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Story Involvement
POV Role Blood Lillies
Story Role Rise of the Vampire Queen
Vampire Details
Bloodline Sanguin Brotherhood
Maker Angelica Neferata
Progeny Sons


Generation First
Morality Lawful Good
Personal Details
Origins Lahmia
Status Alive
Let's be honest. We are frightening. After thousands of years, we haven't evolved. We only grow more brutal, more predatory. I don't see the danger in treating humans as equals. The enemies of Weerhousen will rise and cry out for our destruction if we do not evolve.

Godrick Neferata is a truly ancient Vampire of the second generation that makes him a member of the Dukes Of Weerhousen, and the Lord and creater of the Sanguin Bloodline. Godrick is the cousin of Queen Neferata and she believes him to be very loyal as he is also the creator of the religion of Lilith but in fact he is a true believer in Lilith but does not believe she is Lilith. Godrick has been the maker of many Vampires in his time as a Vampire but he has maintained a very strict policy for himself of only ever turning someone that wishes it in the end.

Godric was the cousin of Queen Neferata and a young boy when he was turned into a vampire by his sister, as an insult to her uncle of whome had made an insult of her inside the halls of the Lahmian Senate. Following his creation as a Vampire he would find several other individuals within the Vampire scene that he found close to him, and these men and women would form the beginnings of what he came to call the Sanguin bloodline. As time went on under Godrick the Bloodline would form the Vampire religion in the form of Lilith of which Godrick portrayed as being about Queen Neferata but was actually a belief he held in what was the reason behind the creation of Vampires. He would escape the ruins of Lahmia with his cousin and the rest of the Lahmian Vampires but much of his Bloodline died as they attempted to save the people of Lahmian City as was the custom of the Bloodline. Godrick would join the Vampire Court in its occupation of Greece and during this time he continued as the head of the Church of Lillith which was meant as a way to continue the religious adoration of Queen Angelica Neferata, but while doing this he begin to create a group of Vampires who wanted peace more then violence. Following the conquering of the Dutchy of Argolis by the Vampires it was a period of Violence that erupted on mainland Greece and this led to Godrick deciding to leave Greece with his loyalists and he was able to get Angelica's permission to do this. Leaving Greece with her blessing it was Godrick that took his loyalists and made his way through Croatia eventually after many years settling down in the city of Lorderon where he and his companions scoured the libraries of the Kirin Tor for knowledge. Godrick would become obsessed with the lands of Scandenavia during his reading and preparing to leave he would be saddened when his two closest companions in Vincent Godfrey and Romanos Threspotus did not come with him but he still took his remaining loyalists and travelled to Denmark. Finding himself in the cold north of Swedan where he fell in love with the Vandals of northern Swedan fighting alongside King Eilrich Oldan during the Andal Invasion and despite losing this fight he would retreat south and save Eilrich's son Eric Oldan making him the second member of the Sanguin Bloodline.


Early History

Godric was the cousin of Queen Neferata and a young boy when he was turned into a vampire by his sister, as an insult to her uncle of whome had made an insult of her inside the halls of the Lahmian Senate. Following his creation as a Vampire he would find several other individuals within the Vampire scene that he found close to him, and these men and women would form the begginings of what he came to call the Sanguin bloodline. As time went on under Godrick the Bloodline would form the Vampire religion in the form of Lilith of which Godrick potrayed as being about Queen Neferata but was actually a belief he held in what was the reason behind the creation of Vampires.

Rise of the Vampire Queen

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Rise of the Vampire Queen
We are the true gods of this world. We need to show the world what the gods of this world are capable of. Today we stop. Today we take ourselves a new home.
Angelica Neferata Large.jpg
Ruling over Lahmia was the thing I had wanted to do since I was a young girl. I had dreamed nightly of the feel of the crown, and the power that would flow through the tip of my tougne. The loss of Vashenesh drove a wedge between the thing I had wanted since I was a little girl, and the thing I had needed since the first I saw his face.
Angelica Neferata

Vashenesh and the now Queen Neferata were both left with broken hearts by the news that Hercuso was to be her husband, but both of them buried it, and Queen Neferata and Hurcuso had a child together, and in public appeared very in love. While for Hurcuso this was real, for Angelica this was a painful separation from her true love Stefon Vashenesh. As Queen Neferata was at first very present in the rule of the land, but as it continued her first years were defined by her involvement in the behind scenes politics that were very prevalent among the aristocrats that appeared at the top of the leadership in Lahmia. This switch had a lot to do with the involvement of Hercuso of whom was a more morally bankrupt individual then Angelica remembered him being, but because of their previous relationship she trusted that he was a good person and took his words to heart.

The Coming of Nagash

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I hadn't been happy for those first four years, and thus at first I thought I was losing my mind. When I got people to look at him, he laughed at me because as I realized for some reason he couldn't be seen by anyone despite me. It would be years before this thing that talked to me every night would ever show itself to another human being.
Angelica Neferata

Only four years into her reign as Queen of Neferata she was approached by a man who called himself Nagash. Each night this man would appear in her room, and each time she called the guard he would disappear. Even when she begged Vashenesh to protect her she could never escape him. Vashenesh stayed in her room standing stoicly against a wall despite her begging him to sleep beside her so she could finally rest. During his time in standing guard she continued to see Nagash of whom simply walked beside him, and when she pointed at Nagash Vashenesh couldn't see him. When Vashenesh couldn't see him she became distraught and attempted to force herself sexually onto her former lover, but he was too honorable to be taken in such a way and thus rejected her attempts to sleep with him. Following this attempt Vashenesh would refuse to stay with her again. She tried this several more times in a failed attempt to get someone elce to see the man including one attempt when she had ten guards attempt to surround Nagash but he simply walked clean through them, and despite the fact that they felt something they had saw nothing.

When Vashenesh couldn't see him either, a part of me just gave up. I could never kill myself over this monster, but I could definitely give up on living. It was from that moment forward that I accepted everything in my life was no longer bound by the honor that I had spoken so highly of during my time with Vashenesh.
Angelica Neferata
Eventually she stopped calling the guard as she realized the hopelessness of her problem, and instead she listened to his words. Over two years Nagash whispered to her of her beauty and how she was the daughter of a god. These compliments eventually led to Nagash seeking for her to gather materials for him. He told her these materials would create a potion that would allow her to remain beautiful forever, and never lose her power.She gathered the materials for him and for years he gave her potions that kept her looking beautiful.
Angelica Neferata Gif8.gif
Eventually as all evil men do, Nagash wanted more from her, and more importantly then just this he wanted her to do something for him. When she questioned what he wanted Nagash would make it know that he demanded she entice Jesus into coming to Lahmia and too kill him in a betrayal that would shake the foundations of the continent. He would give her time to think of this, and in this time she would go to her council and discuss the possibilities of war with Nehekhara and what would possibly happen if the two nations did go to war, and her Councillors showed her information on the scale of the war machine in Nehekhara and it became very clear how unable Lahmia was to actually fight against the Empire of Nehekhara. Following this discovery Nagash would return days later demanding and answer and it was at this point when she absolutely refused his request stating it would destroy her Kingdom, and with her denial he told her that she would lose the most valuable thing to her if she didn't agree.
First Death of Stefon Vashenesh
His death wasn't something I could accept. I could do a lot of truly terrible things in order to keep him happy, but I could not allow Vashenesh to fall. Stefan was mine. Stefan was the only thing that mattered.
Angelica Neferata

Angelica would ponder what this was over the night, and she didn't even think it was Stefon as she spent the night with him, but she considered many different things all of monetary or physical value. Not only did she not think it was Stefon she believed truly that Nagash was also somewhat frightened of her in her new state. Nagash was quick to prove his point when the very next day Nagash killed Vashenesh, and brought his dead body to Angelica's feet. When Angelica saw Vashenesh dead she wept and held him before she was interrupted by Nagash's laughter. She ignored his laughter and begged him to bring Vashenesh back to her. She pleaded with the liche for him to do anything to bring back Stefon to her, and she was in that moment more afraid then she had ever been in her entire life. Nagash saw his opening and agreed to resurrect Vashenesh if Angelica would do what he asked in regards to Jesus.  Nagash would understand better then anyone that in that moment he could have gotten her to do whatever he wanted, as her devotion, and fanatical love for Stefon was something that couldn't be separated from the fact that she was going down a one way road.

Angelica could not accept the loss of Stefon no matter what the cost was, and it was this inability to accept that would force her to listen to the madness filled commands of Nagash and eventually change the course of human history.

A dark cloud on the world. I would end anything that stood in my way. I did not understand the notion of what made her so sad. I offered her immortality, and in return I demanded loyalty. This loyalty did not come with strings, or options. It was simply blind loyalty that I demanded. She could question. She could argue. But she could only do this in her own mind. I would not accept this sort of denial. So when she begin to show signs that she was going to back out of that arrangement she needed to understand the consequences of what she was suggesting.
Angelica Neferata

With Vashenesh under threat Angelica immediately accepted the offer, and waited patiently for Nagash to save him, but minutes passed and he simply stood there. During this time she was fed images in her mind by Nagash of the violent and brutal fate that awaited Stefon as she watched him dying over and over again. This caused her debilitating pain, and she fell to the floor and held him close crying hysterically. As this happened Nagash understood very clearly that he had broken the Queen, and he only needed to push her into becoming a vampire so that his plans were complete. As she regained her ability to stand she begin screaming at him that he wasn't doing anything, and in that moment he told her that the only way to save him was for Nagash to turn her into the nonliving, and then for her to then turn him as well. So desperate was Angelica that she accepted this to, and in this moment doomed herself to Vampirism.

The First Vampire

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Angelica lost all control during the early days of her Vamparism, and she would be ashamed of herself until eventually she was able to turn off her humanity in a way.

She was the first of her kind. She could not have know the consequences of the choice she made. She would be both made into a god, and a demon all in the same moment. A girl that had been frightened of blood found herself obsessed with it. It consumed her mind. Her body. Her soul. Everything was blood now.
Stefon Vashenesh

Angelica Neferata was the very first vampire of the world, and was created simply by the Magi of Nagash of whom wanted her to become something dark and twisted so that at worst she would corrupt the lands of Lahmia of whom stood as a guardian to the humans of Nehekhara unknowingly. Giving Angelica the Elixer of Life as he called it he would have her kept alone for nearly two weeks in her room as she changed into the first vampire the world would ever know, and the progenitor of the entire species. The only thing that remained in her room was the dead body of Vashenesh of whom Nagash cast a spell upon which merged him into the Veil forcing him to not go into the Fade and be unable to be resurrected. Her transformation would end, and she had gained fangs, and the unstoppable desire for human blood of which the only thing nearby was Stefon of whom Nagash convinced her the only way to heal him was to take the blood from him, and in her blood lust and unstoppable desire to have him live she would bite him draining his blood turning Stefon into the second Vampire. Keeping his promise to Angelica for a time Nagash would disappear from sight in the hope that she would lose control and feed on humans thus corrupting her forever with the knowledge of how good blood was for her, but instead she would seek out Stefon of whom had been turned into a Vampire but was resisting his urges and had come to sleeping by her door waiting for her to come out of whatever had kept her away from him and the rest of her people.

Angelica Neferata Wide.jpg
I couldn't understand why she so continuously was willing to throw me away. What did he have that I did not?
Hercuso Vashenesh

Seeking his brother out and not him would lead Hercuso to become finally done with his older brother and he would leave the palace ground and head north to the fortress of Alexandria where he would be unknowingly watched by Nagash. While travelling Hercuso would be approached by Nagash of whom convinced Hercuso that Angelica was truly in love with him but had been abused by Stefon and the only way to save her was to do a ritual with Nagash of which would bring her back to him. Doing the ritual was nothing more then a spell which made Hercuso's blood more appetizing to Angelica and thus when he returned to the palace and went to see her she would be unable to resist the call of his blood and broke out of her containment and attempted to turn him into a Vampire making the third Vampire of the world and destroying her ability to stop. As she attempted to bite him she was stopped by Stefon of whom took his brother from the room hiding within the dungeon beneath the palace, and as he finally stopped running Hercuso stole a knife from Stefon stabbing Stefon, but due to being a Vampire the damage was nearly nothing, and realizing that Hercuso had come second in this way as well he would slit his wrists. Watching his brother die in front of him Stefon bit him causing Stefon great blood lust, but also turning Hercuso into the third Vampire in the world through the blood kiss of Stefon.

Turning Katia
Katia Beckinlate9.jpg
At the time I didn`t know what she meant as she explained what had happened. I mean your sister who for most of her life has been nothing but straight edge comes to you and tells you she`s consorting with Undead Monsters and has been turned into a immortal creature your going to have some suspicion. But as she talked something in her eyes made me understand that everything was correct that she was staying, and it was in that moment I fell to my knees and begged her to make me like her. Even as she bit into my neck my whole body moved as if it was hers for the taking.
Katia Beckinlate

Katia`s sister Angelica Neferata would approach her during this time and begin telling her about her meetings with Nagash and the fact that she was now an immortal creature that she was calling herself a Vampire which was in their language meaning ``the immortal one`` and as she talked of this her sister Katia sat without moving not truly believing what she was hearing. As Angelica realized that she was resisting her call to become like her, she concentrated on the eyes of Katia and did what felt necessary in what would later become known as glammering. She was able to glammer Katia into agreeing with her, and this would lead to her turning her sister into a Vampire making Katia the second Vampire of the world.

Rise of the Bloodlines

It was at the beginning that I knew I would need to define who my leaders were. Due to my current affliction it wasn`t hard to bind people to my will, but the truth was those original Vampires were the most powerful they would ever be. My true Vampire Lords were only the first.
Angelica Neferata

Following turning her sister Katia into a Vampire Angelica would begin to plan with her sister - of whom became following this transormation extremely devout to Angelica - how they could completely gain dominence over the court of Lahmia, and they would devise a plan where Angelica would turn certain members of the court into Vampires and from there create powerful commanders for herself which they would call the Bloodlines.

Name Bloodline
Ushoran Strigi Vampire bloodline
Harakhate Neherak House of Neherak Bloodline
Corvusia Blood Court of Lahmia Bloodline
Kamilah Napata Category:Blood Court of Nubia Bloodline
Vashenesh Vash Consteins Bloodline
Godrick Sanguin Bloodline
Abhorash Blood Dragons
W'soran Nechrarch Bloodline
Philopater Ptolemy III. Ptolemy Bloodline
Corelia Naatesne House of Naatesne
Narmer Merneith House of Merneith

As the number of her so called Bloodline Dukes increased she was forced to stop following Narmer, and Cerelia two of her dukes massacring entire villages in western Lahmia due to their blood lust, and following the execution of these two she would command more control over who was changed into Vampires and attempted with much failure to control the killings of the people by the growing Vampire nobility. Also during this time Katia would begin expanding her own forces turning half a dozen members of the servent class of House Neferata and it was in these turnings that Angelica would come to find several dire hard loyalists in the turning of Orithyia of Neferata, Baerius of Neferata, and Persis of Neferata all of whom swore themselves to Angelica forming an inner guard for her.


He would escape the ruins of Lahmia with his cousin and the rest of the Lahmian Vampires but much of his Bloodline died as they attempted to save the people of Lahmian City as was the custom of the Bloodline.

Vampire Court in Greece

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Rise of the Sanguin Bloodline

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A Son and Daughter
I never thought I would take a progeny. Never thought for one second that I would turn another person into this creature we are now. Looking at you and your sister so close to death I knew I had to save you. Even if by saving you I doomed you both.

The growing violence of the Lahmia court under Angelica Neferata would lead to Godrick leaving the court from Greece.

I told her what she wanted to hear. It was the only way I was ever going to be able to leave the madness that set into the once honorable nobles of Lahmia.

Having been given permission to leave Greece by Angelica Neferata it was Godrick, and his most loyal commanders Vincent Godfrey, and Romanos Threspotus that would leave joined by their entire bloodlines. Leaving Greece they travelled by river making there way northward, and travelling through Croatia they spent time in each of the kingdoms that they found. It was in Westros that they eventually found themselves and making a home in the ancient city of Lorderon they would spend several decades in the city. During their time there it was a divergence that begin to occur between the three Vampire Lords. Godrick begin to feel a pull towards the north as he had become obsessed with the ancient rumors of that northern land. For Vincent, and Romanos they begin to feel a pull towards the peace that felt a promice in the Valley of Lucerne which was an isolated and seemingly ungoverned land. This divide would eventually cause the three to split as Godrick travelled northward heading towards Norway, while Romanos and Vincent travelled to the Valley of Lucerne.

Coming to Denmark

traveled northward where he stayed for some time in Denmark. Living there for decades he was present as the flow of refugees started flowing in as a response to the Rise of the Andals and the exodus of the Vandal, and Goth people from Norway and Swedan. Seeing this and wanting to do something about what was going on he would travel into Swedan where following the flow of information in southern Swedan he eventually found his way into Northern Swedan where he would enter the court of the northern Vandal nation known as the Kingdom of Oland.

Fighting with the Vandals

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Jannok of the Andals would become the focal point of the Invasion as while she was teetering morally with the invasion, it was ultimately the corruption of her son that truly led to the end of the Vandals in Swedan. While Odin worked quickly to end the coruption of Jannok of which also led to the morality surviving moment for her two Daughters Rowena, and Valenia it was too late for Dannok of whom had given himself over to the Chaos Gods.

Northern Swedan during my time there was a patchwork of small kingdoms trying to resist individually an opponent who was unified behind their hatred of your people. Had your people fought together I suppose you may have resisted, but there were too many honorable men like your father leading nations in northern Swedan.

Entering the Kingdom of Oland he would discover the truth behind the stories being told in southern Swedan as he discovered the lands were being assaulted by the forces of Chaos who had taken control of the Andals, and the Andal nation known as the Empire of Kvenland. In this position he would enter the court of Oland where he became a powerful adviser to King Ulfrik Oland of whom he was honest with about being a Vampire and in this manner Ulfrik would begin to reveal the truth behind the situation with Kvenland. Describing to Godrick how months priot to Godrick's arrival the Andals of Kvenland had sent priests to his city trying to convert them to the worship of Chaos Gods and when he rejected this the Andals begin to be openly hostile. Wanting to resist the forces of Chaos due to his memory of Nagash, and everything evil in his life having been caused by the Chaos worshiping Nagash he would swear himself to the service of Ulfrik. Growing to trust Godrick it would be Ulfrik that would give command of a small group of Oland knights and using these forces Godrick would deliver several victories which led to his promotion by Ulfrik to the command of a significant portion of the Oland army to Godrick of whom fought with immense skill against the Andals delivering them two major defeats during his command.

Sometimes I look at you and I see a glimpse of your father. Your father was the bravest man I've ever met. You could be his son if you just reached out your hand and took what he left for you.

Following a third defeat of the Andals by the army of Godrick the leader of the Andals in the form of Jannok would travel to the front with two of her children in the form of Dannok, and Valenia at the head of a massive army nearly two hundred thousand strong. The Vandal forces were no more then thirty thousand and exhausted from the constant fighting there moral was destroyed by the coming of this massive army, but Godrick was able to maintain some semblance of order during this time keeping the front from completely collapsing. Following the arrival of this massive army three of the petty kingdoms south of Oland would send forces northward now seeing the threat to themselves augmenting the forces of Oland to nearly sixty thousand but their numbers were still nothing compared to the numbers of the Andals. Jannok would split her forces into two attacking Oland from two opposite sides of the country forcing Godrick to split his army into two with himself leading the smaller army of twenty thousand and King Ulfrik leading the larger army against Dannok.

A Son

Eric Oland would be within the capital of Oland when his father suffered a devastating defeat against the forces of the Andals in the north and with the Oland army crushed and no longer able to defend the capital the Andals overran the defenses sacking the city and the palace where Eric had lived his entire life. Despite finally fighting against the Andals leading the towns defense during its final hour he would be defeated by the overwhelming numbers of Andals and lay mortally wounded beside his murdered sister and mother, and it was in this position where he was discovered by Godrick of whom had promised Eric's father he woulds save his son, and did this by turning the mortally wounded Eric into a Vampire.

Hearts and Minds

While her family was gone Rowena was the regent of the Andals and she would become the target of both sides of the Titan conflict when Odin sent his daughter Siggi and on his command she would travel into the lands of the Andals where she would become the voice of reason for the "Daughter of Flemeth" Jannok's daughter Rowena of whom was also being targeted by a Chaos agent, but Siggi would win in this battle allowing Rowena to remain uncorrected. With Rowena uncorupted she would spend the time as regent silently sending resources and support to the Kingdom of

The End of Jannok
Siggi Cover Front Amazing.jpg
Tell me Siggi. I wish to help you. Just let me know what me and...just let me know what me and Eric may do to help you stop these monsters...They destroyed everything here, and they will only continue to spread southward unless we stop them here...Failing to stop them I would still atleast like to bloody there noses.

Following the destruction of the Vandal Kingdom of Oland the lands of Swedan were basically open to the Invasion of the Andals, but for Jannok her role in the killings was too much and she was emotionally devastated by what she had caused including most painful of all being the complete moral loss of her son, and the increasingly declining morality of her daughter Valenia while they had been fighting. Returning to the capital of the Andals following the defeat of the Kingdom of Oland it was Jannok that would come to speak to her daughter Rowena of whom she sensed still retained her morality, and together after this discsussion it was Rowena that introduced her mother to Siggi. begin making plans to change the Andals back to their non-Chaos leaning religions. Supported by her two daughters Jannok would believe she had secretly put this plan in place, but shortly before it was to move forward she would be confronted in the Palace grounds of her kingdom by Flemeth and her son, and following a battle between the group it would Flemeth that took Jannok away leaving Dannok in command of the Andals, while Valenia, and Rowena would flee southward

Last Stand of Upsal

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Nora Vonhesha Cover Amazing.jpg
My son if we are not out here trying our best to make this world better...If were not...then we might as well go take our necklace off and stand in the light.

The Kingdom of Upsal had been one of the three petty kingdoms which has sent aid to Oland during the invasion of the forces of the Andals, and thus the people of Upsal were aware of the consequences of the defeat of Oland, and in this way many in Upsal had begun fleeing southward including the Upsal royal family and most of the nobility leaving the army severly depleted, and thus allowing the Andals to move basically wherever they chose. The capital of the Kigndom of Upsal was the town of Upsal and it was here where Eric, and Godrick arrived and arriving there they discovered the town was preparing to fight in what amounted to a terrible last stand as they were horribly outnumbered by the coming Andals but Prince Leopold Dorginvin was unwilling to abandon the capital.

A Daughter
Nora Vonhesha Cover Amazing.jpg
My son if we are not out here trying our best to make this world better...If were not...then we might as well go take our necklace off and stand in the light.

Travelling southward following the meeting with Jannok it was Eric, and Godrick that would come upon the village of Nora Vonhesha and staying there for the night before making there way the final way to the capital of the larger southern petty Kingdom of Tonsul. Staying the night he and Eric would be within the village when it was assaulted by a vanguard force from the forces of the Andals of whom were still busy ransacking Oland but small groups were not moving southward. Filled with hatred over the deaths of his family Eric would refuse to retreat and Godrick was unwilling to leave him so the two would remain and fight alongside the Vandal defenders which led to them destroying the Andal force but following the battle Nora would be found dying and Godrick would take pity on her turning her into vampire and taking her with himself and Eric following this going southward.

Denmark Civil War

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The Denmark Civil War was the last chance of Flemeth to exert real change as she was now being stalked by the forces of Odin, and with the Empire now mobilizing and her Andal children either dead or losing their mind she was on her last move.

They talk about the disorganization of the Great Migration, but what I remember was the peace of it. My father led Denmark in assisting the Vandals in moving south, and for years the retreat went without question. Only my failure changed it to Chaos.
Isabel Glusburg

As the non-Chaos aligned Germans begin fleeing Norway, and Swedan the main route of their escape outside of those who could find boats was through Denmark where the Imperium of Germania put in place a directive that the province of Denmark was to assist in their retreat and assist in them moving south where the goal was to overwhelm Central Europe with large amounts of Germans. This flow of Germans southward would continue for some time unopposed as thousands upon thousands of Germans escaped the Chaos Proselytism and made their way through Denmark, but the flow would grind to a halt when Flemeth entered the region of Denmark and targeted House Glusburg the most powerful of the merchant families of Copenhagen for corruption. Entering Copenhagen Flemeth would find little moral problems with the family especially its lord in the form of Alf Glusburg of whom was a fanatic when it came to resisting Chaos and was closely supported by several Sigmar Priests of whom kept Flemeth from ever really being able to get close to Alf. Unable to corrupt the leadership of House Glusburg she prepared to move on when the return of Isabel Glusburg, and her brother Theis Glusburg led to Flemeth taking another road when she was able to get close to the two siblings. Playing on their weakenesses she would fully corrupt both of them leading to their secret "'suicides" of which following this Isabel became a "Daughter of Flemeth" while Theis became one of the Dark Men.

I didn't know what she was. I made a mistake, and now look at the price we have all paid for my mistakes.
Isabel Glusburg
Using Theis, and Isabel Flemeth was able to have them murder their father and without his presence she was able to have her agents commit atrocities throughout Copenhagen specifically targeting the Church of Sigmar of whom were devestated by these attacks. Now in control of Copenhagen Flemeth would begin charging massive fees to the Vandals to slow their progress, and when this didn't fully work she had Isabel deploy the forces of her family into south-western Swedan where they pushed back the retreating Germans. This was against the commands of the Emperor of whom at the time was Mandred Gausser and was much the same as Alf Glusburg in that he was a fanatical believer in Sigmar and for this reason when Mandred discovered what was happening in Denmark he hosted a Great Blot of the Imperium of Germania and despite agents of Flemeth going to the Blot they were unable to stop Mandred of whom instigated the Denmark Civil War. Leading a massive army of Sigmar fanatics and the state forces of Bavaria, Hannover, Prussia, and the Lowlands he would invade Denmark gaining the support of most of the population and putting Copenhagen under siege.
Denmark Civil War.png
As Copenhagen remained under siege it was the forces of Odin who came to the city and led by Tyr and his lovers Tola, and Signy they would hunt for Flemeth who realizing they had arrived begin to plan for her retreat out of the city. Before Flemeth was able to flee it was Tyr who found Isabel and alongside Tola and Signy was able to defeat her in combat and before Flemeth could arrive with her forces to try and help Isabel it was Tyr who was able to remove some of the corruption on Isabel. Following this Tyr and his wives would leave the city and move to the army of Mandred Gausser planning to assist him in finishing the siege, but they left behind a changed Isabel who with a shred of free will would realize the plans of Flemeth were going to leave her family destroyed and would go to her youngest brother Christian Glusburg who was just a baby and take him north of Copenhagen where she used Magi to construct a hidden vault known as the Vault of Glusburg for him to stay in and then placing her brother in a Magi coma she returned to Copenhagen. Flemeth would flee the city with Isabel, but left Theis behind of whom tried defending the city but at this time the work of Godrik, and his children could not be resisted and they were able to rally the remaining Priests of Sigmar to their side, and confronted Theis in the Palace of Copenhagen where a large fight broke out. Theis fought valiently but was overwhelmed by the Vampire/Sigmar force and killed during the fighting, and as he was killed by Sigmar Priests this would be his permenent death. Following the death of Theis the Flemeth loyalists were a completely broken force and the before Mandred even reached the army of Flemeth in Swedan which was blocking the Germans the army had disbanded with its commanders either retreating northward to the Andals or been killed by the army that was never really interested in fighting in Swedan. Mandred would during this moment begin the construction of the Great Copenhagen Bridge of which was constructed with the abiltity to be raised and lowered through a series of flooding levies, and this work allowed for the greater fortification of the land route between Swedan, and Denmark, but also allowed for a much easier crossing for the Germans of whom Mandred would work extensively with making sure they moved into Central Europe south of the Imperium just as he desired.

The Founding of Weerhousen

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Arnor Invasion of Weerhousen

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Family Members


Eric Oland

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Ulfrik Oland

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Your father was the bravest man I ever met Eric. He knew from the moment he raised his armies how it would end for him. Not for one second did his death matter to him. He wanted to save his family, and his people. It was this objective that drove him.

Ulfrik Oland and Godrick would first meet when Godrick travelled north into the Kingdom of Oland trying to learn more about what he was hearing from the southern Germanic people about the situation in the north, and he would seek out Ulfrik in this regard. Always keen for a new friend Ulfrik would take Godrick into his confidence and this would lead to many truths during the first few months of their friendship including Godrick revealing he was a Vampire and Ulfrik revealing the truth of the Chaotic leanings of the Kvenland Andals.