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The Gondorian Istari is a major branch of the Kingdom of Gondor which is divided into three branches with the most known branch being the Gondorian Magistrate which is a Magi Order within the Kingdom of Gondor which leads the Magi of the Kingdom of Gondor, while the second is the Gondorian Intelligence which acts as the head of the central intelligence for the Kingdom of Gondor, and the third and final branch is the Librarians Guild of Gondor which is the organization which controls the upper tier of the education system and the national libraries. 

The Gondorian Istari is led by the Grand Magister of Gondor of whom leads over all three of the branches of the Gondorian Istari, and he holds this position on a ten year electoral basis. The Gondorian Magistrate is the name for the branch of the Gondorian Istari that deals with the training, and deployment of all Magi working for the Kingdom of Gondor and the Gondorian Magistrate is led by Council of Magisters of which is a nominated position held by six Magi of whom are nominated by the Grand Magister.

The Gondorian Istari were created in ancient Atlantis by the Pantheon before the Pantheon were corupted, and for centuries protected the region of Gondor, but during the Downfall of Numeron, and the Gondor Civil War suffered devestating losses. The Istari had been led by Sauruman since the days of the Exodus of Atlantis, and this leadership was found to be failing when he betrayed the Istari and went to the side of Sauron. In doing this he corupted Hetricio, and left Radagast a broken and disillusioned Elur. Gandfalf now leads the Istari but his power is severly weakened by the fact that he is basically alone now among those who can remember Atlantis. 


Early History

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The Pantheon in their creation were designed to want to constantly improve the Empire of Numeron, and in one of their plans for improvement they attempted to create beings a level of power just below them, that could act as commanders, and gaurdians for the Empire.

In this ancient time their were hundreds of these creations that they called the Elur. The Elur built itself into a mighty council of the creations of the Pantheon, and for centuries they continued their assigned tasks with perfection. When The Pantheon fell to the power of the soul of Malekor, the Elur were some of the first to become corrupted. During this time one of the Pantheon sent 30 of the Elur, the only ones that were not corupted, and he sent them to Europe, to escape the coming madness.

Downfall of Numeron

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The Fall of the Numeron Empire
This was the moment that was so destructive. So violent. So horrifying. It all of these things and so much more. It was so much that they started the calendar over.
Witch King 3.jpg

The Witch King was born in the massive Nemerian city of Tal Reagen which now is known as Lorderon. Braizen Highven IV. was the grandson of the much maligned Emperor Aleria Highven II. who many point to as the harbringer of the decline in Numeron. The line had survived but it was only Braizen's father Braizen Highven III. that had truly begun to restore some of the sanity to the Numenors. As a child Braizen was someone that many thought was going to be a good future ruler, and he loved history to the point that it was said he could name and describe the life of every Emperor in the long history of the Empire of Numeron. This boy would cease to exist after during his search for knowledge he and his gaurds were lured into a trap set by Sauron. Sauron would send a small party of his human servents to the area that Braizen was searching and in their possestion would be a Palantir that he had personally crafter just for Braizen's use. Sauron's servents would instigate a fight and during this fight the gaurds would kill the entire force of Sauron. As they searched the bodies for evidence of who these men could be, Braizen discovered the Palantir, and despite the warnings of his gaurd he took it into his possestion as they returned to his personal keep.

Witch King1.jpg


"I could have brought my massive armies to bear against the Empire of Numeron and died. I could have done that but I took the option of corupting the heir to the Empire and then having them simply kill themselves. That seemed to me to be the easier option of the two."


When he returned to his keep he spent years devling into the mysteries of the Palantir, and he came to find that the Palantir would silently speak to him and tell him secrets. At first these secrets were nothing more then where to find rare books, or artifacts but eventually these whispers came to tell him darker things. The control the Palantir came to have over him was incredible as it changed his personality quite noticeably, and led him down a path that would lead to many troubles for Europe. During his early life there he started to though became known for his personal excesses and this troubled the current Emperor who had wanted to give him the throne when he passed. Noone could undertand what had changed in the once noble young man but something dramatic had happened to him and despite the many attempts to get through to him he continued to go down a dark path. Eventually the current Emperor decided that Braizen was too arrogant and selfish to be the Emperor upon his death, so he made his nephew Johan Highven the heir apparent upon his death. To say this didn't sit well with Braizen was an understatement. During this time his rants and excesses became especially bad to the point that the Emperor warned him that he would be removed from the Empire if he didn't calm himself. Braizen at this point would return once more to the devise that had given hims so many anwsers the last time he had found it in the Palantir.

The Ring


This time when he spoke to the Palantir he told it how everyone now hated him, and he begged the Palantir for an anwser to why this was happening to him. The Palantir whispered to him the location that would give him the anwsers to everything in his life, and that if he went there the person he met there was the man that would change everything in his life for the better. Braizen immediatly went to the location without any of his gaurds, and when he arrived their he saw a man in black armor illuminated by a gleaming white light. The man introduced himself as Sauron, and told Braizen that the only way to fix what had happened was to take a ring from him and to wear it with complete trust. Braizen trusted this Sauron because the voice was the same as the Palantir and so he took the ring and put it on, and that was the moment that he was now completely in the hold of Sauron who now was able to talk to him as a true solder of his army.


The Spawn of Sauron

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"I found it quite amusing when he was forced to come to me yet again for help. For a Dark Lord he sure needed a lot of help."

Following the massive spree of executions, and the growth of a rebellion with Numeron the forces of Braizen begin marshalling all of their power to begin creating a creature of such power that they could destory any force the rebels could possibly muster against them. In order to do this Sauron leant his Magi power to the cosntruction of a creature that would come to be called the Spawn of Sauron. The creature wasn't completing quickly enough as they needed more Magi, and this annoyed Sauron to no end, as he realized he would need help in order to complete the project. In order to actually complete the project Sauron was forced to enlist the assistence of his old lover Flemeth of which brought him great shame but he accepted out of neccesity. The idea behind the Spawn of Sauron was to make a massive spider like creature that was unasailable by any convential force. Its creation would herald a victory due to the fact that no conventional force would have any hope of defeating that kind of creature.

Spawn of Sauron.jpg

The Spawn of Sauron

"I have never seen such wanten destruction. Where ever it moved it destroyed everything in its path. What hope was there for men when a creature as big as the mountains themselves turns against us."

The Spawn of Sauron changed the entire direction that the conflict had been going. With the spawn on the side of the Black Numenorians there was no possible way to confront them onto the field of battle. If you attempted to raise an army the spawn was simply impossible to defeat in a conventional manner. This meant that the war entered a phase in which would define the beggining of the war, in which the Spawn of Sauron simply roamed about Numenor and destroyed towns, cities, and armies seemingly at will. During this period the population of the Empire was dramatically reduced as entire cities were wiped out by the spawn, and no end was in sight.

The Battle of Tail Heagen

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The Battle of Tail Heagen was the final culimination of the actions of the horrible spawn of Sauron. The spawn of Sauron had attacked unabated throughout Numeron destroying towns that rebelled at will, and no army could possibly match its power. It was during this period of great stregnth for Braizen that he would fall into the trap that became known as the Battle of Tail Heagen. He stopped focusing on taking out the leadership, and places of rebellion and instead attempted to simply wipe out the Atlantian people, and in this moment the rebellion leadership devised themselves a plan built on the betrayal of one of the Dark Numenorians most important orders in the Istari, which was the Numenor Empire's Magi order, and the only Atlantians who were able to use Magi in the entire Empire.

Tevion Gronich.jpg

The Istari

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"Tevion Gronich died for everything in this continent, and the sad part is how many have even heard his name. He died saving the world, and yet the only name to survive is Sauron."

Tevion Gronich was the leader of the Istari during this period of the Downfall, and he was the sixth different leader as Braizen had been continuesly killing and replacing the leaders whenever the mood struck him. Tevion was loyal to his king despite the kings madness but he reached his end when the Spawn of Sauron begin simply killing people for no strategic reason beside genocide. As this genocide continued Tevion Gronich broke from the loyalists side of the war and took over half the Istari with him towards the massive rebel city of Tail Heagen. The Istari were opposed as they attempted to leave their massive temple, but by their betrayal had been so shocking and sudden that the Black Numenorians forces allowed most out of the city before the orders had made it down the chain of command that they should be stopped. These Istari would take casualities as they attempted to reach Tail Heagen and upon their arrival they would become shifted in their movements through the rise in Saruaman. Sarauman had a different way of thinking then Tevion and as they travelled their came to become a power struggle of sorts and many were shocked as Sarauman made remarks that suggested he wanted to violently take control of the loyalist movement if Tevion would not listen. In an act that would forever break their relationship Gandalf would side with Tevion and this caused the end of the internal struggle as Gandalf was held in great regard and noone dared to go against him.


Destroying the Spawn

"The World turned on its axis trying to either assist, or destroy the spell of man."

Now in Tail Heagen the Istari begin fashioning a massive spell which upon its completion would destory the spawn of Sauron. So much power was needed for the spell that every single Istari on the rebel side was involved in casting it, which brought on the notice of all the Istari on the dark side as well. With the eyes of the entire Empire now transfixed on Tail Heagen Braizen massed most of his army and marched on the massive city alongside the Spawn of Sauron. As the army marched for Tail Heagen basically the entire world. Every single Magi user. The Titans, and the Chaos Gods. Everyone became involved in either the casting of the spell or the attempt to stop the spell. It is said that so powerful was the Magi being conjured during the spell's incantation that the world itself shook for the entire time. Only one day away from Tail Heagen the spell was on the verge of casting but it just didn't have enough power to get it over the top. In this moment the Dark Numenorian Istari are said to have had many of their number slow their power and allow the spell to cast which caused the massive bolt of power to shoot from the moon all the way to Earth and completely eradicate the Spawn of Sauron along with much of the army of the Dark Numenorians. It is believed by most that their were significant elements within the Dark Numenorians who by this point understood that the Spawn of Sauron was only the beggining and that eventually Sauron would destroy everything.

Exodus and protection of Gondor

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When The Empire of Numeron was destroyed the Order that once at its peak had 1200 Elur in it, was now reduced to only 30. Each of the 30 devided themselves into smaller councils that would work to defend specific areas of what remained of the old empire.

Of these new groups one was the Istari, and they maintained control over Gondor. At this ancient time there were seven members of the Istari, but by the time of the Gondor Civil war there number was reduced to five.

Failing of Sauruman

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The Gondorian Istari is led by the Grand Magister of Gondor of whom leads over all three of the branches of the Gondorian Istari, and he holds this position on a ten year electoral basis.

Gondorian Magistrate

The Gondorian Magistrate is the name for the branch of the Gondorian Istari that deals with the training, and deployment of all Magi working for the Kingdom of Gondor and the Gondorian Magistrate is led by Council of Magisters of which is a nominated position held by six Magi of whom are nominated by the Grand Magister.

Council of Magisters

Name Magi School Birthplace Magi Level
Is-Radagast Vedrinion Nature School  Hogwarts (Empire of Numeron) 3
Aru-Estrien Wilwarin Restoration School  Gondor 3
Elu-Marnia Transium Alteration School Atlantis 4
Is-Lucy Imrahil Destruction School Dol Amroth 4
Is-Vaendrill Saelrillian Conjuration School Gondor 3

Gondorian Intelligence