the Seaworth ship has arrived.

Chapter 14

Asha Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is frustrated that her brother was able to sneak away from the Ironfleet during the night and reave while she is unable to escape her uncle Victarion's grasp. The Ironborn are overjoyed when the Seaworth ship arrives carrying Steffon Seaworth the son of Davos Seaworth of whom explains that the time is now to attack. As they discuss things breifly before the attack Maron returns and joins the talk to the cheering of the Ironborn of whom see him as a true Ironborn. The chapter ends with the Ironfleet arriving at the outskirts of Harrenhall and preparing to launch their assault.

Chapter 15

Harlan Wynch is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter they are able to find a Healer of whom says he can help them, and they pay him handsomelly to return with them to Ironholt where they arrive back at with little difficulty. Finding his sister still in a coma upon returning the healer is able to diognose her with a parasitic organism, and after a dangerous surgary they are able to remove the leach like creature and as the days go by she recovers from the coma and returns to her pre sickness health. He is knighted following his saving of his sister and this changes him in an extremely positive way as he feels better after being able to save his sister where he believes he failed to save his sister. Following his sister's return to health he is told by his father that the Queen of Seagard is rumored to be on the lookout for a husband and in this way he plans to travel to Seagard.

Chapter 16

Renley Strong is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in Harrenhall and attempts to find his brother's and tell them of the betrayal but before he can he and his company see the smoke rising from the port and rising to the walls of the south they see the massive Ironborn fleet arrayed all across the Bay of Harrenhall. Renley is able to locate his brother Stannis at the Market and he joins his brother in the defence of the Market where they fight heroiclly and deal a serious wound to the Seaworth and Ironborn forces.

Chapter 17

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he fights in the Siege of Harrenhall where he lands north of the docks attacking there he battles against the defenders there led by Steffon Strong of whom is unable to hold off Maron of whom breaks through the light defenses before engaging Steffon in single combat. The fight is brief with Maron killing Steffon and with his death the little order in the defenses of the north docks collapses and the remainder of the defenders flee with the Ironborn in quick pursuit. Continueing his assault he moves towards the next major target in the north in the form of Tellington Hold where the estate of House Tellington is located and here he would bring his forces to bear putting ladders against the walls and losing significant forces during the rushing of the holdfast but are able to overwhelm the undermanned defenders and break inside. Fighting in the courtyard and into the houses the Lord of House Tellington is cut down by Maron, and following this the defenders surrender giving him many valuable hostages. Preparing to move further southward he is stopped by the arrival of the remnents of the attack on the Market Square of whom tell him that Stannis Strong has massacred the Ironborn, and their allies at the market. By the time he arrives at the market it is too late and the Strong forces have fully secured the area meaning they cannot take the city in full.

Chapter 18

Asha Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she leads her forces against the dock where she watches her brother kill many defenders and wanting to prove herself she moves ahead of the line and attacks the fortress of Grightwood Keep where she unknowingly stops Robert Strong from moving the sizeable forces at his disposal south. Fighting against Roberts forces in a bitter pitched fight within the keep she loses the fight and is nearly killed by Robert Strong before the arrival of Tristifer Botley leads to her survival and the retreat of the Robert Strong led forces into Grightwood fortress. Setting up a siege of Grigthwood Keep they are shocked with the arrival of Strong led forces coming from the Marketplace, and they are forced to abandon the complete siege and only cover the Ironborn held area north of Grightwood Keep. The arrival of Aeron Greyjoy lets her in on the fact they believed which is the defeat of the attack on the Marketplace and the relative standoff that now exists over the city, and she is disgusted at the Ironborn failure at Harrenhall and despite Victarion ordering herself and her men to remain and continue the siege she leaves with her fleet alongside her brother who leaves with his and she travels southward where she lands near Aerit and plans to attack northward against Wensington Castle and the lands around it.

Chapter 19

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she watches as the forces of Luca Grundmun move into the distance down the road heading back to Greenmore but his threats ring in her ear as she knows this is not the end of the fighting between her family and his. Using the forces of House Melark led by Peeta she is able to keep control of Kingsgrave but they lose control of several of the smaller towns of the Dutchy of Kingsgrave to the forces loyal to Luca Grundmun and despite the embaressment of these losses they basically ignore them in favor of holding the capital and the lands northward of the capital which are the personal holdings of House Melark. As Katniss is taking some time to regroup at the Everdeen estates it is Orna that returns to the estate alongside a man she has never seen before, and brought inside by Peeta it is Orna who reveals that she had left to travel to the town of Roseforge where she had tried to enlist the help of her former companions in The Ebony Blossom Syndicate. The man is revealed to be Tulsee Wildsong a high ranking member of the Ebony Blossom and he tells Katniss and Peeta that following the words of Orna that the Ebony Blossom have agreed to support her attempts to gain the crown and will gain control of Roseforge for her. Following Orna leaving its Katniss who is spends the night alone, and waking up the next day she goes to the window and sees Peeta outside leading a group of workers in repairing a wall that had crumbled and seeing his continued kindness she becomes overcome with confusion and runs downstairs engaging Peeta in an argument. After bringing her back inside the two have a long conversation where Peeta tells her how long he has loved her for and all the different moments in his life that he has felt defined by his love for her, and at first Katniss does not reciprocate this affection. Feeling rejected Peeta begins to walk out, but Katniss thinks on the words of Orna and taking her advise about manipulation Katniss would kiss Peeta and flirt with him giving him enough hope that Peeta regains his former happiness before returning outside. The chapter ends with the arrival of Alma Couin who is a prominent noble from Greenmore and shocked at his arrival he meets with Katniss and tells her that a large force of Numenorians has arrived in Greenmore and is at the moment being courted by House Grundmun but there is still time for Katniss to make her way there and make a better offer. 

Chapter 20

Harlan Wynch is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at Seagard and joins the council of Seagard as they discuss the Ironborn attack on Harrenhall. During the speaches he is in awe of Florance Seagard the Queen's intelligence and beauty and attempts to wait and see her but finds that there are several other young nobles like himself all waiting to see her. The next day the council meets again and this time to discuss the Lucernian capture of Westbridge and what this means for Seagard, and as he sits and watches he is taken from his waiting by the voice of the queen adressing him, and she during this second council meeting would ask of him many things, and then at the end of the meeting tells him to meet her in her quarters to speak on the matter of the Lucernians. He with much nervousness arrives at her quarters and the two speak for hours well into the night only stopping when her younger sisters arrive and she tells him she must put them to bed. The two continue this routine of him going to the council meetings and then them speaking for hours afterwards and he begins to fall in love with this girl over the weeks that follow. It is at the end of the chapter that he is awoken by Ser Hyde Hunt of whom takes him to meet with Florance, and after walking the palace gardens she tells him that she has been seeking a husband for some time and that she believes he will make a perfect choice, and without thinking for a moment he says yes causing them both to laugh. She tells him to return to his father and tell him this, and while he is gone she tells him that she will miss him.

Chapter 21

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she departs the capital alongside Wolf Hawkflake and a small force of House Hawkflake leaving behind Peeta in command of Kingsgrave which she leaves heading towards Castle Heavensbee where the powerful Britney Hemsworth has camped her forces. Arriving at Castle Heavensbee Katniss is shocked by the number of troops that are camped around the castle and realizes that the power of Britnet Hemsworth is no joke, something that is further shown when she sees the flags of House Heavensbee have been altered to shown heraldy of the Black Numenorians. Entering Castle Heavensbee she meets Britney Hemsworth alongside Wolf and Britney is introduced to her by Haymitch of whom is basically someone she hasn't seen in some time but was the best friend of her father. Britney Hemsworth during their initial meetings describes how her large army is willing to assist Katniss and her forces in retaking control of the region of Kinsgrave and in return all she wishes for is Harrenhall, and all other independant lands of the Dolish Lowlands. After hours of negotiaons it is Katniss who cannot stand the games anymore and has an outburst which impresses Britney who asks everyone to leave the two women to speak alone. Speaking alone Britney reveals her true purpose is to gain control of Harrenhall so that she can impress William Lovie III. and the two come to an agreement to work together.

Chapter 22

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he returns to Pyke where he discusses things with his father, and his father allows him to return to Harrenhall with his wife, and he does do this with haste as everyone is coming to realize that the situation has deterioted further since his departure. Arriving in Harrenhall he arrives to find the defenders have dug in forcing a stalemate but also that House Tarth has turned to the side of the defenders dramatically changing the spheres of control of the city, and Maron joins a meeting with the commanders of Harrenhall. Leaving the meeting he is met outside by Balon Sunderly of whom gives Maron a letter written to him in his fathers and hand and with his fathers seal of which he reads and it tells Maron that his sister Asha will be coming to Harrenhall and that Maron is to leave Harrenhall and travel to Northern Bolten where he is to reave with as much damage as possible. Not believing the story he is convinsed by the arrival of Vickon Volmark of whom was the best friend of Balon Greyjoy and hearing Vickon tell him that Balon had sent the letter to let Maron know the true plan they would begin to discuss what Vickon said was the true situation in Pyke. Vickon would tell Maron that the capital had been infiltrated by agents of a master they could not discover the identity of and thus were unable to speak truly openly, but the truth was that Balon was making arrangements with the Lucernians and in order to secure the alliance as well as get Theon back they needed to attack the Boltens and that was where Maron's mission came in. Leaving Harrenhall he gathers a dozen ships with him, and preparing to depart he is once again joined by Balon Sunderly of whom brings three more ships with him, and together the sixteen ships make their way towards Northern Bolten. 

Chapter 23

Renley Strong is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter the siege of Harrenhall continues but during the night he watches his nephew leave the fortress of his family, and feeling something is going on he follows his nephew where he sees him meeting with a girl he recegnizes as Brianne Tarth the sole child of the lord of House Tarth. Confronting the two they declare their long time love for eachother, and this leads to them beginning to plan to marry eachother through the convinsing of Renly.

Chapter 24

Asha Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is met by Ser Gunthor of the Sunset Islands of whom leads a large force from the Sunset Islands into the Siege of Harrenhall, and following this meeting she goes to talk to Dagon, and Aeron Greyjoy of whom she says goodbye to and then takes her forces back to Pyke.

Chapter 25

Mathew Clegane is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets with William Lovie III. and the Council of Lucerne alongside Alester Flore after the two had been recalled to the capital to receieve commands from the Waffen High General.

Chapter 26

Harlan Wynch is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he returns to his families home in Ironholt and tells his overjoyed family about the marriage offer from the Queen of Seagard.

Chapter 27

Asha Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she arrives back in Pyke to find the situation has changed quite dramatically as she is forced to once more return to Harrenhall with her brother preparing to assault the lands of northern Bolten following the Lucernians and Bolten forces going to war.

Chapter 28

Renley Strong is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter

Chapter 29

Arwood Lancer is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 30

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 31

Mathew Clegane is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 32

Harlan Wynch is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 37

Chapter 38

Harlan Wynch is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Katniss Everdeen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 43

Maron Greyjoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he continued to reave throughout northern Bolten but eventually stops as Maron at this point would hear from some of his men most notably being Balon Sunderly that they had heard rumors that Euron Greyjoy was returning and had been spotted in the northern ports of the Dontus, and this horrified Maron who knew this wouldn`t lead to anything good. When they were leaving Maron had been seperated from Kristanna Greyjoy but got news of her safety and thus left on his ships to return and speak to his father about the rumors of Euron.

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