The Grand State of Forks is a Grand State within the Kingdom Of Lucerne, and a region of central Lucerne dominated by the massive city of Forks, and controlled by the powerful House Swan. The Grand State of Forks is one of the smallest of the Grand States, but in terms of population it is very heavily populated due to the extreme density of its people. The Grand State of Forks is dominated by House Swan of whom control the region from their seat in the capital of Forks. Once the center of the Kingdom of Tyrell the region was conquered by William Lovie using his dragon, and this led to the Kingdom Of Lucerne centering itself around the area as it expanded outwards from Lucerne. The Grand State of Forks contains many rivers, and the port of Lole, and Forks are alongside Gulltown as the larger ports of the region, with Lole containing most of the internal navy of the Valley of Lucerne.


Early History


House Swan is the Arch Lord of the Grand State of Forks, and this is a position they have held since the creation of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and despite brief periods of internal fighting they have little fighting outside of brief conflict during the Orcish Invasion of Lucerne.

Arch Lord of Forks

The Arch Duke of the Grand State of Forks is Charles Swan, and he rules on behalf of House Swan of whom has been the Lords of Forks since the Founding of the Kingdom of Lucerne. The Arch Duke of Winterfell is known as the "Swan Lord" and in his coronation he is given the power of the lands by a representative of House Lovie like all members of the Arch Duke house.

Name Reign Notes
Charlie Swan

Arch Duke of Forks

Name State Controlled Seat Notes
Hedrik Clegane III. State of Lole Lole

Grand Lord of Forks

Name Name of Grand Province Ruling House Seat Sworn To
William Black II. Eastern Forks House Black Blaciville House Swan

Baron of Forks

Baron Name of Barony Seat Sworn To Ruling House
Volker Yernese Western Forks Pomelia House Swan House Yernese
Imry Swayn Southern Forks Scherwin House Swan House Swayn
Hedrik Clegane III. Lole Lole House Swan House Clegane
Gregory Stillwood Southern Lole Stillwood House Clegane House Stillwood
Charlie Swan Central Forks Forks House Lovie House Swan
Maryn Vindale Vindale Vindale Hold House Swan House Vindale

Landsgrave of Forks

Landsgrave Seat Sworn To Ruling House
Tertius Potenza Potenza Estate House Clegane House Potenza



The Grand State of Forks is a densely populated land across the western half of the grand state but the eastern side is more cold and thus is more centralized around large towns such as Winterfell.


Dragonoph Temple of Forks

High Temple of Forks

High Temple of Lole

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