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Frey Invasion of Kul Tiras
Frey Invasion of Kul Tiras.png
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Start of Conflict 5124
End of Conflict 5124
Result Rebel Victory
Empire of Frey Realm of Kul Tiras
Empire of Frey Realm of Kul Tiras
† = Killed in action
(†) = Missing
 Surrendered = Captured
 Fled = Fled the Field
Empire of Frey Realm of Kul Tiras
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The Frey Invasion of Kul Tiras was an invasion launched by the Empire of Frey against the Realm of Kul Tiras. The Frey Invasion of Kul Tiras would end with a brokered peace brought about with the assistence of the Kingdom of Lorderon, and Realm of White Knife and this peace treaty would be signed for five years and this

Following the failure to quickly take Anghel Harbor the Frey navy was forced to deal with the Kul Tiras navy who had now massed at both Boralus, and Drisburg, and thus in an attempt to defeat the Kul Tiras navy before it could reseave more forces from the Riverlands and White Knife they divided their navy and moved towards the two main Kul Tiras ports that remained. Having suffered defeat at both naval battles it was the Frey navy that limped back to Hatherford in order to attempt to fortify their position there, but despite also losing many ships in the battles the navy of Kul Tiras moved against the remaining Frey naval forces at Hatherford leading to another battle where the Kul Tiras navy once again defeated the Frey navy and captured several Frey's.



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