Hanah Bell
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  • Lady of House Bell
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Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
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Father Christopher Bell
Mother Catherine Bell
Siblings Full Siblings
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Hanah Bell is the daughter of Catherine and Christopher Bell, making her a member of House Bell through her father, and through her mother she is a member of House Lovie. Hanah Bell has two siblings in Emma, and Chris Bell of which Emma is her older sister and is a very influencial member of the court of House Lovie, and Chris is her younger brother and is joining the House Lovie military forces near the end of the Rise of Lucerne. Through her mother Hanah Bell is a Princess of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and this places her in a position of being very important to the Kingdom of Lucerne. Her sisterEmma Bell is an important and influencial member of the court of William Lovie III. due to the extremely close relationship between William and Emma. This close relationship has led to William becoming close with Hanah due to constantly seeing Hanah. While her younger brother is still very young he still represents another male in the House Lovie ranks which is something that is always important.

Hanah Bell was born the twin sister of Christopher Bell II. and at the time of her birth she stood second in the line of succession to House Bell behind her sister Emma but following the minutes later birth of her twin brother she fell to third in the line of succession. Hanah Bell would grow up in the shadow of Emma Bell of whom many loved dearly even as a young child, and Emma only made this more difficult as she got older because Emma grew very close to Alice, and William Lovie of whom put her into a position of being very popular while Hanah was closer with her brother Christopher and together the two were somewhat isolated.



Hanah has been a silent member of the powerful Lovie family and outside of her family, she is only close to her boyfriend Riley Herven, who is a member of the House Lovie Honor Gaurd. This doesn't mean she doesn't love her family though she is simply much more withdrawn in her personality mainly due to extreme popularity of her sister Emma which she often believes she could never hope of touching.


Hanah Bell was born the twin sister of Christopher Bell II. and at the time of her birth she stood second in the line of succession to House Bell behind her sister Emma but following the minutes later birth of her twin brother she fell to third in the line of succession.

Early History

Hanah Bell during the end of the Rise of Lucerne

"I love my sister. She has never said a word of anger or rudeness towards me, and for that I will always love and respect her. Are their times that I wish she was qieter and less popular then what she is? Maybe there are. But that doesn't change a second of how much I love my sister."
-Hanah Bell

Hanah Bell was born in Lucerne Hold, and was the second younger by a few years of Emma Bell her sister. Her parents Catherine and Chris Bell were loving parents who always made sure she was happy with her life. Hanah was born into the shadow of Emma Bell of whom many loved dearly even as a young child, and Emma only made this more difficult as she got older because Emma grew very close to Alice, and William Lovie of whom put her into a position of being very popular. This shadow cast over her made her want to always be hidden from sight lest she be constantly reminded of how much more popular and successful her sister Emma was to her. In this way many deemed her a reclusive and would have shunned her but with all the problems going on with Michelle, and Kristen Trachtenberg she was seen as just a shy young girl and was not deemed worthy of being punished.

Riley Herven

At the young age of twelve Hanah begin to have serious feelings for the House Lovie honor gaurd member Riley Herven who was often placed in charge of her protection. She attempted to make him see these feelings but so honorable was he in his position that despite his mutual feelings he kept them barried for nearly two years. At the age of fourteen though she began to become the object of many men's affection and she made sure to say in his presence how many men were offering huge sums to become her husband. With all of this tearing away at Riley's resolve he finally gave into her advances and they begin a secret relationship. Hanah did not know that before Riley had done anything he went to King William and begged for his forgiveness for the feelings he had for Hanah but William simply said that he was fine with the relationship and to move on.

Nortburg Tournament of 5120

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The Nortburg Tournament of 5120
This tournament is for all of you. Its time you started building your own family now William.

Arrival of Ar-Brentey

Britney Hemsworth5.jpg

Brentey Hemsworth came to the land of Lucerne with a purpose. At first I thought it was marriage, and it was for this reason that I dismissed her so quickly. It was only later that I realized she actually cared for me on a deep level.
William Lovie III.

James Lovie had a loyal messenger in Arnor at the time who sent him the news that the young Ar-Brentey Hemsworth was now free following the death of her proposed husband in battle. James sent letters to King Jonas Hemsworth asking him if her hand was open for his young son William Lovie III., and after a series of back and forth letters Jonas would take this option to his council, and their would little debate among them. It was decided that clearly this was a much better option then most of the other options so Jonas agreed, and Brentey was planned to be sent to Lucerne to get to know William so they could make sure it would work. Brentey was told about the plan, and having spent the better part of two decades in isolation at the Anchorite of Fornost she was overjoyed at the chance to leave the Anchorite. During the time before she left she was left a list of things that William liked that had been sent by James Lovie but unfortunately James did not know his son half as well as he thought so the vast majority of these things were inaccurate.

Noone told me the distance between the two places, and for that reason it was shocking not only the distance but the complete changes that you go through in travelling from Arnor to Lucerne. The ice tipped mountains of Arnor pass through the lush Riverlands, and the hardy lands east of Stormwind, and then finally you reach the prestine valley of Lucerne.
Brentey Hemsworth

As she was leaving she was forced to for the first time accept life without her family of whom had been her rock for most of her life, but she was sent with her handmaiden Ilana La-Phellion of House Phellion. So it would be nothing more then Ar-Brentey her handmaiden Ilana, and a small party of men at arms to protect them when they went for a trip to a completely foreign land. Also along with her learning she begin taking the name Britt the rough translation of what her Numenorian name became in common germanic. The Journey for Brentey was extremely long, but over the time she and her best friend Ilana La-Phellion would be reading up on the history of Lucerne through several books that they had been given by James Lovie during his time in Arnor. Through this they learned the history of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but more importantly they learned all there was to know about House Lovie in book learning. During this reading she came to greatly admire her betrothed's name sake in the form of William Lovie of whom she read all about, and the relationship that he had with the dragons. She tried her very best for the situation that awaited her, and for her part was desperate to have this work not wanting to return to the anchorite but also desperately wanting a partner.

Britney Hemsworth Hot4.jpg

I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intesive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth

When Brentey arrived in Lucerne James made sure to use all of his skill to manipulate the young girl into keeping her purpose their a secret. With the element of surprise still with him, he set Brentey out on a mission to seduce William, which based on his adoration at the time of Rosalie Hale made this difficult but James told her that she was not going to have a problem with Rosalie who he planned on removing from the equation.

The Tournament Starts

Royal Betrothals

Annexation of Lorderon

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Return of Riley Scott

Leven Martell Small21.jpg

Taking on mistresses. Sons coming home. The love of my life returning. What a confusing time.
William Lovie III.

William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, but this ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

Death of Bella Swan

Family Members


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