The Grand State of Winterfell is a Grand State within the Kingdom of Lucerne, that controls the city of Winterfell, and most of the eastern border of the Kingdom of Lucerne.


Early History


House Starke is the Arch Lord of the Grand State of Winterfell, and this is a position they have held since the creation of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and despite brief periods of internal fighting they have one of the most safely controlled Grand States with little resistance to their rule outside of the outside resistence of House Lannister.

Arch Lord of Winterfell

The Arch Duke of the Grand State of the Westerlands is Eddard Starke, and he rules on behalf of Starke of whom has been the Lords of Winterfell since the Founding of the Kingdom of Lucerne. The Arch Duke of Winterfell is known as the "Winter Lord" and in his coronation he is given the power of the lands by a representative of House Lovie like all members of the Arch Duke house.

Name Reign Notes
Eddard Starke

Arch Duke of Winterfell

Name State Controlled Seat Notes
Varian Anthor State of Anthor Port of Stormwind

Grand Lord of Winterfell

Name Name of Grand Province Ruling House Seat Sworn To
Randyl Tarly Hornhill House Tarly Hornhill House Starke
Robert Baratheon Tenade House Baratheon Tarndale House Starke

Baron of Winterfell

Baron Name of Barony Seat Sworn To Ruling House
Aemon Estermont Northron Hills Drinlin House Baratheon House Estermont
Jojen Reed Blackmarsh Greywater Watch House Starke House Reed
Dacey Mormont Bear Island Bear Hill House Starke House Mormont
Joachim Merkel Far Winterfell Castle Merkel House Starke House Merkel
Jaden Ambry Central Winterfell Castle Ambry House Starke House Ambry
Otto Lehman Northern Hornhill Lehtville House Tarly House Lehman
Elmo Bottger Northern Winterfell Castle Bottger House Starke House Bottger
Eddard Starke Southern Winterfell Winterfell House Starke
Varian Anthor Southern Anthor Port of Stormwind House Starke House Anthor
Saiden Cleef Northern Anthor Castle Cleef House Anthor House Cleef
Burns Tolhmave Eastern Anthor Castle Tolhmave House Anthor House Tolhmave

Landsgraves of Winterfell

Landsgrave Seat Sworn To Ruling House
Karl Woodfoot Castle Woodfoot House Mormont House Woodfoot
Rodric Moseret Northerbourne House Bottger House Moseret
Brandon Jurny Castle Jurny House Bottger House Jurny
Fredrik Honigsman Castle Honigsman House Starke House Honigsman



The Grand State of Winterfell is a densely populated land across the western half of the grand state but the eastern side is more cold and thus is more centralized around large towns such as Winterfell.


Dragonoph Temple of Winterfell

High Temple of Tarndale

High Temple of Hornhill

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