Previous Conflict Titan Civil War
First Thunderlands Civil War
First Thunderlands Civil War
Location Thunderlands of Valhalla
Start of Conflict -4780
End of Conflict -4774
Result Ulduar Victory
Kingdom of Ulduar Kingdom of Uldum
Kingdom of Ulduar Kingdom of Uldum
Hundreds of Thousands Hundreds of Thousands
Medium High
The First Thunderlands Civil War was a civil war fought during the Titan Civil War within the Empire of the Thunderlands between the forces loyal to the Noble Titans led by Odin from Ulduar against the forces loyal to Chaos led by Vendriel from Uldum.



The War

Siege of Ulduar


Meomil would be relieved of command of the siege of Ulduar in favor of his brother Uanmon and no longer in command of the siege his father tasked him with killing the people of Valhalla and he did this with brutal efficiancy until he was cornered by the forces of Odin who led by Tyr brought him to battle and killed him.


Vendriel's wife Aelsir would surrender during the Siege of Ulduar after she watched her husband Vendriel send their son Meomil and hundreds of other Apes to their death in a pointless attempt to show their violence and resolve, and this act made her realize that Vendriel was lost.

Siege of Stormpeak

Tamfana would fight during the First Thunderlands Civil War where she defended the city of Stormpeak from the assaulting forces of the Apes.

The Massacre

Following the collapse of the Ape offensive during the Siege of Ulduar it was Tamfana who sallied out of Stormpeak and destroyed the army besieging her in a massive suprise attack, and during this suprise attack she became known for her brutality when she refused to take prisoners killing every member of the Ape army.

Siege of Uldum


Uanmon would listen to the words of his mother and turned on his father at the Siege of Uldum and in this he would bring with him most of the Ape Race who followed him in rejoining the Noble Titans alongside his mother, but to his shock his wife Assoma took many Apes to the side of Vendriel taking them into the Fade. Assoma would betray her husband Uanmon at the end of the First Thunderlands Civil War when she refused to join him in following Aelsir in rejoining the Noble Titans and thus followed her father in law Vendriel into the Fade.


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