My sister Harla is an amazing person. As brave as Harren. As smart as Vickon. The leadership of my father. She is the best of our number and you should be more excited to have her ship here then mine.
Tristifer Botley
House Botley

Harla Botley is the daughter of Sawane, and Siggy Botley making her a member of House Botley. Harla Botley has six siblings in the form of Harren, Tristifer, Symond, SIggy, Vickon, and Thyri Botley of which Harren was an extremely brave and reckless Ironborn that was the heir of House Botley until he fell during the Siege of Harrenhall, Tristifer is the current heir of House Botley but fell in love with Asha Greyjoy leading to his following her to the Invasion of Seagard, while Symond is the spitting image of Harren and since Tristifer's rise to prominence in House Botley Symond has become his most trusted man, Siggy is a beautiful girl of whom is beloved by her brother Trisitifer and stands as the Castelan of Lordsport, the second youngest in Vickon was born blind and has thus been confined to Lordsport but is beloved by his siblings and is an intelligent young man, while the final child in the form of Thyri took part in the Siege of Harrenhall where she was captured and remains a prisoner of House Strong.

Harla Botley would follow her father at the age of nineteen into her first Reaving which became the Invasion of Harrenhall where she was horrified when her beloved elder borther Harren was killed during the invasion, and in her vengeance she and her sister Thyri would be captured but she escaped leaving behind her sister which became a major point of contention for her.


Early History

Siege of Harrenhall

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Iron Islands Kingsmoot

The Fall of Seagard

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Family Members

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