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Gylenna Whitewood is the daughter of two members of House Nordisten making her a member of House Nordisten. Gylenna Whitewood is married to Doran Whitewood of whom she was bethrothed to at the age of fourteen, and they have lived happily ever since that point. With Doran Whitewood she has three children in the form of Quentin, Trystane, and Arianne Whitewood of which her son Quentin is his heir and a very well respected knight in the Forests of Dustin, her son Trystane is a troublesome young man of whom is a known brigand and only his highborne status leaves him immune from execution, her daugther Arianne is very beautiful and was once bethrothed to Domeric Bolten and the two loved eachother deeply.


Early History

Arianne's Vengeance

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It was monsterous to think that he was allowed to walk around this earth living while somoene as good and decent as Domeric was ended in such a dishonest way. I couldn't stand by and watch as evil men did what they wanted, and good men were betrayed. It was time to act. It was time for revenge.
Arianna Whitewood

Following the death of Domeric Bolten it would be Arianne Whitewood that lost herself to vengeance more then perhaps anyone else, and she immediatly went to her father and demanded they move against the Boltens and join with Lucerne. Despite being told that the Dustin's wouldn't have it she stormed off in a rage, and unknown to her family was the fact that following this she begin to corespond with Lucernian agents in order to move the loyalty of House Whitewood herself. She would be unaware of her families true leanings and thus kept it all very secret, and despite these attempts she was discovered by her brother Quentin of whom knowing the true motivations of House Whitewood would help his sister in her quest. The plan would continue, although Arianne begin to believe that Quentin was slowing in his assistence due to his growing love for Mary Dustin, and this caused Arianne to begin to hate Mary Dustin even going as far as to begin to play to poison her to remove her from the scenario.

Family Members


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