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Harras Handlin is the son of Marris, and Durlia Handlin making him a member of and the long time lord and patriarch of House Handlin. Harras Handlin has three children in the form of Alran, and Abagal Handlin of which Alran is a seasoned ship captain that leads one of the ships in the Handlin navy and has become known for his ruthlessness during naval conflicts, while Abagal would die as a young girl to sickness and this death would be a devastating moment for the family as she was beloved.

Harras Handlin would take part in the Treaty of Riverrun where he would side with the Lucernian pitch for joining Lucerne and did this mainly to protect his lands further from the reaving of the Iron Islands who was becoming increasingly a larger and larger threat to them. Harras Handlin would alongside his son lead a troop of soldiers from House Handlin northward into the Invasion of Westbridge where House Handlin would join with the main force in attacking the city and they would take part in the garrison of the city for some time before returning to their own lands as the Westbridge forces were slowly rebuilt to replace the Lucernian elements there.




Early History

Game of Rivers

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Invasion of Westbridge

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