House Darkmore

Harbart Darkmore is the son of Elron, and Vellia Darkmore making him a member of and the long time patriarch of House Darkmore and the Arch Duke of the State of Darkmore until his death at the Battle of Castle Stragnarax.

Harbart Darkmore would leave Darkmore for Castle Stragnarax and arrived before the battle started and thus was able to reinforce the garrison at its most critical moment, and once inside he became one of the core generals of the defense of the castle. Harbart thus took part in the Battle of Castle Stragnarax but it was during the battle that he was betrayed by Ephraim Black and murdered during the battle and his death would lead to a crisis in House Darkmore as his succession plans had not gone through yet.




Early History

First Battle of Castle Stragnarax

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Family Members


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