Kingdom of Senegal

Hamilcar Hannonid is the son of two members of House Hannonid thus making him a member of House Hannonid.

Hamilcar Hannonid would be sent by Queen Natine Abrefa to the Triwizard Tournmanet in order to attempt to manipulate them into allowing the Senegese back into the fold of Europe, and he thus arrived alongside a hundred retainers and five powerful High Diviniters from the Order of Vendolimis and above all the entrees to the tournament there's was the most notable for how suspicious the Europeans were of them. Hamilcar would pass the first two tests but finished at the lower levels and thus when the final task started he entered near the last spots but having sided with the Deatheaters on the orders of his leadership team he would enter the final task with the goal of stopping everyone outside of Harry Potter, and he helped this when he fought Ukita Hidemune in a duel after she begin making progress towards the end of the maze and after ambushing her she made the mistake of misjudging his intention and while letting down his guard Hamilcar would kill him with a killing curse, but after releasing the killing curse it was Cerin Menathil that came upon him and watched this happen and Cerin would in return kill Hamilcar.




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