Previous Conflict Byzantine Turkish Rebellion
First Byzantine-Nehekhara War
Byzantine-Nehekhara War - Start
Location Anatolia (Region)
Start of Conflict 5121
End of Conflict 5122
Result Byzantine Victory
  • Independence of Georgia
  • Expansion of Byzantine Lands
Byzantine Alliance Empire of Nehekhara
Byzantine Empire Empire of Nehekhara
Byzantine Empire Empire of Nehekhara
Byzantine Empire Empire of Nehekhara
The First Byzantine-Nehekhara War was a large war fought between the Byzantine Empire against the Nehekhara Empire and was centered around the Anatolia region but expanded greatly during the final days leading up to a rushed peace treaty.



The Byzantine Attack

Invasion of Armenia

Hattian Uprising

Main Article : Hattian Uprising

Laknasu Antulu would instigate his years of planning as the Byzantine attacks on the western Armenian forts achieved success and led to the Armenian forces moving to reinforce the front line, and as his plan moved into its start he mobilized thousands of the most elite of his Hattian forces for the event known as the Hattian Coup of Armenia. During the Hattian Uprising it was Laknasu that would lead the butcher of the town of Talin which stood as his birth place but had become the site of his hatred of the Armenians and during this massacre he started the total war attitude that would permiate the Armenian front when he ordered the killing of men, women, and children leaving no quarter. Inna Kalanth would lead one of the most brutal actions of the Hattian Uprising when she led the assault on the city of Satik where having eliminated the military garrison in a series of brutal killings and ambushes she would be present when they unconditionally surrendered, but as per her orders she would execute all the Armenians in the city leaving none alive.

Fall of Talin

Elise Balabanian would be in the Armenian city of Talin during the Byzantine-Nehekhara War and when the Byzantine forces surrounded the city she took command of the defense after much of the Hattians in the city begin rioting but once she did this the hattians showed the rioting was just to show who would take control and Elise would be killed alongside the entirety of the Armenian leadership of Talin.

Treaty of Antioch

Bartev would be sent to Sirat following the collapse of western Armenia by his father who wanted Bartev to convince the Wiras of Turkey Ediz Sokmen to force the Musir of the Nehekhara forces fighting the Byzantines that the fight was over and to sue for peace. Arriving at Sirat it was Bartev that brought the letter of his father to Ediz and he found Ediz was in a state of panic as the Byzantines had been able to capture the fortress of Antioch and fearing his own position at Sirat it was Ediz that supported the call for peace from Garen Manvellian and would travel alongside Bartev to Aleppo where Nadir-Musir Ugurlu was leading the defense of Aleppo.


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