An order of philosopher monks who are masters of the Way of the Voice, the Greybeards live in silent isolation atop Skyrim’s largest mountain.
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The Greybeards are a powerful Order of Dragonoph Believers that are an ancient order created by the prophet Ysgramor in order to maintain the belief in the Dragon. The Greybeards are technically a member of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and they sit within the power structure of the Order of the Dragon, but in affect they govern themselves, and they do basically whatever they want. Greybeards are an ancient and honored order that dwell in their mountain sanctuary High Hrothgar, which is located on the highest mountain peak in Skyrim, the Throat of the World. As absolute masters of Thu'um, or "the Voice", they live in absolute silence in order to better attune themselves to the voice of the sky.


Early History

"Out of this time also rose one of the most legendary of all Tamrielic figures, Ysgramor, from whom all Nordic kings to this day are descended."
-Unknown Writer

Dragonoph first became a religion following the supposed vision held by the prophet of the religion in the form of Ysgramor of whom was fleeing the lands of north far before the Great Migration. During his travelling southward he found himself near death, and just as he nearly died he is said to of been saved by Glaurung. Glaurung would take him to a magical land far into the sky where he would nurse Ysgramor back to health and eventually tell him the story of how the world begin. He told Ysgramor the tale of how the Dragons were the first to span the skies and it was the dragons that controlled the many elements of life and death. From this Ysgramor believed that the Dragons were the gods of the world, and that Glaurung was God himself. Returning to the Earth after being healed he would spread the religion in the lands of Westros, and then further into the Valley of Lucerne where he would build a great staircase in the mountains that led to a great temple called High Hrothgar. Ysgramor would become the center of the Dragonoph religion, and to make sure that it grew as he wanted he founded the Greybears of whom he would appoint to spread the words of Glaurungm and these Greybeards would center themselves in the Lucernian Mountains in the Throat of the World Peaks. The Greybeards would silently be drawn from the followers of Ysgramor, and many of his children would also come to dominate the Greybeards of which his son Ylgar would grow to become very important in the early days. As Ysgramor grew old he travelled further up the mountain where it is said that he died at the top of the mountain and was witnessed to be taken away by a Dragon of whom the interpretation of this moment has become a distinct moment of contention for the followers of Dragonoph.

Noteable Members

  • Arngeir
  • Borri
  • Einarth
  • Wulfgar
  • Paarthurnaax
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