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Genn Greymane
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POV Role Journey of the Wolf
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Maternal Vandal German
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Father Archibold Greymane II.
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Spouse Geraldine Greymane
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  • Rodney Greymane II.
  • Otillia Greymane
  • Kunibert Greymane
  • Raymond Greymane
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Magi Family Worganism School of Magi
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Genn Greymane is the son of Archibold, and Yosie Greymane making him the patriatch of House Greymane and the Yarl of Hillsbrad. Genn has three siblings in the form of Archibold the second, and Darius Greymane of which Darius was murdered during the assasinations known as the plague, and his brother Archibold is a leading commander in the House Greymane forces. Genn married Mia when he was getting older in age, and this led to a swift occurance of children as he had little time to waste, but also to a somewhat loveless marriage. Genn and his wife Mia have two children in the form of Tess, and Liam Greymane of which Liam leads a portion of the House Greymane forces while Tess is younger and is still struggling with her Worgen side and thus is moving at a slower rate then the house might like.

Genn is an honorable soilder and many compare him to an Eddard Starke in the way he directs his House and in the way he handles his personal life. Genn like all members of the Greymane House suffers from Lycrophania, which is a disease which causes them to turn into a half wold hybrid.


Early History

Ceremony of the Wolf

The Ceremony of the wolf is a critical moment in the lives of every member of House Greymane . It happens on their 17th birthday, and the ceremony is meant to allow them to control the points when they allow the disaese to take over. The House takes their privacy very seriously and because of this they must only allow the wolf to take over when they are in private. Because of this need for privacy the House has placed a lot of their wealth into expanding out the caves beneath Hillsbrad into the secret fortress they are now. Called the Halls of the Wolf , these underground halls are where the House lives most of its life, while spending their human moments above the surface as to continue the sharade that they are human.

Bill Lovie

First Battle of Tree Hill

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Siege of Tree Hill

The Journey

Main Article : The Journey

The Meeting of the Western Lords
My father made sure I knew three things going into that meeting. Firstly I was to be as rude to the Greymane`s as I could. Secondly I was to try and talk to the Brents and get a dialogue going between our two houses. Finally I was to make it extremely clear that we would under no circumstances assist William. Well at least I talked to Franklin Brent.

Hillsbrad Meeting

Demi Snow9.jpg
My father made sure I knew three things going into that meeting. Firstly I was to be as rude to the Greymane`s as I could. Secondly I was to try and talk to the Brents and get a dialogue going between our two houses. Finally I was to make it extremely clear that we would under no circumstances assist William. Well at least I talked to Franklin Brent.
Demi Snow

With William Lovie III. leaving Lucerne for the event that would become later known as The Journey the rest of the Kingdom became increasingly positive about his actions, but also throughout the Valley of Lucerne there was significant discussion on what to do as the previous time someone had moved against Bill Lovie it had resulted in The Plague. In the city of Hillsbrad the Arch Lord in House Greymane would call an assembly of all of his vassals of which included every major house in western Hillsbrad without exception and without ability for the houses to decline invitation. Arriving in Hillsbrad the meetings began with Genn Greymane talking of the continued consequences of them allowing the current King to wield unending power, and that their only chance of survival was to find this William Lovie III. and help him achieve victory. Vincent Godfrey would openly support King Bill Lovie and said as a warning to all those around that the last time anyone tried to resist him they were destroyed in The Plague. Franklin Brent would stand on the other side openly speaking of supporting William , and these two would continue to argue for minutes as other lords stepped in siding with their respective lords, and this continued for some time. As the arguing continued it was Franklin Brent III. that would arrive and brought his prison Tobin Aven into the meeting and with the support tilting against William at this time his testimony would be of great importance. Tobin Aven that would testify as to what he had been ordered to do and this greatly changed the mood of the meeting, and allowed Demi Snow to stand up and state that her family was one hundred percent behind William and was going to send forces to assist him immediately, and this information shocked the other houses as everyone had assumed that they were not going to do anything like they always did. Still without her Lord father`s support she would during the meeting commit to sending one hundred men immediately with the larger force being sent by the Greymane`s and after this promise there was little that her father could do to turn against it. As a part of the meeting it was Tobin Aven that was imprisoned within Greymane Estate and would be held there while he awaited trial from William Lovie III. as due to the information he had it was deemed that only William could decide his fate.

End of Darkness.jpg
Look at the world father. You were born into this land. You grew up here. These people swore their lives to you. How could you have done all of this? Look at everything you have done. You destroyed a city. Killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. Don't end it all here. Don't do this. For me father. For everything I supposedly mean to you. Don't do this.

Entering the hall early allowed me time to think about what I planned to do. I had come to the understanding sometime during the trip here that there was no way I could ever return to the Crowley Estates, or Crowley Hold or else I was dead. My brother would eventually get his wish and be left alone without my father, and when that happened his madness would be unleashed. Andrew entered shortly after I did, and I felt terrible as he smiled at me so enthusiastically. I loved him, surely I did, but today my main purpose for him was manipulation, and that made me feel lower then ever.

Slowly the other lords entered the hall. The lithe Gregor Voner entered flanked by several of his vassals including his son Duncan of whom always had the same emotioneless look of his father, and as they entered they squatted on the seat to my right. Gregor Voner had always been friendly with our house, and my father always told me to be as nice to him as possible as he hated the Godfreys. Apparently when Gregor was young his little sister had been raped and murdered, and the only person that appeared to be guilty was Groevin Godfrey and he too escaped justice after winning and killing Gregor`s older brother Aron in a duel. The Godfrey`s had after this exiled Groevin, but this was followed by insults from the Godfrey`s which basically have created a distinct hatred between the two houses.

"Lady Hill how is your father?"

"My father is well Lord Voner. He sends you his regards, and apologizes that his sickness leaves him unable to come to the meeting."

"Your father is one of few men I can count on my hands who stood beside me when I demanded the damn Godfey's pay for what they did." His hand clenched into a fist and I saw him exchange glances with his son before continuing. "I apologize Lady Hill for my outburst."

"Nothing to apoligize for Lord Godfrey." Seeing the hate was still strong I knew I would just need to spark the flames a little bit to keep him on my side. "What Groevin Godfrey did to your family was a crime of the greatest magnitude. My family remains behind you in that feeling."

"Thank you for the words Lady Hill." He moved closer to me whispering in my ear. "Just know Demi that your position will be our position." He pulled back a bit looking at me in the eyes. "I assume that your father sent you with the authority to negotiate for the family?" It was said as if it wasn't a question but I knew that it was. Either way the question was in the open and I could see that Lord Brennard Fladen, and Cayle Benden were listening in now wanting to hear the response. The two men were my fathers closest banner man and I felt stupid for not noticing their arrival, as they must have sat down to my left while I was talking to Gregor. "My father has given me permission to negotiate for House Crowley today Lord Voner" A smile crossed his face, and I looked towards Brennard, and Cayle and watched them bow their heads at me as well realizing that I was for all intensive purposes their Lord at the table.

"Well then, as I said we stand beside your family and whatever decision you have come here with we will join you."

"House Fladen stands with you as well Milady."

"House Bended as well Demi." I heard Duncan huff at Cayle not calling me a more proper name, but all this did was elisit a smile from Cayle. I wouldn't blame Duncan for being annoyed with the language, but he couldn't know how close Cayle and I had gotten over the years. It wasn't often that you found a lord of similar age to myself, and for this reason above many of the others he was someone I had always gravitated towards.

When Leyton Mountain entered being escorted by his heir Baelor and his frightening looking daughter Malora. I had heard that she and Leyton spent nearly all of their days locked away in their hightower, and from the looks of her she hadn`t seen the outside world very much of late.

Franklin Brent entered flanked by his little wife Karyl Reyne of whom held onto him as if he was the last thing in ths world. Franklin brought in tow with him Benjemin, and Dennis Ordos of which I along with everyone else in the room found beyond hilarious. Dennis had long been the Lord of House Ordos, but the wealth possessed by House Brent always meant that the kind of diplomatic insults that might doom another vassal were simply ignored for fear of what House Brent might do.

The final Lords to enter were Laehera Rholler, Vincent Godfrey, and Kieth Darkwood of whom waited at the door and when the four Greymane gaurds walked in holding the door I knew we were in for Genn Greymane. Held to his feet by Liam Greymane the Elderly Lord of Hillsbrad was seated at the Arch Lord table and when he raised his hand to speak the meeting would begin. ``My Lords...``Liam whispered to him briefly, and he continued.``My Lords, and Ladies I thank you all for arriving so promptly.`` The ever present grovelling begin with Kieth Darkwood of whom bowed his head from the table and thanked Genn for his hospitality of which when Genn did not anwser or look it was clear he hadn`t heard and so Liam said the your welcomes necessary. 

Genn appeared to enter some kind of trance, and when this happened Liam moved himself away from his father as if to avert people`s eyes and begin speaking`` My honored Lords and Ladies we are here today to speak of the direction that the lands of Hillsbrad shall move in when it comes to the issue of William Lovie III. I, alongside my family have come to the conclusion that we shall support the young prince in his endeavors. I do not come here commanding the support of our vassals, instead I ask that we all make a decision and let it be known that all were heard.`` Liam sat back down beside his father of whom he put his hand onto the top of his fathers hand before raising his other hand to direct others to speak.

Vincent Godfrey spoke first. ``I may offer but one small issue. While I do not disagree that what we have heard of this young prince is at least more promising then his father, I do wish to point out that others have attempted to move against Bill and they now sit in shallow graves.``

``That is no reason not to support William. We all must die at some point, so why not die supporting the rightful king.`` Franklin spoke with a conviction and a admiration that was promising when it came to my hope that the Greymane`s would get much support.

``The fanaticism of youth is something that brings about its own host of dangers young Brent.`` Osbert Konie the vassal of Godfrey spoke in support of his liege. It was interesting to see the Kronies sitting with Vincent Godfrey while the Godfrey`s other vassal in the Voner`s was on the other side of the table. Clearly the long history of conflict between the two houses was alive and well.

Franklin made the right choice when he ignored the attempted goading by Osbert. ``I come with the words of my father and thus all of House Brent behind me that we shall support the crown prince William Lovie III. Any who do not also follow the prince I beg to ask you one question. How can you accept a king that murders your family? Just a few short years ago he murdered hundreds in targeted assassinations. Our Liege Lord lost many members of his family for doing nothing more then what everyone at this table should be jumping at doing.`` Franklin`s words were met by smacks on the table of support by many of the Lords at the table.

``You speak as if you understand the world so greatly child. You have been alive for less summers then anyone at this table and yet you speak for all of us now.``

``I speak for my liege Lord Genn Greymane, who has led us wisely and justly for years and was forced to endure the deaths of so much of his family for just asking questions.`` He looked around the table at each person before continuing. ``Lord Godfrey I think you forget to much that you are the vassal of House Greymane.``

"I do not forget my oaths at all. It is the fact that I do not forget my oaths that gives me pause disobeying the commands of the King of the Valley. You say the King is insane, and perhaps you are right, but does that give you the right to turn away from him?"

Support for The Journey
William Lovie III. Bill Lovie Only Verbal Support

With the support of House Crowley the movement of some of the houses would change as all the Crowley loyalists quickly jumped on board with this plan as most had wanted to do this but didn't due to their belief that Vincent Godfrey would never have supported this.

I realized that I wasn`t going to be able to return home to my father after what I had done, so I had to make another choice. As the meeting broke up I went immediatly to Andrew Garfield and stayed near him. He would protect me from all the dangerous things.
Demi Snow

Demi Snow following the ending of the meeting would take to staying near Andrew Garfield of whom accompanied her back to her families estate. Spending some time there getting the one hundred men she had promiced she would leave shortly after and return with Andrew to the assembling party outside of the eastern gate. By this point hours later her father learned of what she had done, and left the Crowley castle hours west of Hillsbrad and attempted to return to Hillsbrad. Demi realizing that her father was going to do something like that left with the hundred men of House Crowley ahead of the main Hillsbrad force heading for Forks.

Demi Hill Marries
Demi Snow Wide.jpg
I love my father. He was a brilliant, and just man. He was a man that would suport, and love me when it came to almost anything that I did. So did I feel bad when I betrayed him. Of course I did. But I had to live in this world. If I stayed in Hillsbrad with my brother and my father, I was going to die. There wasn`t anything he could do to stop that.
Demi Snow

Following the arrival of the Hillsbrad force in Forks Demi Snow would continue with the next step of her plan when she handed a letter of forged consent of marriage to Andrew`s father Harron Garfield of whom knew that his son desperately wanted to marry Demi, and knew that the match was perfect for his house so he jumped at the opportunity. Realizing that she couldn`t return unmarried or else her father would put an end to her scheming she persuaded Andrew and his father to have the ceremony in Forks so that she could truly be a part of their family during The Journey. Following her persuasion the marriage happened with the large Dragon Temple of Forks and Demi Snow became Demi Garfield and was now protected so she believed from the actions of her brother Dexter.


Crisis in Darkhaven

Main Article : Crisis in Darkhaven

Crisis in Darkhaven
You are all being lied to by this girl. She is a murderer. She killed her friends, and now she has a taste for lying. She got away with it once, do not allow this monster of a girl to trick you into believing her.
Ephraim Black Large.jpg
When you looked at Ephraim Black he gave you the illusion that he was human. Everything about him looked the part, but beneath that cool exterior beats a heart that has nothing but hate, and evil. He is human in skin and bones alone.
Leana Darkmore

It would be Ephraim Black working under the commands of the Order of the Three Sins who would use the Battle of Castle Stragnarax to fufill the orders of his leader in the Lord of Gluttony. Using the battle he would be now able to move forward with their plot to take control of Darkhaven following his successful killing of Harbard Darkmore during the Battle of Castle Stragnarax, of whom he killed by stabbing him in the shoulder and then holding him down for nearly an hour while the Lord of House Darkmore bled out, and then during the night he would drag him to the walls which made it appear he had died to the Orcs. House Darkmore following the death of Harbert Darkmore would have a succession crisis due to the fact that Harbert had died without any male heirs and his sister had only one daughter in Abigail Darkmore who had already been married to Robin Highport leaving her as not a real option. Realizing this the lords of Darkmore were preparing to make Amantha Darkmore the lady of House Darkmore when Ephraim Black arrived at Darkmore with the idea of a better male candidate in the form of Colin Black of whom was the son of Melina Darkmore and thus a cousin to the lord of House Darkmore. Shocked about the turn of events Leana petitioned against the change as Amantha was the closest blood relative, and Colin Black had never visited, or knew anything of the land he would inherit. Ephraim arrived in Duskenvale with Cellia Black and begin making plans with the nobles there, and found many willing to listen to him as there were many who didn't want to be ruled by a young girl, and during this time Cellia Black used her considerable beauty to convinse several of the nobles of Duskhaven. Colin Black who was at this point still in Forks would be met by his cousin Rebecca Black of whom told him about the reality of his father's plan and that his father planned to remove the Darkmore girls as they were nothing but a threat to Colin and needed to be removed if Ephraim was to rule through Colin. Colin didn't want to believe what Rebecca said, but would agree to travel to Duskenvale with Rebecca Black of whom together with Colin's friend Eric Weinbrum, and his wife Vanessa Black the group would meet Lyle Crakehall and a small troop of House Crakehall on the road and then made there way to Duskenvale. Thus arriving at Duskenvale with his friend, wife, Lyle Crakehall, and Rebecca Black he would be met by his father of whom was furious that he had come to Duskenvale and was going to command his son to return to Forks when he would be interupted by Rebecca Black and Lyle Crakehall of whom took Colin Black and left him with his cousin Amantha. During this time spent time with his cousin Amantha Darkmore of whom he liked very much he came to learn about the reality of what his father was doing and how much it would ruin Amantha, and hearing this he would leave her to find her father of whom he was able to find through the assistence of Rebecca Black. Finding his father in the tower of Darkmore his plan to talk to his father would change dramatically when he overheard his father discussing how he was going to murder the Darkmore girls once he had control so that they wouldn't trouble him anymore, and how after he married Colin off to some girl he would then murder Colin and finally finish what he truly wanted for someone he called the Lord of Gluttony. Overhearing this Colin knew that Rebecca wasn't lying at all and went to his cousin of whom he found kissing Lyle Crakehall and telling her what he had heard the group would go to Amantha and leaving Eric Weinbrum behind with her to protect her with a few Crakehall men the group would leave for Hillsbrad to meet with the Arch Duke of the region in the form of House Greymane.

Deciding Fates

Leana Darkmore being related to House Darkwood would bring yet another loyalist to Darkhaven in order to resist the forces of Ephraim Black.

When you looked at Ephraim Black he gave you the illusion that he was human. Everything about him looked the part, but beneath that cool exterior beats a heart that has nothing but hate, and evil. He is human in skin and bones alone.
Leana Darkmore

Rebecca Black, Lyle Crakehall, Vanessa Black, and Colin Black would arrive in Hillsbrad and were given an audience with the new Lord of House Greymane in the form of Liam Greymane. Laying out the situation with Liam they were very open about what was going on, and while Liam was reluctant to believe the true extent of how nefarious Ephraim was being in Duskhaven he would agree to travel to Duskhaven in several weeks and he would decide the lordship of Duskhaven himself. Rebecca and the group returned to Duskhaven to find that several of the prominent lords of the province had arrived in Duskhaven including Jon Lowport of whom brought with him his wife, son, and daughter, while Edric Fordale arrived as the new lord of House Fordale accompanied by his sister, and wife, and finally Robin Highport arrived with his wife and sister, but Rebecca would quickly find that each of these lords had their own agendas. The arrival of House Darkwood would incense tensions as Kieth Darkwood, and his brother Derek Darkwood would bring significant forces in order to protect their niece Leana Darkmore, and upon their arrival blood was nearly spilled between Derek Darkwood, and Ephraim upon learning his plotting.

When you looked at Ephraim Black he gave you the illusion that he was human. Everything about him looked the part, but beneath that cool exterior beats a heart that has nothing but hate, and evil. He is human in skin and bones alone.
Leana Darkmore
Noble Family Leadership Role in the Crisis
House Lowport Jon Lowport House Lowport would send significant forces to Duskhaven in order to protect the remaining Darkmore's after the death fo the Patriarch, and they were extremely agressive towards Ephraim Black and his attempt to take control from the Darkmore's.
House Highport Robin Highport
House Fordale Edric Fordale
House Darkwood Kieth Darkwood House Darkwood would send significant forces in order to protect blood member of the family in the form of Leana Darkmore of whom was the niece of Kieth, and Derek Darkwood.

With the arrival of the Arch Duke only a week away the meeting in Duskhaven would be increased when Orival Crane arrived with two of his brothers and a sister on the request of his friend Jon Lowport II.

The Arch Duke Arrives

Family Members