The Grand State of Castamere is the region of eastern Lucerne where the Ostrogoth dominated lands of House Lannister make there residence from the capital of Castamere.

The Grand State is dominated by the Ostrogoth family in House Lannister but standing beneath them are many powerful houses. House Mander controls the province of Mander, and have grown especially powerful through their control of this powerful and populous province and town.


House Lannister is the Arch Lord of the Grand State of Castamere, and this is a position they have held since the creation of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and despite brief periods of internal fighting they have one of the most safely controlled Grand States with no resistance outside of several civil wars but these did not actual target the removal of House Lannister.

Arch Lord of Castamere

The Arch Duke of the Grand State of Castamere is Jamie Lannister, and he rules on behalf of Lannister of whom has been the Lords of Castamere since the Founding of the Kingdom of Lucerne. The Arch Duke of Castamere is known as the "Lion Lord" and in his coronation he is given the power of the lands by a representative of House Lovie like all members of the Arch Duke house.

Name Reign Notes
Lann Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Jamie Lannister

Arch Duke of Castamere

Name Name of Grand Province Ruling House Seat Sworn To
Andrias Mander State of Mander House Mander Mander House Lannister

Grand Lord of Castamere

Name Name of Grand Province Ruling House Seat Sworn To
Altmann Banefort Grand Province of the Banefort House Banefort Banefort House Lannister
Hanzal Reyne Grand Province of Castamere House Reyne Castamere House Lannister
Grand Province of Vista House Terentia House Mander

Baron of Castamere

Baron Name of Barony Seat Sworn To Ruling House
Eastern Mander Terentia House Mander House Terentia
Southern Mander House Mander House Svaeder
Northern Castamere Haelbrooke House Reyne House Tarbeck
Northern Mander House Mander House Unisson
Corngrove Margrove House Banefort House Marbrand
Feastfire Islands Prester House Banefort House Prester
Southern Castamere Laeghill House Lannister House Grefford
Guntram Jest VI. Eastern Castamere Dreghortin House Lannister House Jest

Landsgraves of Castamere

Landsgrave Seat Sworn To Ruling House
Randolph Heitmann II. Gunderhoun House Mander House Heitmann
Hornvale House Reyne House Brax
House Marbrand House Darbrand
House Marbrand House Hertzfeld
House Marbrand House Getzfeld
House Prester House Peake
Dreghortin House Jest House Agralis

Burgraves of Castamere

Landsgrave Seat Sworn To Ruling House
House Terentia House Haagsma
House Banefort House Calnalys



The Grand State of the Crownlands is extremey densely populated land with a dozen towns and almost fifty plus castles marking it alongside the Forks area and Castamere as the main population center of the Kingdom of Lucerne.


Dragonoph Temple of the Crownlands

High Temple of Lucerne

High Temple of Gulltown

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