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The Guardian of the Valley is the second book of the New World series, and is the third longest of the series. The Guardian of the Valley begins following the coronation of William Lovie III. and now King of the Kingdom of Lucerne William deals with regaining control of the Valley of Lucerne as the Second Lucernian Civil War rages alongside his dreams for the nation.. The story of the Guardian of the Valley ends with the events of the Battle of Berne and throughout the story many main characters are killed.

The Guardian of the Valley begins with the Tournament of Nortburg where a now crowned William Lovie III. deals with weight of ruling over a kingdom that suffered under a decade of poor rule by his father.

POV Characters

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The end of darkness contains several POV characters in the form of many of the characters that will continue to be the main characters throughout the New World series.

POV Character Chapters
William Lovie III.

1, 7, 11, 16, 23, 26, 30, 33, 36, 51

Alice Lovie 2, 12, 27, 40, 44
Jon Snow 8, 14, 28, 50
Edward Cullen

6, 9, 18, 29, 34, 42

Lucas Scott 4, 20, 49
Hedrik Clegane III. 3, 10, 15, 41
Leven Martell 12, 31, 35, 38
Franklin Brent IV. 5, 16, 24, 37, 48
Brooke Scott

17, 46

Ezio Ederiz Prologue, 19, 21, 39, 47
Lornax Epilogue

Births and Deaths

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  • Thomas Lovie
  • Ashley Lovie
  • William Lovie IV.
  • Riley Scott
  • Lucie Lovie

  • Sean Lovie
  • Amber Heard II.

Plot Summary

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Chapter 1

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter William Lovie III. is crowned King of Lucerne, and begins changing the way the Kingdom is running including many changes. The Nortburg Tournament of 5125 is the main theme of this chapter, and is important in revealing the extent of the outside kingdoms of whom many send representatives to meet the new prince, while the True Sons of Lucerne sent a group in an attempt to win the tournament using the fearsome Danzal Krinner. The arrival of these True Sons would cause William himself accompanied by the Shadow Council and Charlie Swan to confront them and while at first wanting to bar them from the tournament as they were basically traitors the arrival of Hanna Arryn, and Aria Arryn would lead to William demanding to speak privately with Hanna and Aria. The leader of the group in the form of Kieth Schwartz who was a father of sorts to William growing up would demand to speak with William first and William would agree to this and accompanied by Jasper the two would have a long conversation where in Kieth would agree to let William speak to Hanna and Aria and would also say that he had a gift for them before he left. Speaking to the two alongside Jasper, Leven, and Charlie Swan he would discover that the situation in Berne was growing completely out of control and that was why they had agreed to all the demands of Sean Lovie and had come here. Seeing that his friends were in grave danger he would agree to play along with the plans of the True Sons and allowed Danzal to take part in the tournament. The group outside of Hanna would leave but William would ask to speak to Hanna alone and speaking to her the two discussed Amber and he would finally get the truth of what had happened to have her leave, but even more then this he learned of his child with Amber in the form of Thomas of which would give him even more reason to need to move quickly against Berne. Following this conversation Kieth Schwartz would give William a picture of his father Bill Lovie and his mother Lisa Tyrell back in happier times and with this despite wanting to say goodbye to Kieth he would not and Kieth would leave the tournament. The Sindar Elven Kingdom of Quel'Thalas sends representatives in the form of Alleria Windrunner to the tournament as well with the purpose of arranging a stronger relationship with the Kingdom of Lucerne's new King. William Lovie's friend in High Forest Taflarion Stormrage had come to the tournament and advised the Quel'thalasian Elves to come and meet him as well and with Taflarion's positive view of Quel'thalas the conversation goes very well between the two groups. Towards the end of the chapter he meets with several representatives of foreign kingdoms of whom he is able to have positive conversations with, and with the Manderlys who control the White Knife he and his father in law Charlie Swan are able to arrange a marriage between Wildred Manderly, and Miley Black. In this arrangement he and Charlie Swan decide that they will send Lucas Scott of whom is deemed by many to be the hero of the Siege of Tree Hill and thus someone they want to remain close too, but also William has become obsessed with Brooke Scott and thinks on her constantly believing that this will give him a chance to see her again. The chapter ends with the arrival of Brooke Scott of whom breaks down crying in front of him as he stands with Leven, and Jasper and William quickly takes her away from the two into a back room where before he is able to say anything she reveals her stomach showing she is nearly four months pregnant from the time they last saw each other. Realizing in that moment she appears more pregnant then Bella he ponders the consequences of this but she doesn't demand anything just wishes him to help her with her grandfathers funeral.
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I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"King William. I would like to introduce you to Alleria Windrunner. Alleria leads the Sentinels of Quel'Thalas."

"I know you may not feel the same way, but I want you to know how truly amazing it is to see you again Will." His face rose with a smile as he looked at me and it brought me back to thinking about the man who had helped teach me how to swim when I was a boy. He was a constant throughout my youth taking on my fathers role for those months when he could barely leave the tower.

"You know I cannot same the same. And you know why."

"I want you to know that I am sorry. I want you to know that he is sorry."

"Do not speak of him here or this conversation will end."

"That hatred that you feel. Thats what drove him William."

"I know my friends would never let me do the things you let him do."

"Your friends love you. As your fathers love him."

"Love doesn't mean you let those you love go mad with no attempt to stop them."

"You look at it now and believe that if you started talking about killing your own daughter that what Jasper would stop you. Leven would stop you."

"They would. As you fucking should have!" I knew I was being too loud. The tournament was not even close to starting so the numbers here were low, but this was all so fresh. I could not be seen as being my father.

"They would do as we did. They would speak to you like I spoke to your father. I told him of the madness of what he was thinking. I told him that he had lost himself in that damn book. I did everything your friends would do. The only further step I could have taken was the one thing I could not do."

"They would."

"Look me in the eyes William and tell me that you truly believe that one of those people hovering outside this tent would ever raise a sword against you."

"Will you let me speak with Hanna and Aria?"

"Your father sent them here so that you could."

"In return for what? My father does not gifts without expecting something."

"He simply wants to atone."

"There is no atoning for his sins."

"His death will, but that time has not come yet."

"Glaurung willing."

"I will miss you William." I went to speak but he stopped me with a hand and the moment he raised his hand Jasper's sword was out and at his throat. "My family will show that I had three children in my life. This is only a glimpse at the truth. I always saw you as my son William. I loved you from the first moment your father brought you out and I saw you. I knew. I knew from that very moment that you would save the world. Your father was gone, and I had to accept that with your father left my chance at being a part of your future." He moved his hand to my hair gently running his hand through my hair, and despite everything he had done I couldn't get the memories of all the times we had spent together out of my head. "I love you William." Without a word he moved his hand to his face wiping a tear away and walked to the entrance of the tent. "I'll send in Hanna and Aria." I just nodded at him. I couldn't lie and say what he wanted to hear. He had done too much to tell him the feelings I harbored for someone who had been like a father to me. "I'll be leaving after you speak with them, but before I go I have a final gift for you. Come find me when your done."

"Are you okay Will?"

"I'll be fine."

I could hear her voice from within the tent. I had spent only a few days with Brooke and her voice was like a siren to me and with the siren now within range I left my conversation with Alice without a word and left the tent going towards her. I saw her immeidatly as I left the tent, and she looked to be in an argument with Leven, and Jasper of which Jasper was holding her by the arm in what looked to me as an attempt to stop her from falling over.

"Lady Scott." I had reached her and she saw me letting out a smile when our eyes met. She curtsied and I took her by the hand.

"My King if it is possible I need a word." There was a desperation in her voice and despite the looks from everyone around me I ignored them.

"Of course milady." I turned towards the tent to see an enraged Alice who was glaring at me. "Sister we shall finish our conversation later."

"As you say." Alice walked right by me hitting me in the shoulder as she left, and while usually Emmett would have laughed at such a childish display there was no laughter to be found. Without another thought of the stupidity of being so brazen in my behavior I led Brooke into the tent closing the flap behind us.

"You couldn't stay away." Turning around from closing the tent I regretted the words as Brooke had tears flowing down her face and rushed into my arms. "Tell me whats happened?"

"What is it Will?"

"I was talking with Hanna Arryn."

"I fear I have been out of the loop for too long. I don't know the name."

"She was a friend of mine during school. She came here as a sort of measure of what I would lose if I don't stop moving against Berne. She was a threat of sorts."

"Your brother has not realized the end is at hand?"

"He still clings to the idea that he can somehow win this."

"This threat doesn't change what you have to do."

"Its more then just Hanna. She came and told me of Amber Heard." I didn't wait for any recegnition from Brooke as how could she possibky know of Amber.

"Your former betrothed?"

"How did you?"

"I've been doing my research on you my king."

"She is in Berne too."

"Do you still care for her."

"We were children when we were betrothed. We played the married couple, but we were children."

"You fear for her?"

"Hanna told me that our childish playing has resulted in a child. Amber Heard is locked within the walls of Berne with my firstborne."

"She had your child?"

"Apparently. And now this poor child lives under constant threat of being discovered. It is not enough that my childish behavior with his mother has led to him now living a life as a base born child. No now I have put his life in danger by not stopping my brother a long time ago."

Chapter 2

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of Chapter 40 and during this chapter he arrives at the Tournament of Nortburg where he accompanies William as he meets with the High Elves under Elendil Finwe of whom have come to discuss an alliance with William and Lucerne. The Elves appear very honorable about their intentions and the talks go well, with Hedrik leaving but William inviting the Elves to found a small settlement in Frosthelm. The Elves like the idea and Elendil sends his sons back to Ulthuan to make the arrangements while he will accompany William for the next while. Following this Hedrik returns to Lole where he meets with Kaila Skane of whom joins him as he is forced to deal with the first of what would become a common occurance of True Sons of Lucerne attacks after a mercenary troop of soldiers ransacked the area north of Lole under the orders of Sean Lovie in Berne.

Chapter 3

Brooke Scott

Chapter Details

Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she returns to Tree Hill with a royal edict from William Lovie III. giving her power to begin the preparations for her grandfathers funeral. Having this authority shows she has gone behind the back of Dan Scott who is already enraged by the occupation of Tree Hill by Marcel Lovie II. and slaps her in the face which is ignored by everyone in the room and realizing that despite having the edict from William she has no ability to convince her father. Leaving the keep she retreats to her room where she cries over failing despite all the help that William had given her, and it is like this that she is interrupted by a knock at the door. Answering the door she is met by her cousin Sunilda Scott of whom she invites inside. Talking things over with Sunilda she discovers that Sunilda is not the Daniel Scott loyalist she has appeared to be and in fact is quite hateful towards Daniel and promises to help Brooke if she makes a move against Daniel. Sunilda would tell Brooke to follow her and wanting to know more it was Brooke that followed her as she took her from the Keep into the will need the help of Marcel if she is going to enact any of the edicts she has been given authority to do. Brooke would spend the next two weeks using Marcel as a personal guard of sorts as she mobilizes all the things that she will need to make the funeral happen but despite this open resistance to her father she continues to stay at the Scott Keep where her physical abuse has ended due to the threats of Marcel. As Brooke is planning in the streets with several of the other organizers she is confronted by her father and as they argue in the streets its Dan's hand that raises to strike her but instead stops from hitting her and he bows to the ground which causes Brooke to turn around and see William has returned to the city. The two make love after William reprimands Dan Scott and then they lay together with William openly telling her of his regrets over marrying Bella. With her pregnancy nearing its end the two go to the funeral and she is overjoyed when William gives a rousing speech which causes massive uproar among the people for its grace and respect towards Earl Scott. Weeks pass after this and she gives birth to her son Riley, and the chapter ends with a confrontation with Dan who discovers through overhearing her the truth of the babies father.
Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

The world always had seem so simple when I was young. I would grow up and marry, and that perfect knight that I found would gather me up in his arms and protect me from the world. It was a childish dream to believe that life would be as simple as all that, but thats the fun of being a child. When your young you get the chance to believe in things, and hope for dreams that when your older you can't even contemplate. I walked into the estate and old lady Helga gave me a strange look that I wanted to find out more about, but I didn't dare take a second longer then necessary before I saw my prince again.

As I entered Riley's room I found Dan sitting in the chair beside the crib holding Riley in his arms. He was holding him close to himself singing some song I had never heard and rocking him back and forth. This was the first time that I had seen Dan even go near Riley, and for a reason that wouldn't have been normal for a daughter to feel about her father holding their baby I felt deep within myself that I needed to protect Riley from whatever cruetly my father had in mind for him. As I approached him he begin to laugh before standing up still holding onto Riley. "Father what are you doing here?" I tried to move closer to him, but he held out a hand to keep me at a distance. It was as I moved closer and he put out his hand that I noticed the two men standing in the corner of the room. One one was hooded and what little I could see past the tattoo of a scorpion on his arm I didn't know, but the other man was very clearly Dustin Crain the lord of his family.

"Dear daughter do you not trust me to hold onto your child?" Dan gave me a mocking look before continuing. "For what reason could I have to want to harm this child? there something that you want to tell me Brooke?" He moved closer to me still holding onto Riley and then shut the door behind me. I stood motionless in front of him, and as if sensing my fear he moved forward and slapped me in the face knocking me to the ground. The pain was all over my face, and I raised my hand to try and offer some comfort to the wound, but found he grabbed my hand and ripped me from the ground to make me lean against the wall. "I asked you a simple thing you moron. Is your brain so small that not even the tiniest of things can slip out." Walking into the corner I could hear rustling in the corner of the room and looked up to see Dan putting Riley into his baby bed before sitting back on the chair he had been sitting in. I let go of the wall and as I went to move closer to him, I felt hands push me from behind and saw Lord Dustin laughing down at me.

"I don't know what you want me to tell you Dan." I crawled a bit towards him before using a table to get back to my feet." Just tell me what you want to know and I'll tell you...this doesn't have to escalate any further."

"You think I'm worried about this escalating? What could you possibly do to hurt me you slut. You have been an embarrassment to this family since the first day I saw you parading around in your dresses. Tell me you pathetic girl what could you possibly do to hurt me." There was an almost inhuman look in his eyes, and whatever piece of him he lost during the siege was clearly the part of him that knew right from wrong.

"I'll tell Lucas about this. I'll tell him..."He moved with more speed towards me then I expected and it scared me to the point I jumped backwards slamming into Dustin who pushed me to the ground again. Trying to get up Dan grabbed me and pulled me towards him.

"You really are quite pathetic you know that. I know everything Brooke, I overheard you talking to your brother about your little affair with the king. The child is of House Lovie." I went to respond but before I could he threw me to the ground which crumpled me once again. I shielded myself from the incoming blows I thought were coming but instead he just kept talking. "You will not lie to me here...not in this place you will not dare to lie to me." The other man came behind me and grabbed me pulling me upwards to look at Dan. "The question of whose the father of that child has already been answered, but the question I need you to answer is how far are you willing to go to protect him." That was the kind of question only a man who didn't know what love was could ask. A parent would do anything to protect their child. I would do anything for Riley, and here I stood in front of my own father who was clearly losing his mind.

"I would do anything." I reached my hand to my face and felt the cascading tear drops dotting my face, and looked around for someone to help me. The hooded man held me tight to him making sure I couldn't move, and looking at Lord Dustin told me that he had thrown his lot in with Dan and couldn't back down. When I looked at Dan if he noticed he didn't seem to care or show any response. Walking in circles I did see the happiness in his eyes as clearly he had recieved the anwser he wanted from me

"Good. Then if your are being truthful your going to do exactly what I say. Because if you don't your lover boy is going to be hurt in ways even he can't repair." That was the moment I knew. I still meant nothing. This had nothing to do with what he wanted me to do, and had everything to do with what he clearly wanted me to make William do. So there I was stuck being held by one man, while my father blackmailed me into betraying one thing in this world that I could not betray.

"What would you have me do." Whatever he said didn't matter. I wouldn't hurt William. I couldn't hurt William. Whatever he said I would find a way to tell Lucas and he would protect me from Dan's wrath. Maybe I would simply flee eastward to Patria and stay with my uncle there. He always loved us. It didn't matter to Keith that we weren't his. It didn't matter that we must have been constant reminders of the brother he loathed so much. None of that matter to him as much as loving us. It was times like this that I missed him more then ever.

"I don't want you to betray your beloved. I don't want you to blackmail him. I just want you to make sure that when the day comes that Bella Swan is no longer alive you will be ready." To say that I hadn't thought of what life would be like without Bella alive would be a complete lie. Every time he returned to the city he shared with her, the bed that she warmed for him. I grew sick. What right did she have to what was mine. We both had sons for him. I'm sure that Bella loved him as any servant loves their master I mean how could she not, but she was nothing. An insect scrambling around the world trying to destroy my relationship with William.

"Ready for what?" Dan gave a wave to the man behind me and he released me. Turning back to him I looked in his face and saw more of a monster then a man. He had a crooked nose that made the rest of his face look even uglier then it would have otherwise. A massive burn covered the left side of his face and puss oozed from it as if it was an open wound still. As if it had happened yesterday. His left eye under the burns was gone, but his right eye had a peircing glare to them that made clearly understand how bad a man this was. Who was this man.

My staring at the ugly man was interrupted by Dan's voice behind me answering my question."For you to be Queen of Lucerne you moron."

-Exerpt from the End of Darkness

Chapter 4

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she was staying in the Cloud Tower as the acting steward of the city while William was away in Tree Hill hosting a funeral of the late Lord Scott, and while she was there she got to know Bella better and came to really the like the shy girl even though she had William. Bella Swan now Bella Lovie by this point is heavily pregnent and only two months away from giving birth so she barely leaves the tower during the time Leven is there and it is in this situation that her two sisters arrive accompanied by a force of House Martell. With this in place the Cloud Tower comes under attack by the forces of House Jestife of whom was inspired by Sean Lovie to believe that the True Sons of Lucerne were going to instigate a massive attack across Lucerne, but instead of this it was simply House Jestife and elements of the Weeping Sisters Mercenary force. The attack while numerous is discovered after several Jestife men give up the attack in return for being pardoned and this allows Leven to plan the defence of the city.

Chapter 5

Alice Lovie

Chapter Details

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of Chapter 44 and during this chapter she takes part in the funeral of Earl Scott along side her brother and following his rousing speech the two siblings have a confrontation on the way back from Tree Hill. The two argue over the marriage of William to Bella, the growing fact that she believes that William loves this Brooke Scott more then he loves Bella. She plans to tell William about the fact that she does not love Jasper, and Jasper does not truly love her, but he begins talking to her about how happy he is that she is with Jasper and so happy, and she doesn't want to hurt him so she keeps up the lie. Alice has grown friendly with Alais Finwe one of the leaders of the New Avelon High Elven colony and the daughter of the Atmer Empire's diplomatic mission in Elendil Finwe III., and she accompanies her to a meeting between William and Elendil where the final arrangements for the founding of New Avon are being finished. William returns quickly to Lucerne by Griffon following the news that Bella has gone into early labor and by the time she reaches Lucerne William Lovie IV. has been born and Alice is named the godmother of the child. Following this Alice travels back to Forks with William Bella, and the new heir to the throne, and while there she and William meet with the nobles of the area as well as the members of House Swan who are overjoyed. While in Forks Alice discovers that Brooke has arrived in Forks and she and William stay the night together only to be interrupted by Alice who threatens Brooke to leave, and she reluctantly does this. As she leaves she is horrified when as Brooke is leaving her handmaiden Leah Oakheart enters the tent with a baby. Discovering the identity of the baby Alice is forced to accept the gravity of the situation and storms out returning to her tent to find no Jasper and this causes her to break into tears. Jasper confronts Alice during the night and tells her he has gone to William and asked for her hand, and William said he would discuss it with Alice, but Jasper begs her to say yes and promises he will never see Lanna Lannister again.

Chapter 6

Edward Cullen

Chapter Details

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he begins the formation of the Order of the Blue Dragon alongside Er-Khadgar Morgrave of whom arrives in Lucerne and gives a massive amount of information including the full extent of James Lovie`s actions. Khadgar has with him many Magi as well as dozens of men at arms that he recruited from the Magi that he has with him and he details his plan to move against the Tower of Tarnbooth where he knows their is a large holdout of Circle of Magi as well as what he hopes remains a large repository of Magi knowledge. Khadgar and Edward travel westward with there forces and reach Castle Haftendorf where they gather several other Magi with them as well as a few dozen more men at arms before making there way into the Gap of Hohenstein where the Tower of Tarnbooth is located. they take control of the Tower of Magi from the respective elements that remained behind from the Circle of Magi. Following this Edward and Khadgar accompanied by Tanya Cullen travel throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne and gather known Magi children, and adults that could join the Order of the Blue Dragon. While in Fogtown in the south he receives a letter from William telling him of the birth of his son, and basically telling him that he hopes he returns home soon, as the plans are coming to the finish line in regards to the Battle of Berne.
Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"It's about time we finally met for this conversation."

Chapter 7

Jon Snow is the POV Character of Chapter 44 and during this chapter he joins his family in assisting House Anthor in founding the Port of Stormwind, and from there the province of North, West, and East Anthor is created from the provinces of Winterfell. As everyone is getting excited for the arrival of William Lovie III. as a part of the Port of Stormwind foundation celebrations they are suprised by the arrival of ravens heralding the fact that the Empire of Frey has reached the neck of Mormont and is preparing to come to the Port of Stormwind, but there ships are all carrying white flags so it is clearly a diplomatic mission. Following this Jon Snow attends a meeting with his brother Robb where several members of House Frey come to the growing Port offering Robb his choice of brides from the Frey. After a miscommunication the Freys leave horribly insulted, and the Starke`s are unable to get them to respond to their attempts at apologoy.

Chapter 8

Leven Martell

Chapter Details

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she leaves with William for the east alongside many prominent lords of Lucerne in order to celebrate the foundation celebrations at the Port of Stormwind. Riding side by side with William the two spend much of the early travel to Gulltown having a great time alongside their other friends with William smiling more then Leven can remember him smiling recently. As the forces of William arrive at Hearthglen they are met by the sight of a great gathering of tents and when several Druidic knights led by Pen Ecrowi come to their forces they discover that the High Druid Wudis has gathered a great ceremony to celebrate the new relationship that he hopes to create between the Druids and Lucerne. The chapter ends with Leven following William away from the festival he goes to his tent where Leven prepares to leave him there but he asks her to come inside, and just as she is about to come inside they are interrupted by the arrival of Elsa Hosk who has a letter in her hand that needs to be delivered to William and only William, and seeing the importance Leven goes about organizing the guard duty and watches with jealousy as Elsa Hosk enters the tent with William.

Chapter 9

Alice Lovie

Chapter Details

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is woken from her bed by her aunt Catherine Lovie of whom tells her that her cousin Emma Bell has been involved in a violent altercation with a member of House Faraday which has ended with the death of one of the Faradays and the imprisonment of Freddie Highmore. Following the departure of Charles Faraday she would meet with Cersei Lannister and the two have a nice conversation before Cersei unknowingly slips that Lanna Lannister had traveled to the Port of Stormwind and realizing that Jasper is a liar about not seeing Lanna anymore she says a quick goodbye to Cersei and goes to find Dylan Steinmare. Finding him talking to Emmett she has him excuse himself and following Alice the two return to the Cloud Tower where without any real words of what she is thinking she seduces Dylan and the two sleep together. Following this the two discuss there futures and Alice all but pleads with Dylan to tell her to not marry Jasper, but despite proclaiming his love for Alice he knows he cannot divorce Laera who he loves as well, and she must marry Jasper for her brother, and although she has come to hate Jasper she knows this is the case. Alice storms from the room with Dylan despite his pleas to stay, and she is beyond angry that Dylan too appears to be a disappointment, and begins thinking on having him removed from the capital. As Alice plans the removal of Dylan she decides to bring Edward into the plot as she knows the two are at each others throats and also wants to make Edward loyal to her and not fall into loyalty of anyone else leading her to summon Edward to speak with her at the Cloud Towers. Edward arrives that night at her summons and the two have dinner in what is an all but empty cloud towers and Alice plays on the loneliness of Edward to gain his assistance in the plot against Dylan making it out to seem to Edward that it is more Dylan than Jasper that is responsible for Edward's isolation. The chapter ends with Alice writing a letter to Fenrick Steinmare the father of Dylan where she details her plan to have Dylan return to Castle Steinmare and go about recruiting for the Seventh Waffen Steinmare Division of the Order of the Red Dragon. The letter is written by Alice but she steals the stamp of William thus making Fenrick believe that this is a direct command authorized by King William and thus with all the elements of her plot now in place she signs the letter and gives it to Else Nimitz who she tasks with personally delivering the letter to Fenrick.

Chapter 10

Edward Cullen

Chapter Details

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of thsi chapter and during this chapter he is standing in the hallway as Dylan Steinmare is attempting to meet with Catherine Lovie but doesn't know that Catherine has been manipulated into being away from her post and thus Dylan waits in vain for Catherine while Edward laughs at his failure.
Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"It's about time we finally met for this conversation."

Chapter 11

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter 46 and he watches as Leven walks away from the tent and then lets Elsa into his tent where once inside she shows him the letter. Reading the letter it is written by an unknown writer but details how the Druids of the Hearth are corrupted by evil and mean to simply distract Lucerne so that there true plans can move forward. William arrives back at Lucerne following the debacle that was the death of Joey Faraday and trial of Freddie Highmore, but is proud of his wife, and sister for their handling of the event but despite agreeing with thier decision he is forced to meet with Desmond, and Charles Faraday of whom ask for punishment against Freddie Highmore. Tired from his trip he tells them that the law is concrete and there is no changing the decision, and unknown to him the Faradays take this as meaning that he is saying they must get justice themselves and while disappointed they see this as an opportunity to get their own revenge on House Highmore. Following his conversation with Desmond, and Charles he returns to the Cloud Towers and has a long conversation with Alice, and during this conversation the two discuss Michelle Trachtenburg there cousin of whom remains in Nortburg having never left even after the tournament and the crowning of William. Discussing this William plans to send Marcel to gather her and bring her back to the capital where William and Alice agree they need to bring her into the fold since her reputation losses were made worse by their father. Following the conversation about Michelle Alice brings up Brooke causing and argument and despite wanting to and Alice pressuring him to reveal the truth of Brooke he refuses to and the two siblings say goodnight and William goes to his room with Bella where he sleeps with her. Leaving his bed with Bella he goes to Alice's room where overcome with emotions over being apart from Brook he finally reveals the entire truth to Alice that he is in love with Brooke this creates problems as she over time forces him to end things with her, as it will only lead to devastation for the Kingdom and himself. William having made his decision travels to Tree Hill under the idea that he is seeing to the construction of Tree Hill, but in actuality he plans to go there and end things with Brooke. Traveling south he and his forces stop at Nortburg where he meets with Michelle Trachtenburg of whom is a shadow of her former self filled with depression, but William goes out breaks up with Brooke, but not before sleeping with her and unknowingly getting her pregnant again. At the same time as this is happening he begins to have a growing relationship with Nicoli Machieveli, of whom begins opening his eyes to the scope of the continent. As this happens William begins going through the reports with Nicoli of which the deteriorating situation in Arnor is of great worry to him, and begins to shape his view of the world and Lucerne going forward. During this conversation Nicoli alerts him to the news that the King of Lorderon is nearing death, and William decides to send his aunt and uncle to Lorderon alongside Jacob Vorn and many nobles in order to show there support, and Nicoli says they should try and push for annexation as he has heard that Arthas is growing restless about the Boltens on his door. While they are talking they begin discussions about the situation that Willliam believes is happening in with the Druids north of the Port of Stormwind, and both agree that with the current situations its going to have to be the Starke's and Scarlets that are going to be responsible for dealing with it. The chapter ends with William spending time with Bella when he is interrupted by the arrival of Nicoli, Alice, and Jasper with Alice handing him a letter and then attempting to take Bella out of the room but Bella resists this and not knowing what is in the letter William lets her stay. William reads the letter know as the Amber Letter and in the letter Tristan taunts him about the damage he is doing in Berne and then reveals that he has Amber Heard under his control as well as lying about also having his son by Amber under his control. Following the reading of the letter its William that makes the declaration that he is going to invade berne and end the conflict once and for all.

Chapter 12

Jon Snow

Chapter Details

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Jon Snow arrives at the town of Northerbourne where he leaves his almost four hundred troops under the command of Tucker Jurny, and Robin Timberheart two members of his Knights Council for the Northern Swords of Winterfell. Entering the town alone he is met by his aunt Elisha, and his cousin Dania both of whom he remembers but both in very different ways with Elisha having been very kind to him before he left Northerbourne but Dania was a cruel person to him, but as they embrace each other he senses something different about Dania. Leaving Northerbourne with the additional three hundred troops led by Dania they make there way towards Castle Chelsted where his cousin Jacline and her husband's family have been attacked by the Druids of the Antler. Leaving Castle Chelsted they follow the path of Dorell of Chelsted who leads the scouts from House Chelsted as they search for the direction that the Druids of the Antler took to get back to their lands. Arriving at Munchenringen a village in the lands of the Antler they find the population has fled anticapting their arrival and with this they decide to camp for the night, and with the arming setting up the village as a makeshift camp Jon and his command group meet to discuss moving from Munchenringen against Antlerfalls the capital of the Druids of the Antler. Arriving at the outskirts of Antlerfalls they are shocked at the sheer size of the fortress with the waterfall quite large, and a giant tree rising from the top of the waterfall. Reaching the walls of Antlerfalls they are met by a group of horsemen who carry a white flag, and meeting with the group they are introduced to Grunduc Mervosi, and Fowe Sanros of whom are revealed to be two members of the ten strong Antler Council all serving the Lady of the Blessed Antler. Grunduc tells Jon Snow that if he enters alone and speaks with the Lady of the Blessed Antler that she will discuss ending the conflict before things start, but if he refuses then battle will be met, and they will not stop until one side is dead. Realizing how much death will result from a fight between the two and wanting to gain victory the way championed by William Lovie III. its Jon who agrees to go with Fowe Sanros to the great Antler where he will meet with the Lady of the Blessed Antler. Walking through Antlerfalls he sees how mobilized the town is for this fight and then is taken to the Antler where he walks up stairs which lead him to where a women sits in a throne and finds that she has no guards and he doesn't need to give up his weapons because they view her as being without threat. Idrena shows her power when after agreeing to meet with Eddard Starke she asks him to take her hand and then when he agrees she pulls him into a sort of dream like version of the world. Taking Jon through this world she is able to move at speeds that make Jon believe he is dreaming, but after minutes she has taken them too outside the town of Neuswil where the army of Eddard Starke has camped, and then with nothing but a short series of words she pulls them out of the dream world and back to reality. Jon is panicked once he realizes he has basically teleported across the land he is helped by Idrena of whom explains to him what happened detailing the fade to him in a detail that non-Titans simply don't have. Calming down the two share a kiss, which gets heated but stops when Idrena tells him that a group is coming on them, and before Jon can realize how much he liked kissing Idrena he sees his fathers Minister of Magi Robin Honigsman and a large group of Starke men coming up the hill on them. Meeting with his father they discuss Idrena joining with Lucerne to turn on the rest of the Druids and she tells them that she will also be able to bring

Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"I'm sorry for the way I treated you as a child. I was an angry person, and I had not yet seen the light of Glaurung."

Chapter 13

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of Chapter 47 and during this chapter he reveals much about himself, and the Order of Raven, while he travels westward to the entrance of Berne. Detailing the recent fall of the Order of the Raven he wonders back to several of the men and women he had grown to see as family in the Order of the Raven and whether or not Benjamin Bradfoot had been able to get them out of Ravenholdt before they had been killed. When he enters Berne it is revealed this was before Sean had arrived as when he meets with the Arryns they talk about how word had just reached them that William had gained victory in the Battle of Minas Ithil and was making his way west to relieve the city of Tree Hill with a large alliance force of Gondor, High Forest, and Lucerne. The chapter shifts with Sean Lovie teleporting to the city and he leaves a very ominious feeling upon his arrival. Ezio details the dramatic fall in the city with the arrival of the mercenary force called the Stormblown of whom take control of the city through the commands of Sean Lovie and despite being outnumbered the anti-True Sons of Lucerne are demoralized by the failings of he Lord of House Arryn. The chapter ends with Ezio stealing the letter written by Tristan and being sent to Lucerne and replacing it with a new letter which he wrote himself and Ezio in this new letter reveals that Amber is in Berne as well as the existence of Thomas Lovie within the walls of Berne.

Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

I could hear Lord Krinner from through the door as he talked to his son Danzal about wanting him to travel to Forks and show the support of House Krinner before it was too late to show support. Danzal was as always the dutiful son, and begin telling his father that he would leave in the morning, but before he could the sound of the door opening stopped their conversation mid stroke.

It was a page talking. You could always tell when a page was talking because even if you couldn't see them you could just feel their heads bowed in fear. They spent every day of their life hoping their knight would put a sword to their shoulder and release them from their servitude, and I guess the waiting made them scared.

Chapter 14

Franklin Brent

Chapter Details

Franklin Brent is the POV Character of Chapter 48 and he goes into the scope of the growth of the politics in western Lucerne, firstly through the construction of the fortifications in the west, and then he accompanies his friend Demi Snow of whom befriends several members of House Greymane and it becomes clearer to her that the Worgen are no threat to Lucerne. Demi Snow and Franklin Brent at this point agree to always work together not matter what happens anywhere elce. After the time with Demi Snow he longs to see Karyl of whom the time apart has shown him he is in love with, and he returns to Marburg, and the two share a great time together where he holds her hand as they stay together at their home. Franklin isn't in Marburg when messengers arrive telling him that he has been summoned to Forks to meet with King William Lovie III. and Franklin sends a letter to Demi Hill telling her to meet him in Forks, and then gathers his household and leaves for Forks. After traveling the road to forks he and his forces arrive at Forks where the city shows signs of large military presence through the camps that have formed outside the walls, and accompanied by Karyl he enters Forks. Reaching Swan Keep he meets with Demi who was waiting for him there and together they enter the keep where they meet with William and his generals. The group details that they are going to move against Berne and are gathering at Forks for this work, but they also tell Franklin that he is to lead his forces ahead of them and take control of the Islands of Aveniere, Les Doneliele in preparation for the arrival of the main army. Franklin is told to meet with Maron Scorpian at Castle Haftendorf where alongside forces brought by Maron they will attack the islands. Before leaving Franklin is joined by Thadius Herdrich a Magi who will be joining the Invasion of Berne, and talking with Thadius he likes the man who speaks lovingly about his wife and children back in Gulltown. The chapter ends with Franklin arriving at the port of Castle Haftendorf, and looking at what appears to be a full fleet in the docks and a large army camped out there, and he holds Karyl's hand as he realizes the true depths of this invasion.

Chapter 15

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of Chapter 49 and during this chapter he deals with the growing problems he finds in House Scott due to the royal affair between his sister and William. Lucas intervenes when the Eastern Tree Hill Wanting for a moment to escape the madness that is enveloping his life he travels alongside House Black, and others as they travel to White Knife for the marriage of Miley Black, and Wildred Manderly. While travelling he talks with Miley Black about the love he feels for Haley, Peyton, and Morrigan. The hatred of his brother Nathan, and resentment of Dan, and through all this wanting to be the one to lead House Scott`s resurgance. Lucas Scott grows closer to Morrigan of whom tells him a story about her youth that while he believes to be a fantasy is actually the truth of her early life as she reveals silently that she is Andrea Lovie one of the children of William Lovie. Arriving at the White Knife he is there for the wedding of Miley Black, and Wildred Manderly and sees genuine happiness in their eyes, and longs to find that for himself.

Chapter 16

Alice Lovie

Chapter Details

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she travels with Bella Swan to Forks where they plan to meet with William Lovie III. of whom is traveling there to meet with the forces of House Lovie and the northern forces of Hillsbrad. Alice Lovie talks with Bella on this ride about the revelation of Thomas Lovie who in Alice's mind she is worried that Bella will view as a threat to William Lovie IV. but as they talk she clearly shows that her love for William trumps any fears she has of that. William reveals to Alice by accident that Jasper went not to Highgarden but to Castamere and was planning to meet with some lords there though Alice knows he truly went to see Lanna, and after this she tells William that she is using moon tea to make sure she doesn't get pregnant, and towards the end of the conversation while continuing to press her why she is doing this she reveals that he knows exactly why she doesn't want to have his children. Revealing her fear that she will birth mad children like her mother or father she tells him she will never have a child. She and William discuss her upcoming marriage to Jasper and she promises that she will change her mind, but in truth she lies to William and plans to no longer sleep with Jasper and never have his children after hearing of his meeting with Lanna. Edric Nighting, Raginald Frightling, and Hanzal Grightling arrive in Forks where they meet with William in order to tell him that House Nighting and their vassals have joined with the True Sons of Lucerne and are planning on attacking House Scott in Tree Hill and then taking control of the city. While William makes his way towards Kiel to gather the forces of House Greymane to his side its Alice that heads northward towards Castle Steinmare where she will make things right with Dylan of whom has been hidden away at the Castle ever since she turned against him. Arriving at Castle Steinmare she waits outside as her guards go inside to tell Dylan that she is here to see him, and while waiting its Laera who comes outside and the two talk with Laera confused as to why Alice has come back considering there last conversation. Alice and Laera talk things over with Alice telling her that she has to make things right as what she did to Dylan was not right, and Laera forces her to promise to not sleep with her husband of which Alice promises, but in her mind believes that this promise means nothing. Alice enters the room looking beautiful in a flowing dress which brings Dylan back through all the anger at Alice to his infatuation of her, and after dismissing everyone else from the room she takes his hand and leads him to a chair where the two sit across from each other. Now joined by Dylan and his forces she heads towards Kiel where she will meet with William and his forces who are now gathering troops from there, and as they ride there is now a level of happiness to Alice as she spends time with Dylan and gets her mind off Jasper.

Chapter 17

Franklin Brent

Chapter Details

Franklin Brent IV. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets with Maron Scorpian, his son Evin, and his daughter Elize Scorpian who tell him that they have some nine thousand men from the Scorpian forces. Also joining them at this meeting is Alwine Schopfer of whom has been in talks with the Knights of Doneliele for several months attempting to get them to go to the side of Lucerne and oppose the True Sons. Franklin and his men will join with the ships of House Krutzwald who led by Meinhard Krutzwald control the smaller of the two fleets that have been built in Castle Haftendorf, but with the Scorpians travelling with the ships of House Haftendorf its Franklin thats more then happy to accept Meinhard's ships as transport. Also during this meeting it is Judith Krebs, and Eleonora Scheid that arrive at Haftendorf where Judith has been assigned to Franklin Brent by the Order of the Blue Dragon while Eleonora Scheid has been assigned to the Scorpians. The fleet leaves and plans to meet with Lord Phillip Foucault's son Poncelet Foucault at a small island outside of the Island of Doneliele of whom will formally surrender to the Lucernian forces allowing them to enter the port of Les Doneliele in preparation for the battle that will surely be required to take control of Les Aveniere. While moving down the Harnene River they are met at a small island by almost fifty ships of Northern Lucerne and stopping for a time they meet with Baron Lennard Reinmann III. of whom Franklin has never met but has heard of him through his reputation. Following meeting with Poncelet the fleet arrives at Les Doneliele where they gather the Knights of Doneliele and its fleet for the move towards Aveniere. While preparing for the siege of Les Aveniere its Franklin that cannot find his voice to make the opinion that they should be more cautious in their approach as its Maron Scorpian and Lennard Reinmann that decide to move quickly against the castle instead of leading a more lengthy siege. Maron, and Lennard both want to take control of Les Aveniere before William arrives so that they can move quickly and take the remainder of the Harnene River and thus look more successful to William when he arrives, while Franklin wants to follow the doctrine of William in losing the least amount of troops possible. Following through on the plans of Maron, and Lennard the attacking forces move towards the gate with battering rams, and a small amount of catapults quickly put together by Franklin are firing on the three towers, and as they move forward outside of the archer fire the defenders make little movement leading Maron to laugh at Franklin for being so cautious. As Maron and some of the other nobles begin discussing the steps they shall take after the gate comes down its Franklin that watches as Judith begins shaking beside him, and going to her he finds her eyes completely white, and shes unresponsive to him. Before he can do anything large red bolts fire into the sky from inside Les Aveniere and turning the sky into a blood red he holds Judith as she falls to the ground her eyes though finally returning to normal. As the red sky beings raining down on them with blood the men begin to panic, and only the words of Maron Scorpian bring them back into line, but as this is happening Franklin follows Judith as she goes to find Elias and it doesnt take long to find Elias who is joined by Eleonora, and Thadius and talking with Elias Franklin learns that there is a powerful Magi inside Les Aveniere who is summoning a very powerful spell. As they are talking Maron comes to them to demand answers but before anything can be said the sky opens up and the blood begins pooling on the ground and from it demons begin forming. Maron leads the Scorpian reserves into the fighting as hundreds of demons spawn among the first wave, and while this fight is happening Franklin commands the Magi to stop the spell. Eliias leads the Magi in casting a counter spell to the one being summoned, and after several minutes the sky begins to return to normal but as the final traces of the red go away its Thadius that explodes into a bloody mess. With the summoning over its Franklin that leads his troops accompanied by Judith into the maelstorm outside the gates where the demons are still fighting against the first wave, and Marons forces. As he does this Lennard and his commanders move against the gate. As the last of the demons fell to the counter assault it was a relieved Franklin that looked to Judith who had found her father in the fighting and as the two held hands it was Judith's father Tristan that was incinerated by a Magi assault from the defenders of the city and watching this enraged Judith who lost control of her emotions and begin firing Magi bolts at the walls killing several defenders before she was pulled away by Eleonora. The chapter ends with Franklin and his forces pushing the remaining resistance forces into the keep where as they work to break through the gates its Judith Krebs that warns him that inside the gate is the Magi that has caused so much problems during the fighting. Breaking inside they find Coryander Redonnid and her remaining Senegal Knights but also they see the Magi Hartmut Ehrenfeld who is revealed to be the uncle of Judith Krebs. A fight breaks out with Judith, Eleonora and Elias fighting against Hartmut while Franklin and his men fight against Coryander. The fight is brutal but Coryander and her men are killed leaving Franklin and his men to watch as Hartmut kills Elias and then uses Magi to escape the fight.

Chapter 18

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter 51 and during this chapter he arrives at Les Aveniere where he finds tent after tent of wounded soldiers, and from the fires still smoking themselves out he realizes that the reports of how bloody the battle was are not overreacting about the situation on the ground. Following dealing with the aftermath of Les Aveniere its William that rejoins the fleet and travels northward to the Port of Chambery where the invading forces have prepared themselves for his arrival.

Chapter 19

Leven Martell

Chapter Details

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is riding beside William, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper as they reach Forks before the arrival of the rest of their forces. The conversation from the previous chapter where Jasper argues for her being sent southward is shown but this time is shown from Leven's POV. Entering the tent where they are discussing that Jasper is going south to Tree Hill to assist with the Nighting issue, but instead of this she finds that Jasper begins trying to get her to be the one to go south instead of himself, and Leven is so shocked by his behavior that she freezes and Jasper is able to convince William to send Leven southwards instead of himself. Following this Jasper excuses himself and Leven reluctantly leaves with him following him trying to get him to explain himself. Finally getting so angry she shoves him down and this causes a scene which is broken up by Peder Flom of whom leads the two to Jasper`s tent before leaving them to talk between themselves. Leven is woken up by her sister who tells her they have reached their first stop. Getting off a boat onto the southern edge of Lake Stillwood where she and her men begin riding southward towards Tree Hill. As she is riding she is enraged at what Jasper did to her, and only her sisters kind words keep her from getting back on the boat and going back to Williams side. is forced to lead the defense of the Scott estate alongside Nathan Scott. The Nightings were lied to by Sean Lovie of whom said that many other vassals were going to turn as well, and these vassals had been feeding these lies to the Nightings under the order of the Green Dragon as they wanted the Nightings to make the mistake and attack while they were horribly outnumbered. Fighting off House Nighting she takes part in their execution under the order of Dan Scott, of which she notes that Dan Scott takes far too much enjoyment from. Following this she returns to the Scott Estate and she and Brooke engage in a long conversation about things, as the two love struck girls bond over their shared love of William.

Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"The dragon has brought us here Saiden. This is all by his will."

Chapter 20

Hedrik Clegane III.

Chapter Details

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of Chapter 53 and during this chapter he travels to Forks where he mobilizes alongside House Swan and several other forces within Lucerne who are commanded to head west to Berne for the siege of Berne. It is while they are preparing to move west that news comes to them in the form of William Swift of whom arrives nearing passing out from exhaustion to tell them that the Jestife's have taken control of Brill and are raising the flag of the True Sons of Lucerne. Forced to act his father commands Mathew continue west leading a small portion of the Clegane forces, while the majority of the forces moves against Brill to take back control of the city from the Jestife's who have taken it. The chapter ends with the Clegane forces nearing Brill to find a force led from Brill waiting for them outside the city, and Hedrik joins his father in meeting with their leadership, and following a long discussion between the Clegane's and the Jestife's the Jestife forces retreat from the battle pulling themselves within the walls of Brill.

Chapter 21

Franklin Brent

Chapter Details

Franklin Brent is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 22

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of Chapter 54 and he reenters Berne where he discovers the situation is increasingly deterioting and is in the Berne throne room when Allison Arryn is murdered, and this leads to the attempted murder of Amber Heard and her son with William in the form of Thomas Lovie. Ezio saves Thomas from capture but is unable to save Amber of whom is taken hostage by Sean. Ezio hides Thomas with loyalists in House Krinner, and then enters the throne room where he watches Sean with Amber.

Guardian of the Valley.jpg
I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

I watched the doors open and close for more time then I would like to admit, but when faced with the choice of that or watching Sean being serviced by that poor girl I had little real options. He just sat there with little emotions on his face, but everyonce in a while I would see a flash of hate as he scanned the room and must have saw someone he hated.

Man after man entered the room as they brought their grievences to their "king". I had seen bad king before. I had seen evil kings before. I had seen more kings then most had, and seeing Sean Lovie listening to his people's desires while the poor girl serviced him sexually was the most disturbing moment of any of my experiences with kings.

A man entered the room with his young wife on his arm, and followed by who must have been their two children. The man and his family bowed before their king and prepared to get the kings justice on whatever matter pained them. "Your Grace I come to you pleading for food for my family. We have not eaten with any real substance for days and I fear my youngest is not long for this world without assistence." The man wept as he spoke, and his wife comforted the little boy clinging to her leg. I wanted to reach out to them. I wanted to give them some of the food that he wasted every night on his parties, but I knew this wasn't within my grasp.

Without showing any signs of noticing the family they remained bowed for nearly a minute in silence until one of the Stormcrow men beside Sean stepped forward and spoke. "Your grace wishes you nothing but the best of the food but there is nothing to spare. The false king of the east has blockaded us, and you shall have to find what food you can on..." Sean's interuption was shocking as this was one of the first times he had spoken during the hours we had been doing this.

"I have some advice for you. You smallfolk should travel outside the main gates and be killed."

"Your Gace?"

"Did I stutter?" The man remained with his mouth open clearly unable to speak from shock. "Perhaps you do not love your king and laugh at my stuttering. Do you laugh at me?"

"No your grace, but..."

"But what? You are a smallfolk, and barely capable of the coversation that you have shown today. Your problems are the problems of a leaf flying in the wind. Go now and die, for that is all you smallfolk are good for." A few Stormblown men moved in and grabbed the family tearing them apart from eachother and took them out of the room where it seemed obvious they were going to be executed outside the gates in Sean's horrible excesses.

In that moment I moved my hand to my side, and feeling under the cloak I felt the dagger I had safely hidden there. Looking around I saw the dishonorable Daesyn of Harad nearbye and I knew I could stab him and take his sword. With a sword I could butcher every Stormblown in this room until I finally reached the real false king and ended this madness. As I seriously considered ending all this I heard a commotion at the door and watched it slowly open revealing Allison Arryn.

I watched as Allison entered the room with a skip to her step. Her smile was always one that I knew she had manufactured in her mind, but today as she entered I noticed a genuine nature to her eyes. As she approached the mad prince he barely even moved his eyes from the poor women that was on her knees pleasing him, and I saw the sadness momentarily come to her eyes as some piece of her must have realized how wrong this was.

In that moment I came back to thinking about killing Sean. Looking around at the four men that had entered alongside Allison I have no doubt I would be able to still easily kill them all if I was able to still reach Daesyn's neck. The room had maybe four people beyond the Stormblown that would defend him and I could have killed them with ease. Perhaps it was cowerdess. Perhaps it was something elce entirely, but before I could further examine the situation she blurted out to Sean who was still being assisted by the poor women I might add.

"Your Grace I have finally honored you with a child." The moment she said it he looked up from the girl, who stopped immediately servicing him. As she waited with that extatic look on her face the entire room went silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing which seemingly most importantly to Sean was the women that had been at his knees. Perhaps it was that she had stopped that caused the rage. Maybe it was the fact that deep down he understood that he shouldn't father anything. Whatever it was he simply got up walked over to Allison who still had a look of pure happiness and pushed her to the ground before taking out his knife and stabbing her repeatadly in the stomach. He kept stabbing her and she screamed in a terrible blood curdling scream that seemed to shake the foundations of the room in its terrror.

Stabbing her over and over again the Stormblown would move quickly as commotion begin with Dailin Dorin storming towards the scene but being grabbed and taken out of the room by the Stormblown, his son followed closely behind and I watched how his hand moved closer and closer to his sword before they disapeared outside the doors.

As I went for my own dagger some Stormblown fool crashed into me from behind and I mentally slapped myself for being so foolish as to be caught unaware. Knocked to the ground the man kneeled on top of me for a moment and told me to remain calm. As I looked up I could see Sean still stabbing poor Allison and I wanted to pull myself free, but felt helpless in my sadness. The man grabbed me by my shoulders and as he picked me up I shook from a new screaming voice, and looking over I saw Ella Arryn who had barged her way into the room.

Screaming at the top of her lungs she ran towards the bloody mess that was once her beloved Allison Arryn and as she tried to reach her she was grabbed by Daesyn of whom held her watching as Sean defiled Allison's corpse. I wanted to throw up. I wanted it to stop. I had seen horror before. I have killed hundreds if not more in my lifetime, and yet this all just seemed to much.

I looked over and noticed for the first time that Lord Byron Arryn was still in the room. Being whispered to by a very irate Benjamin Krinner he stood pathetically still as his wife screamed at Sean. The fear all over Byron's face was a shocking thing to behold, as he was the most powerful man in this city outside of Sean, and yet he did nothing with that power. A disrespected figure in this city was Byron before, but after this display it was clear that if anyone survived they would not disrespect him, they would hate him.

Finally Sean must have grown tired of this and stood up covered in the blood of Allison and stepped towards Ella. Benjamin Krinner kept speaking to Lord Byron and by this point I had been moved close enough to hear what he was saying. He begged his Lord commander to do something. Told him of his men, and their ability to stop this madness. As he begged him there was nothing back. He stood waiting for his Lord to say something but instead of that Byron just stood there. Hating him in that moment I looked back over to Sean and Ella and saw Sean still staring at her as she screamed and yelled at him.

Staring at her for a moment longer he stabbed her in the arm without any warning. "That's the same dagger I just killed her with. You see I've given you a piece of her. Who else in this entire world would be so giving that they would be able to give you the gift that I just gave you." She started screaming again, and it only stopped when he slapped her across the face. "Now your going to get up, and leave this room. Your going to leave this room, and hang yourself. Your going to hang yourself outside the doors of your room, and your going to make sure that no one moves you. Your eyes question me why you would do something like this? Well Ella Arryn your going to do this because I'm going to give you one last gift. I'm going to stop ignoring the fact that my brother's heir is in the hands of that half noble niece of yours. I'm going to rip that baby from her arms and I'm going to bash it apart with a rock. When I'm done with that I'm going to kill Hanna. I'm going to kill Spencer. I'm going to kill them All. I will give them the peace that you want for them. I do it all for you. I'm a very generous King."

Chapter 23

Jon Snow

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Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

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I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"The dragon has brought us here Saiden. This is all by his will."

Chapter 24

Edward Cullen

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Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during the chapter he

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I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

"Hey Guys."

Chapter 25

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter

Chapter 26

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of Chapter 57 and during this chapter he meets with Domeric Bolten following the wedding of Miley Black, and Winfred Manderly and comes to like the prince that they both know one day will be forced to fight against eachother. Following this he recieves a letter from William telling him to return to Lucerne and make his way to Highgarden so he travels to Highgarden east of Tree Hill and meets with both his uncle Keith, and members of House Tyrell who have been commanded to assemble awaiting the arrival of Catherine Lovie, her husband, and their two daughters. During this chapter the Tyrells are given an expansive increase in power, and become no longer the vassals of House Scott. Lucas Scott meets with Emma Bell and her fiance Freddie Highmore of whom discuss with him the happenings throughout Lucerne and when Freddie leaves Emma tells Lucas about the death of Joey Faraday and the now violent conflict between the Faradays and the Highmores. During this chapter the depth of the background of the Targaryans is increased, and the Tyrells are shown to be dramatically hateful towards Dan Scott but show a strong interest in helping Lucas.

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I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

He was leaning against a pillar when I first saw him. He was smaller then I would have thought standing no more then six feet in hight. His armor was an impressive thing to see though, if you looked past the sigil of a flayed man which adorned it. I felt a presense behind me and turned around to see Egbert Elric pat me on the shoulder, and then followed in behind him was Julessa Bearmant of whom still shocked me by her size even now after having been around her for weeks.

"Captain Turntell says the ship will be ready in the morning Lucas."

"Thats excellent news."

"He's leaving Lucas." I turned immediatly knowing Julessa was talking about Domeric. I didn't have to say anything, they both knew I had to speak to him and without a word I moved towards the door following behind Domeric and two other men of which one I knew to be his cousin

Chapter 27

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he joins several in his family heading northward where they visit several towns north of Winterfell eventually reaching Hearthglen where they meet with the leadership of House Scarlet of whom has been asigned as the leading force alongside House Starke in moving against Fairmarket. After several days in Hearthglen they travel eastward to

Chapter 28

Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter words reaches Tree Hill of the Civil War in Mander, and realizing that with the fighting in the south taking the Tyrells out of being able to reinforce Mander Leven comes to believe very strongly that the Scotts need to send forces and she makes Brooke take her to the Keep of Tree Hill to meet with the lords of Tree Hill. The chapter ends with Brooke Scott, and Level Martell leaving ahead of the main force of House Scott with only a force of some fifty men believing that the flag of House Lovie that Leven flies will allow them to move without difficulty on the way to Mander.

Chapter 29

Alice Lovie

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Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 30

William Lovie III.

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William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter 51 and during this chapter he arrives at the edge of Berne and meeting with the generals already there he realizes that Berne is a death trap, and that while they could feasibly attack the city the casualties would be horrendous and on top of that they might not even succeed. Knowing this William orders them to dig in, and make sure no assistance came from land, and with this in mind the army will be forced to live off the small parcel of land within Berne, and to burn through their internal supplies leading to William commanding that a massive supply system be established to keep them stocked on supplies. With the front door shut for the moment William went about his plan to take control of Berne which would revolve around building a tunnel from Lucerne into the rear of Berne and fighting inside from that direction, while also hoping to starve out the defenders so that they would surrender. As William devised his plan where they would complete the underway in its route to Berne and thus they would break in behind the defenses and take the city from within, the Order of the Red Dragon begin having difficulties holding the main entrance as the Orcs in the region were a constant problem. Knowing they needed to be somewhat quick with their siege they were in trouble as unfortunately the tunneling behind Berne would take some time, and so he needed to block the front of Berne without having his army sitting there for the four years the underway would take to complete. In order to do this William sent emissaries from the Order of the Green Dragon to meet with the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas whose forest extended close to the boundaries of Berne and thus would be able to assist in blocking them in if they so chose to do. The Order of the Green Dragon was sent and led by Demi Hill of whom was accompanied by Franklin Brent and his wife Karyl Reyne who led a force of some six hundred House Brent forces alongside three hundred men led by Dexter Hill to act as guards for the mission. Following this it is his gaurds that come to him and reveal that they have captured a man who says he needs to speak with him. Agreeing to this he meets with Ezio Ederiz of whom is taken captive as they do not know whether to trust him yet, and interigating Ezio Ederiz he finds the man to be trustworthy after Edward Cullen vouches for him, and following this arrangements are made.

Chapter 31

Franklin Brent

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Franklin Brent is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he makes the journey from Berne towards the Forest of Quel'Thalas where he will hope to meet with the Elves of the forest and convinse them to join with Lucerne in barring the entry into Berne. Finally arriving at the edge of Quel'Thalas they make camp and begin blowing horns in an attempt to get attention, and it is only an hour later that several female elves come to their camp and speaking with them he describes his journey leading to them telling him to wait while they go and speak with their commander. Legolas, and Alleria Windrunner of whom were accompanied by nearly three hundred Sindar Elves, and they would greet them with friendship and take them to Darnassus. Travelling through the woods of Quel'Thalas its Franklin, Karyl, and Demi that discuss the current situation in the area and discover that the Quel'Thalasian Elves are not the only major Elven power in the area as Alleria tells them about Lothlorian. While being there to make an alliance with Quel'Thalas its Demi Hill and Franklin that both make mental notes to discuss also furthering the Lucernian presence in the area by also forming a relationship with the Kingdom of Lothlorian. In Darnassus they would be treated to a beautiful feast and Alleria took Franklin and his wife around the capital before they would have the meeting later that night. Seeing the size and beauty of Darnassus, and the kindness of the Windrunner siblings Franklin would have a very high opinion of the Sindar Elves, and he took this opinion into the meeting that night. At the meeting they found that Quel'Thalas was willing to do this in return for an alliance with them which Demi Hill was quick to give them, as William was more then willing to make an alliance with the Elves. Not just happy with an alliance the it was Alleria Windrunner that would offer Franklin and the members of the Lucernian entourage a chance to visit the Dor'Danil Barrow Den where they would be able to enter the Emarald Dream if they so choose. After discussing what would happen there its the groups decision that they will all accept this gift except for Demi Hill, and outside of Demi they are then taken by Clintar Dreamwalker of whom is the Arch Druid of Quel'Thalas, and Saelar Dewwalker of whom is the Guardian of the Claw and leader of the Dor'danil Barrow, to the Dor'Danil Barrow Dens which are located on the edge of Darnassus. The chapter ends with Alavanna holding a visibly shaken Franklin of whom is in tears as he wakes from the Emerald Dream, and taking him by the arm she leads him to a meeting room where Clintar, and Nylindia wait inside. The group sits together and as Franklin slowly recovers from waking from the Emerald Dream they discuss that Tular, and Alavanna will be joining him as he travels not back to Berne, but instead travels through a portal formed for them in Darnassus taking them to a small forest east of Hillsbrad where Franklin is told William Lovie III. has sent him a letter which after reading Franklin nods and asks for them to take him to the portal.

Chapter 32

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he works alongside his father to surround the city of Brill, but are not completely able to do this until the arrival of reinforcements from the Trachtenburg's to the west, and several other loyalists of the region.

Chapter 33

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter

Chapter 34

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 35

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 36

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 37

Brooke Scott

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Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she and Leven arrive Mander where they find the situation is far worse then they were told with the lands just south of Mander seemingly on fire as the battles have torn the land apart. Arriving at the town of Gunderhoun they meet with Dylan Tyrell who has retreated here following failing to stop the violence at the city of Mander, and explains to Leven and Brooke that the rebels have broken the Mander forces and are in the process of sacking the capital city. Also present in the meeting is Randolph Heitmann II., his heir Gunthard, his neice Alwine, and his brother Eckhart all of whom are shown to be William loyalists as they discuss that both Alwine and Eckhart joined The Journey despite House Mander forbidding the involvment of the State of mander. From this discussion they also learn that Hanzal Reyne is soon to arrive in Far Castamere with a large force and he has be assigned to put down the rebellion through force if neccessary by House Lannister. Leven and Brooke discuss the dire situation they find themselves in and wanting to make sure this ends as quickly as possible the two split up with Leven taking command of the forces of House Bulwar and moving against the capital city while Brooke will lead the forces of House Scott eastward towards House Banefort who is still fighting in the east. Brooke Scott would leave after Leven as she was forced to wait nearly two days for the forces of House Scott to arrive but without Leven around it was Brooke who found a new power within herself. Using the two days she grew influential over Michelle Clegane the wife of Dylan Tyrell and used this relationship to gain control over Dylan for what she would eventually know she would need him for. The other main power broker that she would move against was Randolph Heitmann II. and she used her handmaiden Orania Scapula as a marriage tool to gain his loyalty and after Gunthard was taken in by the seduction of Orania on him it was Randolph that also came to Brooke's loyalty. Following this work the arrival of Nathan Scott would be a moment of great excitement for Brooke who finally saw her chance to show her power to her brother, and to do this she publically embaressed him at a dinner and now supported by Dylan Tyrell, and Randolph Heitmann its Nathan who loses command of the Scott forces to Brooke. Now in command of the Scott forces she forces Nathan to return with a token force back to Tree Hill and then leads the Scott forces now joined by House Heitmann and the force of Dylan Tyrell in moving eastward towards Ghertin where they know the forces of the Banefort are preparing to launch another assault. Travelling across the Mander river they are able to use a bridge which has been lowered following months of being raised during the conflict, and using this bridge to move eastward they find the roads abandoned and eventually reaching the town of Reilough where Landsgrave Kunibald Braaksma bars the gates of his town to the them and a battle would be prepared by the generals but Brooke overruled them all and waved a white flag forcing a parlay with the Landsgrave. Meeting with Kunibald they discover that the area was the sight of heavy raiding by the Mander forces which led to all villages being abandoned and staying in the local castles and towns and Kunibald is at first extremely hostile to them due to the Heitmann forces being present. Brooke is able to convinse Kunibald about their goal of stopping the fighting through showing off for the first time the forged seal of William that she copied from Leven and this leads to Kunibald allowing her forces through and also sending his brother Luthor Braaksma to lead a force of troops alongside her in their move eastward.

Chapter 38

Leven Martell

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Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 39

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 40

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 41

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 42

Alice Lovie

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Alice Lovie is the POV character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 43

Franklin Brent is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he steps through the portal holding the hand of his wife Karyl and opening his eyes as he exits the portal he finds himself in a forest which from the meeting previous he believes must be Steinle Forest.. The entire courtyard is silent as Franklin gives a speech detailing that he had warned the rebels what would happen if they did not surrender immediately, and then says that there is no mercy for traitors before executing each of the prisoners one after another to the horror of those in the crowd.

  • Michael Stengelin
  • Harald Steimle
  • Paulus Steimle
  • Lucie Steimle

  • Steimle Forest
  • Castle Steimle

  • House Steimle

  • Chapter 44

    Brooke Scott

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    Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she arrives at Bronheim where the city is surrounded by the forces of House Tyrell, but she is shocked at the size of the city having never had a chance to visit the city and the rumors of it were that Bronheim was a minor town at best. Having arrived at the siege of Bronheim its Brook Scott alongside her commander Lambert Reiter that meet with the Tyrell leadership who have led the siege of Bronheim, and there leadership led by Garlan Tyrell and many Tyrell vassals wants to begin the assault on the city, but Brooke intercedes and lies about powers she has been given by the king when she shows the letter she had stolen from Leven. Coming to believe that Brooke was given the authority of William Lovie III. in ending the conflicts in southern Lucerne they are forced to allow Brooke to lead a meeting with the Bronheim rebels of whom she comes to find have been attempting to surrender for weeks. Meeting with Dustin Bardwyn she is introduced to two other men in the form of The chapter ends with the arrival of Leven Martell who Brooke meets with and tells her that she will be caring for both Desmera, and Quintus, but in more important news as well she is told about the plan to attack and invade the Kingdom of Righel.

    Chapter 45

    Leven Martell

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    Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is standing at the command of her ship standing alongside her sister Dorea, and Quintus Pleminus as they move towards the Righel port of Madrisimo where the Lucernian Fleet will attack the port and center of the Righel Fleet. As they are sailing Leven's second in command Dominic of Martell is forced to deal with a stowaway of which she is shocked when Dominic returns with Desmera in tow. Taking Desmera to her Cabin she is followed by Dorea and Quintus and getting her into the room she reveals that she didn't want to leave Quintus alone on the journey and unable to fault the young girl after she sees the lovestruck look in her eyes she forces Desmera to promice she will remain below deck during the upcoming battle.

    Chapter 46

    William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter 58 and this is the final chapter of the story with the finality of the Battle of Berne ending the conflict in the lands of Lucerne, but killing many within Berne.

    Guardian of the Valley.jpg
    I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villain along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victim. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother. You are the reason I am what you see before you..

    I looked to Jasper making sure he was ready for me to open the door, and he nodded back to me and I breathed in once before I pushed the door open revealing a hallway. The hallway was filled with bodies piled in the corner, and in between them stood Stormcrow who must have been the last guards into the throne room. The man on the left fell to his knees throwing his sword in front of him while the other charged at me, but before I could raise my sword he was hit by a ball of fire, and turning I saw Edward's outstretched arm pointing at the man who was now screaming as he burned alive. Stepping forward Jasper stabbed the burning man through the chest ending his screams, while I stepped towards the coward, who raised his head towards me with his hands outstretched pleading.

    "Please Dragon King. Do not kill me."

    "Give me a good argument why I should allow you to live." Everything was red as I looked at him. The bodies were piled around him, and he had the audacity to believe he deserved to live.

    "I was sent here, and I am a loyal soldier." His confidence seemed to rise as he spoke, but also a look that I couldn't describe also begin to spill from his eyes."I came here as a soldier doing his duty."

    "So you use the excuse that you were just following orders?" I looked to his right and his eyes followed my path, as we both stared at the body of what must have been a child no more then six. Turning back to me his one eye was watering. Perhaps he saw the consequences of his actions.

    "It is no excuse Dragon King. It is simply what is." He stopped and stared back at the body before I commanded him to finish his argument. "If you knew the things that I have seen. The things that I have watched men do to each other..."

    "So I am to spare you because you have had a rough life. What reason does your hard life give you the right to end the life of that child. Of any of these people. Your tough start does not earn you a free pass." As I spoke the words his eyes changed. Whatever look there was in his eyes that I didn't recognize just left him. I recognized this new look. It was hopelessness.

    "May I give you some advise before this ends?" He said it without any emotion. This was him giving up. This was him getting his goodbye.

    "Say your final words."

    "Do not let hatred become the only thing that guides you. The monster in the next room will show you the road that leads you down. Allow love in to your heart, completely. I see now my mistakes. I see now that I did not honor my losses by surviving. I thought that if I lived that it somehow might make their deaths bearable. That my survival was a sort of vengeance to the Orcs that killed them. I see now the truth. I did not honor them by living. I lived as a monster lived. I lived with no moral compass. I lived without the humanity that defined me before there death. I see that I am no better then the Orcs that killed my family. I did not honor them. I shamed them by living. I should have died back in Viche. I should have died with them." Tears were flowing down his face, and I was wavering in my hatred towards this man. Perhaps I could let him live. Perhaps I could imprison him and come to understand his life. Come to understand who this man was. Come to understand what life events led him to this moment. "End this Dragon King. Let me see my family again." The look in his eyes was acceptance. There was no discussion to be had.

    "Find peace." I raised my sword and pushed it into his chest ending his life. He hit the ground, and I stared at him for a moment before screaming through the door in front of me forced to move on. Stepping forward Jasper was at the door first and he pushed it open revealing the throne room, but most importantly revealing my brother who sat at his throne and to my horror he held a chain from his hand which connected to a form kneeling at his feet.

    "Brother. You finally arrive." He stood himself from the throne and as he did he pulled the girl harshly by the chain revealing her face. It had been years since I had seen her. I had lived through a coma. Lived through battles, and wars, but I could not forget her face. Amber still looked as beautiful as the last day I had seen her.

    "Let her go." I went to move towards him, when he jumped backwards pulling a sword from the throne, and knocking Amber to the ground before pointing the sword at me.

    ``Really brother. If I were you I would take a couple of steps backwards.`` Everyone stopped as he held the sword to Amber`s neck. I held my hands out to make sure he knew I was willing to atleast talk this out. As I did I noticed the windows in the corner of my eye which I noticed had archers in them. ``Thats right you listen to me now.`` Everyone just stood in place and I hated having him control even an ounce of anything in this world. ``Now that I have your attention tell everyone to leave. This is between me, you, and the bird.`` I looked behind me at Jasper and his eyes told me there was no way he was going to leave, but I knew he had to if I wanted to try and find a way into his mind and to somehow save Amber. Knowing about the windows I had to hope that there was some kind of back entrance into the throne room, and from there perhaps they could infiltrate the windows and gain the upper hand. Moving closer to the men I whispered to the group so lowly that poor Emmett with his poor hearing was forced to come nearly to kissing level.

    "We need to do what he says.``Seeing the rejection in their eyes I stopped it immediatly. ``There are windows all along this room, and I need you to get in them so that we can get a handle on this. Emmett, and Edward I can`t tell you what to do. If you want to go with Jasper and the windows then so be it. I would prefer if you saved as many innocents as you could. The rest of you wait in the last room and give those poor souls a cleaner end....they deserve better then to be piled in the corner like garbage. If I should fall.``Edward stepped forward``If I should fall you all must make sure under no circumstances does he leave this room. He cannot be allowed to survive this no matter what happens. Now go. We have little time.``Relunctantly they begin filtering out of the room to the sound of laughter from Sean behind me. ``Yes Sean you have us exactly where you want us, now tell me what you want.`` His laughter was the first thing that happened before he grabbed a key from behind his back and undid the chain around Amber`s neck. Pulling her farther away it took everything in me to not move forward and attack him on the spot.

    ``I don`t want anything brother. You see that`s the trick. You had the same repository of books that I did, and let me tell you something about the villians in a story. Sometimes the villians want something. They want gold to build a mighty castle. Or maybe they want a women." He swayed as he spoke flayling his arms about like a mad man. " In the end brother It doesn`t matter what they want, it just matters that they want something. You see its important that they want something because for this reason these villians you see, they can be bargained with. They can lose.`` Knowing where he was going I interupted him.

    ``And let me guess. Your the kind that wants nothing.`` Standing up taller before he spoke he pulled Amber closer to him, and I could see the tears flowing from her eyes. I tried my best to comfort her with my eyes, and her eyes followed suit with mine, and I could tell I had calmed her down. He pushed her to the ground holding the sword so close to her neck I could see a bit of blood fall before raising his face to me again with a twisted look to his face.

    ``I don`t mean to interupt your longing towards the Arryn whore. " He stared at me clearly trying to make sure that I got the message. "Good. Now that I have your attention again I'll tell you the secret." He looked so excited to say it, as if its was some secret. "I'm not the villian brother. That honor is for you.``

    ``In what twisted world do you live where your not the villian. You are the same man who sits on a throne covered in the innocents that hes killed. Your the same evil that tried to molest his own sister, and now dares to threaten such a innocent as Amber Heard.``

    "Its all a matter of perception." He pulled Amber back up to stand in front of him, and he begin to pet her hair causing a whelp from her. It took every piece of my control not to burst forward and kill him where he stood for touching a hair on her head.

    Controlling my increasing rage I spoke to the monster standing before me. "And what perception is that?"

    ``The perseption that comes from knowing the anwser to this question." He stopped and stared at Amber before looking back at me. "What makes her innocent my brother. Is her innocene borne from the fact that she opened her legs for you whenever you pleased...``

    ``How dare you...``

    "It is an honest question. I want you to tell me how this girl. This piece of meat. I want you to tell me right here, and right now what makes her innocent. "

    "She hasn't harmed anyone. She hasn't done a thing in this world other then be a good person."

    "And that makes her innocent, does it?"

    "Yes it does."

    "Your a fool."

    "You wish to brandish words around like a bunch of fish wives then do it your way. Or do you want to finally become a man and face what you've done."

    ``I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villian along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victom. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother are the reason I am the way that I am.``

    ``You want to find a way to escape the person that you are you need to find someone who cares for even a moment for whether or not you live or die.``

    ``There it is right there. Don`t you see. It was that uncaring neglect. Outright hatred at times that left me utterly alone.``

    ``You don`t get to blame becoming a monster on the fact that you and I weren`t best friends.``

    ``I have the sword. I have the damsel. Those mean I get to say, and do whatever the fuck I want to do. Do you understand what I`ve done. Do you have any idea the scope of the things I`ve caused.`

    I felt her arms clasp themselves around mine and I looked into her face hoping beyond hope that she would live. I held her face with my hand and begged her to wake. My other hand held her wound with everything I could trying to somehow stop it. I pleaded with her, and I watched as her eyes flickered open. I hugged her tight knowing in my heart that I would want to always remember the feel of her life, as she was perfection, and it was a tradgedy that it had taken all of this for me to realize that. ``William...``

    ``It`s alright my love. Just rest my sweet, Edward will come and...he will...he`ll find a way...``I hadn`t realized that I was crying until I couldn`t see from my eyes anymore, and I felt her hand wipe across my cheek clearing me of the physical signs of my sadness. I knew that I had sent Edward away, and looking at the wound I doubted even his Magi would do anything, but the thought of that not working put a dark fear in me.

    ``William I love you..." She paused for a moment and coughed. She tried to reach her mouth but was unable to and I would cover her mouth with my hand and pulling it back i saw the scope of blood all over my hand from her cough. "Thomas is your son.`` She said it and I just didn`t understand. She had left, and noone had ever said a word about any of this. How many lies had been told to keep this from me. ``It was my doing. Don`t blame anyone but me for keeping it from you.``

    ``Why would you Amber? I would have been there for you...I loved you with everything in myself. I would have protected you from everything.`` Her eyes closed as the pain must have overwhelmed her. Looking at her shoulder the blood was smeared all across my hand as it was too large a wound for me to keep from gushing.

    ``I thought I could protect you. He told me he would kill you...he held a knife to your throat and bid me to leave. I`m so sorry William. I`m so sorry you never got to see him grow. You must promise me that you will protect Thomas from everything. Protect him the way I never could.``

    ``He lives Amber. My brother would have killed everything to have killed any son of mine.``

    ``I tried my...`` Her eyes closed and her arm went slack for a moment before I shook her gently and she opened her eyes again. ``It's all right Will. It doesn`t hurt anymore." Her hand moved to my cheek gently rubbing it like she used to all those years ago. "You have to promise me William. Promise me that you will protect him."

    ``I promise you Amber I shall protect him. I shall love him, and cherish him as the son that he is. He shall never know pain, or anguish, or sadness. I shall love him as I love you.``

    ``I`m so sorry...I`m so sor…`` I waited for her to say something, but I wiped more tears from my eyes and saw that her eyes were limp now. Burying my head in her chest I held her close. I pulled her closer and it almost hurt I was pulling her so closely. As the tears flowed down my cheek I could just register that I was screaming.


    Lornax is the Epilogue of the Guardian of the Valley. Flying high above the Kingdom of Lucerne, and specifically Berne where Lornax feels the pain William feels when Amber Heard dies. Lornax after describing the situations of many things travels back to the nest of Stragnarax, and begs his father to intervene and assist the Lucernians, but his father will not hear of this.