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Gresha Moseret is the daughter of Dominic, and Molina Moseret making her a member of House Moseret. Gresha Moseret has one child in the form of Jon Snow of whom would be born the bastard child of Eddard Starke and following Gresha's death he would be taken in by house Starke and has risen quite high.

Gresha Moseret's happy life with her son Jon Snow would come an end when she became sick and at this time Jon was ten years old and with her health deteriorating the doctors gave her little time to live but Gresha would hold on for nearly a year and during this year she would tell Jon of his fathers identity and wrote a series of letters that once she passed Jon would bring to Eddard Starke which she hoped would be enough to make Eddard bring Jon into his family.




Early History

Raid on Northerbourne

The Birth of Jon Snow
I was fifteen years old Jon. I won't even now say that I made a mistake because your mother was kind, and sweet. She was not a mistake. What I did to Cat though was a mistake, and that it why my dear wife will never forgive either of us.

Gresha Moseret enamored Eddard Starke and they slept together causing Jon Snow, but Eddard remained loyal to his marriage to Catleyn afterwards and the two never saw eachother again.

I was fifteen years old Jon. I won't even now say that I made a mistake because your mother was kind, and sweet. She was not a mistake. What I did to Cat though was a mistake, and that it why my dear wife will never forgive either of us.
Eddard Starke

Jon Snow was born the bastard child of Eddard Starke, and Gresha Moseret of which the two had never met before Eddard Starke reacted to a call for aid from the northern village with a heavy force from Winterfell. Eddard at this point was the heir to House Starke, and was recently engaged to Catelyn Tully of whom he had only briefly met up to this point, and with his father, and brother in Riverrun visiting with her family of whom they were contining to grow relations with even after Catelyn Tully had already arrived in Winterfell, it was Eddard Starke that was bound to lead a force to Northerbourne and help the village. Leaving Winterfell with his younger friends of which included many noble heirs from the Starke's vassals they would lead a force of some four hundred men from Winterfell leaving his younger brother Benjen the Lord of Winterfell before they left. Arriving at the village they found it under attack by a force of bandits and they fought their way through the bandits killing them until Eddard came upon the home of House Moseret one of the two noble houses of Northerbourne. Entering the house alongside Robert Baratheon, Howland Reed, and Randyll Tarly they would kill the several bandits within saving the Lord of House Moseret and a young girl the same age as the boys. Eddard having saved the family would prepare to leave but was clung to by the young girl and after attempts to dislodge her failed he sent the men alongside Lord Moseret into the village where they would finish the bandits. The girl clung to him for nearly an hour before she seemed to awake from the panic attack she had been having and apologized to him, but he had had grown attracted to her during this time, and silenced her apologies with a kiss. The two kissed briefly before Aemon Estermont would interupt them and told him more bandits were incoming on the village. Eddard revealed to her the upcoming marriage he had with Catelyn, and the fact that nothing could come of them together before leaving, and he hoped that would end the tempation that she had sprung on him. Discovering the true plan of the bandits from one of the surviving bandits they learned that the true end game was to capture Ned Starke and as many of the noble heirs as they could, and then they would ransom them back to Winterfell.

I don't know if what she and I had was love Jon. I do know that I cared for her in a way that I have only ever felt with Catelyn. Don't ever think you were a mistake.
Eddard Starke

The Starke forces spent the day preparing the defences, as the bandits planned on ambushing them during the night as they didn't believe their plot would be known. During the night as the attack was moments from happening Gresha Moseret would seek out Eddard Starke and the two slept together, before they were seperated by the arrival of the bandits. Defeating the bandits in a one sided fight he would seek out Gresha after the battle, and the two slept together one last time before awaking in the morning together he was told by Howland Reed that his father and brother had returned to Winterfell where they would be briefly honored for the victory before Ned was to marry Catelyn. Devesated that there time was over she would be strong, and tell him goodbye, and the two departed eachother where he would go to Winterfell and marry Catelyn days after his arrival, and in terms of knowledge of his time with her noone outside of his closest friends ever knew about it, and none revealed it. It would be several months down the line that she would realize that she was pregnant and knowing her power hungry older brother she didn't tell anyone about her time with Eddard outside of her sister of whom she told in order to make sure he would be cared for in the case something happened to her.

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