House Stanescu

Florin Stanescu is the son of two members of House Stanescu making him a member of and the current heir of House Stanescu.


Early History

Fourth Siege of Brasov

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While they had known eachother for three years it was only watching Krakus during the siege that brought Irina to have romantic feelings towards him.

The Goblins have attacked these walls three times before this. Every time they come they are pushed back. Such is the strength of you men. Such is the strength of this city.
Alexandru Dinu

Krakus would be within the walls of Brasov when a Goblin army came down from the mountains and attacked the city, and forced to fight on the walls he killed several goblins while defending the Palace of Brasov earning the adoration of the Brasov princess Irina Stanescu.

New Influences

Remaining within Brasov following the Fourth Siege of Brasov he became romantically involved with Irina but also he would become under the sway of Lord Alexandru Dinu of whom whispered to him that they should strike against the Goblins instead of just accepting these sporadic attacks.

Family Members


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