Previous Conflict Placeholder
First Frogral Civil War
Morgomir Cover
Location Empire of Mordor
Start of Conflict 5121
End of Conflict 5122
Result Empire of Mordor Victory
  • Significant Nobles Killed
  • Morgomir Loyalists Suppressed
Kingdom of Frogral Empire of Mordor
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The First Frogral Civil War was a civil war fought in the Empire of Mordor by a rebellion formed within the Kingdom of Frogral.


Morgomir Large
The dark eye of Sauron is dimming my son. In the east the birds slaughter his forces. In the north and west the dragons rise. In the south the whispers of revolt are everywhere. Let us bring the fire to the house. We shall ignite Mordor from within.

Morgomir having never been truly corrupted due to his betrayal back in Denmark had spent generations living under the rule of Sauron, and during this time he would be extremely forlorn to his fate, and did little other then brood within the walls of Minas Frogral, but this would all change during the rise of Ilrin-Rendrian Westcellia II. of whom as the King of the Kingdom of Frogral it would be Morgomir that would come greatly admire and over time the two became the best of friends. Together Morgomir, and Rendrian would come to form a religion of there own based around the tenants of the Atlantian Pantheon but hidden beneath the banner of the One of Sauron, and for decades the two would expand the control of the Seven Eyes Temple of Frogral, as well as expanding the personal army of Frogral all the while this was happening they were able to avoid being discovered due to Morgomir personally either corupting the true Sauron elements within Frogral or killing them and replacing them with men loyal to Rendrian.


The Rebellion

House Westcellia
I've spent years teaching you about the mistake of your father. Being brave is only one part of being a great leader. Being wise is another. I loved your father. I loved your father and his lack of wisdom forced me to kill him. I cannot bare to kill you my son. The only death that will come from you not showing more wisdom is mine. I will not allow you to die the way your father did.

Ilrin Rendrian senior would fall deeply behind the preaching of Morgomir and in this devotion he would not listen to Morgomir who demanded secrecy above all things and begin expanding an underground network he called the Seven Knights of Frogral of whom worked against the forces of Mordor. While Morgomir was in the north under commands of Sauron it would be Rendrian senior that led a large force of Frogral forces against an army of the Kingdom of Nurn and massacred the entire force but as they retreated they were caught by Isilmo the Nazgul Lord of Nurn of whom captured several commanders including the brother of Rendrian. Having successfully hidden his involvement in the Seven Knights of Frogral rebellion he was eventually discovered after his brother who had remained a captive for weeks of being tortured by the Nazgul Isilmo he would finally give up Rendrian's involvement. Having discovered that Rendrian was a traitor it would be Isilmo that sent word to The Dark Marshall and together the two Nazgul led a large army to Minas Frogal and put the city under sieg


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