House Darkmore

Harbart Darkmore is the son of Elron, and Vellia Darkmore making him a member of House Darkwood through his mother, and a member of and the long time lord and patriarch of House Darkmore as well as the long time Arch Duke of the State of Darkhaven until his death.

Harbert Darkmore would lead the forces of Darkmore alongside the forces of House Greymane and was thus present at the Attempted Relief of Tree Hill which ended with the arrival of James Lovie II. who forced the armies to return to their states and then passed the Edict of Tree Hill which banned anyone from entering the area. Harbart Darkmore would be defending the walls of Castle Stragnarax when he would be betrayed by Ephraim Black and pushed from the walls leaving the Lord and Patriarch of House Darkmore dead and igniting a serious issue for the inheritance of the State of Darkmore.




Early History

Fall of Tree Hill

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First Battle of Castle Stragnarax

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Crisis in Darkhaven

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Family Members


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