Previous Conflict Titan Civil War
First War with Chaos
Location Earth
Start of Conflict -4750
End of Conflict -4705
Result Chaos Defeat
  • Closing of the Polar Warp Gates
Forces of Chaos Forces of Order
Forces of Chaos Forces of Order
Forces of Chaos Forces of Order
Forces of Chaos Forces of Order
The First War with Chaos or "The Great War with Chaos" was a massive conflict fought in ancient times between the entire world, and the invading forces of Chaos. The First War of Chaos would be the aftermath of the Titan Civil War which due to the defeat of the Noble Titans the forces of Chaos were allowed to pour out of the Fade and onto the Earth where they would spark the conflict.

The conflict began after the warp gates at the north poles, and south poles had their defences destroyed and Chaos was allowed to pour through. With demons pouring through the Lizardmen mobilized their massive Empire in order to slow the endless tide. While the Lizardmen fought the High Elves used their Magi to repair the damaged Warp Gates. In the end the Warp gates were somewhat fixed but the Chaos gods had manifested themselves on Earth and in this way they no longer needed the warp gates. So Chaos is still able to enter the world through summonings, and siezures.


Old One

"The Old Ones came as they always did, with an aura of belief in themselves. They couldn't imagine that I no longer believed in us. They couldn't image that for the first time I was going to allow our creations to act on their own accord. I was going to give them the oppurtunity to live their own lives free of the direction we had gave them."


The Old Ones arrived in what is now the tropical continent of South Amerida on Earth through their newly-constructed polar Warp Gates. These arcane gates spawn pathways through the immaterial realm called the Fade, connecting multiple points instantaneously across the physical universe. For a large period of time the Old Ones controlled and changed the Earth to make it more suitable for life. They used their most loyal servents the Lizardmen to act their will out throughout the world, and it is during this time that almost all the races of the world are created. But unknown to the people living on Earth was the fact that the Old Ones were not planning to stay on Earth forever, and they were in the process of leaving the planet. The Old Ones knew their time on Earth would have to end but they wanted to make sure their world would be watched over. In order to leave behind something that would protect, guide, and further advance the denizens of the Earth. In order to do this they decided to create extremely powerful creations that would look over different areas based on the planet.

Zeus Gif
"Our duty was to defend the beliefs, and direction set down by the words of the Old Ones."

The Old Ones created different Titans for different purposes, and with every piece of the lives of the mortals below looked after the world would advance in peace. The Old Ones had made the Titans seperate form the society that they defended by having them staying in the Fade most of the time, and far from the non-Gods on Earth the belief was that the Titans could not be corupted, but the Old Ones did not forsee that Tek would remain behind and make conserted efforts to defeat everything the Old Ones stood for.

The Old Ones Leave

Main Article : Old Ones

It would be the departure of the Old Ones that would put everything into the direction it was moving. The Lizardmen describe seeing huge beams of lights flying throughout the sky of Earth for months, until eventually the lights stopped and the skies silenced their lights. For centuries after the Lizardmen attempted to contact their masters in the Old Ones, but the Slann masters were the only ones that knew the Old Ones were not returning to Earth.

It was during these peacefull centuries that the people of the Earth would come to be born. A vast majority of the races of Earth were created during this time in the image of the God that created them. It was also during thsi time that a violent end would come to peace.

The Titan War

Civil War of the Titans

Main Article : Titan Civil War

The two sides fought an exhaustive war over the direction that the Titans were going to take the World. On one side were the Noble Titans who wanted to uplift the societies of Earth and follow the direction laid out by the Old Ones. The other side was the members of the Titans that had been corupted by the God Tzeneech. At first the Noble Titans attempted to nogotiate with the fallen, but quickly realized that they were nearly mindless drones with no nobility left in them. With diplomacy gone the two sides engaged in a massive conflict which left many on both sides destroyed, but the majority of the casualties came on the Noble side as they attempted to both defeat the Fallen, and to protect the planet. Splitting their forces between these two plans meant they were defeated, and the Fallen who came to be called Chaos begin their invasion of Earth by destroying the protective energies keeping the flow of Magi in check, and they unleashed massive amounts of energies and demons onto Earth.


With the Titans defeated the Fallen or Chaos begin their invasion of the Earth. In order to win they destroyed the protections that gaurded the polar gates from allowing the fade to spread from them. With the gates protections gone, the demons of the Chaos gods flooded out of the polar gates, and begin overwhelming the denizens of Earth. With the demons entering the planet in unimagineable numbers the armies of the Lizardmen mobilized in an attempt to stop them before the situation got out of hand.

Chaos Gate
Closing the Gate

"The World would stand on the edge of destruction, and we attempted with everything we had to pull it back from the prespise, but their numbers were never ending. As we called for the aid of our masters we finally realized that they had left for good. We realized in that moment that we were on our own."
-Lord Kroak

While they tried to stem that hole the Lizardmen began attempting to contact their Old One masters but no matter what they tried they couldn't reach them. The Lizardmen had known that their masters in the Old Ones had left the planet but they believed them to be be gods and because of this they were devout enough that they believed the Old Ones would continue to come and save them even if they had left the planet. When it became clear that they couldn't reach the Old Ones the First Generation Slann met and discussed their strategy, and through this they believed that closing the Warp Gate was the only way to save the planet. Without their direction the Lizardmen went about attempting to close all the Warp Gates except the one that was in North Amerida, because they feared their masters wouldnt be able to come back through if they closed them all.

Battle of the Northern Pole

We felt far more damage being done by the northern Pole being open so we decided to stem that leak before we moved onto the south. As we got closer to a gate we discovered a growing and immense number of Demons to the point that once I believed without doubt we would be victorious I now saw doubt creep into my mind."
-Lord Kroak
As they continued closing the Warp gates they found that there were two gates that were surrounded by a nearly impenatrable amount of demons. The Lizardmen launched two massive attacks against the northern gate in an attempt to close them to the forces of Chaos. During the first attack the forces of the Lizardmen were repulsed quite easily after the army the Lizardmen had sent was vastly outnumbered by the forces of Chaos. Despite their being resisted the forces of the Lizardmen had been able to create a beachhead, and they begin establishing portals from which the Slann summoned huge numbers of Lizardmen to the front.
"I led the attack myself this time, but just as victory seemed assured a demon walked through the gate and changed everything I though I knew about myself. This demon was strong, of which I had fought many times, but this demon was also very clearly once someone noble. His armor was gleaming white, but black tore through in places where I asume his coruption became too much for his body. In one hand I was fighting this creature that had once been just like me, but on the other hand this creature wanted me dead."
-Lord Krraak
The Second attack was launched and led by the venerable Slann Lord Kraak who was one of the most powerful Slann alive. At the same time that Lord Kraak launched his assault in the north the forces of Lord Kroak, and Lord Voeak moved against the southern portal where their huge forces had greater success against the forces of Chaos. The Chaos forces were pushed back, but Lord Kroak, and Voeak couldn't reach the portal and instead of
charging it as the forces of Lord Kraak had, Lord Kroak devised a massive series of monoliths that would channel the Magi flowing from the gate, and then push this channeled Magi back into the portal itself thus keeping those inside stuck there. A series of desperate fights were fought over the monoliths but eventually the forces of Lord Kroak wer victorious, and the southern Pole was shut off. Kraak's forces reached the gate itself and begin the spell to shut the gate, but were stopped when a demon of Malekor stepped out and beat back Kraak nearly killing him. So in the end despite their best and most valient efforts they were repulsed both times with heavy losses, and in a full scale retreat southward towards their defences in Nord America. It was this failure that signaled the end of the first stage of the conflict and brought the people of Earth one step closer to destruction.

The War


The Invasion Begins

"As we retreated to our Temples in Nord America I felt great pity for the other races, as while we were acutely aware of how bad this was going to get, none of them had even the slightest clue that this could very easily destroy the entire planet."
-Lord Voeak

The Forces of Chaos now had had free reign in the north pole due to the failure of the Lizardmen to completely shut northern gate, but in the south the Lizardmen had been able to shut the gate and thus stop the flow coming from the south. The forces of Lord Kraak had set up minitare versions of Lord Kroak's monoliths that resulted in the slowing of the demons for a time, but they would eventually be able to burst their way out of these northern pylons unlike the southern gates which couldn't be overwhelmed. With this in mind millions of Demons flooded in monthly until the forces of Chaos were so large that they burst through the remaining pylons keeping them locked in the north.


The forces of Chaos begin overwhelming and corupting many of the early tribes that existed during this period, and in Europe found there only real competetion was the Human Empire of Pruta in England, the remnents of the Woses Empire, the Goblin Tribes of Rus, and The Dwarven Empire of Karak Ankor.

Karak Ankor

The forces of Karak Ankor attempted to arm the human tribes but found that the vast majority of the humans simply hid themselves and took no part in the conflict. As the years dragged on the Dwarven Holds were completely besieged but each time the Demons attempted to break the sieges and actualy capture the Hold they were repulsed with horrible casualties. Though far from powerful enough to defeat Chaos, the Dwarfs fought to clear their mountains of the corrupted creatures. It was the time when the dwarven gods walked the earth. Grungni, God of mining, had taught the dwarfs how to seek shelter deep beneath the mountains and how to forge iron into weapons to combat the Chaos minions. He taught them the secrets of Magic Runes and armed Grimnir, god of war, with two axes and an armour inscribed with runes. Many Daemons fell under his axes and under those of the dwarven race.



Meeting the Elves

It was during these wars that the dwarfs first met the elves and became friends. Grimnir himself and a band of dwarfs were chasing a group of Marauders when they encountered at the shores an elven fleet led by Caledor Dragontamer. Together they defeated a group of Beastmen attacking them. The die was cast and they forged an alliance. Grimnir told of the storm that had blown over the world during the first Chaos Incursion, coming from the north. Caledor spoke of Aenarion and his struggle against Chaos. With this information, they both departed and returned to their kin.

Going North

Grimnir, ignoring the advice of Grungni and Valaya, goddess of healing, decided to travel north himself and try to close the gates of which Caledor had spoken. He shaved his head and beard save for a large crest, in the way still done by Dwarven Slayers, gave one of his magic axes to his son, Morgrim, and set off to the Realm of Chaos. Morgrim followed him to the edge of the Chaos Wastes but was eventually persuaded to stay behind. He watched his father disappear into the shimmering haze of the poisoned land. Grimnir passed into myth. What happened to him is unknown, the dwarfs rarely speak of his fate, but one story tells that he fought Chaos Daemons at the mouth of the Gate while Caledor forged the Vortex in Ulthuan.


Main Article : Ulthuan

On Ulthuan, the Golden Age came to an end as Chaos invaded the island. Astarielle the Everqueen was murdered by Chaos agents in Avelorn, driving the Phoenix King, Aenarion, mad with grief. He drew the Sword of Khaine and marched to battle the Chaos minions. None could stand against his wrath. Morathi, the Hag Queen, was saved from a Slaanesh warband and Aenarion fell to her charms. Together they had a child, Malekith. But the war against Chaos waged on and the elves suffered great losses.

Eventually, the great mage Caledor Dragontamer was sent out to search for clues. Sailing the oceans, he was brought off course after a sea battle with the Plague fleet of Nurgle and stranded on the Old World, where he met Grimnir and his dwarfs. Grimnir told him of the storm that had come from the north, heralding the coming of Chaos, and Caledor realised that a portal had opened in the northern polar between this world and the Realm of Chaos. With this information, he returned to Ulthuan and called together and assembly of sages. They devised a plan to use the ancient Menhir Stones (focal points of magical energy) around Ulthuan to drain off Chaos energy of the Aethyr which was spewing into the world from the collapsed Chaos Gates, thus cutting off the creatures of the Realm of Chaos such as daemons from the energies needed to manifest in the physical world.

War in the Sky

Main Article : First War with Chaos

War in the Sky
"The coming of Chaos wasn't something any of us were ready for. We had become complacent in our abilities so sure that any force that threatened the world we could destroy. We did not anticipate the fall of a brother was even possible."

The War in the Sky was a periferal conflict in the middle of the First War against Chaos fought betweent he forces of the Dragons, and the Chaos Servents supported by the Black Dovah towards the end. As Chaos spread throughout the world, the reclusive dragons found their ancient homes overrun by demons, and in their desperation they took part in the conflict in order to save themselves as well as the creatures they had sworn to protect. While millions of demons smashed against the realms of the Elves, and Lizardmen amongst others the Dragons fought for control of the sky against an ever increasing amount of demons. At first the Dragons held themselves quite well, as the demons had no match to their skill in the sky thus meaning the only way to defeat the dragons was to battle them in their nests, and in this fight they were held off by the Draknoids defending the nests, long enough that the Dovah would arrive and defeat the demons.

Coruption of Nefarion


Nefarion before he was corupted by the forces of the Chaos Gods.

"They whispered to me in the dark, and at first I didn't understand the words that they were speaking as if I was hearing it in a different language. Then the words got clearer and I wished I wasn't able to hear them but despite my best attempts I couldn't make them go away so I eventually opened my mind to the endless visions of the true gods."

At some point prior to the First War with Chaos, Nefarion and his Dovah, unknown to the others, fell prey to the whisperings of the fallen gods of Chaos. The other Aspects attributed Neltharion's oddness to his displeasure with the actions of the bold Murlocs and their growing misuse of Magi. When demons had first begun their invasion of the earth he Black Aspect Nefarion suggested creating a magical artifact to aid in the destruction of the demons. The other Aspects, had nothing but the upmost respect for wise Nefarion, and they gave much of their own essence toward the creation of this object, called the Dragon Soul. Neltharion and his flight however had secretly refrained from imparting any of their own power.

The Dragon Soul

Nefarion - Deathwing

Nefarion in his complete Coruption

"We trusted that our brother was telling the truth because until that time we didn't even known it was possible for him to betray us. It was blind faith that led us to giving him nearly complete domination over the entire Dragon Race."

When each dragon had contributed a portion of his or her essence to the artifact, Neltharion deemed it complete. The Dragons had at this point realized that the Elves attempts to close the Chaos portals were the main option of defeating the forces of Chaos and in this way they had flown on mass to Ulthuan where they attempted to defend the island alongside the Elves. As they did this only a small amount of their forces remained behind to defend their nests thus leaving them very vulnerable. The blacks joined the other dragons in flight over the battle and the Black Aspect brought the Dragon Soul to bear against the demons of Chaos, with devastating effects on the demonic swarm — but only for a precious few moments. He then shocked his fellow aspects and turned the artifact against the terrified High Elves as well, and finally his own brethren. The shocked dragons were helpless to resist the power of the Dragon Soul, for it contained a fraction of the essence of each — with the exception of Nefarion himself. All the dragonflights, save Neltharion's own, were paralyzed in midair until the timely intervention of Korialstrasz, a mate of the red dragonqueen, who had been absent from the initial use of the artifact. While Korialstrasz was no match for the Aspect of Earth, he did manage to interrupt Neltharion's concentration for a moment, freeing the other dragons from their paralysis and allowing them to flee from the amazing powers of the Dragon Aspect.

Betrayal of the Black

Battle of the Skies

Nefarion destroying the Bronze Dovah

"Nefarion struck us where we were least capable of defending ourselves. His strikes at our nests left us vulnerable, and near destruction when the next wave of Chaos attacked us. Watching the demons reign down on our homes was one thing, but now they were supported by our former brethren in the Black Dovah. It took all our combined might in the end just to push him back. I hope to the Old Gods that the world never again knows a danger like the one we were forced to deal with on those dark days. I will try and remember my brother the way he was back when we were young, and not the brutal monster he was turned into."

In this fight the Dovah Aspect Nefarion showed himself to be a traitor and begin the next stage of his plans when he chased the fleeing Dragon Dovah's away from Ulthuan thus depriving the Elves of one of their greatest forces on the island. Some of the Dovah's were especially hard hit as the forces of Nefarion targeted the Bronze Dovah especially hard to the point that they were nearly destroyed in a series of massive ambushes of their usually heavily defended nests. As things turned deadly the forces of the Black Dovah moved against the caverns of Time of which was the capital of the Bronze Dovah.

Defeating the Soul

Battle of the Skies1

Alextrasza defeating Nefarion

"The world will never see that amount of Dragons for the rest of time. We brought ever last Dragon we could find no matter what Dovah you were from you were coming. We fought brother against brother and the end goal had to be the destruction of our wayward former brother Nefarion."

As the Bronze Dovah held on to their final capital Nozdurmo called for assistence, and the other Dovah Aspects would be forced to choose between saving the Caverns of Time and thus the Bronze Dragons or continueing the fight against the demons on Ulthuan. Led by Stragnarax the Dovah determined that the High Elves needed help and thus they made the decision that the Green Dovah would travel to Ulthuan and assist the High Elves while the remaining Dovah moved against Nefarion. When they arrived at the Caverns of TIme they found Nozdurmo and Nefarion in battle against eachother, and the other Dovah quickly entered the fight, and despite the massive power of the Demon Soul the Black Dovah were devestated by this attack. As the fight looked to be over for the Black Dovah Nefarion activated the Demon Soul and killed huge numbers of the arrayed Dovah including his own forces. As the Dragons assembled were threatened with destruction Alextrasza managed to get past his frenzied attacks and struck him through the chest, thus shattering the demons soul hidden behind his armor. The Demon Soul out of his grasp Nefarion looked around and saw his forces defeated and thus called for his Dovah to follow him, and they fled the fight moving eastward. The other Dovah chased them, and the Black Dovah were utterly devestated during their retreat before finally managing to survive by reaching the lands of the Charr of whom were extremely dangeroous and the other Dovah knew he had surivved for now.



Charr Invade

"The center of the realm of humanity needed to be cleansed of its coruption. It was rampant with fear, and greed, and the glorious army of Charr would be the harbringer of their escape from this madness. We would bring order to the helpless and give them the peace of death that they deserved."

-Ghast Ashpyre

In Asia the Empire of Cathay was the largest Empire in the region and because of this the forces of Chaos migrated towards it in an attempt to destroy it. While the battles in Europe were just as vast the conflict in Asia became at first a conflict between the Demons and Cathay but quickly became a conflict between Cathay against the Demons, and the Charr. The Charr were once a peaceful race but with the coming of the demons they were corupted and became the forces of Chaos greatest tools in Asia. With the Charr now working with Chaos the forces of Cathay, and their allies were pushed back and nearly overwhelmed by the forces of Chaos.

Cathay gained a brief respite when at the Battle of Shanghei the forces of Cathay, and Kalimdor overwhelmed a massive Charr army and killed their leadership caste meaning they became less dangerous for much of the rest of the war. Still this wasn't enough to save them and city by city Cathay, and Kalimdor were pushed back to the brink. At this extremely dark time they were assisted by unlikely allies when the forces of Ind, and Nippon landed on their shores and assisted them in the conflict.

South America

Despite what it looked like to the other Empires of the World the true attack of Chaos was leveled against the forces of the Slann in South America. The Lizardmen were powerful on a level that wasn't even approached by the other races, and because of this they were targeted very early on. Chaos though would have there hands full as the Lizardmen had constructed massive fortresses defended by their first generation Slann, and through this they were able to dominate the demonic invaders killing incredible numbers of the forces of Chaos. But the numbers were endless during this time and because of this the Lizardmen were pushed farther and farther back until finally the forces of Chaos reached Itza which held the crossing into the lands of Kandor, and if it were to fall the way into the Empire itself would be open. At around this time the forces of the Lizardmen senced that the High Elves were summoning a spell that would destroy Chaos on Earth by shuffling them back to the wastes of the Polar Gates, and shifted strategies towards using all of their Magi to assist the High Elves.

Defence of Itza

"Every single moment that I held the line, my people grew closer and closer to helping the Elves close the gate. Every demon that fell was one less demon that was attempting to kill my brothers in the capital, and because of this I could not fail."
-Lord Kroak
Lord Kroak

During the Great catastrophe Lord kroak made the most profound of sacrifices; Charged with the defence of Itza, the first city, Kroak knew that the fate of creation itself was hanging in the balance and so mustered his defences. Tapping into the collapsing web of magical enrgy, Kroak erected an enclosing forcefield of incomprehensible power around the city. The enraged deamonic horde battered againest the forcefield for days on end, expiring even as they clawed at the crackling magical dome, eventually even Kroak could not hold the mystic wall no longer, and with a final, thunderous surge of power he forced the barrier outwards, levelling the jungle for miles all around, a million Deamons were banished in an instant. Without the barrier to stop them the screaming masses of chaos swarmed into the first city. With Chaos swarming into the city Lord Kroak senced that his other Slann brothers wished to aid him but he rejected this and made them continue helping the High Elves. Standing beside the massive army of the Lizardmen defending Itza his forces would battle for weeks, and their stubborn defence would never break despite the millions of demons that attacked Itza over the course of that time. When the Vortex was opened and the forces of Chaos pulled back to the gate, the forces of Itza were devestated but still remained in their posts in what is one of the greatest defences in his history.

The Final Move


Seeing that the ongoing battles against the forces of Chaos could only end in defeat, Caledor Dragontamer called the greatest of the High Elf mages together. They devised a plan to create a vortex that would drain the magic flooding in through the shattered polar gate from the world. Choosing the Isle of the Dead as the site for the centre of the vortex, the mages assembled there and started their incantations. Sensing the scale of what was being attempted, the forces of Chaos started to converge on the island to halt the proceedings, and Aenarion was forced to assemble his armies to protect the mages. As Aenarion prepared his forces it was Valendian the second generation Titan and leader of the Dragons that would arrive in Ulthuan with the entirety of his Purple Dovah and joining with his son Indraugnir he would prepare to join the last stand. 

"The Mages would create their spell but the lands of Ulthuan would be the battlefield that had to be held in order to give the Magi the chance to actually cast the spell. All across the land I movilized everything we had left and constructed a defence I knew could not hold for ever but I hoped it would hold long enough to save the world."

Aenarion, and the Purple Dovah fought three massive Battles and as he received word that the spell was nearing completion the largest Demonic force yet seen attacked his forces at Ty Rania and it was here that Aenarion would fight a desperate last stand joined by his personal dovah mount Indraugnir, and Valendian. Aenarion engaged the greatest of the Greater Daemons of Chaos during the battle, and although he was victorious both he and his dovah Indraugnir were mortally wounded. With the two dying on the field they were about to be finished by the final remaining greater demon when Valendian arrived and slew the demon buying them time and ever faithful, Indraugnir flew the dying Aenarion north to the Blighted Isle so that he could drive the curséd sword back into the altar whence it came. Aenarion then passed into legend.

The End

"Chaos was gone, but the cost was heavy. All across the world the forces of Chaos had risen. While we had destroyed the Demonic force that was going to kill us, we left the world with the now permement threat of the followers of Chaos."
-Caledor Dragontamer

Unfortunately, the energy required was so great (despite the Slann in Lustria lending their powers to the effort) that it caused the entrapment inside the Vortex of all the High mages (Including Caledor) of Ulthuan, while Aenarion gave his life buying time (battling a great Chaos war host) for the plan to succeed. The plan eventually created the "Vortex" on the Isle of The Dead at the centre of Ulthuan which drains magical energy from the world. However the plan was only partially successful, while the Chaos energy is drained away, it continues to spill from the Realm of Chaos and it particularly high in concentration in the Chaos Wastes. And as if some horrible joke of the gods, for their success Caledor and the rest of the mages were trapped inside the vortex, not dying but suffering a fate worse then death, eternal imprisonment.

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