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Genn Greymane
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Story Role
POV Role Journey of the Wolf
Appears In Placeholder
Vital statistics
Born Placeholder
Title Official Titles
Alias Placeholder
Religion Placeholder
Status Placeholder
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Racial Statistics
Maternal Vandal German
Paternal Vandal German - Worgen
Father Archibold Greymane II.
Mother Placeholder
Siblings Placeholder
Internal Family
Spouse Geraldine Greymane
Children True Born

With Placeholder

  • Rodney Greymane II.
  • Otillia Greymane
  • Kunibert Greymane
  • Raymond Greymane
Magi Information
Magi Level 1
Magi Family Worganism School of Magi
Familiar None

Genn Greymane is the son of Archibold, and Yosie Greymane making him the patriatch of House Greymane and the Yarl of Hillsbrad. Genn has three siblings in the form of Archibold the second, and Darius Greymane of which Darius was murdered during the assasinations known as the plague, and his brother Archibold is a leading commander in the House Greymane forces. Genn married Mia when he was getting older in age, and this led to a swift occurance of children as he had little time to waste, but also to a somewhat loveless marriage. Genn and his wife Mia have two children in the form of Tess, and Liam Greymane of which Liam leads a portion of the House Greymane forces while Tess is younger and is still struggling with her Worgen side and thus is moving at a slower rate then the house might like.

Genn is an honorable soilder and many compare him to an Eddard Starke in the way he directs his House and in the way he handles his personal life. Genn like all members of the Greymane House suffers from Lycrophania, which is a disease which causes them to turn into a half wold hybrid.


Early History

Ceremony of the Wolf

The Ceremony of the wolf is a critical moment in the lives of every member of House Greymane . It happens on their 17th birthday, and the ceremony is meant to allow them to control the points when they allow the disaese to take over. The House takes their privacy very seriously and because of this they must only allow the wolf to take over when they are in private. Because of this need for privacy the House has placed a lot of their wealth into expanding out the caves beneath Hillsbrad into the secret fortress they are now. Called the Halls of the Wolf , these underground halls are where the House lives most of its life, while spending their human moments above the surface as to continue the sharade that they are human.

Bill Lovie

First Battle of Tree Hill

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Siege of Tree Hill

The Journey

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Crisis in Darkhaven

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Family Members