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Kingdom of Lorriane
Story Role
POV Role Major Role
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Vital Statistics
Born 5102
Title None
Alias None
Race Tueton
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Status Dead
Allegiance Personal Loyalties
Father † Male Teuton Farmer
Mother † Female Tueton Farmer
Siblings None
Internal Family
Spouse None
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Halldora is the commoner daughter of two Teuton farmers from the area of Hachiville making her a commoner.

Following the naming of Sigismund Asgrimsson as the Guildmaster for House Vesteinsson it was Sigismund who had completed his work as he now was placed in the line of succession for the Alderman of the Fiefdom of Hachiville and with this in place he would alongside Asleif, Estrid, Halldora ambush Erlend while he was taking part in his monthly hunt and with Erlend's death they buried him in a shallow grave and prepared for the next stage in the takeover of Hachiville.




Early History

Sigismund's Taking of Hachiville

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The Taking of Hachiville
This place has become a place of tyranny. A corupt group of men have turned this place into their person slave camp. No more. Not for one more minute.
Sigismund Asgrimsson Cover1
This land is unfair to Tuetons my friend.

Sigismund Asgrimsson arrives on the outskirts of the small village of Hachiville, and after nearly a week of making his way south he is forced to stop due to exhaustion. As he prepares to enter the village, he is stopped by the return of Tamfana, who he continues to believe is his sister returned to life by the wish of Sigmar himself. Tamfana having followed him from Hannover continues the charade of being his sister and using this control she is able to convince Sigismund to eat a mushroom which she tells him will give him visions. The mushroom instead of giving him the visions she promised will instead allow Tamfana to pull Sigismund into the Fade. Pulling Sigismund into the Fade he comes to believe that he is seeing the future, but instead in truth Sigismund is shown a vision of a future Hachiville once he has gained control. Leaving the Fade Sigismund is left by Tamfana who gives him a bag of coins and tells him to find a way to gain the power of Hachiville, but to not rush things and to only enter the city after three days. Sigismund sleeps in the forest outside of Hachiville for these three days and hunts small game to stay alive as he watches the village. While watching the village a still questioning Sigismund finds faith through the nightly visions of Tamfana and comes to believe that the visions he sees are truly visions sent to him from Sigmar. While Sigismund is being delayed it is Tamfana who fans the flames spending several days entering the dreams of the girls living in the home of Erlend Vesteinsson and creates in their minds visions of Sigismund leaving all the girls to be eventually easy victims of Sigismund. Also during this time, she enters the dreams of Thorald and does the same to him convincing Thorald in these dreams to support Sigismund. Truly believing in everything he has seen he enters the village where he meets the man that he had seen in his visions and the man named Thorald sees the young man from his dreams and despite not saying anything about having seen Sigismund in his dreams he allows him to stay in his home with his large family.

Erlend was a good man once. After his wife and son died though. Well look at him now.

Living with Thorald he came to see a picture of Hachiville where the village was overcome with tyranny by the local aldermen Erlend Vesteinsson and it was this view that created a hatred within him for the aldermen as he helped the family of Thorald work their farm. Watching the others in the village suffer as he also watched the fat aldermann do basically whatever he wanted only increased the bitterness, and while this was happening the situation was being made worse by Tamfana visiting him in his dreams. Living with the family of Thorald he grows to see Thorald as a father, and Asta Ernmundsson as a mother and helps his family raise their livestock and travels with Thorald to the dutchy of Wiltz town of Loutiville where Thorald plans to sell some of his goods to keep his family alive through the winter. Arriving at the town with Thorald, and two of Thorad's sons in the form of Fastvi Ernmundsson, and Thorvald Ernmundsson they meet with a merchant named Flintor and Sigismund watches as Thorald tries to make a fair deal but the Frankish merchant shows little to no feelings towards the plight of Thorald and his family. Watching this Sigismund comes to see the frankish town as a place of corruption and greed which is only made concrete after the merchant Flinter Deoloce used the desperation of Thorald to cheat him out of what he deserved. Leaving Loutiville and traveling back to Hachiville having only gotten half of what he expected Thorald discussed with Sigismund how unfair he thought the world was and this conversation would greatly effect Sigismund who vowed to Thorald that he would make the Alderman change his ways and while Thorald didn't believe it possible he promised to support Sigismund.

Service to Erlend

Asleif Asgrimsson Cover Amazing5
I will pay you money each month to be in your service. I will show you how to get more money from the people of this village. All I ask is to be able to live under your roof. What do you have to lose?
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Returned to Hachiville it was Sigismund that would attempt to meet with Alderman Erlend Vesteinsson but before he could get in to see the man he was forced to bribe the guard of Erlend's personal estate in the form of Steinthor, and forced to use several of the coins given to him by Tamfana he was able to go inside. Entering the estate he was introduced to Erlend who having never seen before this due to Erlend remaining basically solely inside the estate and seeing him he learned that Erlend was a fat man. Speaking things over with Erlend he watched as Erlend was waited on by several young girls in the form of Asleif, Estrid, Halldora, and his own daughter Thorve Vesteinsson and seeing this he is disgusted as Estrid has her breast exposed, Asleif has bruises on her face, Halldora's clothes are ripped leaving him to look at Thorve and her beautiful gowns and the hatred for Erlend grows. During his meeting with Erlend he does not let any of this hatred show and is able to convince Erlend to let him help him with the village finances as he promises to make Erlend richer and the greedy Erlend is more then willing for him to do this and thus Sigismund comes to live within the village center in a closet of sorts. As a part of this deal Sigismund gives over half of the remainder of his coins to Erlend and promices to pay the same amount of coins to Erlend each month instead of actually taking a salary and this completes the deal between the two. Taken to the closet by Asleif (of whom has been shown visions of Sigismund in her dreams for the past weeks by Tamfana) the two talk in private while everyone else is in the main hall and talking with Asleif he quickly realizes that Erlend is engaging in sexual violence against the girls and realizing this he and Asleif come to share a bond with Asleif coming to swear herself to his service.

Loyalty is everything Asleif. What I ask of you is not simple. I will ask you to do terrible things. Things that in any other moment would be worthy of a one way trip to hell. But it will all be in the service of a greater world. A world without sin.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

The Following morning Sigismund and Asleif wake up together and with Asleif supporting him he spends the day doing errands for Erlend. While doing these errands its Sigismund who uses the time to get closer to the other girls with the first being Thorve. Watching Thorve throughout his morning errands he saw her as a caring girl as he watched her sneak food to Halldora who had not been given any food at breakfast. Continuing his move against Thorve he accompanied her and one of Erlends men named Thrainn to the Vesteinsson main estate east of the town. Arriving at the estate he discovered it was walled around the outside and the main gate manned by two men showing Sigismund that despite the extreme poverty back in Hachiville it was House Vesteinsson that was living quite well. Silently watching Thorve interact with the members of her family as he took the role of her personal steward he continued to be impressed with her kindness, but was also surprised at the kindness of many of the members of House Vesteinsson living in this estate. While waiting for Thorve to finish talking with her aunt Erika it would be Sigismund who begins talking with Ceolfrith, and Athelheah Vestiensson who are the children of Polik and speaking with them he finds both kind people with Ceolfrith making a comment of how foolish her uncle Erlend is which causes Athelheah to smack her playfully. Thorve returns to Sigismund and gives him a quick smile as he sees her watching him talk to Ceolfrith, and Athelheah. Seeing that Thorve is ready to go he excuses himself and follows Thorve as they leave the estate saying their goodbyes on the way out.

Thorve Vesteinsson Cover Amazing8
I have been overcome with visions of you these last few days. Before you even arrived at my fathers door I saw you in my dreams. Sigmar himself speaks to me of supporting you. I beg of you. I emplore you to let me be yours. Take me as your woman. I will support you with everything I have.
Thorve Vesteinsson

Walking back from the estate they are forced to stop when several beggars on the road force Thrainn to drive them away leaving Sigismund alone with Thorve. With Thrainn out of sight its Thorve who takes Sigismund into a kiss. Revealing to Sigismund that she has seen him in her dreams for days, she has not been able to get him out of her head, and without even having to ask she begs for him to let her be his woman. Seduced by her words and kiss Sigismund reveals much of his plan to her and she agrees to support him in achieving his goals. Thrainn returns having driven away the beggars and without a word the group continues walking back to the estate but as they walk Thorve takes Sigismunds hand in hers and they walk hand in hand with Thrainn in the front until finally arriving at the outskirts the two reluctantly let go and return to the estate. Having gained the loyalty of Thorve, Sigismund makes his next move against Estrid. Estrid spends all her time inside the estate with the only time she is able to leave is after dinner when she is tasked by Erlend to take whatever food is leftover and bring them to the pig that Erlend keeps outside the estate. Following Estrid outside when she does this he watches as she feeds some of the food to the pig but sneaks out of the estate running to a small house off the path of the estate.

I shall not take you for granted. I will make sure that your family is provided for. Support me and I can save us all.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Watching as Estrid hands the food to a woman and several children, he watches as Estrid hugs the woman before running back to the estate where she stops dead when she sees Sigismund standing at the door watching her. Without any words passed between the two the scared Estrid removes the covering from her breast and attempts to kiss Sigismund in some attempt to seduce him into silence, but Sigismund stops her. Speaking with Estrid he promises to keep her secret but wants her support for his attempt to rise in Hachiville. With Estrid having already become attached to Sigismund due to the dreams put into her mind by Tamfana. Already hating Erlend. And grateful for Sigismund not taking advantage of her, she is more then willing to support him in his attempt to gain more control. The final girl of the estate is Halldora and having watched her on and off throughout the day she appears the most broken as her beaten down clothes, and bruises speak of an abuse that may be the most above all the girls. As Sigismund returns from visiting Thorald and prepares to go to bed in the closet he instead is met by Thorve who takes him by the hand and leads him to the top of the stairs to the underground pantry. Kissing him on the cheek she goes to her father’s bedroom to distract her father, while Sigismund enters the basement where he finds Halldora, Estrid, and Asleif. Speaking with them it becomes clear that the girls have already brought Halldora into the plan, and with Haldorra behind him he has gained the entire household and looking over the girls he smiles.

Controlling the Board
Estrid Solmundsson Cover1
Digried loves me deeply. He has sent me gifts for years.

Having gained the support of the girls of the estate it was Sigismund that would make his play towards gaining the money that he needed to not only stay in the employee of Erlend but also to achieve the longer term goals he saw for himself. Learning from Thorve that her father kept a large vault outside the village guarded on the outside by a sworn sword and inside by the son of an Erlend loyalist. Talking things over with the girls in the pantry following breakfast Sigismund learns that the young boy is infatuated with Estrid and without even asking Estrid says that she would be willing to marry the boy to gain his support in the plan. Estrid showed Sigismund several drawings that Digfried the boy had drawn for her and seeing these Sigismund is awoken to a new plan as he sees that Digfried while perhaps a weak young man is highly intelligent and talented. Before leaving the town hall it was Sigismund who was stopped by Thorve, who was concerned about the threat posed by her family. At the urging of Sigismund she agreed to prepare a list of those in her family that would be a threat to their movement and who would not. Following this conversation Sigismund would go to the entrance of the vault with Asleif, and Thorald where Thorald who once guarded it says it is a quite large underground system. Thorald speaks on Fromund Liutsson the guard and says that he is a good man who works for Erlend to support his family and would be someone who they could count on joining with them once the time came. Fromund was someone that Sigismund would need in order to access the vault and was important for this but surprisingly it was Digfried who would be especially important for Sigismund as he was said to be very intelligent but was hidden away for his desire to draw more than farm, and Sigismund saw him as the engineer he would need to help build himself a kingdom. Using the drink that Asleif brings to Fromund every day they are able to spike the drink knocking out Fromund and allowing Sigismund to get by the guard and into the cave where he finds Digfried sitting at a table drawing.

You are not an idiot. You are a man who can help me make this place great.
Sigismund Asgrimsson
After seeing Sigismund its Digfried that rises from his drawings grabbing a dagger weakly in his hand. Sigismund reasons with Digfried and this works to calm him down, and the two begin talking about what Sigismund has entered the cave to say. After making his pitch to Digreid to support him it is a nervous Digried who says that he is too scared to turn against Erlend as he fears for his life. Sigismund leaves the cave having failed to get Digreid on his side, but as he walks past the knocked out Fromund and reaches Asleif in the forest he tells her that tomorrow he will bring Estrid and they will get Digfried. Returning to the estate he attempts to meet with Estrid but discovers from Thorve that Estrid, and Halldora are in the bedroom with Erlend and the door is locked. Enraged at this Sigismund almost storms into the bedroom to kill Erlend but is stopped by Asleif and Thorve who remind him that they have larger plans that he cannot ignore. Sigismund, Asleif and Thorve spend the next thirty minutes in the pantry where they discuss their next plans and only come up when they hear the door to the bedroom open. The group returns upstairs where they find Halldora and Estrid just returning to their chores as if nothing happened and seeing this breaks Sigismund even more as he realizes how used to the terror they are. Sigismund is called into the bedroom by Erlend, and with a quick word from Asleif to keep himself calm he enters the room to talk with Erlend. Upon entering the bedroom, he finds Erlend laying in bed barely covered with a blanket but clearly naked, and only the words of Asleif keep him calm. Erlend asks Sigismund about his day showing an emotional connection with Sigismund for a moment implying he sees some of his son in Sigismund, but when Sigismund attempts to find information on this son its Erlend who tells him to leave and close the door behind him. As he closes the door he looks back and sees tears in the eye of Erlend.
Asleif Asgrimsson Gif4
Returning to the pantry with the girls Sigismund reveals that the only way he sees to get the support of Digfried is with Estrid, and after a brief suggestion by Asleif and Halddora to just kill him and steal the money and frame Fromund Sigismund resists this and gains Estrid’s support in his plan. Asleif and Sigismund go to bed once again in the closet and with the two having grown even closer throughout the day the two become intimate together, and then fall asleep. Returning to the cave the next day they once again knock out Fromund using the drink, and then Estrid and Sigismund enter the cave where the find Digfried once again at the table drawing. Sigismund lets the two talk alone inside and waiting outside with Asleif he and Asleif talk about their vision on the future and Asleif confides her only real hope is to have Sigismund’s child and break the cycle of poverty with their child. Back inside the cave it was Estrid having fallen completely behind the vision of the world shown to her by Tamfana in the dreams works to make Digfried one of them. Explaining to him all that will happen if he supports them, he is moved but it is when Estrid feigns attraction to him that Digfried truly turns to their side. Digfried, and Estrid exit the cave and Estrid nods that Digfried is with them giving them the access to the vault that they need in the immediate and the mind of Digfried for the future.
I don't know the Bailiff, but Fastvi is good friends with his daughter. Take Fastvi and he can introduce you to the daughter. Speak to her and learn of the father.
Thorald Ernmundsson

If Sigismund was going to take control of Hachiville he would need more then just the money and would also need either the support of or the removal of several people in the form of the Guild-master of Hachiville Amand Reverdin, the Marshal Polik Vesteinsson, and the Bailiff Authgrim Leofroy. The Guild-master had traveled to his home in Maltsavy and thus was away, and Polik had been marked by his niece Thorve as someone too loyal to turn against his brother Erlend thus leaving only Bailiff Authgrim Leofroy available for the moment. Authgrim lived in a small house inside Hachiville with his wife and four children and it would be Thorald that Sigismund went to for more information on the man as the girls knew little of him. Thorald said that he didn't know the man well but his son Fastvi was good friends with Emalline Leofroy the daughter of Authgrim, and with this knowledge Sigismund would have Fastvi introduce him to Emalline. Meeting with Emalline he found a girl who was at first quite submissive but Sigismund saw something beneath this and pushed her during the conversation to be real to him, leading to her talking to him about her secret desire to be a fighter and with this Fastvi revealed that the two had been spending time pretending to be knights in the forest. Sigismund also learned from Emalline that her father Authgrim was a good man who hated Erlend but had no options other then Erlend due to the stranglehold that Erlend had over the area, but also due to a general sadness that had overcome Authgrim following the death of her elder brother Wimund Leofroy. Learning all of this and with Sigismund promising to help Emalline become the warrior she wanted to be it was Emalline that promised she would introduce Sigismund to her father. Taken by Emalline to meet with Authgrim the it was Sigismund who found a man who looked exhausted, and having Emalline leave with Fastvi he talked alone with Authgrim and being honest with Authgrim about his future plans the two came to an agreement where in Authgrim would support Sigismund if Sigismund would get Authgrim's son back from Maltsavy. Learning for the first time that Authgrim's eldest son had not died of sickness but had in fact been taken by Erlend as a part of a payment of debt that Authgrim had owed Erlend and that following this he had been sold to a merchant in Maltsavy. Also during his conversation with Authgrim was the realization that anything he did would ultimately be in jeopardy he if did not address the issue of Polik Vesteinsson.

Murder of Polik Vesteinsson

Thorve Vesteinsson Cover
My uncle would be a serious problem if given the chance. He fought up north and my father always talks about how hes the one man who he can always trust in.
Thorve Vesteinsson

Realizing that with the path to getting the support of Authgrim known to them. Having gained the support of Digfried. Sigismund returned to the Town Hall where he would meet with the girls to discuss the next steps. Entering the hall Sigismund was taken to the pantry by Thorve who had finished the list of people who needed to be dealt with and who could survive among House Vesteinsson. The list would basically only indicate that several of the younger girls and babies were without sin and Sigismund asked her who specifically needed to be dealt with right away. Without hesitation she named Polik Vestiensson her uncle a man that she would describe as a warrior without a match in the area. Going to bed that night Sigismund was torn about what to do as his morals told him that Polik was a good person and perhaps he could try and find another way to be dealt with other then the obvious move of killing him. If he were torn this would come to an end during his sleep when Tamfana entered his dreams and manipulated Sigismund into seeing a darker side of Polik which while a lie worked in turning Sigismund towards reacting violently to Polik. Having now been warned about Polik by basically everyone he had been meeting with and tricked by Tamfana, he would accept that despite his opinion of Polik the man had to be dealt with. Waking Asleif up hours before breakfast they met with Thorve, and Halldora who would provide the distraction that would lead to Erlend not looking for them. Following this Asleif and Sigismund traveled the road to the House Vesteinsson estate. Reaching the estate the two would wait in the forest by the river where Polik and his wife Erika walked along every day they were able. While waiting in the forest for Polik to arrive the two would only grow closer, and while there the two slept together once again, and both said they loved each other with their declarations only interrupted by the arrival of Polik and Erika.

This is going to be hard for you to believe. This isn't personal.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Sigismund and Asleif were prepared for the ambush that was to come, but now the moment had arrived Sigismund froze. Watching Polik and Erika laughing and holding hands everything about the plan just felt wrong. Asleif attempted to rouse Sigismund but Sigismund responded saying he thinks the plan is a mistake and that they should let Polik live. Asleif gives him a brief look before rushing from their hiding spot and pretending to be an injured girl she limped towards Polik and Erika. For his part Sigismund remained momentarily frozen but at the sight of Asleif endangering herself he pulled the sword from his side and prepared for what was to come. Seeing the limping Asleif it was Polik who rushed to her side and upon reaching her Asleif would attempt to kill him but even in this moment Polik was quick and deflected the knife from its target of his neck and instead into his arm. Falling to the ground a scuffle between Asleif and Polik begin. As the two scuffled Erika rushed to his defense but as she did Sigismund came from the hiding spot and as Erika attempted to hit Asleif with a rock Sigismund stabbed her through the gut with his sword. Polik was distracted by Erika’s fatal wound and this gave Asleif the opening to stab him in the back fatally wounding him as well. With both Erika and Polik lying dying on the ground Sigismund took Polik’s weapon and stood over him preparing to kill him, while Asleif dragged a dying Erika into the bushes. A dying Polik and Sigismund talked with Polik begging Sigismund to save Erika and while Sigismund wanted to do this, he knew he had come too far and rejected the request preparing to kill Polik. As Polik died it was Sigismund who prayed with him, and when the prayer ended Sigismund dealt a finishing blow to Polik before getting up and going to find Asleif and Erika.

Asleif Asgrimsson Cover Amazing7
Walking back to find Asleif, I moved towards the sound of metal hitting the ground. Reaching the sounds I found a sight my mind wasn't truly prepared for.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Sigismund did not have to go far to find them but being prepared for what he found was another thing. Asleif was kneeled over the dead body of Erika and was mutilating the corpse having already done terrible damage to the body. Pulling Asleif from the body she was covered in blood, and in her face was none of the confusion and regret that Sigismund felt but instead Sigismund saw purpose and joy in her eyes at what she had done. Partially scared of her, but mainly scared for her he pulled her away leaving the bodies of Erika and Polik to be found by the estate guards while they made there way back to the town hall. With Asleif covered in blood the two were forced to take a detour to the waterfall north of the village. Reaching the waterfall, he stripped her of her clothes and as he did, he realized that Asleif was crying. Taking her into his arms the two held each other for a time before returning to cleaning the blood off themselves as best they could. Even after cleaning in the water the blood on Asleif was too much to hide so she would remain at the waterfall and Sigismund would go back to the townhall to get her a change of clothes. Arriving back at the town hall they were far later then they were meant to be due to the waterfall delay and met at the door by Torve there was no time to explain so he just quickly asked for clothes and more time to delay Erlend. Getting the clothes Sigismund ran back to the waterfall where he found Asleif had stripped herself completely naked and was just standing in the water unmoving. Realizing how hurt Asleif, Sigismund would hold her again, and at his touch she seemed to recover giving him a kiss, and then getting herself dressed. Returning to the town hall they went to their usual morning routine and prepared for the body of Polik to be found.

The Search for a Killer
Ceolfrith Vesteinsson Large
You are no longer my fucking family. You embarrass your fathers memory. Leave this district and never return. On pain of death.
Erlend Vesteinsson

It did not take long for Polik and Erika to be discovered as several hours after they did not return from their walk Polik’s son Athelheah would go looking for them. Finding Polik murdered in the road he would run back to the estate bringing servants and guards back to try and find his mother. Erika was found shortly after they arrived back at Polik’s dead body and the horror of what had been done to Erika led to Ceolfrith to collapse in shock while Athelheah fell to his knees and just stared at what was left of his mother in silence. Guards pulled Athelheah away and a message was sent to Erlend letting him know what had happened. When the messenger arrived at the town hall it was Erlend who was eating lunch, and when the guard told him he would leave the hall for the first time in months. Erlend would travel to the sight with Sigismund, and riding horses there it was Erlend who did not say a word the entire ride to the sight. Arriving there and seeing it Erlend remained silent still, but after a few moments fell to his knees and let out a scream that hurt Sigismund’s ears. Erlend following this gave orders to the guard to have every soldier in the district brought in and to find out who killed his brother. While the search was going on it was Sigismund who stayed close to Erlend and when Sighvat let it be known that Athelheah was the first to the body it was Sigismund who pushed the idea that Athelheah may be involved. As the days went by and the search for the perpetrators led to nothing it was Erlend who became increasingly sure that Athelheah must have been the man responsible. Overcome by rage and loneliness at the loss of his brother it was Erlend who summoned the entirety of House Vesteinsson to the estate where he planned to confront Athelheah.

I know he did it. You know he did it. But we cannot prove it. The monster hid his tracks well. Send him away and leave him with nothing. Leave him alive but with nothing. That is a real punishment.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Sigismund accompanied Thorve to the meeting as her personal guard as throughout the investigation it was Sigismund who was rising in influence with Erlend as he played on the man’s fears. At the meeting known as the Vesteinsson Estate Meeting an irate Erlend would implode on Athelheah blaming him for the death of Polik and Erika. Shocked that they were being blamed it was Athelheah who made a mistake when he responded with anger and a fight nearly broke out between the two but was stopped by Sighvat who knocked out Athelheah and removed him from the proceedings. Unable to defend himself it was Athelheah who became the presumed man responsible for the crime and while Erlend wanted him to be executed it was Sigismund who was able to convince him to banish him and remove him from the line of succession. As this was happening Ceolfrith Vesteinsson came to the defense of her brother and despite attempts to make Erlend understand what their banishment would mean he refused to see reason and allowed them to leave.

Meeting a Slave Master

Asleif Asgrimsson Cover Front3
We only need get this mans title. Once we have that your father can die.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Following the death of Polik, and the subsequent meeting of House Vesteinsson it was Erlend who begin to isolate himself in the town hall and in this isolation, he came to rely on Sigismund. In this reliance he begins sending him on errands and with Sigismund pushing paranoia on him Erlend begin believing in his heart that someone in his command had helped Athelheah kill his brother. As his paranoia grew, he begins to keep secrets from nearly everyone outside of Sigismund. As time was moving forward it was Sigismund that was now amassing a powerful force loyal to him above Erlend and with this his next goal was to enter a position where the death of Erlend would lead to him becoming the Alderman of Hachiville, and he would gain his chance when he was sent to the estate of the Hachiville Guildmaster Amand Reverdin. Amand Reverdin had been named the Guildmaster of Hachiville at the request of his father of whom was the Viscount of the town of Maltsavy and thus the liege lord of Aldermen Erlend, and the position of Guildmaster was seen by Amand as a stepping stone to gain relationships but for Sigismund he saw the title as a path to Alderman as Guildmaster was one of three titles in the district, and thus Sigismund travelled to the estate of Amand with the intention of finding a way to gain his title. Amand spent little time in the district as he spent most of his time in Maltsavy and looked down on the people of the district. The one main thing about Amand that Sigismund had learned from his allies but also from Erlend was the fact that Amand was responsible for holding and gathering slaves for eventual sale into the Imperial Empire of Germania. Arriving at the estate of Amand with Asleif he was met by several guards at the gate inside, but once inside he was shocked to find row upon row of cages filled to the brim with slaves. Slavery was something that Sigismund could not accept and thus he made the decision that whatever happened it was Amand that would not survive this. Sigismund and Asleif found Amand inspecting a group of slaves and leaving Asleif to speak with Amand’s wife it was Sigismund and Amand that walked together to talk things over. Sigismund had been sent to the estate to get the money owed to Erlend in rent from Amand but when Amand offered the money it was Sigismund who made him an offer to cut his rents in half if he supported him in gaining control of Hachiville.

Sigismund I love you. You are my everything. You know what people like him did to my family. Shall we truly make a deal with this monster?

Amand was plain in the fact that he didn’t care about the district and thus would support him for no other reason than less rents and following their agreement it was the two that shook hands and Sigismund left. Leaving the estate Asleif rejoins him and they ride back to Hachiville together. On the road the two discuss things and at first Asleif is resistant as she doesn’t want to work with a slaver but Sigismund tells her that it was all a lie and no deal will be made with him he just wanted to get Amand’s guard down. Returning to Hachiville its Sigismund that meets with the girls and arranges a larger gathering that night with almost all his supporters at the Vault. Meeting that night at the vault the group plans out an assault on the estate of Amand, and in this plan Thorald sends two of his children to the estate to spy on it while the rest of the group prepares for the eventual assault. When Thorvald, and Thorvunn return they give information on the estate including the assistance of a guard named Moldolf, which leads to a plan to assault to estate for two days from then.

Assault on Amand's Estate

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Lorraine - Hachiville - Amands Estate
This man keeps our brothers and sisters in chains. He dies.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

While the group prepared weapons and horses for the assault it was Sigismund, Estrid, Thorve, Thorald, and Asleif that planned the assault. The plan was eventually decided to have Thorve, Asleif, Estrid, and Thorvunn enter the estate using Thorve as their entry and then once inside Thorve would distract Amand while the others armed the slaves with the help of Modolf. Once the slaves were armed it would be Sigismund, Fromund, Thorald, and Thorald’s elder sons that would enter through the main gate and take control of the estate. Arriving at the estate everything would go according to plan with Amand more then happy to take Thorve on a tour of the docks he had constructed to expand his ability to move slaves northward. Asleif, Estrid, and Thorvunn now free to roam the estate would gain access to the key to the slaves from Modolf and with this in hand they gave weapons to the slaves using the armory of the estate and the weapons they had brought to do this. With the slaves armed they took control of the estate with ease, and the arrival of Sigismund’s group at the front entrance only completed the taking. With the guards restrained within the cages of the former slaves it was Thorve that arrived back with Amand, and once they were inside the gate was shut. Amand would be publically tried with the eventually guilty verdict never really in question and as Amand broke down crying and begging for mercy he would be executed by Sigismund.

With Amand dead Sigismund would meet with the slaves, and while many could not even speak Germanic, he was able to communicate that they were all free and could go where they wanted now. Sigismund would make a speech offering them safety and a future if they stayed here and spoke briefly of Sigmar’s light finding its way to them. While some planned to leave the majority would listen to Sigismunds offer and remained at the estate where they would be given jobs and lands once Sigismund gained power. As Estrid, and Fromund helped those who wanted to leave gather supplies it was Sigismund and the rest of their group that met and decided to place Modolf in command of the estate until Sigismund had power, and Thorvald would remain behind to help the slaves be made into effective citizens. Sigismund returned to the Hachiville Town Hall where he would tell Erlend that he had found evidence that Amand had been stealing from Erlend and when Sigismund confronted him on this it was Amand that tried to kill him. Erlend would believe his story and without putting any thought into it he named Sigismund the new Guildmaster of Hachiville and without knowing it he had sealed his fate.

Murder of the Alderman

Asleif Asgrimsson Large
I was going to kill you from the moment I walked in here. Every day that I had to watch you was another day closer to the day that I stood over you with this dagger and prepared the death blow.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Following the naming of Sigismund Asgrimsson as the Guildmaster for House Vesteinsson it was Sigismund who had completed his work as he now was placed in the line of succession for the Alderman of the Fiefdom of Hachiville and with this in place he would alongside Asleif, Estrid, Halldora ambush Erlend while he was taking part in his monthly hunt and with Erlend's death they buried him in a shallow grave and prepared for the next stage in the takeover of Hachiville. The first move that they made was to travel as a group westward to the outskirts of Maltsavy where at the Maltsavy Minor Minor Temple of Sigmar they would bribe the Sigmar priest there to marry Sigismund to first Thorve, and then following this marriage he also married Sigismund to Asleif taking them both as his wives.

Meeting a Viscount
Thorve Vesteinsson Cover3
Keep the money flowing to me and we won't have any issues. The money stops flowing and you and I will be having a very serious talk about your future here.
Fernand Reverdin

With Erlend dead and his familiar heir Athelheah Vestiensson having been removed from the line of succession there was a lot of confusion over what would happen in the district but for his part Sigismund had his plan in place and thus was not surprised when he was recalled to Maltsavy as the highest ranking member of the District of Hachiville. Arriving in Maltsavy it was Sigismund who was dressed in the best clothes that Thorve had been able to gather for him and he has also brought with him several of the former slaves he has turned into his loyalists with him who act as his personal guards giving him a more wealthy view. As he prepared for his meeting with the Viscount it was Sigismund who met with Athelheah Vestiensson the scorned former heir of House Vestiensson and meeting with him he found that Athelheah was happy in his life as a merchant and seeing that he could use Athelheah's support he implied to Athelheah that he had discovered that Erlend had in fact killed Athelheah's father Polik and then banished Athelheah as part of a plot to gain complete power. Quick to believe this out of hatred of his uncle Erlend it was Athelheah who then further believed Sigismund when he was told that Sigismund had killed Erlend out of honor he felt towards Polik, and with all this in mind Athelheah agreed to accompany Sigismund to the meeting and support Sigismund in his attempt to become the Alderman of Hachiville.

New Alderman

Following everything that had happened Sigismund with his meeting with Fernand Reverdin and having been named Alderman it was Sigismund that returned to Hachiville with the political authority that he had searched for. Calling for everyone in the district to rally at Hachiville the meeting that he hosted several days after the call was attended by most of the districts population and during the meeting he created a sense of hysteria in the village ranks leading to them falling into line behind him.

Family Members


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