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Previous Conflict Bolten Invasion of the Divine Lands
First Bolten-Lucerne War
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The First Bolten-Lucerne War was a conflict fought between the forces of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and the Kingdom of Bolten. Sparked initially by the forces of Bolten becoming horrified at the sudden growth of Lucerne into the Riverlands, Lorderon, and then finally Westbridge and then spilled into a massive confllict after the attack on the Divine Lands. The First Bolten-Lucerne War would become the premier conflict of Westros, and the centerpiece of much of the third story.

The First Bolten-Lucerne War begin when the Kingdom of Bolten invaded into the Divine Lands and sacked the town of Jeutenburg. From this the Lucernian detachtment in Koenisburg would defend the city from the invading Boltens of whom were tricked into believing a significant force of Lucernians was present in koenisburg when actually there was little forces inside the city. The Kingdom of Bolten would retreat eastward from there and Ramsey Bolten went northward and was ambushed in the massive defeat of Green Creek which crushed a large part of the Bolten army and left many nobles captured or dead.


Meeting at the Dreadfort

Main Article : Dreadfort Meeting of 5136

The Bolten Decision
I thought if I supported you, then you would stop. I thought you could be bargained with Ramsey. I was so wrong. I should have never supported you. I should have supported my only true son.
Rodrik Cassel.jpg
I wanted him to stop. I spoke to him with all the love I had in me for my brother, and yet all it did was make him believe I wanted him dead. What was there left for me when he refused reason.
Domeric Bolten

Domeric Bolten would travel to Hornwood so that he could attend a tournament they were holding there, and also so that he could see Halys Hornwood and his family of whom he knew very well and loved as his own family. Arriving there Halys would tell him that he had sent some of his men to follow Ramsey Bolten around, and from this had discovered that Ramsey had a small keep north of the Dreadfort and would use it to capture, chase, and then rape and kill women. Learning this as well as the plans that Ramsey was beggining to form alongside the power he was gaining Domeric would return to the Dreadfort with Halys, and several of the Hornwood vassals. Domeric and his party would meet Rodrik Cassel a little west of Hornwood where he was awaiting more boats for transport for himself and his vassals, and from Rodrik they learned that followed Domeric leaving the Dreadfort Ramsey had called a meeting of the Kingdom of Bolten, and Rodrik was already running late.

When we met Rodrik Cassel on the road it was a chance meeting. We weren't moving at a very high speed, and had we not of we would have taken the land route instead of the boat with him, and we would have missed the meeting.
Domeric Bolten

Taking a ride with the Cassel force Domeric and the Hornwood forces would reach the Dreadfort days before they would if they had been marching, and would arrive just hours before the meetings were to begin. Domeric would have a long talk with Josh Cole of whom warns Domeric that the Karstark's and the Urnet's are solidly behind Ramsey and that he and his forces will not follow Domeric into a conflict they cannot win. Hearing of the Karstark's joining with Ramsey Domeric meets with Halys Hornwood but finds he has come with a sickness and can barely move forcing Daryn Hornwood to join the meeting as the head of House Hornwood. Arriving at the meeting Ramsey, and Mallador Locke would taunt Daryn over the sickness of his father and would carefully make it known that they were the reason behind the sickness. The arrival of Trevor Hayford would stall the argument and they all entered the Dreadfort Keep where the meeting took place.

Domeric Bolten Cover.jpg
Ramsey was chaos, while Domeric was order. It will forever be the great shame of this land that we allowed chaos to grow. We all stood and watched as Domeric resisted, and was struck down. We all sat and we all watched as Chaos was allow to do that. We should be ashamed.
Daryn Hornwood

Entering the meeting the assembled noblemen would hear a speach from Roose Bolten which to the shock of many inside the room was praising towards Ramsey, and slightly insulting towards Domeric. This speach did much to turn many of those who might have followed Domeric, and turned them towards listening to Ramsey instead. Following this Rickard Karstark spoke of growing attacks by Dragonoph fanatics sent by the Kingdom of Lucerne against the western border of the Karstark lands, and Domeric would stand during this and tell the assembled that these attacks were not happening. Ramsey would attack Domerics honor and call him a liar who was secretly in the pay for the Lucernians which noone believed but turned the attention away from the lie about the Lucernian attacks on the Karstarks. Daryn Hornwood did his best to speak on the side of Domeric but was shouted down by the Locke's and Urnets of whom laughed at Daryn and rediculed his lands, and his weakened father. As things broke down and it became clear that Ramsey was going to have the war he wanted, Domeric would look across at Josh Cole and saw him smiling sadly at him, and as the meeting ended Domeric went after Josh Cole and spoke with him alongside Daryn Hornwood. Josh Cole told Domeric once again that the Cole's were not willing to die for some wasted war that the insane Ramsey Bolten wanted, and that Josh Cole was not going to do it, and Domeric realizing this could mean turning to the Lucernians, or staying neutral attempted to persaude him, but despite respecting Domeric there was no agreement from Josh.

I could litteraly feel the moment when hope died. He stood and he told everyone there a giant lie, and they all believed him. I knew the truth, and I knew what would happen if we did this. I knew their numbers. I knew their quality. I knew a lot about the Kingdom of Lucerne, and I knew that we were not a match for them. Not now.
Domeric Bolten

Domeric in that moment knew things were darkening in Bolten, and warned Daryn to take his father and their vassals and return to Hornwood and prepare the army because he would need them when the time came. Doing this Domeric was left alone and went to see his father of whom would be in his throne room with Rickard Karstark. Speaking with the two of them Domeric got the sence that neither agreed with Ramsey, but couldn't get them to tell him why they had sided with him, but Roose did tell Domeric that he needed to follow Ramsey this time, or else. When he resisted this Roose would command it as his king, and knowing the honor bound Domeric would follow this he left the room with the horrifying thought of having to follow Ramsey and his madness.

House Cole turns away

Kristen Cole's marriage would seal the arrangement that perhaps doomed the Kingdom of Bolten

"I sat in that meeting and watched as the words of that madman Ramsey Bolten were echoed in Roose. Speaking to him afterwards I got the impression that he was no longer willing to deny his young bastard, and despite my honest chritisims he would not budge. It was in that moment I knew I couldn't watch as my family was destroyed because of the decisions of madmen. It was in that moment I turned my back on the fools in Dreadfort and charted my own path."
-Josh Cole

As the war in Bolten rose to prominence it was Josh Cole that saw the error of conflict with Lucerne, and when Roose commanded all the banners to send their forces to Karhold for the attack on the west, it Josh that begin to bring the elements of House Cole back to Deephome where he begin to plan for what he wanted to do in this new Ramsey Bolten dominated Kingdom of Bolten. He begin sending messengers to Lorderon and would communicate that he was interested in discussing a meeting of the minds, which he wanted to happen on the river border of the two kingdoms. House Scarlet, and House Menathil would arrange the meeting, and would send a few men to join Diane in her hopeful diplomatic mission with Josh Cole. Diane Portmane would go about meeting Josh Cole on a barge in the river bordering the two kingdoms she would arrange the deal that gave House Cole the future control of a huge tract of land south of Lorderon and a position as Noble House within the Kingdom of Lucerne. Josh Cole would be impressed with the generocity they showed him, and in return for this he promiced that when the time came he would turn his forces against Bolten and allow the Lucernians to cross the bridge in peace. He would also demand that his daughter Kristen Cole would be married off, and he was offered Taimen Scarlet as the choice and learning how high up Taimen was in House Scarlet he was beyond happy to accept the offer. As the army of Bolten marched on Jeutenburg it was Josh Cole that lied and said that the forces of House Scarlet were threatening and he couldn't pull his forces back. Following this act of good faith Taimen and Kristen Cole would be married in the Temple of Lorderon thus sealing the arrangement between House Cole and the Kingdom of Lucerne.

The War Begins

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Siege of Koenisburg
If they take Koenisburg it will prolong with this war for so much longer then it needs to be. Hold the city and we can break them now. Hold the city and we can end this before it begins.

Siege of Koenisburg

Main Article : Siege of Koenisburg

Hedrik Clegane III 4.jpg
I think to a man we all thought that the Bolten's would have listened to our warnings. Noone at the top thought they were actually going to call our bluff and burn an entire town to the ground.
Hedrik Clegane III.

When Jeutenburg came under siege this was a huge indicator that the diplomatic message wasn't going to be enough so William ordered House Starke under Jon Snow, House Lannister under Tyrion Lannister, as well as House Clegane under Hedrik Clegane III. to send their forces to assist in the defense of Koenisburg as the city was now completely under threat. Word was sent to Koenisburg that this was happening and Britt Lancave would prepare herself for the ultimate defense of the city she loved so dearly. Word was also sent northward to Kul Tiras of whom was to send a large force of ships to Fairmaket in order to send the forces incoming to the Divine Lands. Kul Tiras would send two ships to Koenisburg under different purposes led by Wilheim Caellin, Dilon Borrell, and Tandred Proudmoore of whom would land in Koenisburg planting there house flags on two of the towers of the city making it appear once more there were more forces present then there would actually be. At the same time as this was going to happen William sent one of his greatest generals in Jamie Lannister to the small town of Grandlen where if the Boltens besieged the city of Koenisburg Jamie was to move southwards from Grandlen and hit them from behind and destroy the Boltens before this got out of hand. Jamie Lannister joined heavily by forces of House Reyne, House Brax, and other vassals of Castamere would arrive two weeks after leaving in Grandlen alongside a force of some two thousand cavalry, and they would make camp a days march east of Grandlen and await word from Koenisburg.

Britt Lancave Small.jpg
Jon Starke arrived and just like every time the Lucernians came here they seemed like a different species. Glittering in their armor, and overstretched with food they were like royalty. Even the Bastards of there land looked like princes in the Valley of Lucerne compared to us.
Britt Lancave

Jon Snow would arrive alongside Tyrion Lannister and a small force of House Starke and House Baratheon into Koenisburg, and were met with great applause by the scared locals of Koenisburg. Jon Snow and Tyrion were shown to rooms by Britt Lancave and when they were both situated Britt met with them to discuss what was happening in the theater. She told them that the Boltens appeared led by Ramsey Bolten, and were massing a large army outside of Karhold in a direct threat to Jeutenburg, and while the armies of the Divine Lands were large they were not even close to capable of defeating the amassed army of Bolten. The three would talk some more before Tyrion left leaving just Britt and Jon Snow alone, and she would ask him about how his situation in the north was going. Shocked that she remembered from briefly telling her years ago he told her about the letters and told her that it was taking all of his strength to stay himself from leaving for the north. Britt would explain to him the way Bastards worked in the Divine Lands, and told him how sad she was for him feeling so unloved just because of the manner in which he was born. Feeling comforted by this he was shocked when Britt suggested they marry, and despite finding her very attractive he still longed to see Ygritte again, and was forced to reject her offer. Things continued in a spin mode for many days until as they were meeting in the keep news reached them that Hedrik Clegane III. had arrived in Koenisburg and they went to the docks to meet him. Meeting with Hedrik Clegane III. he would give Jon Snow a letter passed onto him from a Maester from Stormwind, and labelled from Jeor Mormont he excused himself to read it, and digest what it would mean.

Hours after the arrival of Hedrik Clegane III. the city was alerted to the sudden arrival of more Lucernians as they were further joined by Sawyer Shephard of whom brought nearly a hundred Order of the Red Dragon men and flags with him as well in order to help. Using these flags and honor guard they mounted themselves all along the walls of Koenisburg, and alongside the earlier arrival of the Kul Tiras forces the walls were arrayed with different sigils and gave a very clear impression that House Starke, House Clegane, the Kul Tirasi Houses, and House Lannister had arrived in force. Tandred Proudmoore would also have his highly trained Kul Tirasi marines captain nearly every ship in Koenisburg to the point that the port looked filled to the brim furthering the idea that there was large force present. By this point the Lucernians, and Divine Lands had learned the extent of the destruction of Jeutenburg of which pushed basically the entire Divine Lands into the Lucernian camp including Grandlens large forces.

Devision and Failure
House Karstark1.jpg
He's losing his mind son. Look at what hes doing and you tell me right now that putting him out of his misery is not the proper path. Domeric I'm going to advise you one last time that either you kill your brother or watch this entire army burn around you.
Rickard Karstark

The moment the flags went up on the walls of Koenisburg their was a severe amount of panic among the leadership of House Bolten after Ramsey Bolten went on a screaming spree as he believed his commanders had failed him and brought them all into a trap. Following his ranting Ramsey Bolten would call the commanders together and go on another mad rant inside the command tent about the need for the army to retreat before they were overwhelmed by what he believed was a massive Lucernian army. In this moment Domeric would step forward and heavily push that they should attack the city right away as he argued their was no way that the Lucernians could have massed enough troops in the city to stop them. As he was almost finished talking Ramsey would take a knife out and lunge at Domeric attempting to kill him. Domeric was the more skilled warrior and dodged the knife before wrestling Ramsey to the ground, and only the interference of the other commanders stopped Ramsey from being killed right there. With Ramsey losing his mind in the tent it was Rickard Karstark that would suggest that they meet with the Lucernians and at least gauge the forces of the Lucernians from the meeting. Ramsey would reluctantly agree to this plan, and with that a messenger was sent to the wall making it known that they wanted a meeting.

That was the first chance I had gotten to meet the so called bastard of Bolten and I had assumed that the terrible things I had heard of him were going to prove to be overblown. I was wrong.
Britt Lancave

The two forces would meet with Ramsey and Domeric Bolten followed by Rickard Karstark, and John Cole on the Bolten side and on the Lucernian side it was Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Hedrik Clegane III. alongside Britt Lancave. As the two forces rode out it was a quiet moment for both sides as both believed the other side was going to break the honorable truce of a white flag meeting. Meeting together they would barely be starting to discuss the issues when Ramsey Bolten would intervene and begin insulting Tyrion Lannister for being a dwarf, and Jon Snow for his bastardy birth.

With these insults the meeting begin to fall apart and it nearly came to violence when Ramsey took out a knife from his side and only the quick movement of Domeric Bolten stopped the situation from completely falling apart. Despite this Ramsey and Domeric would nearly come to blows but only Ramsey's knowledge that he couldn't defeat Domeric stopped him from attacking him right there. Ramsey would spit in his face before leaving with everyone else in the party outside of Domeric who remained behind. Britt Lancave would attempt to convinse him to come back with them, but he was loyal to a fault and returned to the Bolten lines.

The Retreat
Ramsey Bolten1.jpg
I returned to a camp in complete turmoil. When I got off my horse it was John Cole that approached me and told me that Ramsey had spent the ride back screaming how I was to be killed in the most violent and painful way he could devise, and that he planned to retreat back to Karhold. All that remained now was to make it there.
Domeric Bolten

Following the fight between Domeric and Ramsey Bolten and the collapse of the meeting with the Lucernians it was Ramsey's hatred and madness that led him him to decide to put nearly the entire Bolten army into a full retreat back to Karhold. Ramsey was at this point beyond any sort of rational thought and noone dared resist him despite the fact that many believed that Koenisburg was there's for the taking and Roose Bolten wanted the city taken at all costs. While he planned to have nearly the entire army do this he would force his brother Domeric to return to Karhold from a different direction with only House Hornwood and its loyal vassals. As the armies made their retreat back to Karkhold, it was Ramsey that put into work his real plan when he split from the main army and moved north with a large force of cavalry and planned to burn the town of Pomlet to the ground and thus force Domeric to come to its aid, where he would then say he was responsible for the act and ambush his brother's force. After hearing Ramsey talking about his plan to Reek it was Jordin Bolten that snuck into the force of Ramsey as it split off from the main army, and he would send a Raven to Grandlen telling Jamie Lannister of the change.

I think that was one of the last strings to go that let Ramsey really go about ending Domeric. While from my point of view, and anyone who had a sane mind, what Domeric was saying was completely correct, that wasn't the equation. It was always his great weakness that Domeric couldn't ever accept that rational behavior would get him no where in a land filled with ingrates, and morons. Domeric would have spent his entire life having statues built to him if he was born a few weeks march away from Dreadfort in any direction. But fate foretold that he was going to be born to House Bolten, and it was in that birth that he was fated nearly at birth to die. I told him once that he needed to kill his brother at some point. I tried to make him understand that being known as a kin slayer was the only way he would survive, but he was adamant that his brother had something inside of him that was good. He probably believed that all the way up to the moment when his brother pushed the sword into his chest. Good men die quickly in Bolten.
Rickard Karstark
Battle of Green Creek
The fool camped for an entire day on the words of a man he hated. He deserved what came on him that night. My only regret was the fact that I wasn't the one that got to kill the Bastard of Bolten myself.

Tyrek Lannister and Jamie Lannister land at the Port of Grandlen where they meet with Lord Ancel Grandlen and Nicoli Machiavelli but as they are unloading their Lannister force they can see that the Grandlen troops have already rallied and are prepared to move. Jamie becomes the leader of the Grandlen/Lannister force and places Hanzal Reyne, and Dale Grandlen as his top generals and with this in place they begin marching towards the north east where information they have says that Ramsey Bolten has retreated towards.

Battle of Green Creek

Main Article : Battle of Green Creek

The fool camped for an entire day on the words of a man he hated. He deserved what came on him that night. My only regret was the fact that I wasn't the one that got to kill the Bastard of Bolten myself.
Jordin Bolten

What Ramsey did not anticipate was the fact that the moment that Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Britt Lancave and Hedrik Clegane returned to Koenisburg they sent a raven to Jamie Lannister telling him to move against the Boltens. Ramsey had not realized that Jordin Bolten had joined his army but discovered his presence and begin to plot to kill Jordin. Jordin would at this point follow the commands of his cousin Domeric and begin to attempt to feed the mind of Ramsey with increasing amounts of lies. Jordin would tell Ramsey that he and Domeric had gotten into a fight and he was done with Domeric, and wanted to be close to the real leadership of Bolten in the form of Ramsey. So as Jordin gained slight influence he begin to say how under Domeric he had founded a scouting force which was the main reason Domeric had always been so succesful, and from this he knew all the comings and goings of the Divine Lands. So as they moved further northward and prepared to attack the town of Pomlet Jordin slowed them by saying he knew the location of scouts for Pomlet and took them on a massive route that delayed them significantly from where they would have been. As the delays continued Jordin knew that Jamie Lannister was close when a lucernian scout entered the Bolten camp and met with Jordin.

This was the moment where I picked sides. After this there would be no returning to Bolten, and my life here was at an end. I could only hope that Ramsey's death would lead to Domeric gaining control and I knew he would do what was right for the people.
Jordin Bolten

The scout was a man of Lannister named Toren of Castamere of whom told Jordin that the Lannister/Grandlen army was very close, and that they needed Jordin to move the Bolten army to a riverbed which would allow them to trap them, and destroy the army. Jordin would give the man a list of names, and banners of which he would pain with red on their tents and these men should be spared by any means necessary, and also he told Toren that Ramsey specifically could not survive. Following the departure of the scout Jordin would wake Ramsey in the middle of the night of whom was torturing some poor village girl in his tent, and would tell Ramsey that his scouts had discovered a lucernian force nearby and they needed to move quickly in the morning to a riverbed of which they would be able to hide and perhaps even ambush the lucernians.

We all heard about the destruction of the Boltens at Green Creek, and that was the end of the war from a public standpoint. From that point forward the Boltens moved from disaster to disaster.
William Lovie III.[src]

The following morning the forces of Lucerne would move at full speed towards the riverbed where they knew Jordin would move them, and at the same point Jordin would have moved the entire Bolten army to the riverbed where he then told them the Lucernians had passed by them but they needed to remain where they were so that they could ambush the Lucernians from behind. Jordin would be commanded by Ramsey to have all the men sleep, so that when they attacked the Lucernians they would be at full strength, and Jordin silently laughed as Ramsey collapsed any chance of defence for the Boltens.

The Massacre

Battle of Green River.jpg
I knew the moment we were attacked that Jordin had betrayed us, and from that point forward I knew that Domeric needed to pay for what had happened to me.
Ramsey Bolten[src]

Jamie Lannister and his three thousand cavalry would smash into the camp of Ramsey Bolten and in less then twenty minutes nearly the entire force was massacred. The four thousand infantry from Grandlen reached the camp midway through the battle and complete the massacre, and also make sure that they took control of the remaining noblemen that had been marked with red tents by Jordin during the night. It was as everything was falling apart that Ramsey Bolten would switch clothes with his servent Reek of whom he would smash the face of beyond any recegnition so that he could not be found to be not him. Reek had been known for being constantly covered in human refuse, and other garbage and thus to make himself look more like Reek so that he could get away with the swap. When Jamie entered the tent of Ramsey attempting to kill Ramsey or take him prisoner he found nothing but the supposed Reek standing over the destroyed body of "Ramsey Bolten". In that moment Jamie went to kill Reek but was stopped by Jordin Bolten who said to let Reek go as he was nothing but a slave they had captured from the Greyjoy's years past. Trusting Jordin Jamie would let "Reek" go and thus Ramsey Bolten escape the battle and made his way back to the Dreadfort.

Counter Attack on Jeutenburg

Main Article : Second Battle of Jeutenburg

Fall of Dellbrough

Main Article : Fall of Dellbrough

Siege of Karhold

Main Article : Siege of Karhold

Siege of Karhold.png
It had been generations since we had been betrayed and our land taken form us. While we had rebuilt our lives and the memory had begun to fade. The anger and hatred of a betrayal never truly goes away.'
-Eddard Starke

With the fall of Jeutenburg the route into Karhold was completely open to the forces of Lucerne and they would take advantage of the shock caused on the Bolten forces by the destruction of the army at Green Creek. Moving westward the forces of House Karstark would be fed bad information from the retreating forces who told them that the main goal was the castle west of Karhold in the form of Saltwood Castle. In this way believing they would hit Saltwood first Arnolf who was in command of Karhold would send much of the Karstark forces to Saltwood which was under the command of House Saltwood of whom had already defected to the Lucernians and was thus further feeding bad information. As the Bolten forces were going towards Saltwood Castle in order to meet the forces of House Starke head on the true Starke force was now heading directly towards Karhold from the north where it found basically no resistence.

Battle of Saltwood Castle

Main Article : Battle of Saltwood Castle

Jaden Ambry1.jpg
You half felt bad for those poor fools walking into the disaster at Saltwood. We knew there would suprise and everyone who laid down a sword was going to live. It had to be that way.
-Jaden Ambry

The Secondary force from House Starke would arrive at Saltwood Castle before the forces of Bolten and would menaeuver themselves into the forests south of the castle while the Bolten forces could be devided into two distinct sections. The first section of the Bolten forces had remained loyal to House Bolten and the Karstarkes either out of honor or had not been told of other options and thus moved towards Saltwood without knowledge that most had switched sides. The second group were made of the houses of the area and from elsewhere that had switched sides to the Lucernians and these forces were prepared for the ambush as they marched. Marching forward the Lucernian loyalists would remain outside the castle while the Bolten loyalists split in a further half with one side entering the castle, and the other side heading towards the forest where the Lucernians awaited them. Once out of range of the castle the Saltwoods would reject the call to call for surrenders when they opened fire on the Bolten troops entering the castle, and nearly the entire force was massacred. Trying to flee the Lucernians turncoats that had waited outside the castle hit them from the rear and these forces were more willing to accept prisoners but the Bolten troops were destroyed or captured in their entirety. The other force led by Cregan Karstark II., and Eddard Karstark II. would find themselves moving towards the forest and seeing a now fully deployed and larger force of Lucernian troops awaiting them. Deploying into position they watched the arrival of the other forces but these forces stopped behind them with weapons drawn clearly indicating a trap. Moving forward towards these troops Jaden Ambry, and Trevor Baratheon would bid them surrender and seeing the hopelessness of their position they would surrender themselves as well.

The Attack Begins

Siege of Karhold2.png
We went immediatly under the assumption that the Saltwood turning would lead to our victory against their main force, and we hit the northern gate while noone was ready.
Robb Starke

Robb Starke and the main Starke force would hit the northern edge of Karhold during the night, and would spy very few sentries on the wall due to the late night and the fact that noone thought Karhold was even threatened. Robb would send Theon Greyjoy, and Gregory Estermont with a small team of troops carring ropes who would ascend the northern wall and open the gatehouse for their troops. Theon, and Gregory would be able to get onto the wall but the alarm was raised as they were opening the gates thus alerting the city to the attack. The army of the Starkes entered the northern gate either way and was able to quickly capture a large swathe of the northern section as most of the defenders were just waking up, and those that were up were either killed or disarmed by the attacking forces. Arriving at the western gate Robb Starke alongside Wilheim Martell would get inside the gatehouse, and open the gate allowing the monsterous Grey Wind to enter as well and Grey Wind would massacre Cregan Karstark and several other men before finally being restrained by Robb and together they left men at the gatehouse before moving to the Keep.

Grey Wind and Robb.jpg
They held fast at the eastern gatehouse, but they were horribly outnumbered and in most spots we controlled the high ground.
Gregory Estermont

The fighting in the eastern gatehouse was particularrly stiff as Craig Karstark, Urmen Stone, and Douglas Tisler waking to the alarm and heading to the eastern gatehouse in order to try and defend it. Urmen Stone would be struck by an arrow as the Stark men had taken the tower that overlooked the gatehouse and fired shots down at them. Retreating from view of the tower Craig would hold the inner gatehouse and fought off several men before finally Gregory Estermont got into the courtyard and would kill Craig. With the gate opening Douglas Tisler would jump from the wall into the water beneath and while badly injuring his leg he was able to swim to the Karstark side of the river to safety. The Karstarks would resist greatly in the marketplace of southern Karhold, but the main reason for the resistence being able to hold them off was the fact that Robb Starke had ordered a slow and safe conquest of the town believing he had increasingly large amounts of reinforcements incoming and didnt need to risk his forces in a battle he was already going to win.

Name Fate
Eddard Karstark
  • Killed by Robb in a duel near the western bridge after failing to surrender
Craig Karstark
  • Killed by Gregory Estermont while defending the eastern gatehouse
Urmen Stone
  • Killed by arrow while defending eastern gatehouse
Janise Karstark
  • Died trying to kill Gregory after the death of Craig Karstark
Cregan Karstark II. 
  • Prisoner following the Battle of Saltwood Castle
Eddard Karstark II.
  • Prisoner following the Battle of Saltwood Castle
Ophellia Karstark
  • Prisoner following failed attempt to flee the city during the intial attack
Metalyn Karstark
  • Prisoner following failed attempt to flee the city during the initial attack
Cregan Karstark
  • Killed by Grey Wind defending the western Gatehouse
Leysha Karstark
  • Prisoner following surrendering to the Starkes
Bodies were strewn about the streets as the Karstark forces had left disaster as they retreated into their keep. I stood over the body of Eddard Karstark his name brought shame to my fathers and for that alongwith his poor life choices he paid the ultimate price. Looking at the keep I saw four bridges and my men had told me a fifth was located on the opposite side of the island, and that made me clearly aware that we controlled three out of the five bridges. One of the bridges they controlled was so close to our lines that we would be able to destroy it with ease while the one on the east was built of stronger work then that. In the end it was clear the siege was over, and now we were fighting to see how many of them died.
Robb Starke

The Karstarks had been devestated by the fighting with nearly ten of their number either captured or dead on the field, and without much hope that they could hold the keep for long. The sheer number of Karstarks that they had prisoner meant that they were forced to house them all in the walled keep in the northern part of the city, and from there they made Arnolf very much aware of how many were prisoners. Arnolf himself was sickly and was unable to move but in an act of blind arrogance refused to hand command over to his grandson Harnolf Karstark believing that his brother Rickard was laughing at him for failing to hold the city, and thus he would die before he gave it up. Outside of the Karstarks there allies in House Urnet, and House Tisler also lost several members with only Heshen Urnet able to flee out of the city, and returning to the forces of House Urnet. With the fighting intensifying in the southern half of the city the Karstarks awaited reinforcements, but this would be a hopeless wait as well as while the fighting was dying down in Karhold the news begin filtering in that Hornwood was under siege from House Locke and House Hornwood was abandoning the area east of Karhold in order return home, and they were taking all their men with them.

Dreadfort Court Massacre

Main Article : Dreadfort Court Massacre

"Karhold, Jeutenburg, and much of the west were being taken by the Lucernians, and I think in that moment as the noble lords watched everything they had built falling apart there were many that wanted out. The rule of Bolten meant that many of them had sons and daughters as hostages in Dreadfort and these were more important then any land would ever be."
-Josh Cole

When Karhold became completely surrounded by the forces of House Starke and others from Lucerne there became a movement by many of the lords of Bolten to try and get their children from Dreadfort of which everyone knew was the next target for the Lucernians. Roose Bolten understood that he only retained many of the nobles loyalties by holding their children and for this reason refused any calls to give up the children, and in fact called for more to be sent to solitfy loyalites. Anderson Cole would start a movement to Dreadfort when he and his friend Hadrian Hornwood would lead many nobles to Dreadfort in order to see Roose Bolten and get their children back. When they arrived they were greeted by Roose in the Dining Hall of the main keep as they wanted to be protected

Roose and Rickard Karstarke.jpg

by the Guests Right, and once their it became clear they were not getting their children, and they were told to leave and bring their forces to Dreadfort as they were commanded. When arguments arose in the Dining Hall, Roose would break the Guests Right by having the nobles rounded up by his gaurds and brought to central Dreadfort's square.

"To see so many honest men die in that short a time was a sad thing to behold. They wanted their children back, and for their troubles many of them were forced to watch their children killed in front of them. I held Justin the entire time in my room as I knew that if he was let out he would try and save his father and that would find him dead with the rest of them. Any love I still held for my family died with those poor souls. My father had lost his mind somewhere along the road, and I knew this was the moment he went to far and got himself in too deep to ever dig himself out of the chaos."
-Misha Bolten

With the nobles chained to posts in the Dreadfort square Roose and Rickard Karstarke would find everyone of their children who were hostages in the capital and of those that they had more then one they executed the children while their fathers were forced to act. In this brutality children as young as the five year old Sasha Cole were

Tared Bolten1.jpg

executed, and as the bodies piled up a fight broke out as Cley Cerwynn would get out of his bonds and kill a gaurd in front of him. Cley's execution begin the execution of the remainder of the nobles as Roose executed everyone else in the square leaving nearly thirty nobles and fifteen children dead. It was a shocking moment for all those other then Roose, but they all stood motionless as Roose walked forward kneeled down before the body of one of the children and closed its eyes before getting up and walking back into the keep. There was little talk after this as the rest of the men there knew that there was now no escape for them, and the remaining children were brought into the keep where they would remain under house arrest. Realizing that Justin Cole was the only one of the hostages not present Tared ordered him found and brought before him, and since they had another Cole already in Sasha Cole who the others would not know was amongst the dead he no longer needed Justin. MIsha Bolten and Justin Cole were hidden at this point and made their way into the city proper only stopped by a gaurdsmen who Justin was forced to kill to get past him. Making their way into the town they were close to being caught when a door opened to a house and a man beckoned them inside. Getting inside the man told them he was Veseryan Ongrill and had been sent by the Kingdom of Lucerne to find him. Fearing for their life Justin took out his sword again but as he did Veseryan would knock it from his hand and push him against the wall holding him restrained before saying. 

Veseryan Ongrill.jpg
"Fear not Lucerne young one. We are your only friend in this land of madness."
-Veseryan Ongrill

Misha would come between them, and was able to sit Justin down and calm him, and once they were all seated Veseryan told them that he couldn't get them out right now as the streets were filled with men looking for Justin and Misha, but soon he would get them out through the sewers. Veseryan would hide them in a cellar beneath the house, and once inside they found several other children that clearly Veseryan had also taken in so that they would be safe. Learning more about Veseryana and the Lucernian presence from Messaries Condon the oldest of the children in the cellar he was amazed at the level of infiltration the Lucernians had already made. Back on the street the gaurds of Bolten went house to house trying to find Misha, and Justin, and when after several days they had failed to find them the story was spread that Justin had kidnapped Misha after killing many of the noble children in the capital, and thus he was blamed for much of the murders. Veseryan would be able to gain knowledge of who had died from Tyse Hornwood who remained in the keep, and it was that list that Veseryan would sent west to the sieging forces of House Starke so that they could pass that information on to the others. Returning to the house Veseryan prepared the children for the moment they would move to escape, and made them aware that it was not going to be easy, as he had noted improved gaurding of the sewers as House Bolten attempted to stifle escapes from the capital.

Siege of Hornwood

Main Article : Siege of Hornwood

Ramsey Bolten Gif death.gif
"The world was going to burn. I was going to burn it all down."
-Ramsey Bolten

Following the return of Ramsey Bolten to Dreadfort he would become obsessed with finally ending his brother and this would lead him to convinse Ondrew Locke to lay siege to Hornwood the largest city  of the east. Hornwood would come under siege without warning, but its defences were manned fully due to the fact that much of House Hornwood had already returned to Hornwood, and the scouts of the area had been skillful and had alerted the town in enough time. Now under siege they would call for assistence despite House Hornwood and its forces outnumbering the forces of House Locke quite heavily. Ramsey Bolten was by this point well dug into the area northwest of Hornwood and he alongside his cavalry force were well prepared to meet the incoming forces of Domeric Bolten of whom Ramsey knew would arrive well before the rest of his forces.

Domeric Moves

Ramsey would arrive well before the arrival of Domeric, and in that moment the fate of a Kingdom would be defined by the failings of a single man.

"This was still a kingdom worthy of saving. This was a land that while troubled didn`t abandon its own. If we let the Lockes do whatever the hell they wanted to do, then they would signal to the rest of the kingdom that they as well could do whatever they wanted. That was a signal I couldn`t allow to be sent. I heard the rumors that my brother was involved. That somehow he was responsible for the current situation...and despite everything...despite the fact that he was truly lost...I just...I couldn`t accept it. I refused to accept that he was past redemption. If that be the decision that dooms me then so be it. I die with a pure soul. I die happy."
-Domeric Bolten

Domeric Bolten would survive the retreat of the Bolten army and he would return to Dreadfort to meet with his father about the outcome of the first conflict with lucerne. Following this they would hear about the destruction and capture of the Bolten army at Green Creek. Domeric would at this point believe that his cousin had defected to the Lucernians and would be forced to accept that amongst his family he was now alone. Following this Hornwood would come under assault by House Locke and Domeric would resieve a call for aid from House Hornwood of whom was very loyal to him, and he knew he couldn't leave them to their own. Despite his father attempting desperatly to make Domeric stay in Dreadfort Domeric would travel with his personal forces towards Hornwood.

Ramsey Ambush.jpg
"What a twisted little bastard Ramsey was. In the end he was a failure the moment he was born. HIs failings were by his own making which was the worst part of looking at him. What though is a father to do when one of his sons is so twisted in his mind that he can barely even function. I should have put an axe in his head but in the end it was all too late...It was all too late...and means nothing."
-Roose Bolten

Roose Bolten accepting that his son was heading south he attempted to locate Ramsey believing that Ramsey would be the only one capable of pulling off something of this scope. When his spies couldn`t locate Ramsey he would send Regenard Estren southward with his fastest horses in an attempt to get to Hornwood before his son Domeric. Regenard Estren was not the only other person moving towards Hornwood as Daryn Hornwood pulled the forces of House Hornwood from the army east of Karhold attempting to break the siege and also moved eastward towards Hornwood.

Arrival of Domeric

Death of Domeric.jpg
"Something felt wrong the moment he came over the hill. I ordered my men to prepare the horses. I ordered everyone to be ready to charge from the walls and meet our true king. I ordered so many things that didn`t help anything."
-Halys Hornwood

The siege went on for nearly a month before the forces of Domeric Bolten`s vangaurd arrived on the outskirts of town, but Domeric`s party would be betrayed when their white flag was ignored and they were ambushed by a cavalry force led by Ramsey Bolten. Due to his speed he had arrived well ahead of the rest of his forces and would only be assuming that he was going to be meeting with the leaders of House Locke. As he met with them he was ambushed by Ramsey Bolten who had set this entire attack up so that he could kill his brother Domeric. A fight did break out as Domeric was able to kill several of the ambushers before he was knocked on the head, and even then he still had a chance as Regenard Estren was nearbye watching from a hill and his cavalry forces could have moved against the betrayal but instead he remained on the hill and did not help Domeric. Regenard`s cowardess would be witnessed by many from Hornwood including Halys and Larance Hornwood of whom swore to kill him alongside Ramsey for what would happen next. Now captured by his sadistic brother Domeric attempted to reason with his brother but Ramsey wouldn't hear it and would hang Domeric from a tree alongside the rest of his vangaurd.

After the death of Domeric Bolten the city of Hornwood watched the siege end as the goals of the siege were achieved, and thus Hornwood was relieved. Ramsey would return north, and House Locke and their vassals retreated as well leaving the hanged body of Domeric to be retrieved by Halys Hornwood of whom was beyond enraged about the betrayal of the prince.

Deal with the Devil

Euron Greyjoy long desired the throne of the Iron Islands and would make the reaving and destruction of Westros his greatest legacy.

``They thought they had won. They believed in their heart that trouble had just disapeared as their victory was all but assured. I would burn my enemies at the gates by whatever means neccessary. I didn`t work all this time just to fall at the moment before I had all the power I needed.``
-Ramsey Bolten

As the armies of Bolten were crushed on the field, and they fell back castle by castle it wasn`t until the Lannisters captured the castle of Hayford which opened the way onto the Dreadfort Peninsula that they begin to actually fear destruction. Fearing this Ramsey would go to his father and tell him he was leaving to get reinforcements, and when asked from whom he told his father he would be travelling to the Iron Islands. As he left he discussed with his Bastards that he actually planned to travel to the Iron Islands and make an agreement with them that they would not interfere in his actual plans of getting reinforcements from Mordor. Travelling to the Iron Islands his ship would be boarded by Euron Greyjoy of whom had silently reentered the Iron Islands without the knowledge of his family. Euron and Ramsey would come to an agreement where in the Iron Islands was able to reave up and down the lands outside of Dreadfort, and for this they would not only enable Mordor to enter the lands but would also join in the assault. Euron promised that by the time Ramsey returned if he did return from Mordor that Euron would be the new Iron King of the Iron Islands. Departing on their ship they travlled north east before then travelling directly south where they eventually arrived in the Kingdom of Taraban where they would meet with the leadership there in order to arrange an alliance with Mordor.

King Varance Taraban.jpg
``You walked into Taraban and while you could see the humans it just had an aura of madness to the land. Controlled by Mordor for generations I`m surprised any resemblance remained of their ancient traditions, but I saw the capital and was shocked at the civilization.``
-Mallador Locke 

The King of Taraban met with them briefly before saying that he had been commanded by the Dark Lord himself to have the Bolten men prepared for the arrival of the Witch King of whom would discuss terms. Waiting for days they were barely allowed to leave the keep and watching from the windows they watched as the land during the night was haunted by the shreaking of monsters, and the shadows themselves appeared to move with the haunting of some dark spirits. When finally the Witch King arrived he was accompanied by three other Nazgul in the form of Mahud, The Dark Marshal, and the former king of Lucerne in John Lovie. Believing they would have all of their requests easily accepted Ramsey and the others were shocked when they were roundly rejected for assistence from Mordor as they demanded more consessions from Bolten then just a foothold in Westros. As talks deterioated Ramsey would become so enraged that he promised them the entirety of the land outside of Dreadfort and its peninsula in return for their assistence. With this off the Witch gave them assurances that John Lovie, Mahud, and The Dark Marshal would lead a large force from Mordor and land in the Dreadfort to begin the counter assault against Lucerne.

The New Reaver

Return to Bolten

Return from Bolten.jpg
``Returning I couldn`t but feel like we had just doomed ourself.``
-Mallador Locke

The Bolten`s would depart Taraban to their ships now accompanied by men of Taraban of whom returned under the command of Mordor to prepare for the eventual landing of Mordor which would take place some two months perhaps from that since they needed to mass an army and then deliver the forces as well. As they returned they were met by Euron Greyjoy once more, and this time he wore the crown of the Iron Islands and told them that he was now the Iron Reaver of the Iron Islands, and that the Iron Islands would join with Bolten in pushing back the Lucernians.

House Hornwood Turns

Main Article : Hornwood Rebellion See Also : Siege of Lotten

Hornwood Gif.gif
The Bolten`s had failed the Kingdom. Of that there was no question, and now the only thing to ask ourselves was where did we go now.
Dalys Hornwood

Arriving back at Hornwood with the forces of House Hornwood he would camp the army around Hornwood while he and his commanders entered the city. As Daryn met with his father he learned that following the death of Domeric his father Halys had contacted Robb Starke at Karhold and offered to meet with them to discuss a union with Lucerne. Only a few days after this were visited by representatives from Lucerne in the form of Sasha Lovejoy and a group of Starke Men who were sent in order to begin planning the Hornwood alliance. Sasha offered complete protection for Hornwood and a level of auntonomy that they didn`t have now, and she also told them that an agent of Lucerne had taken in many of the children that were hostages of Bolten in the Dreadfort and was preparing to get them out of the city. As the talks continued over the days the unmarried Sasha Lovejoy would become smitten towards Orsen Stout of whom had been commanded to take her and her delegation on a tour of Hornwood and the area in order to give the Hornwood forces more time to think. Sasha Lovejoy would accept an offer of marriage that was brought up during the days meetings and thus her bethrothel to Orsen Stout only continued the relationship between the two houses. With all of this information Halys Hornwood would swear an oath to the Kingdom of Lucerne, and would have his son Daryn lead the army against Lotten and the only remaining sign of resistence in the south in the form of House Locke.

The Siege

Sasha Lovejoy2.jpg
The end had come, and all that remained on the wrong side were doomed to fail.
Hayls Hornwood

With the arrangement met Daryn Hornwood would lead the forces of House Hornwood against one of the only remaining Bolten loyalists in House Locke when they besieged Lotten. Sending a raven into the castle before they besieged it the raven was shot out of the air, and this was a clear sign that House Locke was not willing to switch sides even if it meant survival. Inside House Locke was split between Ondrew Locke, and his cronies of whom were lost in arrogance and believed that someone would come to relieve the siege if they only held out, while on the other side Jorde Locke and the heir of House Locke in the form of Donnel Locke resisted continueing the siege but were outnumbered and forced to go along with things. The siege of Lotten would last for weeks as the Hornwood's and their vassals surrounded the town, but believing that they could take the town without much bloodshed Daryn Hornwood was not commanding siege machines be launched at the castle. While there was growing support for Donnel Locke the defenders held firm led by the brutal Ondrew Locke of whom held his family in his grasp with an irongrip. At this point in the siege Mallador Locke would create a fake letter using the signature of Ramsey Bolten that outlined the lies being told to the Locke family about the war effort. What elements of this letter Mallador believed is unknown but in the letter he said that the Lucernians had been crushed at Hayford, and that Ramsey had led a relief force southward and was now camped west of Lotten awaiting the Hornwood's to assault the town. Ondrew wanted to believe this and thus he took it at face value when it really made very little sence in the real terms of what was happening on the battlefields of Bolten.

You are the most powerful men in Lotten behind my father, and it is time for you powerful men to do what is right for this place. My father will see the truth, or he wont. Its that simple.
Donnel Locke

With Ondred Locke now believing a lie it broke his son Donnel to do it but Donnel begin meeting with Lords Romny, and Lyman of House Eastmyre, and House Caliman. Romny had come to Donnel when they were attacking Koenisburg and asked outloud to Donnel whether they had a plan in place for what happened if Ondrew kept taking them down a path of destruction, and back then Donnel had remained loyal to his father and somewhat quashed the rebellious talk, but now he was leading it. The three men agreed that if this continued then they would not be able to support Ondrew, and they would have to remove him, and then place Donnel in the Lordship and hope that would be enough to appease the Hornwoods. In every scenario they knew that Mallador, and his father would both have to be removed as the Hornwoods wanted the blood of Mallador to pay for what happened to Domeric. As the siege continued into another week Daryn would send a white flag for a meeting and would meet with Ondrew, and Donnel Locke in a discussion that would ultimately end the siege.

Following the disasterous conversation between Daryn Hornwood, and Ondrew Locke they would return to their respective camps with two completely different ideas of what came next. For Daryn Hornwood he was prepared to launch the siege machines against the castle the next day, and while he hadn't wished to destroy Lotten he now understood that Dorren didn't have the influence neccessary to make his father do what was right. Back in Lotten Ondrew commanded the men under him to prepare the defences of Lotten as he understood that the siege was going to come, but he continued to believe the letter shown to him by Mallador that Ramsey Bolten was nearbye and was preparing to assault the Hornwood's from the side once they moved against Lotten. 

Coup of Lotten

I'm sorry father that it has come to this moment. I had hoped that you meeting with Daryn would have made you see the hopelessness of where your leading us. I had hoped that you would come to understand that this didn't end in any scenario with you or Mallord escaping free.
Donnel Locke

Following the return to Lotten Donnel would meet with several of the lords of House Locke that he had talked to before, and he and Romny would plan about the taking of Lotten during the night as everyone else slept. Using mainly the strength of the two coup partners in House Eastmyr, and House Caliman they would quickly take control of Mallador, and Ondrew Locke and put them into safe places, while at the same time take control of the keep, and the main gatehouse with their forces thus allowing them to hand over the proper prisoners, and to also let in the Hornwoods if it came to it. The Caliman forces would mass and take control of the great keep, as well as the main gatehouse, and while this was happening House Eastmyr would go alongside Donnel where they found Ondrew with Mallador where they were talking in Mallador's room. Seeing his son Donnel enter with Romny Eastmyr fully armored and surrounded by many armed men, Ondrew would emotionally crash and begin weeping. Despite this breakdown Ondrew, and Mallador were taken to the great keep's dungeon, while word was sent outside the town to the Hornwood's about the change.

Fall of Seagard

Main Article : Fall of Seagard

Kingdoms  Side Taken
Divine Lands Lucerne
Iron Islands Bolten
Seagard Neutral
House Frey Neutral
Kingdom of Dustin Neutral
White Knife Lucerne
Harrenhall Lucerne

We sailed up the bay, and attacked the unsuspecting fools in the middle of the night. The taking of Seagard and their queen in one fell swoop was a huge gamble but it paid off.
Harras Harlaw

With the Ironborn now in line with the forces of Bolten under the new Reaver of Euron Greyjoy they would launch themselves in seemingly all direction but mainly in the direction of Lucerne and their allies. There were few neutral parties and outside of House Frey of whom most believed was waiting to see who was going to win before they chose a side in the war, so that simply left the Kingdom of Seagard of which was a vast kingdom located just east of Westbridge on the eastern side of the Rhine and had been moving towards Lucerne but had remained relatively neutral. The first talks between the Bolten's and the Seagard royalty when extremely poorly after Varish Bolten the weak minded final son of Betha Bolten was sent there as the representative due to the intervention of Jordin Bolten in trying to ruin the Bolten attempts. Varish would try his best but was a less then intelligant young man and even past that was so young that he didn't understand the intricasies of the situation and  through all of this he had little effect and was sent away. Later the Lucernians would send representatives under Oberyn Martell, and Jack Shephard of whom would offer relative auntonamy and simply wanted Seagard to protect their sealanes, and didn't want any kind of offensive ground force unless the situation with Mordor came to fruition.

Fall of Seatower.jpg
Euron may have been a madman, but he had an intelligence that was beyond ninety nine percent of everyone else, and that makes him doubly dangerous to everyone.
William Lovie III.

The forces of the Iron Islands would launch a very large force of some one hundred longships against the Kingdom of Seagard without any warning, and led by Asha Greyjoy (of whom was trying to save the life of Maron Greyjoy who had been taken prisoner) and Harras Harlaw alongside many other vassals of House Harlaw they would launch up the Yellowsprite river during the night and landed to the north of Seagard with most of their ships. Of these ships Harras Harlaw would lead some twenty ships and about a thousand further north where they would land and move inland towards the Seatower which was a gigantic Tower that gaurded the northern approach into the area of Seagard. If they took Seatower they would block the escape of the queen from Seagard and on top of that could force defenders away from Seatower itself.  Harras would attack during the night and unprepared for the asssault the tower was taken relatively simply with top level closing a gatehouse which Harras forced them to open by executing a defender of the Seatower every two minutes until the door was opened.

Fall of Seagard.jpg
It seemed to simple that they would raid the Seatower for no reason. I should have trusted my instinct and scoured the seas for more of them before I sent men there. Too late now...
Queen Florance Seagard

With the capture of Seatower Queen Florance Seagard would order nearly half the defenders of Seagard to move towards Seatower to defend the tower, and for ships from Seagard to scower the Yellowsprite river for the Ironborn. When night came no word had returned of either force, and as Seagard went to sleep the sounds of fighting filled the streets as the Ironborn fleet landed inside the port. The Queen was rushed by her gaurds to try and get her out of the city, but as they made there way out of the western gate they ran into the destroyed elements of the relief army they had sent out who said that the Ironborn that had taken Seatower had ambushed them and destroyed most of the force. Returning into Seagard she would hide herself in the Keep of Seagard to little avail as the city fell to the Ironborn, and Asha Greyjoy took her personal surrender.

Kidnapping of the Nobles

Asha Greyjoy attacked Seagard not out of desire for power, but to save Maron Greyjoy of whom Euron was holding prisoner to secure her loyalty.

We had to work quickly before the fall of Seagard was common knowledge.
Asha Greyjoy

With Seagard fallen, and the queen under their control alongside many of the nobles Asha Greyjoy would take control of the city, and her first command was that Florance Seagard sent letters to all of her vassals asking for them to send a son to Seagard for a royal tournament where all those participating would be provided with knighthood or if this was unsatisfactory then a royal purse. As Queen Florance Seagard was beloved by the people of Seagard most of the nobles would think nothing of this, and those that did would be vastly outweighed by those that didn't. Ravens returned to Seagard stating acceptance from nearly half the houses while as the days trickled on they got acceptance from some seventy percent of the noble families in Seagard. As these nobles sent their sons, and many times their heirs to Seagard the Seatower was rebuilt of damage by Harras Harlaw and as the nobles passed it on the road to Seagard the Seatower alerted hidden Ironborn troops who would then capture the nobles. Over many weeks nearly dozens of heirs and sons were taken prisoner, but Harlan Wynch would defeat the assembled Ironborn and escape going north up the road where he warned the remaining nobles of the trap and thus halted the attempt. 

Asha had Harras Harlaw controlling the entrance to Seagard while she forced to Florance Seagard to make deals over the control of Seagard.

Immediatly after hearing of this betrayal the vassals of Seagard arrived at the Seatower, but were blackmailed by the holding of so many of their children into not using their overwhelming forces against the Ironborn.
Harlan Wynch

With the capture of their sons now known due to Harlan Wynch the vast forces of Seagard moved against the capital with all speed meeting together on the outskirts of Seatower. As they prepared to march forward they were approached by a party of Ironborn of whom warned them that the Queen alongside fifty seven sons of the nobles were now prisoners of theirs in Seagard. Blackmailed into relenting the army of Seagard would be commanded by Florance to stand down and return to their lands while this was settled, and while most did fearing the death of their son or the queen there were many who had no sons, or who were too angry of whom didn't and for these forces they remained camped at the opening of the Seatower cliffs despite commands to stand down.

Death of Roose Bolten

Roose Bolten Wide.jpg
It was the final move for Ramsey. He had always wanted to be alone in this family, and he would finally have his wish.
Roose Bolten

Following his succesful trip to the Iron Islands and then Mordor Ramsey would return to the port of Dreadfort with the knowledge that he had won the power of two massive armies, and the survival of his rule might now be possible. Deciding that his father was no longer worthy of living he would brag nearly the last few days of the trip that he was going to murder his father, and since most of "Ramsey's Bastards" were loyal to Roose they would send a raven ahead of the ship which told Roose that Ramsey planned to kill him, and asking Roose what they should do. Realizing that he could easily stop the assasination he would instead send no word back, and ordered House Marsh and their vassals to not resist his landing. 

Sandor Dregane Large2.jpg
Everyone in this entire kingdom knew exactly the person that Ramsey was. So while some may be just hateful towards Roose it is a clear distinction. Roose while twisted in the mind wants a genuinly peaceful realm. Ramsey while twisted in the mind cares nothing for the kingdom and just wants to see things burn for no reason more then watching everything die.
Daryn Hornwood

At this point with Ramsey entering the port, and along with his men making their way towards the Dreadfort it was Roose that begin to plot the final moments of what he knew to be his life. Roose firstly met with his kingsgard and one by one moved them away from him so that they would not die trying to protect him when Ramsey arrived. Three of the five kingsgard he placted this way by sending them southward to Castle Horgut where they would defend the castle alongside the commanders there. The other two in the form of Sandor Dregane, and Urren Sliten he would send to find Misha Bolten in order to get her out of the city. Wondering where they would go after that Roose told them that they were to go to Hayford and surrender themselves to the Lucernians, and from their swear oaths to Lucerne as protectors of Misha. It was around this point that Ramsey was within a few hours of the city, and thus Roose visited several nobles in the city, and commanded them to leave as well sending many on specific routes that would lead them to be captured by the Lucernian forces. In his final hours waiting for Roose to get to the city he would do these things before he finally sat alone in his throne room having dismissed all of his gaurds and sent away everyone loyal to him.

The Act

ROOSE Bolten lARGE.jpg
What he did in his final moments cannot make good what he had done before he came to his moral understanding but...but atleast he attempted to make his life somewhat less of a travesty.
Daryn Hornwood

Ramsey entered the city to no celebration, and besides the opening of gates, and the stomping of his men beside him the entire city was filled with the sounds of nothing but fear and silence. Ramsey would enter the keep where he found all the gates, and doors ungarded and was in this moment discusted by what he believed was the complete failure in his father. Entering the throne room of his father he would confront him, and make it very clear from the first moment he entered that Roose was going to die. Roose begged him to make him understand why Domeric had to die, and that infuriated Ramsey who couldn't take that Domeric was till being mentioned while in his own mind he had just went on a trip that would save Bolten. Warning his father to stop speaking of Domeric unless he wished to die sooner, his father would move closer grap him by the shoulders and say that his time was over and now he was ready to see his true son again. Upon hearing that Ramsey would murder him, and so filled with rage was he that he obliterated much of his body leaving nothing but tattered remains. Ramsey from this point would crown himself and parade throughout the Dreadfort with his Bastards controlling the resistence that might have been created in the city. As this was going on Sandor Dregane, and Urren Sliten would be forced to hide as they had yet to find Misha Bolten, and because of this they were nearly caught by brigands now swarming to join Ramsey's court. Ramsey at this point attempted to find the Roose loyalists in the city, but discovered that the day he was arriving his father had sent away hundreds of nobles, while sending away his own kingsgard. Naming five of his bastards to the kingsgard he would return to the throne room, and begin ruling over the kingdom he had now stolen from his brother, and then his father.


Kingdom of Lucerne

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The Kingdom of Lucerne would be caught offgaurd during the beggining of the First Bolten-Lucerne War and because of this they had little more then a skeleton force in the Divine Lands where the main fighting was, while their vast forces in Lorderon were stuck at the bridge, and forced to deal with the situation in Arnor. As time went by massive forces were shuttled in using the port of Fairmarket to bypass the unfriendly Trident and over time their numbers have increased dramatically.

Main Forces



House Lannister
  • Jamie Lannister
    • Tyrek Lannister
    • Stafford Lannister
    • Keven Lannister
    • Lancel Lannister
Jamie Lannister led some twenty thousand troops from Fairmarket and would lead them into Battle. Some forty thousand more forces would assemble and arrive over time where they joined him in attacking northern Bolten.
Divine Lands

Britt Lancave

House Starke
  • Jon Snow - Commander until he left to go northward.
  • Robb Starke
House Scarlet
  • Saiden Scarlet
House Menathil

Kingdom of Bolten

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