Harnian Highven
Harnian Highven
is the son of Braizen Highven and Lillia Highven making him one of the last remaining members of House Highven alongside his mother and father. Harnian had no siblings as his father was made into a Nazgul shortly after his birth making him incapable of producing more children, and his mother is encased in a jail cell beneath Dol Gulder.

Harnian Highven was aged very quickly through the Magi of his father's master Sauron, but his loyalty remained with his father Braizen of whom he is the only one that still calls him Braizen and not the Witch King. During the brutal Downfall of Numeron Harnian Highven was the main Magi in charge of summoning the spell that would destroy the Numenorians, and he would do this for some time before he was forced to defend the palace from the attackers. During this fight he would be killed by Abrain, but was resurected shortly after by his father but his physical form was completely changed. He continued to fight until his father ordered him to retreat and he did so thus surviving the eventual destruction of Tail Jana.


Early History

Downfall of Numeron

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Battle Field
At the peak of the Downfall of the Numeron the forces of the dark Numenor were coming to the conclusion that they were going to lose. In these moments the more evil, and chaotic members of the Dark side began casting spells of destruction against the forces of the loyalists. In a single moment the power of the Dark Numenor destroyed the mighty city of Jarn Hannis, which was a city of hundreds of thousands and one of the more important cities of the loyalists. With its destruction the Dark Numenor hoped the loyalists would turn tail and give up, but instead the loyalists massed most of their army and marched on the capital of Tail Jana. When the loyalists arrived at the once mighty capital of Numeron they saw a twisted version of the once noble city. As the loyalists arrived at the city they would not know that in a final attempt to tip the scales of the conflict the Chaos God Malekor would send his primary champion Morgothto the city with a large force of Balrog and demons in order to save the Black Numenorians. When Malekor intervened the Titan Hermes would come as well and would watch from the sidelines as the Battle came underway. Where once stood gleaming white towers, the darkness of the denizens within had seemingly turned the city into a dark city. Although deeply saddened by this the loyalists pushed on, and besieged their former capital. The battle was long and tough but eventually the loyalists had victory, and broke through the walls into the city. Fighting demons at every street corner the loyalists made their way towards the palace in the center of the city.

[1]Added by LucerneWiki====Fall of Morgoth==== See Also : Morgoth

It was during this advancement that the forces of the Numenorians led by Fingon would come across Morgoth of whome was defending the massive entrence highway into the central city. Morgoth stood side by side with dozens of Balrog and his personal champion Gothmog and together this force pushed aside all attempts to break through it. With hope fading a charge of noble Istari was made against the host of Morgoth and it was during this fighting that Gandalf would find himself fighting against Gothmog, and the high Numenorian Fingon would come face to face with Morgoth. Morgoth was a truly immense creature, and his size made it seem impossible to believe that at one point he was a human being but he was. As Morgoth laughed at the patheticness of Fingon Gandalf struck down Gothmog and with his death the other Balrog knew fear for the first time in their dark lives. Gandalf and his Istari felled Balrog after Balrog as the other forces of Fingon now moved in with renewed vigor and attempted to assist. With his host falling apart Fingon would push against Morgoth and the two would engage in a duel of titanic proportions. Fingon was no match for the near god but he fought with the soul of his people, and with the death of the last Balrog the Istari pushed all of their might into Fingon as the whole city swayed beneath the weight of this conflict. Even this though was not enough to allow the Numenorian to defeat a near god but it would come to pass after Hermes of whome had been watching from the sidelines would shoot an arrow silently into Morgoth's leg and arm and cause him to fall over and drop his sword of which gave Fingon the time he needed to break the fight his way. With Morgoth and the Balrogs struck down and Fingon's Army alongside the Istari pushed themselves into the center of the city. Morgoth though was not dead and had simply lost his physical form as the only way to truly defeat him would be to defeat Sauron himself. The Fall of Tail Jana====

"He fought like a coward and then retreated and the sad part is that foolish coward lived while a great commander died."

At the same time the loyalists were moving forward the forces of the dark Magi Harnian Highven massed together to cast another spell to destory all the loyalists cities in one fell swoop. In this moment the Titans realized that they had to intervene or the human race risked anilation due to their mistakes. The palace though became the sight of a massive duel between Abrain Jornex the commander of the loyalist Numenorians and Harnian Highven the son of Braizen Highven. The two commanders would battle eachother but eventually Abrain would kill Harnian, leading the entire army of the Numenorians to cheer in happiness that they had won victory. As they cheered though Harnian would be resurected by his father Braizen Highven who landed on the ground on the back of his Fell Beast. The new Harnian would resemble more Sauron then anything elce and was well over twenty five feet tall, and he was quickly handed a massive shield and mace to fight with. Harnian's magi continued to summon the spell as Harnian and Abrain fought eachother for victory, but as they continued to fight Braizen realized the spell was about to go off, and he ordered his son to pull back from the fight and make his escape which he did through the portal within the keep defending the spell. So as the Magi's of Harnian cast their spell the noble titans battled the forces of the Chaos gods for supremecy. When Harnian finally cast the spell the Titans knew they hadnt completely won so the spell might go through, and they all paused to watch the outcome.

Tail Jana Destroyed

[2]Added by LucerneWiki:"The largest city in the entire world was destroyed in that moment, never to return again and left behind as a giant lake in the middle of a land ruined by war."


Luckily for the loyalists outside of the city the spell failed, and instead of destroying the loyalists cities the spell turned inward and created a giant vortex in the palace of Tail Jana killing all in the palace immediatly. The Vortex threatened to spread throughout the world but the Titans would throw themselves one more time into the resistence and use all of their combined powers to defeat the Chaos counter attack and force the Vortex to only expand out a little bit from the city. Seeing the Vortex the forces of the loyalists retreated as quickly as they could but the Vortex expanded and the vast majoirty including the great general Abrain Jornex were killed as well.

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